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Robert Peachey
  • Reviewed: 9/30/2021
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"My wife attended the NP masters program at TWU after doing her BSN there. She was dismissed from the program after completing everything on 5/11. Not an ounce of sympathy or reasoning was shown during the appeals process. My wife works a covid floor with 6/1 patient load while raising two toddlers age 2-4. She completed her BSN while pregnant with our first. She will complete her MSN degree at another school in two years. I will never forget the lack of sympathy or consideration TWU nursing program under Mrs Manious showed."
  • Reviewed: 9/6/2021
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I was in their Nurse Practitioner Program. I also went here for my BSN. I left the FNP because they still have a pervasive bullying culture among their staff to students. I was called "unprofessional" by my professor Dr. Hannah for asking a question about how to turn in an assignment. Now, if that is "unprofessional" then I guess I don't know how to be professional even tho Im a float nurse who works at multiple hospitals for a large hospital system during a pandemic...Actually, their staff are unprofessional. I was addressed as "young lady" by the coordinator, and I corrected her, because I have not been called that since I was maybe 12 - Im 36 now. A full grown adult. Who pays my own tuition with the money I earned being a PROFESSIONAL. Stay away if you are normal, if you are a brown noser full-time student or something maybe its for you...Not for a masters level NP. It is a corrupt, bullying, unorganized mess of a program."
  • Reviewed: 8/24/2021
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"For the past 2 years I felt like I was living in hell. The people that run this program don’t even qualify at all. The program director and professors have so much tension going on and students can sense it. Professors only give out assignments that would take up your whole time (Koberna-very terrible and unprofessional) with her you’ll never have time to actually study to retain the material because they never bother to actually lecture. If they do lecture they just read the PowerPoint slides. The junior class clinic coordinator tells you information that’s not accurate and the books would state the complete opposite ( spoonts the most evil and racist person I’ve ever met in my life), yet we were stuck with her for a year and a half. Majority of the time she would talk about personal life instead of giving a lecture! So lazy and won’t post your grades for exams until the last week of the semester so she can drop and mess with your letter grade however she wants! The program director is a great listener but doesn’t bother to change or improve anything you mention to her because you don’t matter after all it’s all about money and business! We had to pay for our own PPE spring the pandemic. In all of the classes that I took here I had to go home and read the books to teach myself, I was paying tons of money to teach myself!!! The only people that knew what they were doing and actually gave beneficial lectures were the pharmacology and radiology professors. This program have so many unnecessary requirements and they make us do fundraisers on top of the stressful classes we’re in, we had to go to an annual session that’s located about 5 hours away and YET PAID for gas, food and stay. On top of all that we had so many assignments due during the time of the trip. Professors are so unorganized and DON’T even qualify to teach! They don’t care and they tell you that in your face that they DON’T care.They make you feel like a prisoner on campus I never felt like I was actually in school because it felt like a prison. They talk to you with disrespect make you feel like you’re nothing! If you meet with them they only make you feel and look stupid. Did I say that they pick favorites too?! I wish I applied to Texas A&M or even an associate degree better than the TWU dental hygiene. Don’t apply here, trust me when I said HELL I meant it! If this program was ran by actual men maybe it would’ve been much better, most previous students I’ve talked too had the same issues that I had to deal with and some of them graduated over 7 years ago. We had to buy phosphor plate that we never used and now that I graduated no body wants to buy them yet the school had the guts to ask us to donate them. I never had experienced this before with any of the schools that I’ve attended. I never hated school as much as I do now! It’s simply a scam or a trap I got myself into, I wish I knew this before applying!!!"
  • Reviewed: 8/23/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"Its refreshing hearing from the Dental Health students. I went here for my BSN and the teachers Definately had pets and favorites. I was low income and had to commute so I was not one of them. They are very rich students and they will rub it in that you cannot afford an apartment etc. One even called me a “charity case”. This culture is accepted by everyone. A lot of the best students graduated and never worked just got married. The teachers in graduate school are at times unprofessional. Dr Hannah today told me I was being biased towards race when I described my filipino partner’s culture. They are all like that - very insensitive. Thats sad for a nursing school of all things. Its really like a 1950s torture mentality that makes it a very bad experience to learn - like the student is always wrong - even if I have a 3.7 gpa. Im now stuck in this program and if I miss one clinical placement they will force me to retake two classes from my first semester because they will be “six years old”, even if I were to still graduate in the sixth year - it doesnt matter to them. They are all about money honey not the individual - a torturous place to get a degree."
Not me
  • Reviewed: 8/23/2021
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"The instructors are completely disorganized and instructions for everything are written in like five different fonts. There is no one who seems to be in charge - I had no advisor for two years and no one told me. They will not answer basic questions like can I switch to online program - theres no leadership. I feel like Im stuck in a program that doesnt fit my needs. Its too far now to transfer and I hate it. The teachers are disrespectful at times even in class. They treat you like youre nothing which is veryu professional."
