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Student & Graduate Reviews

Steven B
  • Reviewed: 3/5/2023
  • Degree: Criminology
"The MS degree I received here wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. A 4.0 gpa here plus a couple of bucks might get me a Sunday edition of the Rocky Mountain News. I remain deeply disappointed and wouldn't recommend this school to any potential student considering Regis University. And as far as their representation of Jesuit values, with the exception of a very select few, they are generally lacking."
Margaret Greco
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2021
  • Degree: Organizational Leadership
"Absolutely worst experience of my life. They take their students for granted, care only about money, and provide hardly anything in return. They gave me the runaround and one party would contradict another. What they display is not what they offer and they are very choosy on who gets taken care of and who does not. The institution is not worth a penny or moment of your time. Their morals and ethics are a disgrace to the Jesuit community."
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2021
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"If I could return my MA degree for a refund, I would do it in a heartbeat. I found that my instructors were mostly part-timers with day jobs. That means that they had only limited time for students, and limited teaching skills. I have learned more from 10 dollar online courses then I did at Regis."
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2020
  • Degree: Computer Science
"I wouldn't recommend this school to any active duty member of the military. The core Computer Science curriculum is useful and well thought out, but most of my issues have come from interactions with the faculty and student advisors. The times I have been placed on detachments or sent anywhere that didn't have an immediate connection I would get in contact with the professor and I rarely ever received an extension in any of these circumstances. I was evacuating my family during a hurricane and the professor at the time gave me hell for even asking. In Norway (which I explained to the course facilitator before the class) there were periods I was unable to get access and I would submit my projects as soon as I would receive any sort of connectivity. The most recent issue is I spoke directly with a course advisor stating that since the Tuition Assistance deadline could not be met so I shouldn't be enrolled in a class. She signed me up anyways (without calling to notify me) and I'm now sitting on a $900 dollar bill from the school for a class that is already 3 out of 5 weeks in with no possible way to get through the class even if every assignment was perfect from this point on. Overall I'm disappointed to say the least I think the curriculum would work well if you were already working in the field of computer science and you just needed the seal of credibility from the school to move up in your career. If your an active service member the faculty is not military friendly and anything that comes up from a work up, deployment schedule, or detachment will be treated as a massive boon to you. Most of the instructors I have interacted with for my core curriculum in mathematics or computer science have been great, but the administrative system around the school really bogs things down unfortunately."
Mr. Holden
  • Reviewed: 3/15/2020
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"I would strongly recommend Regis University. Particularly, if you are a student who needs/wants an personal education experience. At Regis, you have an opportunity to received one on one assistance from professors who care deeply about their students. Regis is not flashy. It is not "state of the art". However, it does provide a unique and powerful community for students to grow and learn with one another. The campus is gorgeous, active, and supportive."
  • Reviewed: 12/22/2019
  • Degree: Information Assurance
"Worse experience. I anticipated Practicum - what a joke! The professor had no idea how to introduce new students to the curriculum, he assumed we all "just knew." The professors offer no guidance - they're there to make extra money. No care is given to curriculum or students. Go to DU or UCD - Regis is a nightmare."
