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  • Reviewed: 6/10/2018
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"I am still amazed how you can have professors that just graduated in a school that offers a doctorate program (without a higher level like a residency). Their professors are all family members, and they dont care if they are not qualified to teach, as long as the whole family is in. The school just wants your money. They dont care if you learn or not, thats reality. I was one of the top students in my class, and I can say I felt I knew very little after graduation. When it comes to rotations, most preceptors dont want to take South students because of the bad quality of students despite their efforts. Some preceptors expressed the low quality of a south student, and how sad it is after paying so high tuition, what a bad preparation. Most students are clueless and are not able to answer basic questions. To study for NAPLEX, you will NOT pass if you rely on Souths education. I passed my board exams thanks to other resources like RxPrep. If I was given the opportunity to go to this school again without paying anything, I would still say no. It is so embarrassing to be now in the world out there and you cant answer basic questions because of the poor education. At this point, exactly one year after graduation, I know of many classmates who have not passed the board exams despite trying to take it several times. I really wish I would have done some research about this school before I applied."
  • Reviewed: 6/7/2018
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (NP)
"Be very careful with this university. They over bill your student loan provider. I had opted out of e-text books and they still billed me for it. They charge you a clinical fee of $500.00 when you take your first class for the ARNP program that is non refundable ( even though you do not start clinicals until the end of the program). If you drop out of the program or you switch to a degree that doesn't require clinicals you do not get the money back. I had one bill that wasn't fully covered by my student loan provider, so i had to pay the difference out of pocket which i did before the payment was due, a week later i get a call from a collection agency about a bill that was not paid to South University. I told them that i had paid and i sent them the proof and they got off my back. But south university uses a debit collection agency to get there money, keep that in mind if you have good credit, cause once a bill goes into collection it brings your credit score down. There is a test the is required towards the end of the ARNP program that you must pass if you fail the test your removed from the program. However, they do not tell you about this test when you sign up for the program. Most people are surprised when they eventually have to take the test. They do not give you any study material for this must pass test either. There clinical coordinators are incompetent. You send them all thepaper work they need to process so you can do clinicals a month in advance and they lose all the paper work. which delays your clinical start time. And if you complain no one cares. They are getting $60,000 or more out of you from this program and they have terrible customer service. You try to talk to the Dean of the program and you can never get ahold of him. And when you do get an email response its a robo replied that states please reviewed your student handbook. Thats all, you complain about a bunch of things to the dean of the program and all you get in response is please review your student handbook. im pretty sure the dean doesn't even read the emails or even receive them. I've gone to school for my BSN at Chamberlain University when i emailed the dean i got a swift reply and it wasn't a robo reply. At south if you email the dean it could take weeks for a reply and when you do get a reply its a robo reply. Im still in awe that this school hasn't lost the accreditation but i wont be surprised if they do lose it in the future. If your looking to do your ARNP go somewhere else this school is not worth the problems."
  • Reviewed: 6/6/2018
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"Please I beg you, don't even think of attending this south university. Preparation is very poor and they hit you with exam when they know you have no choice of leaving the school. " if you don't pass this exam, you cannot continue with the program'. If you cannot find a face-face class, please go to a school that will give you value for your money and prepare you for career"
  • Reviewed: 5/31/2018
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I will be graduating from South University in August and I am very dissatisfied with this school and their online program. First of all, it is completely self taught, second of all they provide you with ZERO help with finding clinical site rotations, and lastly they are not allowing me to walk in the year of 2018. I have paid South University nearly 60K dollars and they only offer a graduation ceremony to the online students once a year. I finish the program in August and they expect me to want to wait till the following June (10 months later) to walk! This is completely unacceptable, and I do not recommend this school!"
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"South was the worst!! Please don't spend your money here. Admin is horrible and unorganized, financial aid even worse. I ended up changing my nursing to admin. because it was just a horrible experience for me. I did graduate, and with loans from Sallie Mae, etc. I owe $140,000 ."
Mike Smith
  • Reviewed: 4/16/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"Worst nursing school ever! Only cared about money and payment. Couldn't even get transcript bc I was on payment plan/student loan and didn't pay in full up front. Had to talk to high level manager and beg for one copy. Would not recommend!!! Go somewhere else if you are in nursing!"
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2018
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I am in this school and it is THE WORST!! For the NP program there are more than 3500 students and only 9 full time faculty members. Academic advisors, admissions counselors, they all have been talked to about the continuous problems associated with this program. There is no learning process, much busy work, and they will not go over information you missed on tests and review your areas of weakness. There forum brightspace is a joke!! I am still a year from graduation and am looking into other schools for transfer. I hate it!!"
Sad And Upset
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"There were times that things seemed to be acceptable with South University, but there were so many problems as well. With more than one course, the website issues were terrible: old links, old references, outdated schedules, wrong links to other sites, dates that were posted wrong constantly, etc. One instructor was demeaning, rude, negative, and spiteful; she was the worst instructor I have ever had. With one test, there was a new format that had a second page to a test; I did not notice the second page. That huge loss of points on a very heavily weighted test, was disastrous to my grade: I had to re-take an entire 10-week course, with clinical portion, all over again...terrible punishment for not noticing they changed a technical method of presenting a test with a second page I did not notice. Some courses had very weak content posted by students that was apparently acceptable and not challenged. Some single tests were very heavily weighted, over all other work done in a course. IT support was never available right away, and there were many technical issues with their site and their sites we needed to use for courses. I would highly recommend not choosing South University. Please look up their graduation percentages and other statistics that show many students got out when they could more easily continue on elsewhere. I stuck it out too long with this school, so that I felt I needed to finish with South University I am not proud in any way to be associated with South University."
