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Katherine P
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2015
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"Rasmussen is an excellent school. It gives its students the potential to gain the skills needed to work in the field of the choosing. License Practical Nursing is an excellent field to begin your career. Rasmussen allows you to graduate in one year with an LPN diploma. They offer a bridge program to switch your LPN to a RN degree."
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2015
  • Degree: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
"I would not recommend this college to anyone. They are very poorly organized, and they require students to attend clinical hours away with only days notice. They are extremely expensive and the "policy" that they state they have is absent. They treat other certain students superior to others and it may take days up to weeks for a response from an instructor or any faculty member at Rasmussen. I am feeling comfortable going into the nursing field because there was one Instructor who helped me throughout the quarters and that is it. The instructors are there for their paychecks and nothing else. VERY POOR AND EXPENSIVE SCHOOL - DO NOT ATTEND!!!"
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2015
  • Degree: Nursing
"This is the most unorganized, ineffective, ill-prepared educational program I have ever known. First issue, having teachers stand in front of you and read verbatim what the syllabus says, offering no insight or clarification to the course material. Second, unaqualified and unprofessional teachers. For instance, a maternal newborn nurse teaching pharmacology but cannot tell you the difference between antifungals and antibiotics, "just know what they tell in the book". The school is overpriced, the return on investment is ridiculous. They have changed the policy and procedures and did not tell the student body but made us adhere to the changes before we were told about them and then made us sign the new nursing shcool policy RETROACTIVELY or be removed from the program. Yes you read that right!! They made us falsify documentation to make appear as though we all knew. This school now refuses to let us know our grades!! yes you read right . they will not post our overall or test average, one teacher stated and I quote "you do know how to add and divide by 3, if not I will show you in clinical tomorrow" No, I as a student that is paying your salary, with my 27k tuition, should have a daily access and current information on my grade status. Period. DO NOT ATTEND RASMUSSEN FORT MYERS NURSING PROGRAM OR ANY PROGRAM FOR THAT MATTER!!!! I personally heard the School of nursing Dean state to a co-worker, while discussing course time changes, state that "oh well, if we need to change a course time or day, that is their problem not ours. They are students, they can just deal with it or not!!" Dean B. is the worst representation of a female professional nurse educator, EVER!!! SHe is rude, disrespectful, condescending and needs to be reported the florida board of nursing for threats of failure and incomplete if documentation is not falsified."
Do not ever attend this school
  • Reviewed: 3/5/2015
  • Degree: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
"I would never ever!!! recommend this school to anyone. They are called by our student body as a "turn and burn" or basically they sell you a dream, take your money, fail you.. and then kick you out. Please take this from someone who has spent the last over 2 years of their life trign to graduate... they are the worst, most unprofessional, unstable, disorganized individuals I have ever had the displeasure of wasting my time with. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL"
  • Reviewed: 3/1/2015
  • Degree: Forensic Science
"I was jerked around horribly by various employees, I went in there with a Positive thinking wanting to better my self and I was withdraw without my permission then the financial service woman told me that it " looked" like I was going to owe them 1,000 dollars because of this action by whom I don't know still to this day. They reported that to my credit now they claim that owe them this money I finally was withdrawn and now I'm in over 15,000 dollars in debt my credit score is below the min for credit I don't have a job I'm on a just getting by with 1200 a month"
  • Reviewed: 2/28/2015
  • Degree: Nursing
"This nursing program is a disorganized mess. They make extensive use of the ATI test bank. This is to "fill in and augment" what they skip over. Many instructors are unable to design an effective curriculum. You are on your own to learn important aspects of registered nursing. While the tests are difficult, they are not what will be on your NCLEX. My graduating class has a 60% pass rate. Clinicals and lab are also a frustrating disappointment. The school is expensive and creates the illusion of quality education."
what a joke of a school
  • Reviewed: 2/8/2015
  • Degree: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
"Rasmussen college is essential con machine. 2/3 way through the program one teacher that was leaving pointed out the Nursing program at Rasmussen College is not accredited with the nursing board. This was never pointed out. This means most employers won't hire you. Most of their teachers are sloppy; one teacher spent 10 weeks reading from the study guide and this was considered lecture. They send to you clinicals 90 miles away and give a few days notice. They make a big deal about making pass exams; this depends on the color of your skin. If you're non-white, you can fail the exams and you still get through. They tell students if you miss a clinical, you will fail the class. Again, this is only true based on your skin color. I would say this is a Mickey mouse program and I wouldn't touch this school with a 10' pole."