  • Reviewed: 11/25/2019
  • Degree: Computer Science
"My experience with this University was horrendous. They had a cyber attack that disabled all of their major systems at the beginning of the year. Nothing was working: their phones, student/faculty email, essential online learning software, and more. They lost all of my information, but what is worse: a cyber criminal now HAS all my personal information. The situation was ongoing for months. It was very apparent the school had absolutely no Business Continuity Plan in the event of a cyber attack or the proper cyber defenses to prevent an attack. I was not registered for my class until way after it started because they lost all my information. The administrative faculty at this institution do not communicate with each other at all and handle overly-specific sets of issues. It's assembly-line administration. The problem is: none of them know who you need to contact for a certain issue and frequently give you wrong information altogether. You have a "Career Coach" who is supposed to advice you but knows next to nothing and certainly has no authority to actually handle any issues. You have about a dozen departments, but several departments will not even talk to you directly and assign a "representative" you have to talk to that knows nothing and has no authority to resolve anything. To handle any admin issue (and believe me, you will have administrative issues at this college), you will end up going through about 5 people, multiple emails, multiple phone numbers, and re-explaining your problem each time. Their entire admin system is completely out-of-date and overly complex for no reason. Their learning software is also completely out-of-date (WorldClass and WebAdvisor). It's like using a Windows program from 2001. Slow and not user friendly. The only upside is they outsource the textbook and lab part of the class to a third party (Zybooks) but unfortunately, you have to pay $100 extra for that. Also: if taking an online class, don't even think about using your tablet or smart phone. This outdated system has little versatility. To my military friends, this university went back on it's commitment to honor my military tuition rate. I am active-reserve and not eligible for the Tuition Assistance (TA) benefit. Their school generally uses TA as proof of active status. I submitted alternate proof of my active status that I was told it would be perfectly acceptable. Nope. They emailed me months later and said I HAVE to use TA (which I am not eligible for) to receive the active military rate. Pretty disgraceful in my opinion. It was at that point I decided this University has zero integrity and was not the place for me. When the biggest challenge you have is administrative issues and not academics, there are some deep problems going on. For anyone considering Regis, I strongly encourage you to look elsewhere."
Debbie Holman
  • Reviewed: 8/5/2019
  • Degree: Human Services
"Dont even bother to apply. Only want your application money. Whole process was a joke. Told at end due to age rigorous curriculum would be to much for me. Interview process was one minute. I sent info and then the person would say he didnt get it. When I complained they used my interview with the guy to deny me and my age. Pitiful."
  • Reviewed: 6/12/2019
  • Degree: Network Security
"I want to be fair in this assessment, so bear that in mind when I say this program is a total joke. Literally anyone can get an A in any course here. I intentionally wrote the stupidest things I could think of in discussion forums and was never corrected. Not once. The program claims to prepare you for industry exams like the CISSP, but the fact of the matter is that you'll still need 4 years of experience before you even qualify to sit for that exam. The master's degree itself is worthless. No employer cares that I have it and they care even less that I got a 4.0. If you're considering this program, just stop. You're only going to associate yourself with a pedophile religion (some of those pedos actually worked for Regis!) and wind up eyeballs deep in debt with nothing more to show for it than a paperweight degree. A couple of the faculty are great and actually care, but the school itself feels like a degree mill. If you really want a foot in the door in cyber security, pursue certifications."
Philip Salazar
  • Reviewed: 5/15/2019
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"It's a privilege to attend Regis University School of Pharmacy. Granted, I will never know the experience of being educated at any other pharmacy school, in my opinion Regis is in a league of its own. That said, I have only the highest praises to sing about Regis’ pharmacy program. In my opinion, its unique Team-Based Learning, TBL, curriculum is the most innovative curriculum offered in the nation. My use of the word innovative is in the best sense. The TBL curriculum not only encourages networking between peers, but amongst individuals of all health care professions. For instance, prior to pharmacy school, I was never the type to interact with my classmates much. Regis’ curriculum, for lack of a better word, forces you to connect with your classmates. This obligatory interaction desensitizes you from any prior social anxiety and really allows students to be comfortable working together in and outside of the classroom. Not only is Regis’ TBL curriculum structured to complement the next leaders of the pharmacy profession (of which, without a doubt, will be more involved in interdisciplinary health care than the profession has ever been involved), but the pharmacy school’s faculty members are outstanding. Every disease state/drug class unit is taught utilizing a minimum of two professors with backgrounds in pharmaceutical sciences and clinical pharmacy, respectively. It’s not unusual for more than two professors to teach a specific unit. This may seem confusing to the reader, but how well the professor’s complement each other is outstanding, and it makes for an extremely thorough learning experience. If a student has trouble understanding a concept taught by one professor, then there is always another professor willing to clarify the information. Regis truly is one of a kind, unlike any pharmacy school in the nation, and will form you to be one of the most knowledgeable and successful pharmacists in the profession’s next generation of health care providers."
