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Emily Hottinger
  • Reviewed: 4/6/2021
  • Degree: Human Services
"Rasmussen College was completely fine until blackboard turned into blackboard ultra. Why fix something if it isn't broken.???? Blackboard ultra is one of the most terrible, disorganized set up there is. It is difficult to locate majority of the course material. It's more difficult to access live lectures unlike before. The course itself if fine but, blackboard ultra is the MAJOR issue and interference for learning."
johnny 5
  • Reviewed: 12/12/2020
  • Degree: Patient Care Technician
"GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!! Paying for a degree. No one there cares about you. They only care that they get their money. You will only get emails for getting your financial aid set up (so they can get paid), and emails to nominate a potential future student for a $500 scholarship (so they can hopefully keep getting more money). You will regularly question if the teachers even know what they are talking about. One teacher plagiarized all of her tests from the internet. A quick copy and paste of one test question into google came up with all of the test questions WITH the answers for the entire class. The computer system they use is the least user friendly interface I have ever seen. The teachers can't even figure it out. Practically every online lecture begins with, "...I think this thing is on" from your teacher while their eyes are darting around their own computer screen to see if it is working. Then the lesson plans. Get ready for a teacher to read from the ebook they give you for each weeks lecture, only to be told to read the same chapter. You are paying tens of thousands of dollars for essentially an ebook! The academic program that I applied for had a start date 11 months from my application. Yet, somehow without signing up for any classes yet I have been enrolled and in classes for 5 months. I have sent email after email, and calls after calls, only to get no explanation. Only more emails and calls back that I owe them money. If you are alright with buying a degree this is the place for you. If you actually wanted to learn anything, do not go here!!!"
  • Reviewed: 11/24/2020
  • Degree: Graphic Design
"I had high hopes when searching for a new school to attend. Rasmussen at first looked great. The price was right and they seemed to offer a decent online Graphic Design course. I enrolled and was slated to begin November 2020. There's an orientation section you're required to view. My advisor registered me for the orientation but every time I tried to log in, I kept getting error messages saying I was not registered. After speaking with my advisor and tech support, no one could figure out why I couldn't view the course. That should have been a red flag right there. They finally fixed it 2 days before classes were to begin. The very first class required the use of Adobe Creative Suite which the school is supposed to provide for free to all students. I had more technical problems with the schools website and was unable to download the software. I kept getting different answers from each person I spoke with at the school. It seemed no one really knew how the students were supposed to get the software. It was now the end of the first week and assignments were due the next day and I still was unable to get access to the Adobe software. I was so fed up with the total disorganization of the school I ended up withdrawing completely from the school before my very first week was even over with. Don't waste your time with this place, they have no idea how to run a Graphic Design program."
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2020
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I started online courses with Rasmussen in February of this year. I have taken other courses at other colleges before so thought I would do just fine. From the moment I started their online courses, I was lost. Their website platform is the most confusing website I have ever been on. By the time you figure it out, you are either going crazy with stress or getting behind in your classes. With all the courses I have taken before none of them were used for credit. So I have to take the CBA courses to try to test out of them just to shorten my program by a year. I am only going part time and I have homework every single night of the week, there are way to many assignments and videos to watch each week. There is no time for yourself, your family or anything other than homework. I work a full time job during the day and to come home each night and have to stress over homework and getting it done and turned in on time. I have not had any trouble getting any Instructor, Advisor or even a tutor to respond to me. I have needed help with the navigation of their platform since I started. I do have to say that they have the most intense enrollment I have ever done for anything. There was so much, that I forgot what I had done and haven't done to get enrolled. So Beware of the enrollment process. If you decide to go here, I wish you all the best. I'm going to try to finish my program, if it continues to be too much, then I will cut my loss and see about an online RHIT program elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I am a current student and the online classes are not helpful at all. I am a very smart student but I am failing my classes. Each quiz says it has 15 questions and test have 25 but the system is only letting me see and answer 9 quiz questions and 21 test questions. The system they use to is not good. I am failing and it is something that I have not even done myself. I have reached out to the school and teachers and have gotten only the run around. This is not ok. Plus this is something I am paying for mostly out of pocket because FAFSA does not cover it all."
  • Reviewed: 12/13/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"Very peters worst teacher. Left students most if the time discussing their discussions and only got back to discuss their discusions. No power point, no objectives, no study guide, no professionalism. Hope college does not looses their credentials and the students lose their rught to graduate. Please help the students to retake the test."
