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Reviews - Bachelor's in Business

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  • Reviewed: 1/25/2018
  • Degree: Business
"This school is awesome. I got my associates in health information technology at this school and will be graduating with a BA this year. What you put in is what you get out of it. Negative students are most likely not applying themselves at this school. Nothing in life is easy but graduating at this school was well worth it. It was so flexible and allowed me to live a busy life while finishing school. I love Rasmussen. :-)"
  • Reviewed: 12/12/2017
  • Degree: Business
"Needed about two years to earn my degree, and stopped after a year. Felt cheated that it wasn't a good enough challenge for me. No real discipline for students for missing assignments or penalty for late/tardiness. Most professors let stuff like that slide all the time here. Really wasn't 'my cup of tea' on what I was use to in the classroom. Maybe dropping out was the best thing for me since I'm successful and stable now in my own way, but don't really seeing it as a resume boost even if I graduated from here. Staff was always open door and helpful with wanting to make people succeed, I just felt I was out of my element with my whole experience."
Father of 4
  • Reviewed: 11/12/2017
  • Degree: Business
"I am a father of 4 going back to school. Rasmussen was recommended to me by a friend that is an online professor for the school. I found it difficult at first to navigate just making sure that I had filled out all of the required paperwork just to get enrolled and started. This MAY have been due to my general lack of computer savvy. I worked my way through that issue and have had an amazing educational experience. Online learning, like anything else, will reward you the more you put into it. have heard that there are professors that let you "skate" by but if you, as a student and paying customer, allow that, it is all on you. I've had an issue with only one professor. I found that if I stayed engaged with my professors, advisers, classmates, and my courses, I learned quite a bit that is actually helping me RIGHT NOW with my current employer. I look forward to completing my degree within the next year. I have already contacted a major university about graduate studies and they have informed me that a degree from Rasmussen with a decent GPA almost guarantees me admission into their program. Go DAWGS!"
Lissa J
  • Reviewed: 5/1/2017
  • Degree: Business
"First I would like to state... Yes, I graduated, but not from Rasmussen. I attended Rasmussen for two semesters and saw the school for what it really was, and not for what the admissions representatives will have you believe it is. I'd also like to comment in regards to another comment posted here, where the commentor said "you get what you pay for"! That is the most ignorant comment I read regarding Rasmussen, thus far. I received the majority of my degree from a state school, I received a very good education from that state school, and did not have to pay 10 grand a semester for it. So, no commentor, it is not necessary to pay a ridiculous amount in order to receive a good education, in fact it is just the opposite. I would not recommend to anyone, that they go to a private, for-profit Institution. The only thing that will come of this, is a ridiculous amount of debt. I took both ground and online classes from the state school I attended, so when I comment about Rasmussen, I believe I have a decent amount of experience to compare it to. Rasmussen was a garbage education. I knew it, in the first semester, but gave it a second semester to make sure I was making the correct decision, based on solid evidence. The professors were not available to answer questions, nor did they respond to emails timely or at all! The only person you could get a hold of was the admission rep. She was your go to for all questions. You were no allowed to speak to financial aid, or any other department directly. This was a complete turn off, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think I should be forced to go through my admissions rep, to get info about my financial account. Note: that I call my admissions rep, just that, not a counselor, because there was no counseling. She was simply there to make sure I stayed enrolled in said classes, and completed just enough work to keep me from being dropped, so they could continue to bill my financial aid account. There was no resources, tutoring, or assistants to contact, if you had difficulties or questions regarding your assignments. You were simply given the assignments and left to fend for yourself. So no, again, you do not get what you pay for! My list of the things that are wrong with this school, is enormous and there is not enough time in my day, to name them all. I completed my financial aid at the start of my enrollment, with the request that should I withdraw or be dropped from a class and or semester, that the remaining aid be returned to me. I did this so that the remaining aid would be applied to any balance, instead of being returned to the government, leaving me without a balance owed. But, did they do this... Nope! Instead I received a bill for a grand, with a note at the bottom saying I had requested my aid be returned to the government. UGH, When I explained this to the, now, collection department (this would be the first time I spoke to someone other than my admissions rep), and forwarded an email dated prior to my enrollment, to my financial aid REP that I had been in contact with the entire two semesters I was at Rasmussen, I simply received a generic response from that collections rep. Which I knew I would receive, and I also knew their was nothing that could be done regarding the aid at that point, it had been sent back, and that was that. To conclude; I refuse to pay this balance. As I told them, "they can send it to Jesus, see if he is willing to ignore their lies, and pay their ridiculous fees and balance owed, cause I most certainly am not" . I have finished my degree so they can not hold my financial aid hostage, as they do with most. They will be forced to move on and scam another innocent student, that is looking to complete their education, and achieve their goals. They will manipulate, lie, and misguide these students, draining their financial aid dry. Leaving these students with no aid for the real education, that they will be forced to pursue after they wise up to the lies at Rasmussen."