  • Reviewed: 3/11/2019
  • Degree: Information Assurance
"Terrible program! Don't waste your money - unqualified professors, bad to alumni, incompetent alumni office. Got to UCD or DU - they really help alumni and have good programs. MSIA program has adjunct professors because they don't want to pay benefits or W2s - only a couple are good - all others(especially technical professors) are there to make more money and don't care about teaching."
John C
  • Reviewed: 2/12/2019
  • Degree: Computer Science
"As a BSCS grad I can tell you first hand that this is a rigorous major. This is not an information systems it IT degree. It's a true computer science program akin to what you would experience at a nationally ranked engineering school. Remember, the classes are the same as what you would get in a full semester. They have the same reading and programming assignments. So if you can't learn algorithm analysis, operating systems, theory of computation, linear algebra, discrete math, probability and statistics for engineers, or similar type courses in 8 weeks look for another major. For those bashing Regis on this site please don't lash out at the professors or the university because you flunked out. It's a poor student that blames the professor. Regis uses canvas for its online course work which is much better than blackboard. The professors I've had were all excellent. Some were trully exceptional. They were always quick to respond to my emails. I don't know about years in the past but Regis has hired more computer science and math professors from some top universities. I had professors who previously taught at Penn State, Colorado, U Denver, and other great schools. If you come to Regis and work hard you will be rewarded. I got accepted into two top-5 graduate computer science programs! Thanks Regis!"
Staci Kramer
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2018
  • Degree: Liberal Arts
"When I was looking for a university in order to obtain my bachelor's degree, I needed a flexible schedule, convenient accessibility, consistency, and time efficiency. I had a little girl to raise and I needed to attend a university that would work for me. My advisers at my local community college mentioned how Regis University was everything I was looking for. They would take my transfer credits, work with my schedule, offer online, and weekend courses, be empathetic with my external situation, and uphold my morals and values. Immediately, I knew this university was right for me. Once I began my courses, I knew it was a right fit. My instructors were organized, professional, and understanding. There was even a time where I had no one to watch my daughter and I had to be at a weekend class. I informed my professor of my situation and she welcomed my daughter into her classroom with open arms. That moment let me know that I had the upmost support in obtaining my educational goals. My adviser even noticed my dedication despite my situation and asked if I would be the keynote speaker at our 2011 graduation ceremony. Even to this day, my graduation ceremony is one of the greatest moments of my life. One attribute that did not appeal to me about this university was the cost. Being it was a private institution decreased opportunities to receive additional financial support. I will admit, it has been a few years since I have been enrolled in their university; therefore, their financial opportunities may have advanced. All in all, I had a great experience with Regis University. I would recommend this institution to others who are interested in obtaining a bachelor's degree."
Graduate Student
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2018
  • Degree: Accounting
"I'll start with the good: -It's a solid education, professors have been great. -Well respected on a local level in Colorado. Regional may be a stretch. -Decent networking opportunities. -Great career services office. -Great resources to help student's suceed. Cons: -They are an administrative nightmare and I will provide examples. -When first entering the program I was told I could only take one class at a time, I was then dinged on financial aid later because "I'm not considered a part or full time student yet." After fighting with them a bit to let me take more classes so I can graduate quickly, I was again dinged on financial aid "Oh we can only cover so much in a given semester" after being told I would be considered as a full time student. Now the tuition bills are flowing in, and they will not work with you to register for future classes nor provide any advice or assistance in getting it resolved. -My academic adviser left shortly after I started the program, not a big deal. It's been 10 months and I still do not have an adviser despite asking numerous times. -Every time I call the advisers regarding academic matters (registering etc...) a financial aid I get different responses. I am pretty much left on my own to figure it out. In summary, go if you want/need a solid education with great flexibility, but be prepared to fight them every step of the way regarding administrative matters. I would go to CU or Metro for my masters but Regis is the only school that offers the schedule I need. It is the only reason I am going to finish up here."