Angela Carter
  • Reviewed: 11/23/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"I cannot say in enough ways, do not do it. Do not go to this school. I am not afraid of hard work. I have a degree from an online program in the past. I was pregnant with my fifth child and my brother was killed while I finished that degree and is still wasn't as bad as this one is. Rasmussen has a way of saying things like "Oh, they'll explain that later", except that no one ever explains anything! I sit in classrooms where teachers read PowerPoints that I clearly can read at home. They do not teach material that is being tested on. I feel so much pressure from exams that in the past year I have gone from 130 pounds to a little over a hundred pounds. I failed one class and you cannot fail two and in a class with only three exams, if you do poorly on one, you cannot do poorly on two. The way they grade exams and course work is separate. There are three exams and those scores are not averaged in with your other course work. There is no room for error and there is no way to make up points. They tell you to go to them for help, but that is a lie. The class that I failed, I have the same instructor for the second time. I re-submitted a PowerPoint that she gave me 100%. The second time she gave me 85%. I asked about the inconsistancy in grading. I got a very lame excuse and after that she has graded everthing harshly. I live every quarter by just making it through. I hate this school."
Hurt and Mislead student
  • Reviewed: 6/26/2019
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school starts off as being very informational and supportive. Then after $10,000 of your financial aid (loan money) paid on unnecessary courses, you lose support from everyone that was there at the beginning. The professors have the power to make up rules/change rules overnight as their class progresses. Some of the professors don't really want to see every student succeed, only whom they approve of. Most professors are there to simply help the school take money from compassionate students that have dreams of becoming nurses. The newly hired Dean (2018) is unfair, so no need of using the chain of command in a situation. I really feel bad for people with no medical background trying to go to this school, you are left to teach yourself all 30-45 chapters in 11 weeks. Schedules are not flexible at all and they care nothing about your life or family. So if you can't change your schedule at the drop of a dime, DON"T ENROLL HERE!!! REALLY, A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!"
  • Reviewed: 4/29/2019
  • Degree: Early Childhood Education
"So I finished my CDA through the school a few years ago and recently started chipping away at my degree through them because of it. I actually have really enjoyed my time through the school. While it is expensive, it's online and convenient. I have only had one complaint and that was one of my teachers was TERRIBLE. She never gave feedback or reasoning for any of her grading."
S. Young
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Most of these reviews seem to be the fault of the student. EX: Not following up on pricing, not reaching out before the last minute, not understanding the school is for online, self-motivated students. I have completed one term (4 classes) with Rasmussen so far, I will probably post another review when I complete my degree. From the beginning I have been in contact with my adviser and despite many reviews saying they disappear after enrollment, I still speak to the same one today. After the first week of class our communication became less but I never felt ignored, I could always reach out with questions. Most reviews I have seen are negative because they didn't like the instructors teaching style or curriculum. What do you expect with online courses? All online courses are designed to get what you give, if you read and truly push yourself with the material then you learn. If you leave it up to the instructor who's main purpose is to grade and clarify concepts, of course you'll feel like you're wasting your time. Honestly I have not had any issues yet. The courses are interesting and can be challenging. The instructors I've had have all been responsive and informative.The school is pricey but i'm fine with paying for the shorter classes and fully online experience. I would definitely recommend this school if you work full time and need an online schedule."
Michael N
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2019
  • Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
"I am very disappointed in this "education". $13,000 later, Basically, I could have read books and gained the same education. The instructors pretty much read the reading material back to you in the live lectures, and nothing beyond what I read in the book was giving my any advanced insight. I'm very disappointed that I am paying back the government $13,000 for something I could have done on my own. My advice.....Avoid this route!!!"
Lu Lu
  • Reviewed: 2/17/2019
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I have been in this program for 9 months and it's not easy...BECAUSE ITS COLLEGE. I really like this school because it uses real life scenarios in my program the professors are helpful/ successful people and the academic advisor Marvin Parrish has been wonderful since day 1. The school is sort of cheaper than other online schools even if it's "for profit". Will check back in if anything changes. Good luck!!!!"
