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  • Manchester (NH)
  • Annual Tuition: $11,286
57% of 10 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Master's in Psychology

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Zero Value
  • Reviewed: 12/6/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"Be aware! Degree is worthless. 100% worthless. Skip the Masters altogether. Data is where the career market is. SNHU said be prepared to start at bottom even though I already had 30+ years of experience in a variety of leadership roles. HR folks never heard of IO Psych. Clinical PhDs claiming to be IO aren't. American Psychological Assoc DIV 14 (IO Psych) isn't lifting a finger to support MS graduates either. So what you end up with after the time and expense is a student loan balance, no decent paying job to pay off the loan, no help from SNHU alumni to secure a job, can't work in Clinical cuz no supervised internship, nothing good about this degree. Don't enter this program. I graduated among top in my cohort but that seems to make people think either program was easy (BS) or...the degree isn't valued in the workplace. PLUS, don't forget that MOST businesses are small biz. Small Biz seldom, I repeat SELDOM invest in an IO Psych professional. And even if the biz did, owners want PhD not an MS. 2 entry-level clerical jobs since graduating 4+ years ago. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY on this degree or SNHU. Spend 5k or less and get Data ANYTHING education. I have returned to the data career I had before ANY college education. Anyone reading this review should ask SNHU to talk to prior graduates of this program before enrolling in courses."
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2019
  • Degree: Psychology
"I must admit, I liked this school in the beginning. It was advertised to me by admissions as a great place to get my degree as a single parent. I think depending on the professor it can be or it can really be the complete opposite. I do not necessarily think the courses are difficult when it comes to the material, however it is very hands off by the professors. The curriculum is already made for them and they just hand out the work. The course work does seem quite monotonous and not very engaging. I COMPLETELY understand policy, however there really isn't consistency between professors. I have had some that understand I have 2 children (1 with a disability that requires a lot of time at the hospital) and work with me for due dates. Others don't seem to want to work with me at all. Which was disappointing as this is was the only reason I applied for this program. I have also had a professor recently who failed me based on topic selection, as his personal opinion seemed to trump the actual rubric and research. I just think, if you are going for your masters, go to a school that is a bit more student friendly and can actually give you certifications by the end of your degree. This program lacks a bit if you are looking to receive your doctorates in psychology."
  • Reviewed: 8/9/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
"I thought the classes were fine and helpful. However, I do not believe that this degree has helped at all to advance my career. I have been looking to use my degree in IO Psychology for over a year now and it has not been helpful at all. There are statistics showing that this is an in demand concentration, but there are simply no jobs hiring. I would have been better off with a concentration in counseling. Also, I feel that employers are not impressed with the SNHU name at all."
  • Reviewed: 7/23/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
"I learned a lot in this program. The coursework is comparable to other regionally accredited online college programs. Instructors were helpful when I reached out. Overall, pursuing this degree was a good experience. The school is also well-respected, and I havent had any negative experiences from employers regarding the school. I recommend this program."
  • Reviewed: 5/14/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"Great content in the courses. There is some inconsistency in what the instructors require of the students in terms of supporting research to back up discussion posts, but overall, the engagement level of the instructors themselves and the assignments really expand your proficiency in the body of knowledge you are studying."
  • Reviewed: 4/19/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"I read a great deal of the reviews here, and there were a number of things that resonated with me and a few that didn't, so here goes. I am active duty military with an aviation background, and so I had to complete the two prerequisite courses prior to being accepted into the I/O psych program, which is fine, it's the cost of switching academic fields. I have experience both in class and online, and found SNHU to be on par or better with two other prominent online offering universities in terms of class structure (easy to use and intuitive navigation) and programs offered. The courses were a bit repetitive in a couple of cases, mainly the research methods courses and the two of the I/O psych specific classes, but it there was enough new information and/or depth to where I didn't lose any sleep over feeling cheated in any way. The preponderance of the course materials, to include the required and recommended reading within each modules, were engaging and relevant, but there were some that were absolute throwaways, which to be honest was a relief at times when I was crunched for time...but I can understand how this can be off putting. The databases used for research were varied and extremely beneficial, and really provided everything you need to succeed in this program if you put in the time to use them properly. Not to mention they gave you access to a wealth of information for any other outside projects you might be working on, which again, was great. In terms of instructors, outside of one who seemed uninterested and one who must have a bad term because I had him twice and he was great the second time around, I would say they were consistently professional and engaged with the students, and had the depth needed to guide the course. This seems to contrast with some of the other feedback I read where the instructors did not have the depth of knowledge needed, but I imagine this is dependent on the teacher you get and shouldn't generalized across them as a group; if it's that bad then blast them in the course feedback after the course...grades are in at that point so fire away and save future students the headaches. Student interaction was overall pretty good. Sometimes people engaged in great conversation, and sometimes people aimed for their two post minimum, same as every other online school. You get from it what you put into it, and I never received any obvious outrage at being military, which I didn't push on people but certainly didn't hide it if the conversation was relevant. My last topic is the advisor group...I'll frame this with the caveat SNHU advisors rely heavily on automated notification to see missing grades, enrollment status, financial status, etc... so a lot of times they're reacting to prompts from their systems...I can forgive this. That being said, I filed a complaint against my first advisor due to extremely unprofessional behavior in regards to me dealing with the death of a family member. The supervisor rectified the issue, reassigned me to a new advisor, and that person was nothing short of great the rest of the way out. No issues to speak of with military TA or GI Bill payment, or reporting grades back to the military either. Anyways, that's my experience. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others."
Susan FS
  • Reviewed: 11/21/2015
  • Degree: Psychology
"I attended Southern New Hampshire University for my BA in Adolescent psychology, and am now within five courses of completion for my MS in Psychology with a concentration in adolescent behavior and development. I absolutely love this school, have recruited five new students for them, and will continue to do so. Another reviewer said that any education you receive is what you make of it. This couldn't be more true. This is an excellent option for continuing education students, as well as new incoming high school seniors, however, it is not an option for those who want an "easy A"."
  • Reviewed: 10/27/2015
  • Degree: Psychology
"Don't waste your money as may not lead to credentials expected. Some teaching staff are rotten at instructing. Many courses require designing an experiment. That's great, but not many businesses are conducting in-house experiments so coursework is difficult to connect to business rather than clinical content and even in some courses forbidden. Module 'lectures' are less than a page. Sometimes no textbook. Often times learning links to content that is not peer-reviewed. For $20k+, the student should expect better/richer course content. Unless already employed, this degree could be of zero added-value to your resume."
  • Reviewed: 2/27/2015
  • Degree: Psychology
"Very terrible. After I withdrew and disagreed with them, they sent my account to collections wanting 6,000 dollars. I contacted SNHU who in turn blocked me. In the past when the recruiter called me I said I found a better college, she loudly sighed and hung up the phone."
Angela Dykstra
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2014
  • Degree: Psychology
"Like several other reviewers, I've attended a number of Online Universities since 2006. I earned my AA at UOPX and my BA at Ashford. Spent some time at Northcentral and Purdue working on my masters. Hands down SNHU is the best! Challenging. Relevant. Engaged instructors. Helpful staff. I worked in a remote village in India during the Winter 2014 term. The technology folks were fantastic especially considering we could only communicate using chat mode."