  • Reviewed: 3/15/2017
  • Degree: Business
"I would NOT recommend this college, they only offer online class and dont want to help anyone out if you need it, I have an IEP and they didnt even work with me when i was having a hard time. I kept asking for help and told them many times but nothing, and they keep change your student advisory so they know nothing about you and then say "well you didnt tell me" well it should all be in my file and why should i have to tell every person the same thing!"
concered citizen
  • Reviewed: 1/31/2017
  • Degree: Business
"I signed up back in 2014 and used my Gi bill. I thought I was good. I still had to fill out the FAFSA. I am still enrolled. honestly Its been a few years and I didn't learn anything. I am just skating by, by doing minimal work because the material itself is hard to understand. Assignments don't match up with what they want you to read up. 95% of the time I just made stuff up without research or knowing the topic and still get an A. All they care about is the money. I have been attending two years going for bachelors in business I thought I would get an associates and move on to bachelors but this was a lie. They told me at first I would but i'm in the last year and I asked about and was told they don't offer associates in business. I recently look into my financial aid. I use the GI bill to pay for the school 100%. Apparently i'm also using federal student loans both subsidized and unsubsidized. This is illegal as I never signed any student loan paperwork or gave authorization to take on student loans. I asked for documents and proof and was hung up on. It's been two weeks still can't get in touch. I went up to the school to talk to someone and was told the person I needed to talk to was out on vacation and will get in touch with me when she got back. This is unacceptable and illegal. I now have student loans to pay for. I never got an email or mail from any student loan provider. I found out it was nel net because they showed up on my credit report which I decided to check and haven't seen in a few years. I am disputing it right now. And talking to lawyers. They are criminals. Just be careful. they are taking advantage of a disabled vet and who knows how many others."
  • Reviewed: 1/5/2017
  • Degree: Business
"As an actual student of Rasmussen College, I truly enjoyed my time with the college and look forward at going back sometime down the line. For me personally, I just want my Bachelor's degree to mean something. I know I have to start at the bottom, but I hope employers look at the degree as a supplement to my current experience to move me up when opportunities present themselves instead of being overlooked because I went to Rasmussen. All the for profit schools that are closing their doors are kind of scary and I truly hope this doesn't happen to Rasmussen. When I attended, the books and content were up to date. Spelling mistakes were problem, but I am seeing more spelling mistakes everywhere online. Heck, there could be one in this post. I do feel more confident about Rasmussen College as my current employer works with them to help get employees a discount on their education. The downfall to this, however, is the company I work for goes through another college if they fully pay for a program."
Business Student
  • Reviewed: 9/6/2016
  • Degree: Business
"I see many negative reviews on this site and what I noticed is they are all generally written by Nursing students. I recently obtained my degree in Business Administration and I have nothing but positive things to say. I might not be a fan of the way the courses are set up but just like all things, you get what you put into it. The materials that were given were similar to the ones that I have received at my previous school (Depaul). While there were some bad apples in regards to professors I would say that the majority of them were knowledgeable and helpful. Many of them in their introductions would let you know what their background was, what schools they attended, and other current occupations. I feel that it is rather easy to know if someone is lying and I have no doubt that these teachers are telling the truth. Some even have brought in example of their current projects at work to help facilitate our education. I will admit that the tests are rather easy but this could be attributed to my effort of reading every chapter and conducting outside research. Again, you get what you put in and I have grown more knowledgeable of my subject. As far as careers go I received a job offer within three months of graduation and couldn't be happier at my current occupation."
