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3.35 out of 5 stars
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73% of 108 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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1.5 out of 5 stars
Henry - 5/5/2018
Degree: Theology
Graduation Year: 2018
"The program is not Catholic at all. Therefore the school is not Catholic. If you are a real Catholic, or want to know the real faith, do not even consider going here. A good catholic education would first teach you the real faith, not start by attacking it. Read Saint Thomas, not propaganda from obvious antiCatholic bigots. You cannot learn anything in this school. It is another school that tries to profit from the vets and cheap tuition. There will be a lot of busy work so you might as well get a job and read the Bible and st Thomas and the church fathers on your own. Check out sensus fidelium on YouTube where there are good priests. Go to the Latin mass. Learn the faith on your own. As Catholics we cannot blindly support anything with the catholic label anymore. We have to discern what is real from what is hostile. This school is hostile."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Bailey - 4/27/2018
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2018
"Saint Leo University is not for anyone who has a full time job with children. This school is very demanding and you must put in time and effort to pass your courses. I am a full time mom/wife/student and I work a full time job. This was the most stressful situation for me. There are no breaks unless you decide to take a(n) 8 week break, which will keep you from graduation on time. You will be stressed, mentally and physically. Mothers and/or Fathers. Please choose another University that take in consideration that you have a life other than school and does not demand all of your time. Although I did graduate with a 3.8, this was one of the toughest jobs in my life, to handle all of these duties. I was interested in continuing with my masters but after what these professors put me through, I could care less about a masters degree now. It is not a bad school, it is just the professors are very demanding and it takes a lot of hard work. And the don't even want to know what they were like and as another reviewer said, you have no idea where these test questions come from. Thank God, I am a good writer, because the test that they give, I am not sure where they locate them from. If you ask would I do this all over again, then the answer is NO. I would have stayed with UoP and graduated earlier, have mental breaks, and the assignments were not as tedious and challenging. Basically, the curriculum was the same, you just had benefits with UoP."
4.7 out of 5 stars
Ashley - 4/9/2018
Degree: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2016
"Saint Leo was amazing to say the least. I'm astonished at how many negative reviews that this school has because it was the best school I attended by far. I decided to transfer to this school after first getting my associates from a local community college, as well as a another 4yr University. This school was the best decision I could have made for myself, my only regret is not starting here. All my teachers were great and they all went above and beyond to help me succeed. As a veteran, I never had any issues with the school and my GI bill, or registering for classes and financial aid was always available for me if I needed. I loved the small class room size where we could have class discussions and ask questions about the topics being taught. This is a really great school and like with any degree program you get out of it what you put in it. I highly recommend this school especially if you are looking for a non traditional way to get your degree, one that is flexible for those who do not have the ability to attend a traditional institution but want a quality education."
1.5 out of 5 stars
Fraud - 1/19/2018
Degree: Theology
Graduation Year: 2021
"Don't away. What a complete third rate institution. The student advisors are nearly worthless. Even the orientation process is terrible. My first professor assigned 8 books and barely presented an outline...and the lectures were unstructured and terrible, dry...he scribbled a few key points with a sharpie on an overhead projector that I have not seen since the 1980s that only worked half the time...what a joke. At least we got to hear about how the "good" professors were leaving because Saint Leo has not even given a cost of living adjustment in 3 years. It is no wonder...they are probably losing enrollment because they are so poorly administrated. I have seen world class professors before and they are not at Saint Leo. Even the GI Bill support was terrible. As I said...don't away."
4.4 out of 5 stars
BB - 11/9/2017
Degree: Technology Management
Graduation Year: 2007
"This is a great school, and a great program. I found the teachers, and advisors to be very helpful, and willing. I am former military, and went to school on base. The school took my credits from other programs into theirs and also considered my military experience. I have seen complaints on, lack of organization, from others here. I have not found that to be the case. They do not hold your hand the entire way (which they shouldn't). They guide you to obtaining the information for yourself. That is a life skill that some may not have learned. Overall, it was a great experience that enabled me to better myself. And I would suggest this school to anyone looking to improve themselves."
