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Reviews - Bachelor's in Psychology

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  • Reviewed: 5/20/2022
  • Degree: Psychology
"Even though my course were 100%online I felt that the teachers were great at ensuring all students were active in discussions and gave great detailed feedback on assignments so that we knew what was needed in order to improve. Overall experience was great."
Noel whiteman
  • Reviewed: 1/25/2022
  • Degree: Psychology
"I came to Purdue Global to earn my Bachelors degree so that I could move toward my calling to ordained ministry. I was accepted to all 3 graduate level schools I applied to with scholarship offers. My education at Purdue University Global allowed me to do that and be a mom, wife, and pastor all at once. Forever thankful for my time with Purdue Global."
Megan Spangenberg
  • Reviewed: 12/22/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"Purdue has been amazing! I had been wanting to return to college online for awhile and was not sure how to go about it. Purdue was so helpful, right away, one of the men in charge, I forget his name, helped me so much to enroll and how to get started. He was so helpful and encouraging he really convinced me to follow through with starting. All of my professors were so nice, helpful, and understanding. I had a couple of family members pass away during my time here and they let me make up work, and were so sweet and would email me and check up on me and encourage me to keep going. I love this school. I am considering continuing my education. 12/21/2021 was my last day and I am a pending graduate for my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a focus in Addictions. Thanks so much! The only thing I would suggest is better student advisors or make sure they are better educated on everything necessary. I had one who was awesome Nathan Adkins I believe his name was. He was great, the others not so much. And also, now I'm not quite sure what to do next.. I have tried to get better information on graduation and the virtual ceremony and finding a job. Maybe better in those areas but other than that it's great! Thanks!"
Stacie Spain Van Tuyl
  • Reviewed: 12/2/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I feel the University worked very well for me in multiple ways, during my time here, I have had multiple experiences that caused a bit of issue's that crossed over into my studies and, both the school as well as the Professor's at the time were quite understanding and helpful in every way. Attending University online there are multiple clubs that you can be a part of in order to educate yourself further, make friends whatever you like, learn more about subjects, and be introduced to the main speaker every time there was a meeting. I appreciate my education and am hoping to continue to further my Master's degree as well."
Elizabeth Joan Lucas
  • Reviewed: 11/2/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I love my teachers and my advisor has been helpful. Amy Bunger and Jean Morrow were awesome. I am even trying t get my son to attend. The negative comments on here astound me and make me think that your negative attitude may/ be the reason you cannot find a job. The other thing to look at is did you research the potential job growth in your field before you picked your major? My father instilled valuable lessons growing up. We researched before we decide major life choices, and my research led me to Purdue Global. I am glad I chose this school and know that I will be able to accomplish great things. I have no support from anyone and except my awesome advisor MaryBeth and my professors I mentioned above. They have been there whenever I needed them and I can count on them to guide me even if I am not in their classes still. I give my experience here 5 stars all the way."
Sabrina Rivera
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"Being here and study has been great and I like the whole online set up. I like how everyone connect with the students and how it so easy to class. The teacher is great in this school very helpful and wanted the best outcome for every student. Thank for having me in this school"
Amy Miner
  • Reviewed: 6/27/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"Great program, cannot wait to obtain m masters fegree5. There were a few things that I did not care for. My advisor switched constantly do I did not have much help. I want to sign up for my masters program but have not received much information due to never talking to an advisor."
Amber Feldmann
  • Reviewed: 6/15/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"The format was the same for every single course which made it hard to stay engaged at times. There's not much of a sense of a classroom environment since you only have class once a week for an hour. Outside of that, the learning materials are very limited. With the technology we have, I expected there to be pre-recorded lectures on high yield topics but there wasn't anything like it. Overall, I didn't feel very pushed by the material nor were the quality of the academics worth what tuition costs."
Tara Robison
  • Reviewed: 5/28/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"Purdue was a great school and the best choice for me. I had to go to school using online instruction so Purdue was my first choice. I wish they had the master's program I need because I would stay! I cherish the time I spent here and will let others know all about it!"