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2015
  • Degree: Business
"I have been attending Rasmussen for 3 months now and I got to say it is not as bad as people say. Maybe it takes time , I don't know! So far my teachers are good in everything they do. They respond in a timely matter and they also are specific about what needs to be done for the assignments. My student advisor is also good , she is probably why I like the school the most! She emails me and checks up on me , she is always there when I have questions, she responds to my emails within 24 hours. it is great! So far no complaints about this school."
  • Reviewed: 11/16/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"I go to Rasmussen in the twin cities, MN. Huge waste of money. Don't go! I chose this school because I didn't have to wait and could receive my degree fast. That's about all you get! It's a new program that they should not have launched yet. New instructors every quarter that do not know what is going on. Then the instructors are gone. No hospital experience. only LTC and TCU. Maternal child was at a daycare center for 1 day (and i went on a field trip) and in a lab for two. More than half way through the program they tell us we have to pass a comp predictor at 95%, oh and it's a 180 question test. Don't pass, don't graduate, and don't get to sit for the NCLEX.. This school is a joke! DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! No one is willing to help you or hear you out. It's a wait and see sort of a game. I graduate next month and never inserted a cath or an IV. Sent us to clinicals where we couldn't even use needles (Insulin, glucose checks etc). I do NOT feel that I am ready to work in the field, I am nervous and feel ashamed to admit I went here. It's embarrassing!!!"
Cortney branchaud
  • Reviewed: 11/12/2014
  • Degree: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
"Not very happy with this school at all. I went to school to learn and feel I have learned nothing. In the nursing program you are required to take a test at the end and receive a 92% to pass. There is no other school that requires this. If you do not pass you do not get your degree and do not get to take your Nclex. The questions on the test do not pertain to anything I have learned while attending Rasmussen. I feel I have waited 40,000 and two years of my life for nothing. Wish I would have waited and attended a different school and would be working in my field."
HIT student
  • Reviewed: 10/23/2014
  • Degree: Healthcare Informatics
"You hear a lot of different opinions on Rasmussen. I've been a Health Information student for a year now. They have quite a few campuses in various states (brick & mortar) maybe some are better than others. My program is fully online and I really like it. First of all, the program is accredited through CAHIIM so I can sit for the RHIT credential test once I graduate. Every call I've placed to the campus I go through (Fargo) with every question or concern I've had has been addressed promptly and professionally. My instructors have all been very knowledgeable on the material, some are more gung-ho than others and are more involved, but all respond and interact with me in a timely fashion so far. The material can be challenging for sure, I have to study hard. I think with discussion posts, you get out of them what you put into them, same with the online classes overall. If you want to coast through you can but you may find when you sit down to take the RHIT you're gonna be in trouble. As far as the online software (Angel) I have had no problems and when I have had to call for support things have gotten resolved quickly. I'm just a little tired of hearing so many negative things about this school. If you're considering attending I suggest you take your time and check it out properly and be prepared to work so you get the best experience possible."
  • Reviewed: 10/21/2014
  • Degree: Marketing
"So far so good! I am in the accelerated program and find that the classes, while hard, are engaging. My instructors are passionate and my student advisor is helpful. I have a friend that is going through a similar program at North Eastern and we both agree that this is a better program."
  • Reviewed: 10/7/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"No stability with teachers. Teacher had favorites and if you weren't one of those favorites you could tell. Couldn't keep a dean of nursing to save a life! Liked to change requirements after we started the program....had to write appeals to get our diplomas!!!"
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2014
  • Degree: Business
"Just like the rest they are friendly in the beginning and really excited to get you started, after that its nearly impossible to get in contact with someone. THEY FIRE AND RE-HIRE EVERY MONTH! I attended Rasmussen online for a year and a half and in that time I had 6 student advisers. Heed this warning, they are all about money and no one has even heard of them!!!!!! In my second year they switched from tangible text books to digital without the consent of anyone. They continued to charge you the same amount and not only could you not download the material though course smart but you are only RENTING THE DIGITAL BOOKS FOR A FEW MONTHS!!!! You cannot save these books and have to be connect to internet to view them. My complaints went in one ear and out the other, my grades began to fail because the instructors would take so long to respond to my questions and I dropped out and even let them keep my loan money, that's how bad I wanted to be done with these losers. Guess what happened with that. Out of the blue I owe them over $500 and cannot receive my transcripts without first paying this bogus bill!!!! THAT'S NOT IT!!! I DECIDE TO START FROM SCRATCH AT A NEW SCHOOL BECAUSE RASMUSSEN COLLEGE CREDITS ONLY EQUAL TO HALF OF A REAL COLLEGE CREDIT!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE YOU WERE WARNED!!!! NO ONE HAS HEARD OF THESE SCAMMERS!!! All I received after a year and a half is a large amount of debt."
