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2 out of 5

Is a total joke. Incompetence is the only word for this. If this is the type of work that this school is hiring...then there's something truly missing there. No help. It's almost as if they want to mess you up. Without the financial assistance, it's impossible to go to this school and when they withhold the financial aid until it's too late...then it's too late. The worst. Run!

3 out of 5

I transferred into St. Leo University Online school so I could eventually qualify for tuition reimbursement from my work. The BIGGEST mistake I've ever made in my entire life. I would rather not receive the 500.00 than to go through this again.

They sat on my FA and transferred credits for almost a full month. No one was providing me answers, my AA was NEVER available until I had to call my FA adviser and he tracker her down. Than she preceded to make it so that I was lying about trying to contact her.

They never processed my request to drop classes, saying that it never came through on the electronic system and that because of that, DESPITE having proof that I had in fact requested the drop, I was now suspended for a term. THEN I gets sent an email saying I was really suspended for a year.

AA's are always unavailable, you really like an inconvenience to them. STAY AWAY from St. Leo's they will only suck your money in and drive the bus over you. The classes they make you take, are insane. Having students that are going to school online and using a computer, take a basic computer class is beyond stupid.

Honestly, stay far, far, far away from this school.

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2009

The courses challenged me on an academic level as well as a personal level. Working group projects was certainly challenging at times, but it was real life, so very worth the suffering. Participating in the graduation ceremony cemented my loyalty to this University and I feel the education was worth every penny of debt I accumulated.

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2 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2013

I was led to believe that this school had their act together on nearly every front. What I found was a school that charged more for their online classes than any other school in Florida, and the education was sub-par in comparison to aforementioned online schools. Some of my teachers didn't even log in until a week after classes started, but were more than happy to punish students for being late to finish unexplained assignments that week.

I'm part of the Saint Leo site located on Santa Fe College's campus as well. You would think that paying triple the Santa Fe tuition would mean that some of that money would go to allowing Saint Leo students to use the facilities on the very campus they are using--no, that is not the case. We get the Open Lab, but only after two hours of bouncing around trying to figure out how to be allowed to use the lab...because we don't have student IDs.

And don't get me started on the financial aid situation. I was told by one of my teachers that the reason this school uses the compact semesters is to make financial aid function more smoothly. I can't imagine how it was beforehand, if this is an improvement, as I normally get my financial aid checks roughly 1 week before the semester is over. Since they have no clue what they're doing, book deferment wasn't an option, so I went two semesters without my books.

I've already signed up for online classes at UNF. They're cheaper, I have more degree options, and the people are much more helpful and efficient.

Do not go here.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2011

I am an active duty Army soldier and a Saint Leo University student. This is not a cookie cutter degree. When one fellow soldier heard that I was attending SLU she said "They serious about their education" (referring to the fact that SLU is no joke and she had to find an "easy" school). You will feel a proud sense of accomplishment when you achieve your degree from SLU. I am graduating in 5 weeks and will proudly display my SLU degree knowing that is was not easy. I have graduated every military school up to SFC/E7 with honors (almost always in the top 3) so study and hard work are no stranger to me.

4 out of 5

Saint Leo's benedictine values are the reason I enrolled. This online education experience is by far the most challenging educational experience I've ever had. I had pursued my BA at a traditional brick and mortar college and found I have learned more through Saint Leo University online. I believe that if you aren't afraid of HARD work, have a ton of organizational skills this school is for you.

If you're looking for some printed degree without doing the work, seek an education elsewhere, say for example UOP!

Saint Leo is VERY demanding but well worth it. I will soon complete my MA of social work and can't wait to help others with my educational experience from SLU. "Graduation Begins Today!"

4 out of 5

Saint Leo University is an excellent Catholic University! I attended Saint Mary's Dominican College years ago, as well as McNeese State University and Lamar University. I earned my Associate's Degree from Lamar University in the usual "on campus" manner. I earned my Bachelor's Degree and my Master's Degree at Saint Leo University online and it was a great experience. It was more challenging, more intense, and involved much more study time and hard work than any other University I have attended.

