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Degree: Horticultural Science
Graduation Year: 2020

I would highly recommend any transfer student looking to finish getting their Bachelors degree to literarily goto any other university. I transferred in because my husband had a job change and so we had to move to West Texas. I wish I had just stayed in Houston and gone to to UH or moved to Austin and gone to UT or wish I had literarily done everything but come to this school. They basically told me my two year degree was null and void and are making me retake three years of school. When I graduate I will have over 168 credits and thats without a minor. This school is a money hungry, hustling machine. They tried to explain not all my courses transferred in and thats why I just wasn't meeting the requirements. Except that only one class did not transfer so 59 credits did transfer in. I've already completed 34 credits and they are forcing me to take another 70++ credits. That was of course after the advisor told me she thought I could finish school in under two years... yeah I can but I will need to take 38 credits for two years to do so. So my life is basically being 100% sacrificed to this school, just so I can get a decent job when I graduate ((maybe)). I'm an older student so I understand I wont be making a ton of friends or having a party life here. I'm okay with that! I'm not okay with the fact that the majority of students on property are rude, snobby, very religious. I think its incredibly inappropriate to approach anyone on a college campus and try to covert them to any religion but they do that here. Psycho church going, old men panhandle bibles on the property, and the college doesn't control it at all, so bibles are basically being thrown at your face. I get the whole free speech thing but if you aren't a student and you're setting up religious camp on a college campus maybe the college should do something about that. I had a group of what appeared to be sorority girls practically run me over to get into a building. Matter of fact students will constantly push their way past you. I saw a student shoulder bump a professor walking through campus and not even look back to see if she was alright. I would say some of the professors are helpful, others wouldn't know how to properly communicate instructions on assignments if the assignment bit them on their @$$. Students are constantly complaining, openly and during class, that the work is so hard or too much. Like why are you going to college then? So not the brightest or most ambitious group of kids here. And honestly the community colleges I attended previously the students appeared to be far more motivated than they are here. So many lazy, entitled students here. I've been in classes where people are cheating on exams and getting caught, which strangely never happened during the classes I took at community college, but here its happening on the regular. I had someone inappropriately try to touch me on a bus and reported the situation to campus police who told me I should have defended myself and I should continue to ride the bus next to the pervert and if it happened again they might be able to do something. They do NOT take college IDs for the buses that go off of campus and essentially let anyone ride on them. I find this to be a recipe for disaster. I wonder how many sexual assaults actually happen on this campus or how many creeps ride the bus???? Parking and walking.... I hope you have some Nikes because 90% of your journey through this school will literarily be walking 15mins from the parking lot to one class to another class and etc and thats if you get to actually park on campus. They care more about their football here than they do about academics hands down. They threaten to tow students on game day because their parking situation is inefficient. Traffic during game days is a nightmare for anyone taking night classes and needs to get to certain parking area. I hope I can save someone the trouble or headache of transferring to this school and making the mistakes I have. I let this school control my life and my time and my money. So if you're a transfer student.... don't walk from this school RUN!

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