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Student & Graduate Reviews

Hannah Warren
  • Reviewed: 6/19/2017
  • Degree: Physical Therapy
"Regis University is an excellent institution for pursuing a physical therapy degree. The faculty and staff have up-to-date knowledge and a passion for their subject and the field as a whole. There are many hands on opportunities both within and outside the classroom, and Regis equips you with a passion for helping the community and advancing the field throughout your entire career."
Serious Student 1
  • Reviewed: 6/11/2017
  • Degree: Computer Programming
"Regis University Computer Science program's introductory classes were nearly impossible to navigate and do well, because the content and text language varied drastically from the assignments and exams. The challenge was how to interpret the ambiguity of the text that read like someone was not very knowledgeable in the subject of programming and had no real world experience working for businesses using the skills. Someone else said there was a high level of pretension among the professors that was unwarranted; I could not agree more. I felt like I could have taught myself programming much faster and better than the frustrating erroneous text and content materials. The professor steered me away with their contentious, argumentative, belittling, and demeaning attitude. It was like the so-called professors were working out the clock like McDonald's workers not teachers interested in teaching students. I was a very serious student, intelligent, and very capable of doing well there. But there was too much unprofessional makeup there to correct before it will achieve the goal of getting a degree and learning the information. Have you ever felt like you got cheated or ripped off? That's how I felt about my experience."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"Enjoyed the small class size and small college feel. Living in Denver was enjoyable also."
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Business
"Amazing school with wonderful and knowledgeable professors. At first, was reluctant because this is a Jesuit University, however, in retrospect, I am glad that the school included ethical values and discernment into each and every course. Not only was I able to obtain extensive knowledge in business, human resources, and organizational leadership, but I became a better person from looking at things through different perspectives and becoming more genuine in my approach."
Matthew Mlynarczyk
  • Reviewed: 5/8/2017
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"Regis University in Denver, CO provided safety, encouragement, and expertise for students to develop in theoretical orientation, clinical skill, professional identity, case management literacy, and personal awareness. The program is designed for all applicants, including working adults. The Marriage and Family professors are a collaboration of thoughtful and passionate tenured professionals and adjunct therapists with current theoretical and practical skill. The program requires a completion of the core courses, elective courses, practicum, internship, and a capstone presentation. After graduation, I was able to secure a therapist position quickly with an average wage for a newly graduated Masters level therapist. I highly recommended the program if you are located on Colorado's Front Range."
Patrick Powers
  • Reviewed: 4/10/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"Regis University establishes an environment the complements the different ways that each student might learn, while simultaneously challenging the students to push farther than they thought they could. Looking back on my undergraduate experience, I feel that Regis prepared me rigorously enough to take on future challenges. I applied and was accepted to graduate school at Regis starting next year. I applied because I trusted the professors to not only push me but to be there for me to lean on when things became difficult, as life tends to be. One of the many amazing things that I was able to learn at Regis University, was how to demand more of myself. It became intrinsic because of the environment I was constantly exposed to at Regis. Tha environment was saturated with people pushing forward. With so many people surrounding you with the intent to change the world with their education, it is hard not to become like the amazing people that surround you. At Regis University, they provide the resources and the people to help facilitate and achieve your goals."
Zac Borgen
  • Reviewed: 3/28/2017
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"Regis is a great place to pursue your doctor of pharmacy degree. Everyone is so helpful and nice, and they all want you to exceed! The clinical pharmacy education and experience you gain at Regis is beyond many other pharmacy schools in the nation. Regis is a new school, but they're doing things right and quickly climbing the national ranks of pharmacy schools!"
  • Reviewed: 3/11/2017
  • Degree: Criminology
"I truly enjoyed my experience at Regis University. The teaching staff on campus really took the time to help their students one on one. Everyone on campus is very friendly, and I can say that campus life was provided you with a sense of community. Their motto "cura personalis" or care for the whole person really grows on you throughout the years, and as a result, I have decided to go into the public sector after I finish law school. Their motto is to be a "man or a woman for others" and I think they really provide you with a good idea on what this means because they try to get their students to get involved in community service projects. Overall, I had a wonderful experience there throughout my four years."
