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Reviews - Associates in Information Technology

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Computer Geek
  • Reviewed: 7/25/2022
  • Degree: Information Technology
"This school is a big rip-off. I went there for computer science and instead became a paper writer. Everything I learned is forgotten because I didn't learn anything useful for my field of study. With everything being online it soon became boring and repetitive. Calling the school was greeted by an answering machine and a 2 hour minimum wait for a call back- if you were lucky to get a call back. Overall, save your money and go to a state operated school. I wish I could get my money back for lack of education."
  • Reviewed: 9/11/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"If you're planning to attend and learn anything I'd strongly recommend looking into other options. Most of the instructors I had during my time with this school won't put in any effort above the very minimum needed to get through the course. Some will try their best to work with you and help you when you are having problems, most won't and will simply tell you to get the work in ASAP. Some instructors are knowledgable regarding the material they are teaching, but I've also had a number of instances where I've found that the information being given to the students is just plain wrong. In addition to this I've also had the instructor insisting I was wrong on a topic they weren't familiar with on an assignment and outright refused to change my grade until I provided a reference, something which the instructor could have discovered on their own with a simple google search. When taking courses at this school you will be teaching yourself just about everything from basic coding to SQL and database management. Even then, the projects tend to basic, so if you're willing to teach yourself there are plenty of resources available online that are low cost or even free. The courses at Rasmussen seem to be geared more towards students who already know the material and are willing to pay to show they've already obtained the knowledge in order to receive a degree. So, I reiterate, if you're here to learn look anywhere else."
S. Young
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Most of these reviews seem to be the fault of the student. EX: Not following up on pricing, not reaching out before the last minute, not understanding the school is for online, self-motivated students. I have completed one term (4 classes) with Rasmussen so far, I will probably post another review when I complete my degree. From the beginning I have been in contact with my adviser and despite many reviews saying they disappear after enrollment, I still speak to the same one today. After the first week of class our communication became less but I never felt ignored, I could always reach out with questions. Most reviews I have seen are negative because they didn't like the instructors teaching style or curriculum. What do you expect with online courses? All online courses are designed to get what you give, if you read and truly push yourself with the material then you learn. If you leave it up to the instructor who's main purpose is to grade and clarify concepts, of course you'll feel like you're wasting your time. Honestly I have not had any issues yet. The courses are interesting and can be challenging. The instructors I've had have all been responsive and informative.The school is pricey but i'm fine with paying for the shorter classes and fully online experience. I would definitely recommend this school if you work full time and need an online schedule."
  • Reviewed: 1/22/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"Transferred out of this school as soon as I could to a more respectable college that actually teaches the classes. I had to retake classes that I had originally passed with ease at Rasmussen because I did not learn anything from the classes at this school. When speaking with my new adviser at the college that I transferred, I was asked the extent of my computer knowledge. At that point, he determined that I would need to retake the introduction to computer programming again due to the serious lack of knowledge after taking several different courses at Rasmussen. Half of my credits were not excepted at this higher quality college that I attend now, creating a much higher cost for me to complete my education. By the time I left Rasmussen, they had already depleted half of my grants and loan allowance while I was still in Freshman status at the Rasmussen campus. When I inquired at Rasmussen, I was informed that if I enrolled with them, I would spend 50% of my time in classes conducted at the campus and 50% online, which the majority of the computer classes would be at the campus. I did not have but one computer class on campus that ended up being online satellite communication anyway. The classes only presented programs that were already created and you were only expected to troubleshoot the problems the had. No actual teaching of computer programming that could help a student wanting to learn. If I could give zero stars to this college, I would. It was a complete wast of my time and almost $20,000 that could have went toward the real education that I am getting now at a much cheaper price tag."
