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Reviews - Bachelor's in Human Resources

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  • Reviewed: 6/20/2019
  • Degree: Human Resources
"This school sucks'they have assistance grading your work and not the teacher,they dont give you enough time to complete numerous papers and projects horrible school.This school needs more teachets who care about thw student.Maybe my next classes will be better"
Heather Paulsen
  • Reviewed: 2/12/2019
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I wish I knew where to start with this school and their processes. The spam contact saying that I owned money was annoying. I finally had to send them notice to stop trying to collect a debt under the Fair Credit Reporting Act as I literally owed them nothing. I am self-pay from family savings and am not using financial aid nor have I filed a FAFSA so the emails that they have received my FAFSA results were also alarming. Inability to complete online courses in computer fundamentals because their online program was incompatible with one of the most common Windows programs out there (Windows 10, at the moment of writing this) strikes me as particularly ironic. They refunded me for the non-refundable class since it was their issue, but it got pretty funny to see that they misreported the tuition as a "grant" on my 1098-T and overreported the tuition I paid. I wonder how the IRS would view that? Payments made by a WOIA program were sometimes listed as student payments. Received notice tuition was unpaid, logged in to make a payment, thinking the error was mine- resulted in them debiting my account for $2,550 in tuition twice. Inquiries result in them saying it is a 2-week wait to hear back from the Business Office on why they would make a deduction when there was a zero balance after the first payment was accepted...This is an easy fix with a check and balance, folks. Someone could have needed that $2550 to pay their mortgage or eat. That is just good business practice. The have zero idea what they are doing and now I know to trust nothing I get from them. I waited 5 days for a response to my observation that the link to a missing lecture that I needed to do my work was missing. Last week, I uploaded the wrong assignment and immediately contacted them to let them know. Simple errors happen, should be no big deal. It ended up that the information that was inadvertantly cut and pasted into my assignment when the cat jumped up on my computer desk - rather than my 13-page paper - was given a "B" before I received a response from the instructor- days later. It had *nothing* to do with the assignment. So, to recap: some junk my cat cut and pasted is B-level work. I should have just submitted a copy of the Nutrition Facts from my NutriGrain bar. I have in the past informed instructors that there were obvious errors on the final: no response, so I hope no one flunked it because of that. Other gaffes like terrible typos in course materials were met with censorship by class instructors. How about we learn the difference between "casual" and "causal" (especially important distinction in human reproduction, huh?) and avoid the irony of presenting Visual Communications coursework with white lettering on a light yellow background? I just can't respect myself if I get my degree here, so I am going to transfer out. I had a miscarriage and am retaking one class because the school has no "Incomplete" policy as reflected by their for-profit mentality, and I could only finish one class rather than two as I was busy burying my child. Other than that, I have a 4.00 GPA and am a former National Merit Scholar, so I have a pretty good idea of how processes should work. You needed me more than I needed you. I'll let my cat know in case he wants to earn his degree. Nevermind, he respects himself. He's out, too."
Heather Paulsen
  • Reviewed: 1/29/2019
  • Degree: Human Resources
"The reason for the low review overall is the blatant disregard that I have seen here for the process of education and for excellence. When informing faculty that there are errors, mispellings, and that it appears that transcripts of lectures were not proofread, the attitude was hostile. On another test, there was no correct answer and no action was taken. Instructions are poorly written in many circumstances. I had a miscarriage over Thanksgiving and the school does not offer Incompletes other than an 'additional week' so keep that in mind. Spammy emails, poorly designed interfaces, a visual communication class with white lettering on a yellow background, and collections when you owe nothing are par for the course. I was unable to finish the Associates because their Computing class was incompatible with my Windows 10 laptop--oh, the irony. It was fine--I don't care that much about the Associate's degree--but still...I am not using Financial Aid, so my favorite so far have been the emails about my FAFSA results. Until the miscarriage, I had a 4.00 GPA and am a past National Merit Scholar Semi-finalist. Luckily, this degree is for my own soul and spirit and not for financial reasons, because otherwise I would regret this choice even more. There are some fantastic instructors, but when a lack of concern becomes a pattern it has gone beyond simple incompatibility. Find a school that is receptive to students and has an attitude of caring about doing things well. I'm retaking the one class to get my GPA back on track. After that I will be seriously considering taking my final dozen classes elsewhere. I have attended schools online and coast to coast and the repeat instances of sloppiness here make it the worst of any I have attended--and bring shame to some of the instructors that otherwise would be mostly ok."
  • Reviewed: 3/21/2016
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I had excellent experience with Rasmussen. I had the opportunity to have my second associate and my bachelors in human resources. If they had a master programs I'd definitely would have stay there and get my master. Most of the professors were very supporters, except for very few ones. Overall 5 stars in my opinion."
jeremy boltjes
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2016
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I'm not sure why some of the reviews are so bad. I am a veteran and I am using my VA benefits. I agree, some of the classes I have to take are stupid to have to take for my degree. On the other hand, all the instructors I have had have been great. I have weekly online class time, or I watch the recording. My instructors and everyone at the school, have always got back to me in a timely manner. It does take some instructors a while to grade, I do admit that. For my life and my schedule, Rasmussen is the best fit for me. My courses are broken into 2, 6 week courses, with a week or so break in between. I have never had to do work over a major weekend or holiday. Due dates are all in the syllabus and you can work ahead if you want. I manage my time so I don't have to do school work when I have other things going on."
Not impressed
  • Reviewed: 2/8/2016
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I became disabled while I was attending this online program that left me unable to drive. The career counselor was not sympathetic andcwas sending job postings to towns far away from where I live. She was not helpful and I think this program was hortible. Not only am I not prepared to join a management team at a company, I am left with a student loan that I cannot afford. The jobs that my career counselor was offering me to go on interviews for were in the $15,000-20,000 range. I didn't need a degree to earn that amount"
  • Reviewed: 1/12/2016
  • Degree: Human Resources
"When reading some of the reviews I am surprised. I started with Rasmussen when I lived in the US, when we moved back to Europe I continued with Rasmussen to complete my degree. During the move the instructors were very helpful and understand the hectic. I almost done, 2 semesters left and I have only good comments to tell. Whenever I had a question and sent an email, the same day I received a response the same day. The accelerated course is a challenge sometimes when you work and also have children but when keep you keep up with the work and follow the instructions you can follow perfectly. The instructors are nice and responsive, if I have a question each email is answered within 24 hours. It takes discipline to complete all the work, but at the end you will receive a degree you worked for and deserve it! I would recommend this school to anyone who has self disciple and commitment."