  • Reviewed: 4/23/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"*I am a US Navy Veteran and there is no choice provided for veterans, other than active or retired. My experience has been a great one. The faculty are all very well-versed in their respective areas of study and the level of experience is evident when they begin explaining experiential topics. The online environment is amazing, as I am a working adult with life experiences. Sitting in a class with 18-20 somethings who are too concerned with social justice than the studies they are there for would have me dropping and never obtaining my degree. The course load was very manageable, while remaining challenging throughout. I have recommended Purdue University Global for everyone who asks me about my studies. My only issue with the psychology program at PGU is that they do not have a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. I believe they would attract far more students if that program were added. That they have Applied Behavior Analysis and Addictions however, is a very positive aspect."
Mina Wilson
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"This is my second experience studying in the United States. The first was in-person at a local for-profit university in my area. I stuck it out for a few classes and left as it was a terrible experience. Fast-forward to my experience at Purdue University Global. I was apprehensive when I started. However, the idea of being able to study without adding commute time to my day and having classes in the evening was a big draw. The class structure and professors soon put me at ease; the classes were well laid out and set the student on the path to success. For example, the first-class covered APA requirements, rubrics, and even levels of required engagement. For two years, I enjoyed the “live” online seminars, numerous interactions with students on discussion boards and worked my way through the classes—one, two, or three at a time. Each class completed brought me closer to my dream of attaining my bachelor’s. It has been a great experience—the professors were knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. My classmates were creative and funny. I have two weeks to graduate and one paper left—onward we go!"
Regina Mundell
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I choose PUG because they accommodated to the adult learner. The classes were offered in the evenings and fit into my schedule. The work load was reasonable and the professors were easy to work with. It has been a great experience to achieve my goal of completing my bachelor's degree."
Cynthia Bleiler
  • Reviewed: 2/3/2021
  • Degree: Psychology
"I remember when I got the news that Purdue University was going to acquire Kaplan University, a for-profit online college. I was attending Kaplan University at the time, and was incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I believed that overnight the value of my diploma that would say "Purdue University Global" had risen exponentially. The instructors/professors encouraged me to be the very best. They are all caring, empathetic, knowledgeable in their discipline, and will go above and beyond to help students. They indeed want to see their students succeed. I had to travel out of state for a family emergency. I had to take an "Incomplete" in both classes of that particular semester. Both professors encouraged and helped me to complete the courses in the specified time frame. I could not have accomplished that without their dedication to ensuring that I successfully completed the work according to the syllabus. I am so grateful that I could complete my Bachelor's Degree in psychology/addictions through Purdue University Global. I hope I do them proud in my second career."
  • Reviewed: 2/6/2020
  • Degree: Psychology
"As a parent, I would like to warn other parents or potential students of the nightmare that is Purdue Global. First off, the prices are extremely bloated. Your average college course is only 3 credit hours, they charge for 5. They will also charge for classes that are remedial and completely unnecessary as they fall well below tested skill level. Secondly, the classes are NOT what they are advertised, nor are they taught in a productive manner. We actually have video evidence of one of the "professors" (and I use that term very loosely here) partaking in alcohol during seminar time. She also learned more about crystals, smudging, sage techniques, ghosts and poltergeists than she did the actual course material. We also have recorded evidence of this as well for those interested. We are currently working on attempting to get a refund as, by definition, they are committing consumer fraud. However, trying to get resolution from them on this has proven just as much of a horror story as their classes. I honestly can not stress enough that this is NOT a good school to attend and you are truly better off looking at a local community college or a state university. College education is expensive as it is, but to have businesses such as this preying on students and families is absolutely distasteful as well as disgrace to legitimate universities that offer distance learning."
Rick C.
  • Reviewed: 6/6/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"I have had no issues with the school. I have contacted the financial aid office and have had all my questions answered. I regularly contact my financial aid advisor to make sure things are going ok and I am not missing anything I need to be doing. I have had two advisors and both have been very helpful and pleasant to talk with. The work at the school is demanding. It is like any college. You get out of it what you put into it. All the classes have rules to follow pertaining to grading which need to be taken seriously. I find the courses intellectually stimulating as well as challenging. The instructors make it very clear at the beginning of the term what they expect of each student. This and reading all the criteria is essential for an online school platform as most of the student's work is self-driven during the week between seminars. There are weekly seminars with the entire class but most of the homework is done by taking extreme care in reading what is expected in each assignment. I would recommend this school to others."
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 6/24/2019