  • Reviewed: 9/23/2014
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"There aren't any internships associated with Medical Administration, medical coding or billing. I am working at a local hospital, 20 hours a week maximum $11/hr, $12,000 a year. The Human Resource Department at Rasmussen is a waste of space for the college. The person does not return telephone calls and was zero help with finding employment in my field. After graduation and applying for a position at Rasmussen College for which I was qualified, I received a rejection e-mail. Rasmussen was not at all helpful in seeking employment. My present employment was found without the help of Rasmussen."
  • Reviewed: 9/9/2014
  • Degree: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
"Hi, I went to Rasmussen in Eagan, MN and graduated in 2011. This was an amazing program that had great clinicals at the VA hospital in Minneapolis as well as Fairview hospital in Burnsville, MN. We had experience once per week in the labor/delivery unit at Fairview where we were part of the team for a birth and cared for a mother/baby every week for our maternal/child clinical. At the VA, we had 4 patients 1x/wk and we did all of their cares and meds for the whole quarter. I had wonderful, smart, supportive teachers who went above and beyond for us. I was lucky. When I heard that Rasmussen had an LPN-RN program I did not hesitate, I was really excited to go. I am feeling like I made a huge mistake. They have the transitional LPNs with students who have never had any nursing experience. It does not look like we will be having any hospital clinicals, our maternal/child clinical is at a daycare and a simulation lab. The online teachers are usually helpful, but you really are teaching yourself there. Our instructor for our maternal/child and Nursing 1 course is just going through the motions. She literally reads us powerpoint presentations with no further instruction. I am definitely getting ripped off. I have some amazingly smart, caring classmates who are very excited to learn nursing and have no idea that they are being ripped off. I hear them talk about when they are done, how they want to work in a hospital. I do not see this happening with no hospital clinical experience. It is very competitive to get into a community college program that only accepts 50 out 500 students 2x/year. We need more nursing educators and bigger programs to cover the shortage of nurses. I was lucky to have had such an awesome experience the first time around and I use everything I learned everyday as a nurse, and I love being a nurse because I was taught well and by people who were experienced and wanted to share their knowledge to help bring more quality nurses into the workforce. Rasmussen Blaine's nursing program is a waste of money and does a disservice to future nurses. I feel bad for people who are not already nurses. The people who are already LPNs? Well, there is nothing new. They do the EXACT SAME program that they did for LPN, except with half-hearted teachers and crappier clinicals. For people who are considering going to Rasmussen for their RN, reconsider. Try your best to find something else. I have written letters to the Dean of Nursing explaining the problems with the program, she has given me NO response, not even an acknowledgement. The Instructor I currently have is at times extremely rude, does not take into account that some of us actually have nursing experience, and is not a quality teacher. She clearly has experience in one area of nursing, but she does not take kindly to questions, often referring us to our handouts (the power points) to answer our own questions. I spend a lot of time helping people who have no experience because they have no idea, and they NEED guidance. Rasmussen Blaine is going to have to step it up and get it together. You are sending people into the workforce that are going to have PEOPLE'S LIVES IN THEIR HANDS. Also, people who are already LPNs are not going to learn anything by working 1x/wk in a TCU doing 1 med pass and treatments for 1 person per 2 students. Get real."