1.8 out of 5 stars
JD - 11/7/2017
Degree: Social Work
Graduation Year: 2019
"I attended SLU for my BA in psychology and really enjoyed the program. Because of this, I enrolled there for my MSW program. I have to say, I am completely dissatisfied with this program and I truly regret my decision to go to SLU for my MSW, especially since I was accepted at other schools. I have found the program to be completely disorganized. For example, we were advised we had to have a specific book for a class but that it would not be available through their vendor. Everyone rushed to get it from another vendor and then they decided not to use the book after all. The assignments in the syllabi are based on previously used books and make no logical sense given the books we are currently using. Tests are also based on previously used books so it is nearly impossible to get decent grades on tests because the information simply isn't there. Don't believe the hype they'll give you regarding their level of support for the students. Contrary to what SLU claims before you enroll, there is VERY LITTLE support. Don't even try going to the director of the MSW program with problems because you likely won't be satisfied with the results. I know I'm not. There is very little support from the advisors and absolutely no support from the field placement liaison. In fact, my field placement liaison won't even respond to my questions. The instructors also do a poor job of responding to questions and many of them have no idea what they're doing or even what the assignments are. Honestly, I feel like I'm drowning in this program (although I've always been a straight A student) and there is no one to talk to about it. In case you're wondering, no, you cannot change classes. The advisor makes your schedule and that's what you're stuck with. You can't even change instructors for the same class if you have a problem with the instructor. Overall, I would give SLU one star for the MSW program and four stars for the BA program."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Steven - 8/25/2017
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2018
"I don't understand the negative reviews. I'll give a deeper insight on SLU. The school isn't a place to fool around while obtaining your degree. Like many colleges, it is possible to barely try and pass. SLU holds a very high standard and has a strong alumni to back it up. Most alumni further their education in SLU intense graduate program or an ivy league school. Yes we have alumni who are grad graduates in ivy league. Our professors aren't retired employees... They are current professionals in the field working for large name companies and even the government. If you couldn't handle SLU, it's because you didn't try. If you found it unorganized, it js because you couldn't handle the intense work load. I have taken my program in all areas of SLU. Online is demanding but well paced. SLU provides students with the software needed for free. SLU provides all the resources to learn the material free. Same for adult education. With adult education, all the areas SLU owns on a campus or office, you have full access to the resources of that college. On campus, there a lot more. Even a laptop provided to you by the school. All students have access to each area of SLU. The school is pricey but it isn't expensive compared to other private school. SLU seeks out ways to lower tuition. Just this year the credits for online learning was cut back $150. Transferring into SLU? Scholarship. Attending SLU? We have scholarships. This school is tough and has a strong foundation and back. Do your research. Campus itself is an hour away from Tampa. But the property itself is vast and beautiful. Top technology all over campus. Your money pays. Our alumni are employed by top employers. I myself have gotten internships with government agencies and with companies such as HP and Google. If you're enrolling, welcome to the hidden gem of Florida when it comes to education."
5.0 out of 5 stars
TJ - 8/13/2017
Degree: Cybersecurity
Graduation Year: 2018
"Currently enrolled and the process was quite easy (honestly didn't think it would be that easy) tuition is a little expensive, but the program and support I've received thus far has been exceptional. I haven't run into any issue with any part of the education or enrollment process and I'm really enjoying my classes so far. I would recommend St. Leo if you are looking for a solid online program, but make sure you're happy with the cost of tuition before you take the leap and enroll."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Kayla - 5/30/2017
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2017
"Do NOT attend this school! It is highly unorganized, the instructors are rude and refuse to help in any way. I mad straight one hundreds the entire semester except for one assignment I forgot to submit I made a 0 on and failed the entire class. The resources this school provides are next to none. There are no lectures or instructor insights on the topics if the assignments. They basically give you a topic and an assignment and tell you to google it. Not to mention the tuition prices are insane especially for the quality of the course. The University of Florida charges $129.85/credit hour. St Leo charges $360/credit hour for their slop of a school. They are also very deceptive about textbooks. They remove the original cover and hide the name if the other and call it a (custom) book so they can force you to pay $400 for their custom book rather than rent the one by the true author for $30 (Those are true numbers. If you research enough you can sometimes find the true author and use their book instead. It is the exact same as St. Leo's "custom book".) I spent one semester here and it was THE worst mistake if my academic career, and possibly my life. Do not attend this school! Give up on school, become a hobo, jump off a bridge, but do not attend St. Leo University or you will likely do all these things and die with the agonizing pain of knowing you gave this sorry excuse for a University $6000/semester. Wish I could give them -5 stars!"
4.2 out of 5 stars
Lila - 5/15/2017
Degree: Sociology
Graduation Year: 2017
"I attended Saint Leo online for my Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and had a wonderful experience! It's unfortunate that some people on this forum did not have the same experience as me. Other than one, all of my instructors were great. No issues with my advisor or the financial aid department. I loved the 8-week classes. I wish there were more breaks in between (only one winter break), but it was definitely doable. I was able to work full-time and go to school full-time. You definitely have to be able to manage your time and course load efficiently or you won't do well. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!"