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  • Indianapolis (IN)
  • Annual Tuition: $14,358
50% of 9 students said this degree improved their career prospects
78% of 9 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Legal Studies

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  • Reviewed: 6/17/2022
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"They did not offer career services short of telling me to use Indeed or Monster. They were not nationally recognized by employers as quality education. Their credits are only transferable to other schools owned by their organization. I literally had potential employers tell me that putting them on my resume was detrimental and got laughed out of law offices."
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2022
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"Purdue Global made me believe in myself again and reminded me that I was capable of achieving my goals despite my age. Every single individual involved in my learning process from my professors, to technical support agents made my learning and success their priority. They were always there ready to help whenever I needed them. I sincerely say that I am very satisfied with the education I have received at Purdue Global because even though the program was challenging, I learned to think critically. In addition, the way the program is scheduled and designed, students can balance their personal life and still achieve their academic goals. Lastly, I impressed with Purdue Global’s transparency because all information and transactions are detailed. Therefore, I always knew were I stood as far as student loans and grades. Overall, attending Purdue Global was a great experience for me and my family because I did not have to neglect them to pursue my goals. Please do not expect an easy program because it is not. However, you will be satisfied with what you learn and you will be prepared for the real world. Lastly, my advise to anyone considering furthering their education is: Go for it! Four years are going to go by regardless. So, why not invest them achieving your dreams? Always remember things do not end until they are started."
Tiffany Morlan
  • Reviewed: 3/6/2022
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"Wonderful! The staff was always supportive and attentive to every student. I am so glad I was able to attend and earn my degree there. I honestly do not have a bag thing to say about this school. Classes were easy to navigate, the financial aid I received was amazing, the professors were knowledgeable and helpful, and now that I am graduating the student support staff are so helpful tin getting my resume, cover letter and interview tips! I am so grateful to everyone!"
Danielle C.
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2022
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"I decided to go back to school and wanted to look for an online program. Purdue Global came up everywhere and they were quick and easy to deal with when I reached out. Financial aid was a breeze, and it really was pretty comparable to many other online programs. I also was able to transfer 100% of previously completed coursework from a different university, shortening my bachelor's degree time significantly. My professors were wonderful. Not only were they experienced and completely professional, but they went out of their way to build personal relationships and make connections with their students. What more could you ask for? I do not feel like I missed out on anything. I graduated in July 2021 Summa Cum Laude and am very proud of this. Purdue Global allowed me to do this while working full time as a teacher, raising four kids, and attending school online. I was also able to make friendships that have lasted beyond graduation! On the career front, the information I learned was definitely relevant and useful on the job. I do not feel I got any less of an education because it was online, etc. All in all, I would highly recommend. I plan to return for my Master's degree in a few months."
Betsy Schroeder
  • Reviewed: 4/28/2021
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"I love Purdue Global because I was able to complete a 4 year degree in a little more than 2 years. I did so by submitting a portfolio that showed my years of experience and allowed me receive credit for those courses versus taking a class I was already knowledgeable in. My academic advisor was very helpful and the main reason I chose Purdue over other online schools."
Stephanie Reece
  • Reviewed: 1/21/2020
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"I have had a wonderful experience with PG beginning with the enrollment, selection of classes, and each of the classes The professors in my studies are mostly attorneys and one ex-Judge, and all are top-notch. They care about us as students even if we are not in class with them. Any time I need to talk to someone at the office or in financial aid, the staff is always great to work with, helpful, and very nice. I have not encountered any problems with any of my classes or professors, but I take my learnings very serious and I have worked extremely hard to maintain a 4.0 average. This is my second degree, and I feel the online degree is much tougher and the curriculum is very rigorous with a deep study in legal research, writing, and writing legal documents used in court. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering a serious no-fluff degree. This program is very much preparing me for law school with the higher level classes being the same as the first year of the law school courses, which will benefit me being mostly review."
Zach Van Hart
  • Reviewed: 11/22/2019
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"I don’t see many “just ok” reviews—everyone is either very pleased or very dissatisfied with PG. Frankly, I’m shocked at the bad reviews. I came into this school holding a paralegal certificate with honors and 5 advanced paralegal certificates but have never attended a brick and mortar campus. I am at PG for my bachelor’s and today I started the paperwork for my master’s. When I started here it was Kaplan. I loved it. I never encountered any of the problems that people had with Kaplan. My financial aid has never been an issue and I have always received my stipend within 10 days of it being issued. Although the classroom platforms and some material changed when it became PG, it’s still many of the same professors. Only one of my professors didn’t have a J.D. (that was a composition professor, who was amazing) and one is an active federal judge and a former state appellate judge. I never have an issue reaching my advisor or tech support. The material is far more advanced than anything that I saw in my certificates. It’s challenging. As some of the other answers suggested, it may be a lack of accountability that caused some of the issues others had with PG. You must be able to manage your time, submit required documents, submit assignments, write discussion posts, take quizzes and finals, and be able to adapt to and solve problems that arise in the course of things. If you cannot do that in school, how are you ever going to succeed in a profession? I don’t mean to be disrespectful by saying this, but, many of the negative comments aren’t written in proper grammar, aren’t punctuated, or are in texting language. Did you think you’d do well at a Big 10 school performing like that? The loans taken out by the school do go directly to the school. You get whatever is left over. The tuition cap is real. My grades are plenty good enough to go shopping for another school if I wanted to. Instead, I went shopping for a better degree—at this school. That should tell you how highly I think of PG and that I’m proud to call myself a student here."
MIchelle Chang
  • Reviewed: 12/12/2018
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"My experience with Purdue University Global has been one of the most significant decisions I have ever made. The school has been very accommodating from the advisors that push you so aim as high as you want and that there are no limits to what you can achieve and they will guide you to get there. I have always had great experiences with the Purdue Advisors I can say they care about your academic success. For financial aid I am not sure why most of the negative reviews were about financial aid, I have never had a problem. Most of the responses were about not having financial aid, and I found that interesting because most of the issues can be solved if you check you're financial aid yourself or just calling them on the phone and asking them if you have funds. They will direct you to the website on how to check yourself. I am not sure why there are many negative feedbacks about this because it can easily be fixed and they are great communicators when it comes to funding help. As far as the curriculum for Legal Studies It has been a wonderful jorney for me. The teachers are amazing they start from the foundation of law and jurispurdence up to how our legal system works. They will explain in great detail everything you will need to succeed in this field. Some examples are how to bill your clients, to legal terminologies, legal technologies, civil procedures, and most of all legal ethics. Some of the classes are hard but the teachers are always there to assist you when you are having a hard time. I moved from Maryland to California in the middle of my quarter and the teacher were there to assist me and give me extra time because of the move. They are very understanding and they truily want to help you. My journey has been wonderful at Purdue University Global if you want a school that really cares about your success I highly recommend this school."
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 1/29/2019

Hi Michelle, we are so happy to hear about your experience at our University! Thank you so much for taking the time to write us this review. We wish you great success on your academic journey, and know we are here for you every step of the way.

Art Gomez
  • Reviewed: 9/10/2018
  • Degree: Legal Studies
"HORRIBLE. No military veteran should attend here. They hold your financial aid funds hostage for too long. Over 30 days from the scheduled release date. Even the va rep doesn't know what hes doing. Not certifying your enrollment on time and delaying educational benefits."
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 9/24/2018

Hi Art, we'd like to look into this for you. Could you please reach out to our Student Relations team at StudentRelations@PurdueGlobal.edu or 877.836.5813? Please reference case #201809240511. Thank you.