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Reviews - Bachelor's in Management

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  • Reviewed: 2/22/2022
  • Degree: Management
"I'm currently enrolled in SNHU taking the BS.OMA.PMA degree plan (Bachelor's in Operations management with concentration in Project Management) I felt the need to write this review because of some of the very low stars I see on here written by probably younger students or those who are not great with computers. After my first year attending my only hope is that more students are failed for there blatant inability read instructions and write semi-coherently. I've maintained a 4.0 GPA thus far by simply "trying". The 100 level and 200 level classes have been a breeze though some require substantial reading and writing. If you attend you must be willing to dedicate the time and teach yourself what you need to succeed. When I started the first thing I did was buy an APA 7 manual and re-teach myself math and grammar and punctuation from scratch since it had been 10 years since High School. I cant speak for the negative experiences a few have written about on here. I have had no issue dropping or re-arranging classes to suit my schedule, they even have self-registration online so you don't have to call anyone to do it. One review on here says that she was given a 0 after perfectly following the directions...What I have seen from most of my class mates has been the lowest grade in any class has been a 95.7 and I imagine many students pass with less effort, I cant imagine how someone received a 0% for turning an assignment in on time and following the rubric. Another review calls SNHU a "diploma mill", however if you read reviews online about SNHU you will see that claim is blatantly false. SNHU is a non-profit regionally accredited school and has something like a ~40% graduation rate. NONE of my classes have been so easy that I would be able to receive a diploma just for showing up or paying the school...that said, I am looking forward to my 300-600 level classes where I hope to actually have to struggle a bit to maintain my grades. While the classes do require a word processor as one claimed, they do give you access to Microsoft offline online for free, and if that doesn't work out for you...Word Pad is pre-downloaded on basically any modern computer and I submitted all of my assignments for my first 2 classes in Rich Text Format (.RTF...from WordPad) with no issues. I don't think that requirement has changed since I switched to Microsoft Office. Another review mentions that they dealt with harassment from a teacher because they wrote about a "men's-rights" issue. I wont discount there experience, but I played that game myself a time or two and didn't have any issues with it. I've purposely written about sensitive subjects like Equal Housing Opportunity, Gentrification and "Privilege" and had no negative issues. I wrote about gentrification from the...lets say "conservative" point of view, and my instructor (who was a black woman) did not harass me or grade me unfairly for it. I did receive a direct email from her challenging a few of my statements, but nothing she wrote me would I describe as harassment, it was more like polite but passionate disagreement. There has been at least one article that we have read for class material that I strongly disagreed with the content of. An article (who's name I regretfully forget at the moment) was written by an Asian woman and self-proclaimed feminist and the content of this article was blatantly racist and misandrist. when I emailed my instructor and made a complaint they simply told me that they aren't really in control of specific course resources and I should file a complaint with the school, again the instructor did not proceed to harass me or grade me unfairly. Long story short, that reviewer may very well have been telling the truth about their experience, but I have had the exact opposite experience so far. TL;DR: My experience with SNHU has been positive, the school is very flexible and the instructors have been responsive and helpful, particularly when I needed an extension on an assignment for life reasons or issues with links (because of the government network I do my work on, not the schools fault). If you need help email or call your teachers and your advisors and I'm sure you will get the help you need. My only real gripe so far is I was expecting college to be harder than it is...sure its a lot of reading and writing but nothing really mentally challenging yet."
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2021
  • Degree: Management
"SNHU is a good school if you are a full time employee, active duty military, a single parent/stay at home parent, AND you are not paying for it (Gi Bill, scholarships, etc.). The price is outrageous for the education I received. It is only good for meeting that minimum qualification requirement that many employers have. Did I learn a lot? eh. more than I knew going in, but not as much as I really should have. I blew through the courses on President's list, making all A's with a few A-'s, mostly to blame on the inconsistency of the professors. For my Masters I decided to go somewhere else so I could have a reputable college on my degree. The best advice I could offer is if you are wanting to spend an exceptional amount of money on a degree, get one with a more reputable college on your diploma (Vanderbilt Global, Arizona State, Penn State, University of Tennessee, Post University, etc) . The cost is just way too much and it blows my mind that anyone would pay that for online college. They offer a ton of majors but of course, as with anywhere, it depends on what you major in if it is even the slightest bit worth it. The only reason I went here is because I had the GI Bill and was not paying for it."
