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4.8 out of 5 stars
From a Beginner Perspective - 7/19/2019
Degree: Organizational Leadership
Graduation Year: 2021
"I have been at the school since April 2019. I have taken only 3 classes so far but at this point, its been a challenging school. I know some are saying this a diploma mill. If it is, I can't see it yet. So far the classes have been challenging, make you think, make you learn, make you apply. You have to put some time in to make a good grade. If you just jump in with no plan of action of how to organize your life and do the classes, it's going to be difficult (trust me, I am still figuring out a time management structure so I can balance life and school). If or when you do start, take a week or two or more to organize when you will be able to sit down, how many hours, which days, how much work you want to complete in those hours, what days do you want to do less work, or take a break for the week. You just can't show up. You will have to organize first, so the experience is effective. So far so good. What I have seen from the instructors so far is depending who you get, will depend on many factors. So far, out of the 3 classes, only one of them the instructions were hit or miss, so I had to re-read, read other documents, re-read, read again, (for like 30min-45min) to understand what was required. The one class instructions were not very clear. So if you have questions or issues, I recommend you ask the instructor around Sunday-Wed, not Thursday-Sunday so they can get back in time or you can chase down your admission counselor. That's my 3cents so far in my experience. After taking at least 5 more classes, I will update if anything changes. But so far I don't see a diploma mill. I see a teaching university that means something when you get out. Again, so far."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Megan - 7/18/2019
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2023
"I am currently a student at SNHU. This is only my 2nd term with them and I have had the best support from both my advisor and my instructors. I feel bad for whoever has had a horrible experience here, but I receive call backs same day from my advisor and my instructors have even provided me with their cell phone numbers for quicker response times. Yes, there is alot of reading and assignments but what else would you expect from an online school? Again this is only my 2nd term but I love it."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Jasmine K - 7/17/2019
Degree: Child Development
Graduation Year: 2019
"Southern New Hampshire University was a great school and I am glad I attended. I received a Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development. The courses were very informative and the professors helped you in any way they could if you needed. My academic advisors were always emailing and calling to make sure I was getting through my courses okay and they provided any help or points of contact they could. They were very personable, which to me is huge because they showed they cared. Some of the courses where difficult but SNHU has many sources you can use to help you get where you need to be. I graduated summa cum laude this year, and it was hard to get there but you can do it if you put your mind to it! I highly recommend!"
4.8 out of 5 stars
MC - 7/7/2019
Degree: Information Systems
Graduation Year: 2019
"I just finished my program at the end of June and I couldnt be happier. I started my journey in late November 2015 and didnt stop until the end, even though I wanted to several times. I took full-time course load all terms but 2. I was able to travel every year, both within the IUS and even internationally earlier this year. I had no trouble with financial aid throughout my time, once it started coming in I was able to easily keep it up during my degree.The courses you take are really about what you put into them, if you dont like reading or writing then this school isnt for you. I spent on average 10-20 hours per week completing coursework. As a disclaimer, I dont have a family or significant other, so I was able to dedicate a lot of time to my coursework. I still went out, had fun and even took some trips. But, if youre not willing to take the time and read the materials, or take time to submit good written work, you will not succeed in an online environment.My one complaint was the aptitude of some of the professors. All of the classes work is dictated by the university and professors have little to no say in what youre working on. Some of the stuff was clearly dated already, referencing data from 2012 or earlier, but you are allowed to talk about new technologies if youre aware of them. Some of the professors cared, some didnt, all of them were responsive, answering me wishing 24 hours of submitting a question. The classes where a professor doesnt care are tough and I was sometimes left to figure out what they wanted for an assignment myself. By reading the assignment and the rubric, I was able to figure out what was needed 99% of the time. There was only one assignment that I truly had no idea what I was doing and basically gave it my best shot. Luckily for me it worked out.I want to give a special shout out to my academic advisor. About a year into my program I told him I wanted to plan the rest of my program out so I wouldnt have to worry about it. He took that and made a plan that lasted until I finished at the end of June. We had to change a couple of things, but overall the plan he created worked out very well for me.I cant recommend this school for everyone, but if youre ready for a new challenge and a way to get back into the academic saddle, this school is worth looking into."
1.8 out of 5 stars
Current Student - 7/1/2019
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2019
"I must admit, I liked this school in the beginning. It was advertised to me by admissions as a great place to get my degree as a single parent. I think depending on the professor it can be or it can really be the complete opposite. I do not necessarily think the courses are difficult when it comes to the material, however it is very hands off by the professors. The curriculum is already made for them and they just hand out the work. The course work does seem quite monotonous and not very engaging. I COMPLETELY understand policy, however there really isn't consistency between professors. I have had some that understand I have 2 children (1 with a disability that requires a lot of time at the hospital) and work with me for due dates. Others don't seem to want to work with me at all. Which was disappointing as this is was the only reason I applied for this program. I have also had a professor recently who failed me based on topic selection, as his personal opinion seemed to trump the actual rubric and research. I just think, if you are going for your masters, go to a school that is a bit more student friendly and can actually give you certifications by the end of your degree. This program lacks a bit if you are looking to receive your doctorates in psychology."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Alexis - 6/25/2019
Degree: Social Psychology
Graduation Year: 2020
"They lied to me from the very beginning. They told me I only needed 30 credits to graduate. After hearing that, I signed on. After classes started and I took out a loan, I was told 47 credits. THEN they told me a bunch of lines about absolutely nothing. They had me apply under false pretenses. DO NOT TRUST THIS SCHOOL OR THE PEOPLE THEY HAVE YOU SPEAK TO. Please save your money and your time."