Barbara Coomer
  • Reviewed: 3/5/2017
  • Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy
"The masters level counseling programs at Regis University offer an amazing opportunity to work collaboratively with other students and faculty in your program. The program is offered on two campuses, classroom based courses, with facilities dedicated specifically to the Division of Counseling and Family Services. This makes it possible for students and faculty to interact each day and know each other. The counseling lab is a state of the art facility in itself. The faculty is diverse, well-educated, and experienced in the mental health field. The supervision and guidance in being a marriage and family therapist in training is more than I could have expected and has me prepared to work in the mental health field. The school has a exceptional reputation in the mental health field, with many professional opportunities while in the graduate program and post-grad degree."
  • Reviewed: 3/1/2017
  • Degree: Biomedical Sciences
"I do not believe the degree was beneficial towards my career goals. Some of the professors were amazing but other professors were not very helpful during office hours. The curriculum is very tough and should not be taken lightly. If the school wanted reflect medical school, I think they should have made exams all multiple choice."
FNP student
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2017
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"NOTE: This review only applies to the FNP program at REgis and NOT the other degree sections of the Loretto Heights School of Nursing which are Fabulous! I received my bachelors degree (BSN) and first master's degree (MSN: Leadership in Health Care Systems/ Education) from Regis and my education was FABULOUS. I cannot say enough good things about the instructors in these two areas. HOWEVER, when I went back for my Family Nurse Practitioner degree at Regis University, I cannot tell you the problems that I found in this program. As someone who LEARNED how to be a great educator from Regis, I found the following problems with this program: 1. The instructors may be good Nurse Practitioners, BUT they do NOT know how to teach. They would READ their power points off to us for 8 hours (if they kept us that long- often they would let us out after only four hours which is a violation of the Board of Nursing's rules on education where students have to meet a certain amount of classroom time.) 2. Some of the NP instructors and the Director of the NP program (Dr. Cullen) have no regard for people with disabilities and will often make fun of them or denigrate them for their disabilities. 3. Furthermore, some of the instructors (primarily the two instructors of the Pediatric class/clinical I was in who were also my classroom teachers), the Director of the NP program (Dr. Cullen), and even my Clinical Evaluator who is a priest and an FNP have ABSOLUTELY NO compassion for those students who are having family difficulties. I was a straight A (4.00 GPA student) and was in my second to last class/clinical before graduation and was almost finished with that class/clinical. During that time, I was dealing with several immediate family members who were on hospice (dying), my mother needed a pacemaker and is disabled, my only sibling was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer (last stage), my husband was suffering debilitating vertigo (dizziness), and my husband and I were also trying to adopt at that time having gone through the miscarriage of 6 babies the year before I started the program (lost twins just days before starting the program) among other issues that I was undergoing. My instructors, the Director of the NP program, and my Clinical Evaluator ALL knew about my disabilities and the other issues that were affecting me in my life at that time. Even though I was told by my preceptor (who was also one of my classroom teachers) that I was doing a "'great job" in clinical (whenever I ASKED HER since she never took it on her OWN initiative to tell me how l was doing). In any case, I contacted my Clinical Evaluator (who as I mentioned before is a PRIEST as well as an FNP) stating that I was worried I might fail as the stress was getting too much for me and even though he offered to meet me, he NEVER followed through on meeting with me (IGNORED my last email asking for his help and attempting to set up a meeting with him) NOR did he COME TO clinical to see HOW I was doing except for his initial visit! In any case, I was called my by preceptor out of the blue and told not to come to clinical and then not to come to class. As an experienced Nursing Instructor, I had to say "You mean I failed?" as she did not have the courage to tell me that I had failed. She said "Yes, I am sorry that I was too PASSIVE to tell you that you had failed and that I NEVER told you you were not doing well in the clinical." All along, she had been telling me that I was doing a great job and never even gave me any notice that I was not doing a great job. As I learned in my fabulous first Master's program at Regis University on how to teach and as an experienced Nursing Instructor, I learned that when you see a student struggling and who is asking for help, you ask the student if there is anything bothering them and if you can help (of course they already KNEW about the hardships I was going through and did NOTHING), then if the student is at risk of failing, you tell them that they are at risk for failure, then set up a remediation plan and tell them that they have