Zach Petersen
  • Reviewed: 4/3/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
"My experience at Rasmussen was very sub-par in my opinion. Lack of communication, stressful, expensive both from loans and out of pocket. Overall I would not recommend it to anyone; the experience was very costly and emotionally taxing. Let's go over the advantages first because the negatives will be lengthy. It was convenient without a doubt. If I had a much smoother experience in communication, it would have been very manageable. Second, they have a few excellent instructors. I ran into two myself in my two years, which not a great ratio mind you, but worth mentioning. Now for the negatives, which I will simply share my experience. I was at Rasmussen for two years. During these two years, nothing monumental. During Dec 2018 I was told that I had to complete five additional classes by the end of the month to graduate. Roughly an additional 20 credits for $400, on top of my current finals. I was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of coursework to do that I started failing. I do admit; I could have buckled down, thrown my emotions and worries out the door, and got it done. I didn't however, and the mindset of there is no possible way I can do this set in. So I had to sign up for three additional full-time classes, which is more loans and $1,000 out of pocket. I was accidentally signed up for a class and had to fight to have that refunded with a heavy emphasis on "fight". The director I spoke to, Adam F, was continually trying to push blame towards me while I had never been told that these courses existed and where to find what was required. Let's skip ahead three months and complete the three classes I signed up for. One of the classes that I was informed how they worked until December expired. As a result, I am taking one four-credit class, which since I only have one class is not covered for finical aid. As a result, an additional $1,400 out of pocket for that one class. So recapping, I spent roughly two years, approximately $20,000 in debt, and $2,400 out of pocket in the last month for my Associates. I would not recommend Rasmussen and encourage you to look at other options. I myself am looking at Metropolitan State in MN because they have an online MBA, about a third of the cost, and far better offerings."
  • Reviewed: 7/12/2017
  • Degree: Information Technology
"When determining whether or not to go back to school I decided to do my research and explore all of my options. I inquired to many different schools, looked at reviews and tons of programs that I feel would be best for me. Now before I go on, I am full time employee with a family and child. The reason I chose online, instead of the conventional "in class", is because I simply don't have the time or energy to go to a classroom after working a 10hour shift. After narrowing my choices down to a few school, I chose Rasmussen. The recruiter was very friendly, gave me all the information I needed and when I had questions she always called me back within 24hrs. Trust me, I called a lot and asked a ton of questions, sometimes even the same. She didn't come off as annoyed and always responded with respect. Tuition is reasonable. Of course you may save cost if you go to a junior college, but I felt what I wanted to study is what they were offering. I didn't have to complete a bunch of BS classes that are required at some other schools. I did have some college credit which transferred over nicely. My first two classes were business management and intro to software development. My instructor for business was phenomenal. She was engaged and answered all my emails in less than 24hr hours if I had a question. My software development class started off rocky with some technical difficulties from the teacher. The class started almost a week late. I called the office and spoke with the dean. I received a quick response and also received a follow up call once the issue was resolved. We did have to double up work for a week to catch up but that is fine. Problems happen. The teacher apologized for the inconvenience and helped every step of the way, even understanding if an assignment was a day late or so. When I emailed the professor I always received a response back within 24hours. Im taking advanced algebra now followed by object oriented programing. The classes are challenging and despite the one technical difficulty the teachers are very responsive. The work load is challenging, but if you are organized and set aside time you will succeed. If you expect to be hand held, or are lazy you will fail miserably and have a bad time. If you are organized and put effort, you will do just fine. I am hoping to complete my associates in software development and then transfer out to Arizona state or possibly DePaul to get my bachelors. Rasmussen is accredited and their courses do transfer over. They do work directly with Lewis University which is a great school if you wish to transfer. Overall my experience has been pleasant and for a full time working father/husband I couldn't ask for anything more."
Maryland Student
  • Reviewed: 11/29/2016
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I decided to write a review as I have been reading the other reviews and noticed all the bad reviews coming from issues with financial aid or issues that are not with the school at all. I have been attending Rasmussen College online for about a year now and before that I attending Kaplan University Online. Comparing the two I will say that Rasmussen is WAY better than Kaplan. Rasmussen is about $1000 cheaper per term, Kaplan's classes were a joke (for Information Technology at least), and with Kaplan you didn't learn anything. With Rasmussen I have challenging classes that actually pertain to the field that I am attaining a degree in, and it is cheaper than Kaplan. The people complaining about this school seem to want to have their hands held through life and not take any responsibility for anything. The only thing I can say that I would change is that they should use Pearson's My Math Lab for math courses, but that is just a personal preference for me."