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2.82 out of 5 stars
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39% of 206 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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4.7 out of 5 stars
Ryan Fritz - 6/1/2020
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2020
"It seems as though their is a mixed sense of feelings for this program. I'm uncertain of what other's have experienced, but I can say that I started my degree back in September of 2018. I've been able to maintain a 4.0 while doing a 1.5 hour commute everyday along with full-time work. The advisors have always been helpful, although they could be better on sharing information on accelerated degree programs. Otherwise, every educator I've had, while stringent in their expectations, have given every tool to succeed. This school has shown me the importance of time put into completing work and planning for assignments. I'd say that Purdue Global is the best thing to ever happen to me! I'll be graduating in September of 2020, and will be rolling immediately into the Masters of Healthcare Administration in September 2020 as well. Thanks for all your support and guidance during this process! Can't wait to finish up this Master's in December of 2021!!!"
4.7 out of 5 stars
Firebuster6844 - 5/26/2020
Degree: Fire Science
Graduation Year: 2020
"I have had an excellent experience with Purdue Global. I was able to transfer previous college credit. They use this quarter credit hour system that lowers their advertised per credit hour rate but requires 180 hours, as compared to 120 hours for a bachelors degree. This is the only negative that I have to say about Purdue Global. The only reason to use this type of system is to give the false impression of reduced cost. Cost was a major factor for me completing my education. I was not fooled, however, the uniformed could be mislead about the actual cost. Besides this marketing trick, I was completely pleased with the programs and facility. I would highly recommend to any who are self motivated and willing to work."
4.4 out of 5 stars
Brandon - 4/12/2020
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2020
"I recently graduated from Purdue University Global. The degree challenges you to research, learn then prove what you know. There is an emphasis on detail and following directions. The course work was up to date and focused on real word situations & featured labs that allowed me to work on virtual machines for hands on experience. Of course nothing is perfect, I have had instructors that don't push and challenge as hard as others and some that one could argue is too tough but most are reasonable and work to see you thrive without handing students degrees they haven't earned. If you are responsible and willing to work hard this is a good school and a good program for you."
1.4 out of 5 stars
Jennifer - 3/27/2020
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2020
"This place is a joke! I based my choosing of Purdue off the name instead of actually doing any research. I started this process in May of 2018 and chose to do the Exceltrack. I knew there were many things going on over the course of the next several months so after submitting my application, getting my financial aid squared away and deciding which plan would work best for me, I wanted to being the term that started in October. After emailing with who I thought was an enrollment specialist, they told me I had to do this phone orientation type thing so I set that up. Keep in mind, I work full time, have a child, family, etc. the only time it was offered was basically during my working hours so I scheduled to do it at lunch. Sat around and waited and waited and waited....NOTHING. So I call and I am basically laughed at because I am not scheduled to start my classes till October so I would have to wait a few weeks before then. So I email the person I was originally dealing with and he says he will handle it. Needless to say it was Sept before I did the phone thing. So here goes October and classes begin. Off to a decent start but through the course of many classes, the syllabus will require a text book but then you have to get into other online programs or download other text that are not mentioned in the syllabus at all. Some of the text they show required are of absolutely no help to the coursework. You cannot access the next module until your grade officially posts which is overnight. So if you submit on Sunday, they have 24 hours during the week to get graded, so professor posts the grade on Monday then it is Tuesday before you can do anymore work. Their attendance policy is 14 days, which is not a problem but it is based on as a whole, not each term. So if term begins 3/18/20, your attendance as far as posts don't start from term beginning it is overall. I got dropped from my program because I submitted work on 3/1/20, was graded and posted after midnight 3/2/20. On 3/3/20 I was able to access my next module but the professor I had for that term was a pretty hard one so I knew there was no way I could complete the required coursework, have it graded and posted prior to the term end. I did not want to risk an incomplete or a fail so I did not access the module. The term ended on 3/10 with the new one starting on 3/18/20. Now this is also during the time the world is in a state of chaos with the COVID-19 pandemic and I am considered an essential employee at my job therefore I am still working in the office. I have a child who is now out of school. New term starts on 3/18 (Wed), I log in on Sun 3/22 and complete my first modules readiness check, get a grade and move on. On Monday 3/23 I log in and have no classes to access. I emailed my advisor and then Tuesday morning 3/24 I get an email saying I had been dropped for non-attendance. I called the school and spoke to 4 different people and they are like welllllllll we can submit a claim. Ok, submit the claim. After I hang up the phone I get an email from an adviser in re-enrollment giving me step by step instructions on how to reapply to the school. I email her and say, I thought they were creating a claim. She then says oh ok we will wait to hear back. The next day the same lady emails me with the same info, then calls me to say I got all your financial aid together so we just need you to go online and complete the application. I again ask her about the claim and she said claim? what do you mean claim? So I AGAIN explain to her. She said oh ok we will wait. I get a call Thursday afternoon from the pitiful excuse of an adviser I had who is another story all together but she was my I think 3rd one in a year and half, if that, saying it was 1223a when I had logged in and completed the readiness check so it put me past the 14 days. If I had not logged in through the app I would have been able to prove by internet history that was not the case but I did it through the app. I was not awake at that time because it was a Sunday night and I had to work on Monday. I would HIGHLY encourage anyone to look elsewhere before deciding to enroll at this school."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Wayne Huffman - 3/27/2020
Degree: Liberal Studies
Graduation Year: 2019
"I was an older student. I have attended many universities over the years both on-line and classroom. I was very pleased with Purdue Global. The instructors/Professors had a genuine desire to see their students succeed. They were available for questions and ensured their students were not only able to retain the information but were able to apply it in "real world" situations. Every professor was like this. This is something had not found with other professors at other universities. As an employer, the teaching by the professors, was exactly what I looked for in hiring new employees. I am proud to have attended this university. Every penny I spent on my education was worth it. President Mitch Daniels has established a well rounded university that gives a quality education. I will hire a Purdue Global student any day of the week."