to do this in order to pass the class or clinical. This at least gives them a "heads up" and a chance to improve. However, if you WAIT until there is no time left for them to improve and the class is finishing, then you have done them a great disservice, especially if you wait until the day after the drop date- which is what my instructors did in this case- because they were to "passive to tell me before" that I was failing. You also DO NOT mislead students by telling them they are doing a great job when they are not. 4. They failed me based on things that were "known after the fact" -On my last day at clinical, I saw a child and we ordered the patient's records from another hospital as we were not getting answers from the child's mother. At my failure conference, my preceptor told me she had failed me for not telling her certain facts about the child's condtion- facts that I could only have known only AFTER reading the other hospital's records which were not available until 3 weeks after I was failed and was no longer at the clinical site. My preceptor also failed me on her faulty perceptions of situations and not actual facts, such as when she said that I "badgered" a doctor to answer a question- a question that was asked after I obtained permission from the doctor to ask the question and one that was done during the doctor's and my mutual lunch break and for which the doctor denies that I "badgered" him. My preceptor admitted during the failure conference that it was her "perception" that I was badgering the doctor and that it was "unprofessional." (The question I was asking was if the doctor knew of a good ENT for my husband, At the same time and on the other hand, my preceptor was asking numerous other healthcare professionals (MD, FNP, PA) about one of her family members issues- one in which she as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with at least 7 years of practice under her belt should have been able to answer- yet her questions were not considered unprofessional.) 5. My Clinical Evaluator only came to see me one time at the beginning of the clinical'. At he failure conference, he said that even though he knew that I was not doing well, he never bothered to tell me. Furthermore, his Clinical Evaluation was based, not on what he observed, but rather on what my preceptor thought and she based most of her statements on her admitted "perceptions", false facts- such as those known after the fact, and so forth. I have to say that I do have glowing evaluations from other preceptors during that same class/clinicals who did not see any problem with me or my performance. In addition, if I was such a danger to patients that t remove me from clinical, then why was I allowed to see patients for so long ALONE WITHOUT my preceptor ever being around? As a Nursing Instructor, if I have a doubt about one of my students not being safe, I would NEVER allow that student to see patients alone and I would have removed them from clinical faster than waiting until the semester was almost finished- in a week or two! 6. I was also told by my instructors and the Director of the NP program at Regis that I asked too many questions (I am a student that is learning and don't students ask questions in order to learn? Furthermore, am I not PAYING for the privilege to ask questions, especially since I am paying with my own hard earned money for this class/clinical?). They also made dismissed and made derisive comments about my disability which I think was very unprofessional on their part, especially since they are healthcare practitioners who have to deal with patients with this disability in their practices.These are just a few of the issues - there are more but this is already too long. 7. The Director of the NP program at Regis did not reply to me after I sent them my rebuttal letter for almost one year when according to Regis University rules, she has a limited time frame in which to get back to me- that is not a year and a year in which to reply back to a student about such an issue as this is NOT acceptable for such a prestigious university as Regis University. So what I would like to say in conclusion is that overall Regis University Loretto Heights School of Nursing is a GREAT school and you FABULOUS education as long as you are NOT in the FNP program taking pediatric classes and it is still under Director Cullen's leadership."
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"Regis University is one of the most highly rigorous and influential universities in existence. They are focused on community service and what we can do to better the planet. There is no intellectual institution that can rival Regis University."
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2017
  • Degree: Business
"Focus on better yourself both as a person and a student. Course work was relatable and the perfect amount of reading and writing to full learn the information on the subject. I love this school and would consider going back for a third degree."
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2017
  • Degree: Accounting
Lra Pocs
  • Reviewed: 11/26/2016
  • Degree: Communications (Strategic & Organizational)
"Incredible education. I was hesitant on going here at first because of the small size but couldn't have been happier. The individualized attention and actual care for each of the students is undeniable. Whether you were an athlete, on scholarship, or a regular student - you were special to the university. They taught me how the importance of an education and the love for your community."