Tailyn Haeeis
  • Reviewed: 7/20/2021
  • Degree: Chemistry
"Do not enroll here or take classes at this university!!!!!!! They don’t care about there students success, and will charge you for literally everything, it’s definitely not worth it. They don’t care about what about during COVID-19 and they don’t care about family issues. Literally a scaming school just trying to take your money, your better off going somewhere else, the teachers aren’t even adequate . If I could 0 stars !"
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2021
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"My time in the TWU dental hygiene program can only be described in two words, life changing. I had my share of ups and downs but each experience helped mold me into a confident and capable dental hygienist. This program not only provides its share of intellectual challenges but also an environment that fosters student success. The faculty and curriculum more than prepare one for the professional world. TWU's dental hygiene program is overall an excellent place to learn this craft and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to enter the dental hygiene career."
DH student
  • Reviewed: 12/14/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"This is the most stressful thing I've done in my life. The professors make it even worst. SO called program director Dickinson does not know how to handle the situations and only shouts in students face without any reason. She makes us do stupid and unnecessary things just to keep us busy. If the students try to put a point forward, she just shuts them out without even trying to understand. What's the point of a director/advisor if she is not willing to hear the students out and only giving stupid orders. On top of that she wants students to go out in community during pandemic to do a project. The community is not willing to accept mass of people but if only Dicksinson's brain would understand, it would help us. Now, she is obsessed with face to face class in the middle of pandemic. When we tried to ask her to make lecture based class online to reduce the risk, she does not want to listen. And, if somebody gets sick, she sends a group of people home, so how is that fair. She says that if you have you KN95 mask on, you will be safe, so why are people still falling sick. being in close proximity in class increases the risk, and she needs to understand we live with our family and us getting into risk increases the risk for our family too. Doing a face to face class does not really help students because the professor do not even lecture about the related topic. All we do is self study even with their lectures. So, why not just self study right from the beginning. Plus, a lot of professor and students had to stay under quarantine, so she needs to understand that we should try our best to reduce the exposure. Just because they do not know how to use technology and they cannot shout on students, does not give her the authority to do whatever she wants. As a director, she should do things that benefits the students, not her."
  • Reviewed: 12/11/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"If the previous reviews didn’t make it clear, this program is a chaotic mess. They’re so strict with us buying our own PPE (which other schools provide), yet there’s dead roaches and bugs everywhere scattered throughout the clinic. During the COVID pandemic, we had to buy our own N95 masks when A&M provided it for their students. TWU didn’t even help with providing a source where we could get it from!! It’s embarrassing how busted up and raggedy this clinic looks while charging $40-$120 for a cleaning. TCC is about $20 for a cleaning and the clinic is much more presentable. Any program other than this is better. The program director (Dickenson) is scatterbrained and doesn’t hold herself accountable for everything that she changes around last minute and makes difficult for the students. The junior clinic coordinator (Spoonts) is basically the stereotypical villain and will tear you down just for her sick satisfaction. This place is a nightmare."
  • Reviewed: 11/11/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"Professor Grassi is just horrible. Not only she doesn’t know how to teach she is also rude with students and always speaks to them without any respect as if we’re below her. On the other hand, Spoonts is so unorganized and just can’t reach what makes her think reading the PowerPoint is teaching! We could read on our own what’s the point of lecture is she is just gonna read for us! Calling students out on camera if there is light reflecting or something she is psycho! I regret applying here"
  • Reviewed: 11/2/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"Professor grassi is one of the worse people ever. One student will ask something gets a complete different response from her than what she gave to another student for the same exact question. This last tells multiple students many different things she is been teaching my class wrong the whole summer. Expect to learn nothing from her. And spoonts just had mood swings she grades based on her feelings and on her mood for the day. She had no heart at all! Complaining doesn’t do anything, class evaluations are a joke no changes will be made based on students opinions and feedback."
  • Reviewed: 10/4/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"This is the worse environment for an education. The most unorganized place, miss communication between staff and other staff, between staff and students. They pick favorites, more of white privileged. Spoonts is only there to destroy her students mentally health. She steps on students however she wants and no one was able to stop her! Just because she knows the chancellor. Very toxic environment only while students get away with things while minorities gets stepped on. Go to Texas A&M or TCC since they actually know the true meaning behind professionalism. What does this TWU know about ethics and justice NOTHING!!!!"
Asher smith
  • Reviewed: 9/13/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"The management is so unprofesssional and always keep changing things!! They dont care about students. Some teachers keeps grudge with students if we complaint against them. That is wrong, they should improve instead of taking revenge with students. Ive personally known people who have been depressed from being in dental hygenist program."