1.3 out of 5 stars
jdskenl2 - 3/20/2020
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2021
"Hi everyone, I wish I could have had some real information about Purdue Global (PG) before I enrolled. I hope many of you see this and consider it before you enroll. It is not all negative, by the way. First, they promise you everything before you enroll but don't deliver. That is not particularlly surprising though. Second, there is a ton of writing. And then more writing on top of that. So, if you hate writing then this program may be a problem for you. Third, the professors seem to have a strong incentive to get you through the class. This is good for most of the students, I think. I always seem to get 100% on all my assignments. Forth, if you have any type of hands on or clinical type work that is required and PG promisses to make it happen for you, don't believe it. My program is delayed for at least 6 months because they did not come through. I won't know how long for sure until I am done. Fifth, I wish someone out there told the truth about these programs. I think most on-line reviews are written by the school themselves. I chose this school over other on-line schools because they promised to set up my clinical work. So far, they have failed to do this. They are also very unresponsive to questions about any requirements for clinical work. The individual professors respond within 2 days, but the support staff takes weeks, if they respond at all. This poor response goes up the chain of command as well. Good luck to you."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Gigi - 3/17/2020
Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
Graduation Year: 2020
"If you are a working RN and are looking at FNP programs this school is a great option. The professors are excellent and understand the work life of a RN. They do an excellent job of connecting clinical experiences to academic relevancy. The course work was challenging. This is not a cake walk. That stand by keeping standards true to the Purdue Umbrella and provide guidance as needed. I did have to find my own preceptors but I was able to use their list of recommended sites which helped when I was at a loss. I've heard they actually do more now to assist with this, but can not confirm as I have graduated. I received several job offers since graduation. The process of registering and paying for school were uncomplicated and I never had any issues."
1.2 out of 5 stars
Shelby - 3/13/2020
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2020
"PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY! THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG, BUT I WANT TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE READ THIS SO THAT THEY DON'T SCREW ANYONE ELSE OVER. First of all, I felt very pressured to enroll right away. I had expressed that I wanted to save and sort out my finances before commiting and starting classes, but was told the "sooner I enrolled, the sooner I could figure out those finances". I was also told that as a newly enrolled student I would be able to try out the classes for three weeks and could withdraw without any costs to me if it wasn't a good fit (This is not the full truth). I filled out my 2019-2020 FAFSA and was told that I was an independent student, which would qualify me for more aid than if I were to be a dependant student. Before I knew it I was being told to sign my enrollment agreement, which I thought was strange as I hadn't even received my financial aid package yet, but I was excited to get started so obliged. I am only now realizing what a huge mistake that was. I also paid to have my official transcripts sent to them from my first bachelors degree to get an audit of what classes would transfer. The unofficial audit from my unofficial transcripts showed that my prior english class would fulfill one of the English Comp requirements and that I could take an assessment to fulfill the other English Comp class. When I inquired about this to my advisor (who sounded like she absolutely hated her job), she said I would have to pay a $100 fee to get access to the assessment which was basically the class, but you have 28 days to complete it on your own. I decided to go ahead and take that route and had access on February 27th, a day after my classes started. I work a full time job and kept receiving calls from financial aid at work. The voicemail was an automated voice telling me that the financial aid department needed further information from me. I received an email from them asking me to complete my 2020-2021 FAFSA...so I did thinking that was the issue, but still called them the next day (February 28, 2020). I spoke with someone who told me that I had indicated that I was pursuing a Masters degree instead of a Bachelor's and I needed to correct that and I did that night. This part I do admit was my wrongdoing. In between this time and March 3rd, I called to see if my transcripts were received and was told that both had been received and that it would take a week from the retrieval date for the registrar to evaluate my transcripts and was also told that an official audit would not be sent to me. I asked if my financial aid would be adjusted based on the audit and got the very vague answer of "it should be". I received yet another call and email from financial aid on March 3rd. I called in on March 5th and they told me that I was only classified as an independent student because I had indicated that I was a Master's student on my FAFSA. Apparently if you are not married and have no children you are considered dependent if you are under the age of 23. Why that was never mentioned to me from the beginning, I have no idea. Enrollment advisors must not be trained on these things. ***SIDE NOTE: The DOE is so messed up, I am a grown adult. I live halfway across the country from my parents. I pay for all of my expenses with my own hard earned money. I am the furthest thing from "dependent". *** Anyways, I asked if I could withdraw , and then re-enroll after my 24th birthday, which is only a couple months away. I was advised to do what I felt was best for me. I expressed that I was concerned about the $100 fee I paid to have access to the assessment for the English Comp class. The representative assured me that once my withdraw was final I would be refunded that fee I just needed to call them once I received word that it had been