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1.0 out of 5 stars
Jared Smith - 6/2/2017
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2016
"Out of all of the online schools that I've researched/attended, SNHU was the worst. I originally received my Associates degree with the University of Phoenix, but wanted to find a cheaper alternative for completing my Bachelor's degree, and ultimately found my way to SNHU. After spending just one term with this institution, I immediately wondered how they are accredited. The instructors are quite possibly the most inadequate people I could think of to teach others, the online platform/course structures are egregiously poor quality and unorganized, and I felt as if my time was wasted from day one. The entire experience was quite frankly, appalling. Even after dropping all courses to finish my degree elsewhere, SNHU still charged me for a book that I didn't order in a class that I didn't take (but would have had I stayed on in the term). To this day, I am still dealing with their incompetence. Do yourself a favor and take a hard pass with this school. Even if you do make it through graduation, you will have done yourself a disservice by receiving such a low level of "education"."
2.3 out of 5 stars
Peter Pan - 6/1/2017
Degree: Criminology
Graduation Year: 2010
"My mother was diagnosed with cancer suddenly in 11/2015. I had been her primary intermittent caregiver, a long with my husband, for 10 years since her COPD diagnosis. I was a licensed Rx tech working 40+ hours per week and my husband also worked equal hours per week. Unfortunately, my siblings had "better" jobs and paychecks than did I and could not seem to find time to help us care for mom. In addition, my husband's mom was just prior diagnosed with lung cancer and we chose to take FML unpaid for her chaperone summer of 2015 treatment in Tampa research hospital of University. I am so thankful for my husband's and my understanding employers during this time. Again, as noted, shortly thereafter, my mom was diagnosed and within 3 months I took another unpaid FML leave from work to care for her. I explained all of this to my adviser while attempting to keep my grad school full-time brain intact and maintain my good grades for hopeful graduation to come of soon. I made a choice to withdraw (within the SNHU and student loan guidelines) from 2 of my 4 enrolled courses just in time to advert any $ penalties with SNHU contract. I tried to maintain my other 2 courses, but mom's cancer quickly metastasized and my care giving became a sudden 24/7; literally. I made the decision (knowing the financial aid consequences of withdraw contract in the 3rd week of one course) to withdraw from the 3rd course. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to pass my MS first time level Stat course during this time (4th course I didn't withdraw from); but I did... I just don't remember it. Despite all of my stress and feeling so alone as a primary full time caregiver during this time...I never stopped communicating with my SNHU adviser. She assured me that she understood, that all I needed to do was to re-enroll with no problems when I was ready after mom died. She did advise me one thing; that if I waited after my enrollment calendar year, that I would probably need to go through the entire enrollment process again. No problem, I thought; that seems logical and fair to me! I kept in contact throughout the summer of 2016 with my adviser just to keep her posted that I had not given up my passion to finally get my MS soon! No problem, she always reassured me. So, my adviser signed me up for Fall 2016 course ( a repeat course that I had previously withdrawn from but grade was an A); and then after I get all excited again because I think I'm done grieving... I get an email stating that I'm academically dismissed due to my GPA going from a 3.+ something (possibly less due to that Stat C grade) to a 1.0 GPA! What? Now, this is important to all reading....; before I was sent the academic dismissal, I was only told that in order to re-enroll I needed to "just" pay off $2k from that course I withdrew from too late. No problem, I thought...SNHU has withdraw policies and I adhere to that. So, my husband cashed in a part of his retirement fund so that I could continue in the Fall of 2017. Again, I cannot stress enough how much in constant contact I had been with my SNHU adviser, SNHU financial aid department and also my student loan provider (I am a sucker for needing constant reassurance). So, I'm 3 weeks into a repeat course, maintaining an A average grade when I get another letter stating I'm academically dismissed again due to SNHU financial aid stuff...same thing! I complied, was assured, told over and over and again that I was "good to go back to class again." I was repeatedly lied to for over 6 months in regards to "your good to go! You paid your student loan exceeds off and ...yep! You are good to go!" In a final nutshell, my adviser stated that "no problem, it's standard procedure for SNHU to dismiss due to GPA because of withdraw and because of attendance status." Okay, what next adviser of constant communication for the past year now? "Just fill out the appeal forms and send them to me and I will review them all. Before I send the appeal forms to the committee I will connect with you and together we will make any necessary changes, if needed." Great! I spent 2 months and two appeals only to be denied twice, with not a nary of an ounce of reason at first for denials. A little probing and re-reading an appeal denial email, I realized that I was so surprised that I did not actually read the reason for my twice denials...which stated this from the appeals committee...(only this reason)...[paraphrasing but darn close]..."you failed to provide adequate reason(s) for your academic dismissal(s) and how you might in the future with SNHU change or do something differently to PREVENT your previous could or might you prevented this and what and how will you plan [better] in your future academic education with SNHU?" Really? I sent in 2 copies and one original of my mom's death certificate and I will admit that I just could not figure out how I could've changed or prevented my mom's diagnosis and ultimate death soon thereafter. And now, all I get from SNHU is how I owe them another $1800.00. No condolences from two appeal board committee members or my adviser."