Wubserash Meadows
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2018
  • Degree: Occupational Therapy Assistant
"The management was very bad and they didn't want to give you any answer. if you ask me how is the OTA department very very bad. here are basically no standards for admission. There's a test that students have to take, but it's multiple choice and you can pass by randomly guessing. Many students admitted are operating way below college or even high school standards of academics, which is a challenge for the teachers. "
  • Reviewed: 2/28/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Senior student at South and I regret it already. They don't tell you certain things in order to get more money out of their students. Very little support from the staff if you hear from them at all. Too expensive for very little in return or worth it."
Kayla Ramirez
  • Reviewed: 2/12/2018
  • Degree: Health Sciences
"Do not waste your time or money here. This school only cares about one thing and it Is taking as much money as they possibly can from their students. The teachers are hardly qualified to be teaching at a college level and the classes are subpar at best. Aside from this, once you leave the college it is nearly impossible to obtain your transcripts to transfer elsewhere. Ive been trying for almost a month now and will most likely not reach the deadline for the other programs where my transcripts are necessary. Staff is extremely rude and extremely unhelpful. South University Round Rock Texas will do nothing but leave you with empty pockets and nothing to show for your time there."
  • Reviewed: 1/19/2018
  • Degree: Nursing
"DO NOT ATTEND THIS UNIVERSITY. I was sweet-talked into enrolling in the BSN. I was told ALL of my credits DISCUSSED before enrollment were APPROVED and that I just needed to take a couple of more classes. After enrolling, they said to me that I needed to take more classes; in which case you have no option. Tried contacting counselorsreferred me to registrarsreferred me to director of the on and so on, I did not get any help or resolution. My tuition for two classes was over $4,000, and THEY WILL NOT RELEASE YOUR TRANSCRIPTS. BEWARE OF THIS INSTITUTION"
  • Reviewed: 1/9/2018
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Adult-Gerontology Acute Care)
"I'm about to graduate and through these two years I must said I had a good experience. The classes are hard, there isn't a lot of homework, but you will learn a lot. I do recommend this school. The teachers always responded to my questions and provided meaningful feedback to my work."
  • Reviewed: 1/5/2018
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"This is a very poor program,and I do not recommend it. The teachers are not all qualified to teach the classes in which they do, and most instructors handout large PowerPoints and send you home to teach yourself rather than them teaching at all. Students are not able to get questions answered as many teachers literally do not know. Books are not always provided limiting student resources, online technological learning is not utilized, database access is limited, students only have one printed in the pharmacy building, labs are out dated, teamwork is not encouraged, instructors are highly unprofessional, and educational information is distorted to the instructors liking and not in accordance with realistic scientific/Pharmaceutical information. YES.... teachers infact teach FALSE information when they desire. It is not likely students from this school perform well on rotations due to the lack of hands on pharmaceutical practice prior to them, and lack of utilized team work. It is also not likely a student passed the boards without additional assistance from Kaplan or some other outside preparation group. This school is highly saddening!"
  • Reviewed: 1/3/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
"Everything started off great the contact and communication between my advisors and myself, then they started letting me know they needed things at the last minute when it was to late. My financial aid advisor was the WORST! And so ignorant! I did not get to graduate from this college they messed up my credit so I picked up and went to a different online to, which I should have chose frm the beginning!!!! Im so angry with myself for ever putting myself in this kind of situation"
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2017
  • Degree: Public Health
"The counselor and advisors were thorough and J. still makes weekly or bi weekly calls to check up on me. Also, they are great with making sure you stay up to speed with things. They give you a printed out schedule soyou know exactly what to expect"
Carl Counts
  • Reviewed: 12/16/2017
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Adult-Gerontology Primary Care)
"I just finished the Nurse Practitioner program with South University. My overall experience with South University was good. I would recommend South University. My financial and academic advisors were great. They checked on me constantly and were there for me when needed. The only difficult part was having to find my own preceptors for clinical but other than that it was a good experience."
Pharmacy Student
  • Reviewed: 11/8/2017
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"This is one of the worst Pharmacy Schools nationwide. Their tuition is the highest and the quality of education received is poor, they have the lowest graduation rate yet the highest retention rate because the hold students back every chance they get for remediation so they can get more tuition. The program is supposed to be 3 years yet they are quick to make it 4 while you wait a whole year to restart with loans due. I think it is a disadvantage for being a small university because professors have favorites! No one could pay me enough if I had to do it over again, i would have gone to one of the many 4 year colleges I got accepted to. If you decide to go please be prepared to pay some very expensive tuition which will increase every year until you drop out or if you are fortunate enough to graduate with the 15% that do. Go to public university, you will save your money and save yourself the stress. Runnnnnnn from South!"
On the way
  • Reviewed: 10/31/2017
  • Degree: Pharmacy
"You get out of something what you put into it, right? This school is hard. Its supposed to be. I can say that I feel prepared to go out into the pharmacy setting daily and make my patients lives better. That is why I went to school, to learn, to network, and to help people in the long run. South is a very tough program, and I am thankful because it taught me discipline and determination I can now carry through life. Being a real pharmacist has had its adjustments, but I am proud to say that I am a South University Columbia graduate and I cannot wait to see where my doctorate takes me in life."
  • Reviewed: 10/27/2017
  • Degree: RN to BSN
"The High Point, NC location is Fantastic. I did not feel like a number there and my success was important. Whenever I needed to talk to someone, someone was always available, even without an appointment. The librarians are awesome and helped me learn APA format. I always receive emails on job opportunities as well. I graduated from their RN-BSN online program in 8 months. I would highly recommend this program."