finalized. Boy do I wish I had gotten that in writing.... I emailed my enrollment advisor and let him know that I wanted to withdraw because of the misunderstanding with my FAFSA and that it was the best financial decision for me until my birthday so I could re-enroll. He said he would get that started for me. I called the following Tuesday, March 10th and spoke with someone different in the financial aid department to get my refund. They acted hesitant and said that they would have to see if I was "eligible" to have that refunded. I was put on hold, then told that because I had access to the course I could not be refunded because of the nature of it being an assessment to test out of a course. I really think that this is unfair as I was told up front that I would not be charged anything if chose to withdraw within the three week trial period, I was then told that I would be refunded the fee after withdraw. I had access to the assessment for a week and I did not submit anything or receive grades for anything related to the assessment. I hadn't even read through the whole assessment yet. I was also told that if I re-enrolled I would again have to pay $100 to have access to the assessment again. I expressed to the rep that I thought this was unfair and SHE AGREED WITH ME. I asked if I could be transferred to a department where I could dispute the charge. I was. The guy I was transferred to seemed like he could care less about my frustration. I explained that I had withdrawn in the trial period and only had access for a week. His only response..."...yea but there are "rules" for the assessments...I will get back to you". That was it. I emailed my enrollment advisor explaining the whole situation and that if I was not refunded, I would not be re-enrolling as I did not believe that this was fair or ethical. He responded that he would escalate it to his managers. It has now been three and a half days and I have not heard a word from this "school". I received an email that read quote for quote "You will not be charged any costs associated with your courses at Purdue Global because your admission to Purdue Global was conditional." This is obviously a blatant lie if you are a returning student and don't want to have to take Gen Ed courses all over again. I also never did receive notification that an audit was performed on my transcripts even after a week had passed. Also literally word for word from the "Refund Policy" of the enrollment agreement: "undergraduate students who choose to withdraw by the end of week 3 of the first term (within Purdue Global Commitment trial period); shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid, with the exception of the nonrefundable application fee." While I understand that I paid to test out of the class and was not "taking" the class, I did not submit any work whatsoever and it is a substitution for that credit therefore essentially the same thing just "self-paced". I was never informed that there were any "rules" for the assessment. I combed through my enrollment agreement and there was no mention of any conditions regarding assessments. If there are rules they should be explicitly stated and the financial aid department needs to work on their training if one rep told me that I was entitled to a refund. I also understand that the mishap with my FAFSA was my fault, but that still does not change the fact that I was promised no out of pocket costs if I withdrew in the three week time frame. $100 may not seem like a lot, but half of my paychecks already go towards student loans and I have many other expenses on top of that. I was in tears at my desk at work because I was so frustrated. Why Purdue would you screw over hardworking people who just want to better themselves? This school is a joke and they do not care about their students. Save yourself the headache and run from this place."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Holly - 3/11/2020
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2020
"I have really enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that this degree program has offered me. The readily available student support system and access to student organizations and clubs have been a great way to meet faculty and other students. It's enabled me to work full time in my remote job, which I travel with a lot. While it is quite expensive, it's something that I expected about grad school."
1.9 out of 5 stars
Brianna - 3/9/2020
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2021
"Do not believe the annual tuition costs they give you over the phone or on their web page. Do not believe your admissions adviser when he/she tells you how much your tuition will cost you in full. I can tell you first hand, actually. I wanted to go for my Associate's in Business Administration and I was told my total tuition costs after the two years would be $21,000. Seems reasonable for 2 years of college, right? Well, I had another thing coming to me... After getting halfway through my program (4 of the 8 terms), my account is now at $25,364. This means that by the time I am done with school, I will owe them about $50,728. To do the math on that, they under-quoted me on my tuition costs by $29,728. I have to drop out of school at this point and I have wasted two of my most precious commodities - TIME & MONEY - mainly because of the false advertising on their part. You might decide you want to pay this price to receive your education, but keep in mind those are not the only issues here; Good luck getting classed with a decent professor. My two professors now - one hardly teaches anything and only lets students use HALF the seminar time doesn't matter if they want the full allotted seminar time, and the other is incredibly difficult to understand with his thick accent and talks so slowly you can hardly piece together what he is saying. I've also had rude professors and unfair professors in the past and have only been through 4 terms. The workload is insane for anyone who has anything else to do with their time - I have to laugh when someone suggests I get a job since I'm "just doing online school". Just be aware of what you're getting yourself into. The opportunity costs of college, at least at this university, are not worth it ($50,000 tuition, all the money you could have earned in that time in regular income, and 2 years of your time with all monetary considerations set aside)."