BUT..... it was worth it in every way. The courses were difficult, but the Professors were outstanding and helpful in every way. I am a Byzantine Catholic so I appreciated the Catholic (Benedictine) status of the school. I recommend Saint Leo University (online)to everyone. You will have to be prepared for hard work, intense study, and sacrifice here, but the reward will be an excellent education from an excellent faculty, as well as a well respected college degree from a well known Catholic University. God bless Saint Leo University and the wonderful faculty there. My name is Jerry Bowden and I am a proud graduate of Saint Leo University. +

4 out of 5

I have been going to St. Leo for since 2008 and am now a year away from my BA. The school isn't that difficult. I find the work and reading to actually be quite easy. If you are a fast reader who can compute large amounts of information you'll do fine.

The teacher are usually very helpful (in my experience) and will meet with you to help you if you need it. I have an A/B average and will continue on until I graduate and go on to my masters. I hihly recommend this school to anyone who's looking for an easy way to get their degree.

4 out of 5

Saint Leo University is not for those who want to sail through classes with no effort. Each class, expect to devote a minimum of 10 to 20 hours of your life a week!

Be prepared as an online student to spend your weekends in front of a book or a computer! The GREAT thing about learning with Saint Leo is it truly is a do-it-whenever school. You can study ANY hour of the day. While they occassionally have hours you can not access the site, (usually at hours most people are asleep anyway) the platforms are always accessible. The books are broken down in easy to understand sections, but the language may take some (it did me) a dictionary and thesaurus to understand.

It's college, it's hard, but it's SO WORTH the money and sacrifice! I would recommend SLU online to any adult, parent, military, or even young person who wants to work and go to school!

I've not visited the campus yet but look forward to graduation!The other students online are very friendly, and the school has a "family" sense about it.

Check out the greek life too! It's open to even those online! Make the most of your future and attend this highly respected school. From 1889 to now, it's doing more than just educating, it's creating some of the best people to go into the world and make it a better place!

"Graduation begins today!"

4 out of 5

When I decided to go back and finish my degree, I started looking at what was available back in 2007. For me, what was important was to have flexibility (thus, I looked at online programs), a traditional school that had the online program (for a couple of reasons 1) I felt there would be more alumni connections 2) There is still a stigma about online schools and 3) I wanted a not for profit school which online schools are not) and a program that I felt would be interesting and help my career wise. I finalized my decision on Saint Leo with the Business Administration with a Management Specialization. I first finished my AA in Liberal Arts and I am on track to graduate with my BA in 6 months.

I have to say that the experience at Saint Leo has been great. My time here has delivered more than any online only school could ever hope to do. I have served on the Student Board of Advisors and as the Student Representative to the Saint Leo Alumni Association which included several trips down to Florida for meetings.

The course work can be demanding at times but I have found that the vast majority of instructors are mindful that the students in their classes are usually employed full time or are serving in our military. With only one or two exceptions, they have all been friendly, helpful, professional and responsive. The staff has likewise been great. The few problems that I have had have been rectified in a pleasing and timely manner.

Some of the things that I have liked about my decision is that there is an active alumni association, the ability to make honor roll, graduate with honors and to be eligible for the honor society.

Although I am not Catholic, I do like the that the school has religious foundation and how they approach being Catholic but serving all and no faiths. The Catholic Tradition class that is a requirement was very non-threatening and approached with great respect and understanding. At no point have I seen or heard anything that would make a non-Catholic uncomfortable or unhappy.

For non-military, it is a bit more expensive than online only schools but I feel that the trade off on that is more respect for the degree.

When I transferred in, it was obvious that they took great care and effort in taking my various units at junior college and Moody Bible Institute and tried to fit as many as possible into my program. I had been prepared to 'fight' for some credits but when I got the report back, I was completely satisfied.

My only complaint is that there have been a couple of times that I felt that I should have had information communicated to me but had to ask to get the information. For instance, I had to email and ask about upcoming schedule of classes about a few classes left in my program. It was only then that I was told that those classes were no longer being offered and given options for other classes to take instead.

The only negative that I can think of is that Saint Leo does not have national recognition. For me, that is not too worrisome as I look forward to getting a Masters degree from a nationally known school.

I do and have recommended this school for working individuals looking to finish their associates or bachelors degrees.

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