4.1 out of 5 stars
J - 5/14/2017
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2018
"Great content in the courses. There is some inconsistency in what the instructors require of the students in terms of supporting research to back up discussion posts, but overall, the engagement level of the instructors themselves and the assignments really expand your proficiency in the body of knowledge you are studying."
1.4 out of 5 stars
Tyler - 5/9/2017
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2017
"I attended this school for 4 years and I cannot express my displeasure towards this school enough. They are very inconsistent and have many policies in place that don't make sense. The financial services they provide will go out of their way to try and get extra money from you. This school also does no provide adequate instructors. While there are some good instructors at this school there are more that will not help you in any aspect. It is very clear to me now that the university does not care about the students at all, they are only trying to find as many ways as possible to take more of your money. I sincerely feel bad for anyone who is attending this school, and if you plan on enrolling at Southern New Hampshire University, don't. Avoid this school at all costs."
2.8 out of 5 stars
Karen - 5/7/2017
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2017
"Hello everyone. I am currently an online student at SNHU, I felt like I hit the jackpot when first enrolling, it was pretty good the instructors were very attentive especially MS Kate but once reaching my fourth semester I notice the antentive instructors gone down hill. Beginning with instructor Denise A. (head for the hills if you see she's your instructor) She wasn't clear with her assignments to the point that she displayed that she didn't fully understand her lesson plans. While knowing that, other students & I were confused I've reached out to her via email & she provided no help at all I was left to figure it out on my own although she always say "if you have any questions never hesitate to ask for help" there is no way you should end a semester without learning anything & remaining confused. My following semester my new instructor started out good but ended poorly. She expected us as the students to have answers to stuff that was never taught & would take a great deal of explaining from something she gets paid to do which is teaching! I feel that honestly now that I am deep into my courses the quality of teaching from these instructors are not as good as when first enrolling the dedication is dead. They rather just fail you opposing to trying harder to make us students understand what needs to be done after all it is their job. I will not say all the instructors are like the ones I am writing about because different courses, different instructors but so far the ones I've encountered leaves a bad impression."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Alice Nykaza - 5/3/2017
Degree: English
Graduation Year: 2017
"I cannot endorse SNHU for several reasons, namely because the university seemingly values revenue higher than academic rigor. When I first enrolled, I received a required phone call from an academic counselor whose sole mission was to sell me into the program by telling me how great the school was and how when you get your degree, it does not show if you received it on campus or online. Like Okay? Its not like 96% of students aren't enrolled online or anything. Then, from there on, I received constant, sporadic phone calls from my academic counselor to inform me of silly things like You start your next term soon, which you'd expect to go without saying. Furthermore, having enrolled in SNHU as a transfer student with a 4.00 GPA, I expected a high variety of academically challenging courses to start off with, but I was forced to take enroll in basic courses like Strategies to Online Success which, to me, were courses Id expect middle schoolers to take due to the adequate content in them (work collaboratively as a team, don't plagiarize, etc., common sense stuff, really) However, before my academic counselor could even register me in these adequate courses, I was asked to pay tuition upfront and out of pocket or else I would have to wait months for my student loans to go through. I did not even have my student login information or anything. At my previous university, I could have started taking the course and worried about paying later, but in SNHU, it was all money upfront. Plus, annoyingly enough, if, at SNHU, you pay for a course and want to drop out of it after one week, SNHU keep 50% of your tuition which is absurd because that material was in no way worth $500. Another thing that bothered me about the school was how clunky and messy the user interface was. It wasn't hard to navigate, but you'd expect a school with such high enrollment rates to have an elegant and simple student portal. Although recognized as a non-profit school, the school is extremely money greedy and seems to favor revenue over students academic rigor and, as such, I recommend students of all kind to look for a university elsewhere unless you an easy degree from what I would label as a diploma mill."