Hi Rick! We're so happy to hear about your experience with Purdue University Global, and want you to know we are always here to assist you in any way we can. We wish you continued success in your future endeavors!

Kristin McDevitt
  • Reviewed: 5/20/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"DO NOT CHOOSE PURDUE GLOBAL! THEY ABUSE THE STUDENT LOAN SYSTEM AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE STUDENT IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. Purdue Global charges almost $8000.00 per term. That price is outrageous and frankly they are robbing their students. They also mislead you into what ever programs only they offer. I am currently in legal dispute with them to take me out of collections. I tried to drop out of my term because I discovered that I did not need my masters which is what they asserted that I indeed did need to become a Family Counselor. This isn't true, but they told me it was so that I would continue in their program. When I discovered that I could become a family counselor with out my Masters in Psychology I contacted my assigned counselor (Jerome Brunson) well before the drop date, but Jerome Brunson refused to call me back or answer any of my emails until after the drop dead line. Now they turned me in to collections (permanently damaging my credit) for $3500.00 (1/2 of my full tuition) and kept my $700.00 financial aid. They are sketchy, over priced and absolutely abuse the student seeking a degree. DO NOT CHOOSE this school. They are complete thieves of our college loan system and take advantage of anyone who is seeking a degree."
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 6/21/2019

Hi Kristin, we'd like to look into this issue for you further. Could you please reach out to our Student Relations team at StudentRelations@PurdueGlobal.edu or 877.836.5813? Please reference case #20192106113. Thank you.

Jenn W.
  • Reviewed: 3/28/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"I have been a full time student, working adult and mom for three years at this institution. I had 15 years of healthcare leadership experience, knew I wanted to do more but needed a degree. Kaplan, later Purdue Global, has met my needs and then some. I will say that my overall experience has been incredibly positive. The negative reviews here honestly shock me. As an adult learner through an online platform, you have to be accountable. This is not a place to just slide by. Pros - The finance process was seamless. I did my FAFSA online and set up a monthly payment plan for the remainder. The finance office returned any call, answered every question and was very accommodating with my out of pocket expenses. My Adviser was AMAZING. I cannot say enough about her. She checked on me every week, provided constant encouragement and ensured I understood the classes I was taking, the sequencing and what I would be taking each semester to meet my timeline. The course work was challenging enough that I learned, what I thought, was a great deal. The pace of the 10 week classes felt just right. I took the portfolio course for work experience credits and it was worth the effort. The professors were knowledgeable and helpful. I learned concepts that I began applying immediately. I still refer back to some of the teachings, principals and concepts. Cons - I really missed not having actual textbooks. They are all online. Some professors navigate the seminar technology better than others. It seems to be significantly better since it became Purdue. I plan on working towards my MBA with Purdue. This was a very good experience and stands out well on my resume."
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 5/2/2019

Hi Jenn, wow! We are so happy to hear about your experience with Purdue University Global. We are always here to assist you in any way we can, and wish you continued success in your future endeavors!