Heather Paulsen
  • Reviewed: 2/12/2019
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I wish I knew where to start with this school and their processes. The spam contact saying that I owned money was annoying. I finally had to send them notice to stop trying to collect a debt under the Fair Credit Reporting Act as I literally owed them nothing. I am self-pay from family savings and am not using financial aid nor have I filed a FAFSA so the emails that they have received my FAFSA results were also alarming. Inability to complete online courses in computer fundamentals because their online program was incompatible with one of the most common Windows programs out there (Windows 10, at the moment of writing this) strikes me as particularly ironic. They refunded me for the non-refundable class since it was their issue, but it got pretty funny to see that they misreported the tuition as a "grant" on my 1098-T and overreported the tuition I paid. I wonder how the IRS would view that? Payments made by a WOIA program were sometimes listed as student payments. Received notice tuition was unpaid, logged in to make a payment, thinking the error was mine- resulted in them debiting my account for $2,550 in tuition twice. Inquiries result in them saying it is a 2-week wait to hear back from the Business Office on why they would make a deduction when there was a zero balance after the first payment was accepted...This is an easy fix with a check and balance, folks. Someone could have needed that $2550 to pay their mortgage or eat. That is just good business practice. The have zero idea what they are doing and now I know to trust nothing I get from them. I waited 5 days for a response to my observation that the link to a missing lecture that I needed to do my work was missing. Last week, I uploaded the wrong assignment and immediately contacted them to let them know. Simple errors happen, should be no big deal. It ended up that the information that was inadvertantly cut and pasted into my assignment when the cat jumped up on my computer desk - rather than my 13-page paper - was given a "B" before I received a response from the instructor- days later. It had *nothing* to do with the assignment. So, to recap: some junk my cat cut and pasted is B-level work. I should have just submitted a copy of the Nutrition Facts from my NutriGrain bar. I have in the past informed instructors that there were obvious errors on the final: no response, so I hope no one flunked it because of that. Other gaffes like terrible typos in course materials were met with censorship by class instructors. How about we learn the difference between "casual" and "causal" (especially important distinction in human reproduction, huh?) and avoid the irony of presenting Visual Communications coursework with white lettering on a light yellow background? I just can't respect myself if I get my degree here, so I am going to transfer out. I had a miscarriage and am retaking one class because the school has no "Incomplete" policy as reflected by their for-profit mentality, and I could only finish one class rather than two as I was busy burying my child. Other than that, I have a 4.00 GPA and am a former National Merit Scholar, so I have a pretty good idea of how processes should work. You needed me more than I needed you. I'll let my cat know in case he wants to earn his degree. Nevermind, he respects himself. He's out, too."
  • Reviewed: 11/1/2018
  • Degree: Early Childhood Education
"This is a terrible college if you are trying to improve your learning by becoming a daycare teacher. It is a waste of time and MONEY! Especially money! They do not care about you at all and honestly, you will NOT make that much more especially in Minnesota. If you do not renew your CDA on time, which they do NOT tell you how to do it, you are on your own! So if you do not renew it, you have to start ALL OVER! Which is a waste of time AND money! What did you pay for? Nothing but some math problems that you do not need to know in a daycare. Plus, their CDA is ONLY good for TWO YEARS! When it is really supposed to be good for three years. You do not need your Associates Degree in a daycare setting. This place is absolute b***."
completed and certified
  • Reviewed: 10/16/2018
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I graduated with a Bachelors in HIM. I was able to pass on my first try. I completed the degree while working full time and was able to find a rewarding job in my field. The program was difficult I did have to juggle time carefully. You do have to be self motivated. I did have one professor I could not see eye to eye with. I simply focused on passing and getting past here. Was it worth the time and effort yes, but you have to be dedicated and driven to succeed and I am not sure I would of chosen this school with the new 5.5 week format. 11 was difficult enough. I was able to certify as an RHIT and RHIA first try."
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"I am currently attending Rasmussen College Online. I am 45 years old and have raised my family and lived life while intermittently taking classes at a local community college. I have always taken the online version whenever offered. Recently, I decided to look for an option with more flexibility and I started to search for online programs. I have known many people who have successfully completed online degrees that greatly helped their careers. I must say that I do not take all the programs seriously. After a year and a half interrogating and pricing these colleges, I decided on Rasmussen. I have not been disappointed. I feel that I am receiving a quality education. Both the instructor-led and credit by assessment courses offer knowledge on a college level. They are taken seriously by the instructor. Papers are written with sources and graded with integrity. Discussion forums are respected and if a student does throw in an lol it is addressed. In my opinion, in reading the negative reviews, the common issue is that the students are not disciplined enough to complete an online program. They want their degree handed to them and when it doesn't go their way they leave a negative review. I have spoken to universities to continue a bachelor after I complete my associates and they have all agreed to honor the credits that I am receiving with Rasmussen. One thing I have personally learned in my lengthy career is that unhappy people are more likely to post a review than a happy customer."