1.9 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 5/1/2017
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2018
"Wasn't Really impressed with the school. They told me that the program was legal studies. It started turning out to be police work taught by former police officers. My advisor was never there for me. I called to keep him or her informed. I did not like how they treated me."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Ryan Kirkpatrick - 4/26/2017
Degree: Data Science
Graduation Year: 2016
"The Data Analytics program at SNHU is outstanding. The professors (specifically, Professor Camac) are seasoned veterans in the field. Professor Camac shared his expertise and experience in the class discussion. The assignments are real world scenarios and the professors help with the R code."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Patrick - 4/23/2017
Degree: Finance
Graduation Year: 2017
"This school is horrible. Avoid at all costs. They like to have as many fees as possible and you are taught with teacher who has the same education level as you. DO NOT GO HERE. Southern New Hampshire University is terribly set up and this should be avoided."
4.3 out of 5 stars
JM - 4/19/2017
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2017
"I read a great deal of the reviews here, and there were a number of things that resonated with me and a few that didn't, so here goes. I am active duty military with an aviation background, and so I had to complete the two prerequisite courses prior to being accepted into the I/O psych program, which is fine, it's the cost of switching academic fields. I have experience both in class and online, and found SNHU to be on par or better with two other prominent online offering universities in terms of class structure (easy to use and intuitive navigation) and programs offered. The courses were a bit repetitive in a couple of cases, mainly the research methods courses and the two of the I/O psych specific classes, but it there was enough new information and/or depth to where I didn't lose any sleep over feeling cheated in any way. The preponderance of the course materials, to include the required and recommended reading within each modules, were engaging and relevant, but there were some that were absolute throwaways, which to be honest was a relief at times when I was crunched for time...but I can understand how this can be off putting. The databases used for research were varied and extremely beneficial, and really provided everything you need to succeed in this program if you put in the time to use them properly. Not to mention they gave you access to a wealth of information for any other outside projects you might be working on, which again, was great. In terms of instructors, outside of one who seemed uninterested and one who must have a bad term because I had him twice and he was great the second time around, I would say they were consistently professional and engaged with the students, and had the depth needed to guide the course. This seems to contrast with some of the other feedback I read where the instructors did not have the depth of knowledge needed, but I imagine this is dependent on the teacher you get and shouldn't generalized across them as a group; if it's that bad then blast them in the course feedback after the course...grades are in at that point so fire away and save future students the headaches. Student interaction was overall pretty good. Sometimes people engaged in great conversation, and sometimes people aimed for their two post minimum, same as every other online school. You get from it what you put into it, and I never received any obvious outrage at being military, which I didn't push on people but certainly didn't hide it if the conversation was relevant. My last topic is the advisor group...I'll frame this with the caveat SNHU advisors rely heavily on automated notification to see missing grades, enrollment status, financial status, etc... so a lot of times they're reacting to prompts from their systems...I can forgive this. That being said, I filed a complaint against my first advisor due to extremely unprofessional behavior in regards to me dealing with the death of a family member. The supervisor rectified the issue, reassigned me to a new advisor, and that person was nothing short of great the rest of the way out. No issues to speak of with military TA or GI Bill payment, or reporting grades back to the military either. Anyways, that's my experience. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others."
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