  • Reviewed: 8/20/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
"I would love to tell you that I made it past admissions but that would be a lie. First off, I never talked to the same person. The first person I ever talked to was male and then some woman. I got sent old paperwork from Kaplan and after sending it in before the due date I didnt hear anything. For the longest the number I was provided to call was actually for a hotel. A DIFFERENT woman contacted me saying that paperwork I sent in wasnt correct so I informed her This is what your employee sent me... Well in the couple weeks it took her to check if theyd accept it, the original woman contacts me to tell me I sent in the wrong paperwork... THE PAPERWORK SHE INITIALLY SENT ME! I finally send everything in that Im assuming was correct.. but during this time Im also working and a week or two pass before I realize nobody has talked to me. No one seems to have gotten the hotel number fixed at the bottom of their emails but I eventually get ahold someone. The person who answers and asked me if my advisor has talked to me lately and I said no. In the process of trying to help get in contact with my adviso he names a man that is supposed to be my advisor... DIFFERENT MAN THAN THE FIRST MAN I EVER TALKED TO! I tell him I havent talked to the same person twice really and who I received my last email from and he sends me over to her, which is the one who sent me the wrong paperwork. Well wrong paperwork lady (WP) sent me an email after I sent her boss my paperwork since she asked her first (remember nobody has told me theyre my actual advisor and my advisor is actually supposed to be a guy). Her boss never told her I sent her my paperwork and then seeing that my mom wasnt taking a loan is when she decided to get snotty. My mom was on the phone with me because shes not understanding why this has been so hard for me. So WP starts getting an attitude with my mom trying to tell her as a parent what she did for her kid so she could attend school and how financial aid wasnt even enough for books. After a little back and forth she transfers me over to financial aid to see what I could possibly do. The people at financial aid are the only ones I didnt have a problem with and were pissed for me that nothing has been clear and I dont know who my actual advisor is. I talk to WO again after financial aid and this rude woman continues to insinuate that Mom isnt that great of a parent because she wont sign a loan for me asked me my age and made some comment under breath and told me we needed to hold off on my admission for a while since I didnt know how I was going to pay. I told her to forget it because this so disorganized and just an all around s*** show. Ive never had my time wasted like this in all my life."
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 8/29/2018

Hi there, we're very concerned to hear your feedback and would like to look into your specific situation. Could you please reach out to our Student Relations team at StudentRelations@PurdueGlobal.edu or 877.836.5813? Please reference case #201808291239. Thank you.

Kourtnee Bridgeforth
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
"I would not recommend this school to anyone. There are alot of added fees to the tuition, Financial aid is ALWAYS a mess, and they can be very rude. I was having family issues which caused me to have issues during one of my semesters. I retook the classes, and received 2 Bs. I was told by my academic advisor that I would be okay and keep up the good work. A few days later, I get a call from her stating I was being dismissed from the school due to my "completion rate". I became angry and said I never was told anything about this! She said "yeah its something we do" I asked her if it is something they do, why did she not inform me that this could happen!? She did not have an answer ans referred me to the "returning students" department to submit an appeal. I did what was asked. I was denied by the Dean because I would not provided my proof of my family issues (my grandmother fell ill, and my husband and I were going through martial counseling). The Dean wanted proof of my counseling session notes and my grandmothers doctors bills. I refused! AGAIN RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL!!!"
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 8/24/2018

Hi Kourtnee, we're sorry to hear about this and would like to look into it further. Could you please reach out to our Student Relations team at StudentRelations@PurdueGlobal.edu or 877.836.5813? Please reference case #201808241149. Thank you.

  • Reviewed: 8/10/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
"I understand every college is a business but they used underhanded techniques to collect as much unnecessary money as often as possible. They charge for items such as transcripts and are not upfront about tuition charges. I ended up with unexpected debt although I checked my account often to make sure I was paid to date and still have not gotten a break down of what these charges are for. They are strictly a business, not an actual education institution and I would recommend going anywhere else."
Kaddie Osborn
Responded: 8/24/2018

Hi Alicia. Thanks for your review. We try to make our tuition and fees transparent and easily accessible. We'd like to learn how we can do better. Could you please reach out to our Student Relations team at StudentRelations@PurdueGlobal.edu or 877.836.5813? Please reference case #201808241537. Thank you.