Minnesota Student
  • Reviewed: 7/18/2018
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I would recommend not attending Rasmussen. I just completed their associate program for HR and Organizational Leadership and an left wondering where to go from here. I understand that online school you really need to put the time and effort into things if you want it to work, however, I felt that Rasmussen's Instructors didn't care. Most of their instructors work for Rasmussen part-time while holding very high jobs such as IT Directors and even CFO's and professors at more prestigious schools. It seemed as if most professors took their full-time positions more seriously and didn't give any effort into their jobs at Rasmussen. Another issue I had with Rasmussen, is the advisor's lack of follow up and communication with you regarding your program progress. I was less than a month away from my graduation date, my advisor told me I was on track to graduate, but after calculating my credits, I realized I was a whole 4 credit class short. I wrote my advisor and she made me pay a $99 fee for a test out class so I could graduate on time. After going back and forth about this, I was refunded my $99 due to the mistake of the school and not checking my progress correctly. Lastly, I feel that my degree has given me ZERO pull when applying for jobs. As Rasmussen is smaller and only regionally accredited, companies will overlook your education if they don't really recognize the school. Also, you can't compete against other people with the same degree who have gone to a better school. I reached out to the career services advisor and that was the biggest joke of them all. This advisor is supposed to give you advice on job searching, resume advice, etc but all he did was tell me to go to the Optimal Resume website that has resume templates on them. Funny thing is I used an exact template from that website, emailed him a copy of my resume to review and all he says back was "there is good info on your resume, however the formatting is wrong" and directed me to go to the same website that I got the exact template on. I am continuing my education elsewhere at this point."
Dont Waste your Time or Money
  • Reviewed: 6/6/2018
  • Degree: Human Services
"Please please please don't waste your time nor money on this school and their broken promises. First off the only way to communicate to anyone is through a computer screen (or until they feel you owe them money, and all of a sudden you get phones calls and numbers to actually talk to someone other than through the computer) they cram all this information into 5.5 week courses and you don't have time to actually learn or grasp what your are reading or learning, you get to a point where you are only reading what you need to finish an assignment or the infamous group discussion. Every week you have a discussion, 2-4 assignments, quiz, and at week /module 6 you have a big project that you term in at the end of the course. The so called advisors that they assign you to will lead you on a path to destruction. Don't believe the hype about cheaper tuition (thats a lie), they charge you a fee for the downloading of the books for the courses you take (but dont fail that class and have to take it again, they charge you again for that book even though you may have had it last quarter or so). If you dont take anything else from my review please please hear me when I say dont waste your time nor money at Rasmussen."
  • Reviewed: 5/10/2018
  • Degree: Early Childhood Education
"Communication is an issue no matter who you are trying to contact. If you email, you will get a form letter response from a general email address that will not address your question. If you call, you will leave a message after the recording says they will get back to you within a timely manner. You will never be called back. If you ask about your grade, some teachers will send harshly worded responses while not answering your question. There are some good instructors, however, the experiences with the few bad ones far outweigh the benefits of the good ones. Your assigned "advisor" is a joke. Form letter responses with copy+pasted instructions or information. No effort to work with your individual situation even though the Homepage advertises "Putting Students First." The only way they put you first is so they can stand behind you and steal your wallet. Courses here are way overpriced for the content provided. I was working through a scholarship program so they were handling the finances through a prearranged agreement. After 18 months, out of the blue, I get an email saying I owe Rasmussen $9,000!!! After weeks of emailing and calling and emailing again and calling again, it turns out someone at Rasmussen didn't process some paperwork which resulted in some tuition not getting reimbursed. Even though it was a Rasmussen mistake, I had no recourse because the debt was so old. I had to pay."