  • Reviewed: 9/6/2016
  • Degree: Business
"In reading the comments, I'm not surprised since many of them are about financial aid and issues. I do not use financial aid, so I'm not able to comment about it. I would say most of the time, I'm satisfied with the Accelerated program that I'm in. However, just like anywhere else, there are a few bad apples. I would say out of every 5 instructors you get one that is a bit more harsh, unclear, or just annoying with reading power points and continuing to preach about the APA format. Speaking of the preaching. It's probably happening since many people are not following the requirements. And, perhaps this is why people who gave poor reviews are not happy. I would also mention that if I had not had over 20 years of experience, this program would be very difficult. I think that is why people are also making comments about not learning or being taught anything by the instructor. I feel it's a program that was developed for people like me that have many years of experience but just need a degree to validate the experience for current or future employers. If you are under 35 years old, you'll need to be a good reader, be able to reach out for help when needed, or just be fortunate to have a lot of business experience. The classes are only 6 weeks long, so they go fast and when you get behind on one week, it could be difficult to catch up. The work is generally 2 discussion posts and 2 writing papers (sometimes a quiz is supplemented for one of these items). I would say it takes about 10-15 hours a week to do the work for one class. I'm glad that the instructors can be a bit tough on some people, I do want to EARN my grades, and to this point (attending for about a year now), I feel I have earned my grade. And, I feel I have learned too. Perhaps not as much as sitting in a classroom when I was 20 years old, but since I've been working for more years than that, I've gained knowledge that I am able to apply to my course work. And, thankfully, I do not need to sit in a classroom for 3-10 hours a week! I dreaded that while getting my Associates degree 22 years ago! That's one reason I didn't go back to school. Speaking of my Associates degree, Rasmussen took my degree to apply it to my credits so I began as a Junior basically. 22 years later! And, I didn't have to take any additional classes than someone who just graduated in the spring of the year I started attending Rasmussen. Bottom line, as with everything else, you get what you put into it. It's not for everyone or for every degree (I'm only able to comment on the Accelerated BA Business Management program). And, the costs could vary. I am taking advantage of my work's tuition reimbursement program and so far have not paid anything out of pocket. I am thankful for the quick classes, because I tend to get anxious about week 4, regardless of how long the class is. Here's my summary: PROS: It's somewhat self-paced, but there are due dates for assignments No sitting in classrooms Inexpensive, comparatively speaking to other BA programs (even if I had to pay out of pocket) You still can communicate with your classmates If I move, I can continue to take my classes since location is not an issue. 18 months and you're done! My stomach doesn't turn as I expected (see CONS below) There are 6 computer based classes that you take and those are strictly read and take a test types and are totally self-paced, and you have 60 days to complete one class. CONS: The online portal was confusing somewhat when I began. Some teachers/classes aren't good (but no where is perfect) My stomach turns thinking about school"
  • Reviewed: 6/29/2016
  • Degree: Business
"A friend of mine recommended that I transfer to Rasmussen because I would be able to finish my degree online. I started in January and realized immediately what a joke this school is. The format of the online classes is horrible. I work 40+ hours per week and have a family and having to submit two to four research papers, do readings from several books for each class, watch a live hour long classroom session, post a discussion, etc every week got to be too much for me very fast. My grades started to slip as I didn't turn in all of my assignments but somehow I still managed to pass my classes. I decided I would try another semester to see if other classes were any better but there were just as bad. The amount of work I was putting into my classes and learning absolutely nothing was horrible. The professors were hard to get a hold of for questions. Also, after the semester started I made my first payment for tuition and never heard anything else. A month later I got an email saying I owed over $1000 even though I was never notified. They are very unorganized and I would never recommend this school to anybody!"
AS Student
  • Reviewed: 11/16/2015
  • Degree: Business
"I'm surprised to see some of the negative comments. I am halfway through my program, and am impressed with the courses taken so far. There are always some instructors that are not as good as others, but overall, my experience has been a good one. You get out of it what you put into it. I can see where a person could easily fall behind if they do not keep up with the fast pace of the accelerated classes. I am very pleased with my decision to attend Rasmussen online. Courses are challenging, and rewarding. I highly recommend considering this school."
  • Reviewed: 10/8/2015
  • Degree: Business
"I earned my AAS degree in 2004 and loved to tell everyone, Rasmussen is the best colleage in the earth. That's why, I went back and finsih another two bachelor's degrees. I was a transfer student. Instructors at Rasmussen College are super helpful. Whenever I sent email to them, I must receive reply on time. All my majors were in Business that it's a great help for my career. I got a new job before my AAS degree graduation and promotion after my first bachelor degree. My boss told me, I truly qualified new position. I truly appreciate Rasmussen College giving me a new life."
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2015
  • Degree: Business
"I am SO fed up with this school. Everything was perfect in the beginning despite what others had to say, they easily hooked me. I have only been attending since January of 2015 and I've already had THREE different advisors AND I can never get ahold of anybody at the school regarding any concerns that I have. I started failing classes because I could not get ahold of anybody, it was their problem according to them and to re-read the material when it was nowhere to be found. Also, there is not a single person on campus in the financial aid department at least out of the Lake Elmo/Woodbury campus and I have not been able to get my FAFSA/SAINT figured out in a month now!!! The only person I can talk to is my advisor and she keeps running me in circles because she doesn't know how to answer anything! Now, I still have a balance on my account and I can't get it covered and I have no money to pay out of pocket thanks to them. I am dropping out at the end of this term and I would never, ever recommend this to anyone!!!"
  • Reviewed: 7/27/2015
  • Degree: Business
"My advisors were very knowledgable, respectful and helpful through my entire time with Rasmussen. The courses were somewhat challenging, but very helpful in everyday situations. Communication between my advisors and instructors was second to none. Overall, Rasmussen was a very enjoyable experience for me. Their FLEX classes also helped me cut down on my tuition costs as well!"