3.8 out of 5 stars
Mike Palm - 6/24/2019
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2019
"Last year I made the decision to go back to school and finish my degree after a 25-year layoff. Unfortunately, my grades weren’t the best and my options for school were fairly limited. I knew my goal was to finish my undergrad and then continue on to pursue a master’s degree. One of the few schools that accepted me was SNHU. I was definitely a bit unsure about the school. Partially because I was afraid the national advertising campaigns gave the school a similar reputation to University of Phoenix or Capella. I was certainly concerned about how a top tier institution would look at SNHU’s credibility. I am pleased to say that I was accepted to the school of my choice (top 25 ranked both US and Globally) so if this is a concern of yours I hope I laid it to rest. Please do understand that I did everything in my power to maintain a 4.0 which I am sure helped sway the opinion. SNHU has set up their curriculum in order for one to get good grades. However, because most classes do not have exams, you must demonstrate proficiency through writing. If you do the research and write effectively you will have no problem getting good grades. If you don’t, you won’t, it’s really that simple. Further, every class has a discussion each week where you are required to interact with your classmates. Taken seriously, these discussions can have a positive impact on your understanding of key topics in a course, as well as different perspectives of your peers. Again, you get out what you put in. If you have the discipline and drive to teach yourself, SNHU is a great school and you will get excellent grades. Unfortunately, one area that SNHU is really lacking is with advisors and other non-teaching staff at the university. These people are really no help at all. Ask your advisor a question, and unless it falls directly in their wheelhouse, they will refer you to others. I have spent more time chasing people around trying to get answers to questions. For example, when looking at my Program Evaluation, it noted that I needed a higher number of credits then courses outlined in my Program. Thinking I needed 120 but the system is telling me I need 132 is a bit nerve racking. I reached out to my advisor, and I could hear the shoulder shrug on the phone, and I was directed to the registrar who in turn told me to contact my advisor. Are you kidding? But with a bit of persistence I was able to get the right person on the phone to sort out the situation. My advice, stay on top of everything yourself, your grades, records, money owed, transcripts, petition to graduate, etc. It will make it much less frustrating in the end. Overall, for me the online education and flexibility that SNHU offer were great. I feel that the writing and lack of guidance has prepared me well for the next level of education. If you are looking for more structure, direction and handholding, it might not be the best fit. However, if you’re good a self-teaching, researching and writing great papers, I highly recommend SNHU."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Jasmine - 6/20/2019
Degree: Online Courses
Graduation Year: 2019
"Students BEWARE. Dont get sucker punched by SNHU.We are overwhelmed with so much busy work on a weekly basis. Unnecessary long hours lost reading ebooks youll not be able to print from. Poor outdated education. Old videos to watch. Timed discussion posts and heavily monitored and monitored graded responses. Freedom of speech is a joke at SNHU. This is poor quality administration and low grade instructors. Heed Warning. Dont put their name on your resume. They only want your money and try to register you 6 months out in advance to lock you into trimester financial commitments. Is not worth your time and efforts because each week is overloaded, flooded with assignments, worthless reading, essay papers galore without learning how to understand the material, and 3rd party links (I think the outside links are their affiliate way of making more money on us). No real teaching - trust me on this, instructors need to go back to school to learn how to speak to adult students. Ive received sarcastic, insulting remarks and challenges on my work performance, discussions, and personal opinions. I feel like Im in a Corrections Facility. Ive lost so much sleep working into early morning wee hours just to hand in work on time. Poor advisement because they cannot answer a question because theyre not allowed to tell you anything. They tell you to email your instructor. This is their solution to every problem when most the time the instructors are the problem. So what do we need them for? Ask a question and they tell you go to the Writing Center, and they dont respond with immediate needs - so you have to wait for their calendar availability. Library told me they couldnt answer my citation questions and I should go to the writing center. The worst customer/student service! Discussions are a joke theyre there to fill clock hours to supplement the time required by the State Department of Education to confer degrees! Does everyone who ever attended really successfully graduate from this not for profit, profit making school? I think the glorious reviews I read must be hired help. OMG what a mistake I made. In my opinion guys, Self-taught and life experience is the best education you can ever give to yourself. Way to go, pick up your baby and a camera and travel the world for a year. Youll get a wonderful cultural education to film and write about.I chose not to graduate from SNHU, early 2019 is when Ive recently left and have no regrets that I said goodbye except lost money, heavy loans.Save yourself grief find another school.Jasmine"
3.9 out of 5 stars
overall content - 6/20/2019
Graduation Year: 2019
"I am currently finishing my capstone at SNHU in Public Health. The program was not easy. I had to read an abundance of articles, make sure I completed my assignments on time and started them with the right amount of time depending on what I had going on. I am full time teacher and a full time mom and also continued to take courses while pregnant, went on vacations, holidays, etc. I made sure I printed things I needed if I wasn't going to have internet so that I may study on the road, I read the proper chapters, I even set time aside on a daily basis and a study plan so that I may be ahead. I did what I have to. Now, I understand many are stating the program it was very "read this" and get a grade. Well, in a brick and mortar school, that is exactly that, the difference is the application on the study of focus which the new program has at the end. I was grandfathered into the old Masters of Science of Public Health but the new Masters of Public Health contains an internship to help the study get the proper experience within their community and help transition to the career based on the degree attained. It was a bit pricey though."
1.2 out of 5 stars
Disapointed... - 6/14/2019
Degree: MBA in International Business
Graduation Year: 2019
"Disappointment in this school is an understatement. I was accepted to the MBA program, took two courses (earning a 4.0 in each class) and then was told their policies changed and my degree was no longer acceptable to their admissions standards. I was told I would have to take upwards of 11 undergrad courses to make me eligible for the MBA program. This is after I received a letter from SNHU stating all conditions had been removed from my record and i was accepted full time with no restrictions. Admissions staff are no help and I would truly recommend anyone thinking of taking an online degree to look elsewhere."
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