  • Reviewed: 2/21/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Getting into Rasmussen was easy. They are very on top of you - they get all your data, they bring you into a local office if they can, they walk you through paperwork and costs, they set everything up for me. I could not have found it more friendly or more engaging. It is a very typical entrance process. Orientation was simple. The programs very straightforward. They seemed to have all their ducks in a row. The cost was similar to other online programs, much higher than community college or even local university level courses, but I was assured I was paying for an accelerated degree that would put me in a position I wanted to be in and would give me accreditation and certification. I was offered "flex courses" to further some core classes as well and save time/money. All of that is well and good. I did not have any issues there. They do send follow up emails and your counselors are with you for any issues you have once you begin. They don't wash their hands of you once you enroll, which is also nice. I transferred into Rasmussen with my Associates Degree from a local community college at the request of a friend who was also enrolled in another program. I decided to pursue Data Analytics as this is a relatively new field for a major, but something I am currently doing at my current place of employment and thought that it would help me to secure my position and further advance within my company. I have done online colleges before - I obtained my AA about 80% online. I have experienced traditional and accelerated programs. I know that accelerated programs can be challenging because of the shortened class time. I was given the understanding that the professors at Rasmussen were chosen because they had worked in their field before working for Rasmussen. What I did not understand was that the professors at Rasmussen are working in their field WHILE working for Rasmussen. Or so that is how the professors presented to me. I only took three courses before I left, and only one of them had actual presentations that were their own design, dedicated office hours to work with students, and took time in lectures to truly address questions. My biggest issue and the reason why I left the course is because the program I was taking was tailored to those who had extensive knowledge in computers. I am fortunate that I have this knowledge. I have a network of family and colleagues who were also at the ready to help with topics I needed assistance with. Normally I would just drop the program and move on with my life, but I felt this might be helpful to know for someone else going into this program. 1. The C++ class was the first one I took. This was their "big sell" - be put right into core competency classes for your program from Day 1 so you can get a feel for the degree program you picked. This way if you decide it's not for you, you've not wasted a lot of time/money and you can change your path sooner. The issue with this is that these are 5.5 week courses. Anyone going back to college knows that it takes a great deal of time, money, investment, personal sacrifice, and discipline to get classes done- there is a lot to learn. The shorter the time, the more capacity you need to have to be successful. I knew this going in. I was constantly ahead in the class and I passed the class with a 98%. I did not struggle. I have some prior knowledge of C++, tools and other options available to me - my dad was a great tutor for several lessons. Not everyone has their dad as a computer programmer who can step in and do the work of the professor. Before I reach out to my father, I reach out to the professor. The exact response was that I needed to engage a tutor if I had questions beyond the scope of the assignment. There were several students experiencing similar issues in the chat forum. The professor's response was always to paste a block of code or refer to a tutor. Tutoring is a fantastic supplement and free tutoring is even better. However, general tutors are available from Rasmussen. If you need a specialized tutor, you need to schedule one who has experienced proficiency in the course. There was ONE tutor available for this specific class and she had 6 hours a week available. There were at least 13 students just in the course block I was registered in. This means that there are 7 students who can't get tutoring each week. I was completely apalled. I did my best to help the other students, and several collaborated together to get assistance from one another. 2. Fast forward 5.5 weeks, and we are placed in a Database class. The class is Database Fundamentals. The course materials are not presented until Day 1 (unlike C++ and the other course I took simultaneously which had books available to get a grasp on the concepts to be learned). The writing from the professor was more or less acceptable - but it was not clearly understood. The teacher all but disappeared for a week and did not return emails promptly. There were several students who were extremely upset during live lectures that they could not get things to work as described - software would not install, functions would not run, there was no feedback. There were students in my last lecture that were quite obviously very frustrated with how little the Personal Support Center offered assistance. The center installed programs incorrectly, and referred them to tutors who had no idea how to help because the instructions were poorly outlined. The material in the text in no way mirrored what we were expected to demonstrate in our assignments. Our database fundamentals textbook did not cover SQL language, PHP code or HTML structures - yet all were required in our first week's assignment. The professor provided this code, outright - with no actual coverage of the code - the structure rules, the reasons behind it - just gave us a form and said put this in a txt file and put it on the dropbox and your assignment is done. If you expect your students to graduate understanding how to be successful in their chosen path, you cannot hand them prewritten code to turn in and expect that they will have any formal understanding of what it is that was done and why it was done. This is not learning, this is satisfying criteria for a sticker and getting a diploma. I earned my grade because I went above and beyond what was required, I did the research to understand myself through external sites, books I purchased/got from libraries, and relying on the knowledge I could learn from others. None of what I learned was learned through Rasmussen. I did only complete 2 terms of a multi-term program, but I was not willing to continue to spend my money (90% of which was out of my pocket, not student loans) on this. I can't speak to on-campus courses or their other programs. I truly hope that they do make these considerations when reviewing this. The professors need to do more than read PPT decks put together by the textbook publishers. The professors need to be able to actively engage with their students, be given the time and tools to work with the students, and the students need to be put into basic computer skills before they are asked to dive into higher level programming courses. I think the idea behind understanding what the program entails is fantastic. Create programs that put the student in that place, but get them there gradually and make sure the program is designed in a way that the student has to learn, not just put the words in the box. At its current structure, it is not worth the price tag. I will be seeking out a traditional course program at a traditional local university and furthering my certificates on my own outside of the actual diploma. I hope this is helpful for the school and prospective students alike."