Alina Munoz
  • Reviewed: 2/28/2018
  • Degree: Biology
"Regis University is a really good University. The classroom sizes are small enough to learn in and one is actually able to connect and establish connections with professors. There are many opportunities available, but you have to be prepared to advocate for yourself. Diversity is a little low, but the people you will meet here truly care for you. Getting help and tutoring for free is also available."
  • Reviewed: 2/20/2018
  • Degree: Software Engineering
"The M.S software engineering program is a terrible program. I have a solid 4.0 so this isn't a I didn't do well so I'm whining thing. During my stint at Regis I have written more papers than programs. You can become a "software engineer" here without writing a single program. They don't have the technical staff to facilitate the a technology program, therefore, what you get are a bunch of paper writing classes. By the end of the program you'll be a great technical writer but a lousy engineer. This school is a scam. If you want to be a 'software engineer' DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! You will waste your money and you WILL NOT get a job. This is a crap school that is selling you a feel good about yourself degree. They will argue with you and actually tell you writing paper is more important than writing code."
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 2/6/2018
  • Degree: Organizational Leadership
"My review is for the College of Business and Economics. I found my online courses challenging and aligned with the project management body of knowledge. Of the 9 courses I had to take, only 3 courses required a lot of case study analysis (2-4 pages APA style paper). There was one course that required a final 10-pages APA style paper. The entire curriculum isnt just reading and writing papers. I applied what I learned in the PM courses with projects at work. Additionally, Regis gave us the opportunities to draft a project management plan for actual customers (i.e. local non-profit organizations). There are scholarship opportunities for PM students who wish to apply. A lot of the online instructors were knowledgeable with the course studies and active in the discussion forums. There were 1-2 instructors who weren't up to par but what college doesn't have those? Overall, I am happy with the education I received at Regis University. I researched a lot of colleges before applying to Regis and I don't regret my decision."
  • Reviewed: 9/7/2017
  • Degree: Software Engineering
"The M.S in SE is a joke. The program is 12 classes or 36 credits in total, 25% of the classes are APA writing classes. I want to be a software engineer not a writer. They embed these junk classes in the middle of the program so you don't find out that the program is a joke until your over halfway through. Every other M.S SE program that I've seen is technology focused, meaning your going to actually learn about technology, not this one. Instead of teaching you about how operating systems work, C++, Python, AI or something relevant your going to learn how to style a paper in APA format. Yeah this is really helpful on a job interview. The few scattered courses where they do allow you to write a program are very watered down. Most of the tech classes remind me more of a entry level undergrad courses than a graduate level course. I would never recommend this program to anyone."
  • Reviewed: 8/27/2017
  • Degree: MBA
"I went through the same problem that Crystal went through. Their add/drop class system is a joke. I dropped a class before the semester was supposed to begin and halfway through the semester I received a bill saying I owe them money. This school is a ripoff and they are unethical in how they run things. If I drop a course before the term begins I should not be charged over $2000 for nothing."
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2017
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I cannot speak for the on campus courses at Regis but the online classes are a joke. The instructors do not participate, teach, answer questions or do anything but occasionally give you grades for submitted coursework. I had one class where the instructor replied to several students in incoherent ramblings to the point where I thought someone had hacked the account. I eventually contacted the college and a week or so later the instructor was replaced with no explanation as to why. Their website used to add or drop classes does not work properly and looks like it's from 1991. I dropped a summer course over a month before it started only to be sent a bill several months later for the course and associated late fees! They told me there was nothing I could do and to either pay it or be sent to collections. They claim to pride themselves on being ethical and following Jesuit values but it's all a sham. They want your money, but I'm telling you that you will get nothing in return if you give it to them!"