  • Reviewed: 9/3/2014
"I hope that future potential Rasmussen college students are fully aware of what they are really getting into. Right from the start, I made it very clear that I don't want to have anything to do with on line classes. I was told that I am required to take one on line class. Then when it comes down to what I was told, I was given more then one on line class and had to hand in some of my assignments on line. Anything that the college tells you is a lie and I should have had the college sign a contract. I trusted the college to provide me with all the things I was told while signing up. They failed to fulfill there end of the deal and lost a student as a direct result from nothing more then a college that is a scam. The first class I was given they gave all the students a test. I was told that "it is the same exact test as the final exam, all you have to do is get a certain amount of questions right and you will pass." I am baffled as to why I need to find that out after signing up at the college. I should have been informed about it while signing up not after signing up. I then go to another class and I am told the same exact thing, which I had a major problem with. Then to be given on line classes which I wanted absolute nothing to do with. Like I am being forced to do what the college tells me to do. It is my money that I am shelling out and it certainly isn't going to be for a college that gives students the same test as the final exams. I wonder what kind of awards and accreditation's the college receives for that. The college is a scam and I am sure there are plenty of other ex college students that feel the same way I do. If you want to throw away your money on the ghetto way the school is run you will be highly disappointed. My advice to any person thinking about attending the college is to find a better college. The contract the school makes you sign should be reviewed by a lawyer. I also think that a lawyer should have a contract made up for the college to sign. So when the college breaks the contract you have a legal way of having to deal with them. I went to college for two days and I never returned. The college calls me a month a two later about my attendance. My attendance for what, the college is a scam and they will do anything to swindle money out of you. I went to college for two days and I never returned. Then I get a bill for having to pay for a month of college. If the college claims that the bill was for the amount of time I went to the college, I should be charged for two days of college not a whole month.Then the college demands payment and hands the bill over to a collection agency and files it on my credit report. I try to pay the balance for the scam and the collection agency is unable to tell me anything. I was told to contact the college directly and they just sent me back to the collection agency. I would have preferred to have the matter handled in court but the college just wants there money. I didn't realize that I would have to lower my standards and contribute to the deceit. Being given a tests and being told that was like hearing "all you have to do is pay and you will pass." Find another college cause all they did was waste my time and my money. That is really screwed up that the college can easily take advantage of people and legally get away with it. The college is not going to change the way things are run all because I feel that my money isn't worth going to a college like that. People should have a right to know instead of finding out about the college like I did. Maybe it has something to do with management or the way the dean chooses to run the college. I don't recommend the college to anyone and there are far more adequate colleges to choose from. Some students would love to hear that they are going to be given a test as the same final exam test. That is because it sounds to easy and anyone can pass. I wonder how easy it would have been to make a copy of the test and use the answers for the final exam. If it is the same exact test then why not cheat them like they are cheating you. I am sure that nobody has ever made a copy of the test desperate enough to pass. The second test I was given the teacher left the classroom with me taking the test. That was supposed to me my major class and the teacher just leaves students unattended. Better I learned the hard way after two days of school then sticking around to find out all the scams the college has to offer. If they have such a low success rate then do something about it then being more concerned about money. That could be the main reason why nobody wants to attend the college. It is amazing that the college is still in operation. They should conduct a review about what current students think about being given the same test as the final exam. I could understand hearing that in elementary school but to hear it from a college is pathetic."
  • Reviewed: 9/3/2014
  • Degree: Small Business Management
"My experience so far has been great. Others have reported that it was sales pitchy when being contacted by admissions advisors. They are all that way, no matter the school. Deal with it. So far my advisors have done a great job keeping in touch with me and making sure I have everything done on time to be all set to start courses in October."
  • Reviewed: 8/7/2014
  • Degree: Nursing
"I am in a 'test cohort' so to speak and have been along for the ride as Rasmussen tries to design their RN program. It has been a frustrating experience to be in the middle of this transition and I feel that I have been slighted in terms of the amount of education and experiences I'm getting at times due to the program as well as some of the staff which I deem incompetent. I am concerned that this program will not earn me placement into the kind of job I was hoping for, which is not what I was told when I enrolled."
  • Reviewed: 7/28/2014
  • Degree: Human Resources
"Do not attend this school! They are a joke. I am a transfer student in my first semester. I am leaving this school when this semester is over! They cheat you on quizzes. I got graded 50% on a quiz I never even opened. I never clicked the link and it shows I scored that percentage. I brought it to my instructors attention and she told me her computer says I did. So she is forcing me to take this grade on a quiz I never even took. I tried to have the school investigate my issue and they will not. I actually have proof I submitted other assignments at the exact time my quiz was submitted. How is that possible? Rasmussen is a joke! They are making the mistakes and us students are paying them to do it. There has to be some way they can track an IP address to prove that quiz was not taken by me. Of course they will not look into the matter. Needless to say, I AM NOT STAYING AT THIS GARBAGE SCHOOL!!!"