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2019
  • Degree: Management
"Garbage! Pick any other school. 1-No proctored exams, no cameras needed, (essentially anyone can take the course for you). No tests, even quizzes are multiple choose and all over the internet. My companies required online training is more controlled. I, for one will not hire anyone with a degree from here. 2- every class had major contradictions with the rubric. The assignments don’t match the grading guide. What was graded was not asked. When confronting the instructors, and yes, every course and every module, I had to inform them of the major over-sites. They do quickly fix the grade but not the course and not the other students. 3- personal agendas of the instructors are rampant, Sexist, racist, ignorant and arrogant. (Not all, but out of the 20 classes I’d say 15 were extremely liberal instructors and sought out students who didn’t share their views ( I brought forward the other 20 -previous associates). 4- the programs they use are shared with other schools but the other schools provide education on the programs. You have to google other schools curriculum to get the full understanding. This school is a people mill, that hires teachers who hate the students (mostly military as they like praying on that government money. I wish I could give ZERO STARS!"
Military Retired
  • Reviewed: 7/31/2019
  • Degree: Management
"Horrible school with crazy policies and poor student services support. I had 1 Professor that was obviously biased and graded to whatever standard she wished with no regard for the rubric. I complained to the school about the unfair grading procedures and they said they would have to review all my work for Plagiarism, I agreed and they still returned a verdict that sided with the biased and possibly racist professor. I quit immediately and will find another school with some more credibility. I am aware that liberalism is the majority of the thoughts in educational institutions but this school is over the top with leftist instructors that push those thoughts on their students and grade them poorly if they don't agree."
Military members, stay away
  • Reviewed: 7/6/2018
  • Degree: Management
"Terrible online school. Yes, they gave me quite a lot of credit for my military career. But the instructor's are all ego-centric and there is not accountability for them. They publish a Rubric you must follow, but they do not grade off of it. They can give a poor grade for anything and no one double checks their grading. You bring it up and they automatically label you as a trouble maker and you will not get another good grade. So many better options for veterans. I highly recommend staying away"
Dan F
  • Reviewed: 10/26/2017
  • Degree: Management
"I see that most of the negative comments here are from students that are either in debt or are not suited to be in an online program. An online program is designed to be self-paced, not instructor-led. The instructors are their to guide you on your way to finish the class. All the rubrics and resources that you will ever need are provided for you; if you don't have the motivation to go look for them then that is your fault. Honestly, this would not be a university to attend right out of college. It is really more geared to people that are already working and are looking to advance their career. You actually need to work at it at SNHU to get good grades. There are certainly some professors that are just there to run the class and that don't really participate, but those are the minority."
  • Reviewed: 11/7/2016
  • Degree: Management
"I have read mostly the negative reviews, and I have to say that the experiences described there have not been mine. What I really find frustrating in the reviews are the people in their first year complaining that it is the worst college ever, or the people in their last year rating it really low based on a single class. I have had all the resources I need to succeed in class. If you need more than is offered, perhaps online learning is not for you."
Brent S.
  • Reviewed: 5/26/2016
  • Degree: Management
"After a couple different local colleges, I decided to try the online approach. This was a second degree for me and I work in a career where I support computer technology so this seemed like it might be a good fit. I would not recommend this approach to a first time college student. I found the grading somewhat easy, relative to an in-class environment. Some professors very engaged other just mailing it in. All in all not a bad experience. I was disappointed at the end, though. Received my degree and was honored with being chosen as outstanding student in that degree program but could not attend the awards ceremony. So, it was stated that the award would be sent to me. The certificate was not sent and I've trying to find out some information on it. What I've discovered now that apparently I'm no longer writing tuition checks to them, they do not seemed to feel the need to even respond to an email. My adviser dropped me almost immediately. Was considering them for my MBA but at this point I'll probably pursue it through another university. Would have been another $20,000 or so for their non-profit pockets. Really surprised and disappointed."
Adam C.
  • Reviewed: 3/17/2014
  • Degree: Management
"I had to write a review because of the one star review which I thought was unfair. I have been around the proverbial block with online schools. I have audited or enrolled and withdrew within the refund period of about seven online schools and have attended my local university in a traditional setting. I have found the staff at SNHU to be the absolute best when it comes to dealing with the students. All of my academic advisors have been spot on and caring and have gone out of their way to answer any questions I may have about my program. The Financial Aid department is knowledgeable and answers inquiries quickly. The quality of my classes are good and I feel that I am getting a lot out of my education, especially given the very reasonable non-profit pricing. I have recommended the school to friends and family and the couple of them that have enrolled are also extremely pleased. Sure, I have had a couple professors that weren't great, but what school doesn't have those? For the most part my professors have been world-class, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions and help. I'm glad I enrolled here and if I were you, quit window shopping for schools and call SNHU."