Katie Sutton
  • Reviewed: 11/11/2016
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"Very disappointed in this program. Very disappointed in the leadership of this program. When you have difficulties you need guidance with as a working student they tell you that you are expecting things to be easy and that you shouldn't be complaining. I never thought a masters would be easy. I simply thought that one of the teachers rules for working students was inappropriate. I was essentially slapped in the face by my counselor and told I should resign. It is a shame with they charge so much 600+ a credit hour that they cannot help their students succeeds."
Samuel ("Ralph") Allen
  • Reviewed: 10/29/2016
  • Degree: Chemistry
"I have three college degrees and a professional certificate. I have a Bachelor's in Chemistry from Regis College in 1979, a Associate's in Paralegal Studies from Community College of Denver in 1995, a Master's in Chemistry from University of Colorado in 2004, and a Certificate in Professional Writing from the University of Colorado in 2009. All throughout my academic experiences with my educational studies, I've attended a number of other schools such as the Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, and the University of Denver. I share this such that there can be no question that I have a wide basis for comparing Regis to many other academic institutions. I came from a public inner city school system that taught poorly - but when I arrived at Regis, and flunked my first semester of Freshman English 101, my counselor and teachers rallied to bring me up to grade. It took a year - but because of my Regis experience and education, I was well equiped to go anyway and challenge any degree program. It's funny really, in 1974 I flunked Freshman English, and now I a professional writer who's been published all over including in Colorado law. THANKS REGIS!"
  • Reviewed: 6/23/2016
  • Degree: Computer Networking
"Some classes were harder than others, some instructors shined more than others, but overall it was an academically rigorous curriculum with high quality instruction. The institution sometimes let me down, but I had a phenomenal advisor who helped smooth any of that out when I needed her to. My Chair was highly competent and even-handed, although he does love a good debate/argument (not necessarily a bad thing). I studied hard, turned in good work, and was rewarded with a nice GPA and an actual award at graduation. I was recently accepted into a Master's program at a very prestigious school, so I don't think it's fair for anyone to say it's not a "real school." As for getting jobs and the like, the degree just gets your foot in the door - if you don't interview well (or fill in the blank), then obviously you're not going to get job offers. That's life! You also have to pick your field of study carefully, as not all are created equally in the job market. I would do it over again (thank God I don't have to!), and am satisfied I got a good, well-rounded Computer Science/Computer Networking education. FYI, the CN program is now closed to new entrants, but it's being replaced with something else which is also ABET-accredited. Oh, in closing, that bears mentioning: in the world of CS/CN, you need ABET accreditation. Regis is one of the few places where you can get that online, and I believe it's still the only not-for-profit with that mark of distinction. Go Rangers!"
  • Reviewed: 6/2/2016
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"After reading some of the recent reviews, I can say that things have not changed at Regis. My advisor was unreachable as well. I gave up trying to get help from her and had to direct myself through the program. At one point I wanted to change my major and did need her advice so I dropped in on her, directly to her office unannounced after trying multiple times to contact through email and by phone. She told me just to stay in the program in which I was already enrolled. In retrospect I think she didn't want to do the work involved in changing me to a different degree. Big mistake. In my fourth year one of my professors told me that no one would hire me because they know the quality of the degree coming from Regis. Well guess what, in 2008 I lost my job after working as tech support only for a few years, and never found another tech job. My degree was for nothing. I tried to go to the job center at Regis but they told me that was for the Regis College students only. Also, I overheard employees talking about how the adult program was not a "real" university. That the adult program existed only to keep Regis College flush with money. I agree with the other reviewer who said they are arrogant. They sell you a tagline without any substance."
  • Reviewed: 2/19/2016
  • Degree: MBA in Accounting
"I received my Bachelor's degree in accounting from Regis and I loved it. However, I'm in my 3rd class with the MBA in accounting/Finance and I'm not impressed. One of my classes consisted of a print out not a book. The discussions weren't related to the print outs and the homework was ridiculous-the professor (I use the term loosely) said he couldn't find a book that met his standards-really I'm paying 3k for this class and I'm reading off of a print out? I dropped the class and asked my advisor if I can transfer a Masters class to substitute-her response? I don't know. Sorry-I'm going somewhere else-Regis get your act together!!!! Oh and I haven't opened a book and received straight A's."