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5 out of 5
Degree: Network Administration
Graduation Year: 2016

I have audited many, many other online schools. As a matter of fact, I have done so at just about every other school that advertises on TV such as but not limited to Phoenix, Capella, Kaplan, DeVry, ECPI, Ashford, and Strayer. I also attended a local university in the traditional sense and SNHU has been the superior to all of them. I have found the staff including advising and Financial Aid to be extremely helpful. The tution is what my local public college charges and not extortion level pricing like the others. My coursework has been enriching and challenging, more so than ODU. I have recommended this school to coworkers and one of them has enrolled and is also extremely satisfied. If you want an excellent education but don't want to have to sell extra body parts on the black market to pay for it come to SNHU. Period. (PS Penn State world campus is a collosal ripoff too, forgot them).

1 out of 5
Degree: Writing

Because of all the new advertisements Southern New Hampshire University financial aid is behind. I was billed for a term while attending on financial aid. I contacted financial aid and my advisor about dropping the classes, both advised me not to drop. On the day it was too late to drop without a charge someone from financial aid contacted me about a statement. I was away at the time and did not see how I could provide the statement. Therefore, I asked about dropping again and was told, "It's too late." I informed them I was told not to drop the classes, they said, "We can't tell you what to do." I found away and sent in the statement the same day. What is the use to speaking with them if later they through it back at you with "We can't tell you what to do?"

After dealing with financial aid incompetence, I had a problem in one of my classes. The instructor did not follow the rules of the rubric. Instead of any of anyone listening to my concerns, they ignored the issue and tried to dismiss my complaints by focusing on things they thought would shut me up. After this, I withdrew from the university.

I filed a complaint with the BBB, they responded with lies and accusations. This university is morally bankrupted; after they get you enrolled, you become a number and nothing more.

In the end they are a business and I am a consumer. I should not have to take a course I found not to be up to par, with an instructor that did not follow the rubric. What is the rubric for if the instructor can do as she pleases? Moreover, it is not my fault they are under staffed in financial aid and cannot do their job in a timely matter.

The best advice I can give you is to try and keep an email record of your conversation with them, you might need it someday. Do not trust anything they tell you when it comes to financial aid wait until it clears to start classes.

In conclusion, SNHU has railroad me into owing them money and will not release my transcript in order to attend another university until I pay for classes I did not find up to par and withdrew from. I do not understand how a university can hold your transcript for courses you have already paid for, this is extortion. Since they have the power to place a hold on the courses financial aid has paid for, they should have to return all monies owed back to the government. I was able to get a refund on my books, however, have to pay for the courses.

5 out of 5
Degree: English
Graduation Year: 2016

Southern New Hampshire University is a hidden gem. There are unlimited opportunities to lead and achieve. They are constantly improving their curriculum to ensure that students gain the most out of their experience here. Chalk and Wire is an online portfolio tool that SNHU provides students for free for about six years. Professors guide you while you construct the portfolio and, after you graduate, you have this software for two years to provide future employers. This allows students to have proof of their accomplishments and keeps them focused on getting the career they desire.

I am a freshman at SNHU, and I am overwhelmed by the opportunities that are already available to me. I have had three personal confrontations with professors explaining my goals and they have assisted me greatly in figuring out the steps I must take now in order to build a resume to acquire an internship next year or my junior year. I have a leadership role in the Honors Program as a freshman, and I cannot imagine that this opportunity would have presented itself at a different university.

SNHU is a career oriented school whose interests lie with the students. Everything the school does is for the benefit of their diverse population of students.

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5 out of 5
Degree: Forensic Science
Graduation Year: 2014

SNHU is a great school to attend. I attend online but yet I still feel like I am with the teachers on a weekly basis. The only thing I would change is how each course is laid out. In each course you have a module for each week. Within each week there are set homework assignments. However sometimes you may get a team assignment and I have noticed that at many times, some of your virtual members are late at contributing. This makes it for a rush rush assignment. Other than that, I like that you can attend class however fits best your schedule.

5 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2017

Always be prepared if something comes up and you cannot attend if you are paying out of pocket. They really helped me by letting me stay on. I got nervous about when my title 4 would kick in so I withdrew until my title 4kicks in. I think this was a big mistake on my part I should have stayed. Everyone bends over backwards for you to get you where you want to be. This is an awesome school

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