A student
  • Reviewed: 7/14/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"Don’t apply to this program! Waste of money,mental health, and nothing but disrespect to students! Professors don’t teach! They’re very unorganized.. one professor doesn’t GradE exams or anything till the last week of the semester. You never know where you stand in her class. She posts assignments last minute and expect it to be done on time! Blames everything on canvas, lectures are nothing but a waste of time, you will not learn anything we had to teach ourself by reading the books! And they made us buy a lot of unnecessary books that we didn’t even touch.. the past 2 years were nothing but stress and torture! Expect exams to be from different chapters instead of the assigned chapters, on some questions not to be mentioned in the books at all! They damaged my mental health and treated us as if were inferior. They pick favorites and Good communications doesn't not exist at this TWU hygiene. Program. 2 professors would email one person and expect that person to pass the news to the rest of the class. I wish I went somewhere else instead I would’ve saved money and myself from this toxic environment! If I think about continuing to with the masters program I’ll know for sure to choose another school. TWU never again!"
  • Reviewed: 7/3/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"Each review on here about the TWU dental hygiene program describes how I exactly feel about this program!! It’s crazy how these reviews are popping out now. When I applied to this program there were no reviews so I had to do it blindly with so much hope. I was very excited that I was already halfway going towards my dream! Then the first semester starts and boooom! All my dreams crashed and I had to deal with such professors in such a negative environment! I still can believe that such behavior still exist. Very disrespectful, very rude, no manner, and don’t qualify to teach! The whole time I was there I felt like someone was literally sitting on top of my chest. Anxiety and feeling hopeless were with me the whole time. These professors only exist to destroy your mental health. Why?! I couldn’t figure out why they behaved the way they did with us! Save your mental health and stay happy by applying somewhere else! Being here isn’t worth it!! TCC is way better...."
  • Reviewed: 7/3/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"The most unorganized, unprofessional, environment to be in. I had the worse experience at this place for straight 2 years. Very disrespectful and unethical professors. They just don’t know how to lecture and the exams are heavy and you basically teach yourself in every class. Why pay tons of money to do so? Beside that talking to them only makes things worse they hold grudges and pick favorites. If you say something or make a comment or complain it’s gonna effect your grades! Be careful! They’re so good at disrespecting you and deducting points. I’m glad it’s over and hopefully time will heal me... I got into a severe depression for 2 full years. They humiliate you and disrespect you like your nothing. Needs better management and professors that actually qualify to teach. Complaining don’t make a difference cause they back up each other. Course evaluations don’t change a thing... students are afraid and just gave up on their rights!"
  • Reviewed: 7/1/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"I had high hopes very early on in my college education to be accepted into this program, but now I wish I had looked into other programs more. While I understand we are required to find our own patients, we were severely limited in how we advertised about the clinic. How can I find patients for my education when I can not advertise on social media? It was suggested that you speak to people and pass out flyers, but with the rigorous schedule and the amount of self-teaching that is required for courses it was next to impossible. It took a lot of pestering for the director to finally look into advertising through the school for our program. The program director is chaotic and will preach about being a "trail blazer" in the profession, but doesn't listen when we offer suggestions for improvements or changes. How can we trail blaze the profession when you are not taking us seriously as students? The program director often sends announcements of important information through one student and once we are all thoroughly confused, we then receive an email of information late in the evening or middle of the night. During my interview, they asked if I was comfortable taking online classes, then they proceeded to change every class to an on-campus class... many of those classes would have been just fine if they had stayed online. I think they seriously just changed the classes from online to in-person because many of the professors can not use technology. We are an evidenced-based profession, which means many things can change as new evidence is discovered, if you can keep up with the changes in your profession then you should be able to watch a tutorial to learn how to use basic computer functions. Overall, I found this program to be very disorganized, stressful, financially draining, and emotionally draining."
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"I am going to be really honest here. Just DON'T DO IT. If you want to be a good hygienist, TWU is not for you. So unorganized and unprofessional. The classes were a complete waste of time, they do not teach you anything, and expect you to know it all. Basically everything we learned was self taught. The assignments and test are something else. They assign you coursework like you do not have a life, and do the assignments help you prepare for the exam? Definitely NO. They do not even grade the assignments until the end of semester, and at the end they just throw you off with a low grade. And do they clarify the reason for the grade? NO, you still have to email them to which they would not reply. There is no communication between the professor and student. Everytime they email you, just be ready for surprise (not a good one). They make unnecessary changes and email you at the last moment, like around 12 midnight or 5 in the morning, and expect us to be ready at 8 in the morning. You do not live a normal life in this program. NO sleep. Even after studying 24/7 and giving your 100%, the result is a joke. They will constantly pressurize you and make you feel stupid. If you do not know something and ask them, they will make you feel stupid for not knowing the content. I knew dental hygiene is tough, and I was ready to work hard for it, but the professors suck out all the positivity. If you are accepted in any other college, do yourself a huge favor and go to other school. Even any community college is better than this. Atleast it will save you financially. OH yes! also they make you buy unwanted books, materials, equipments that you do not ever use."
  • Reviewed: 5/4/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"This program is the most unorganized and unprofessional environment I've ever been in. The program director often sends class announcements through 1 student to pass the information on to the whole class, which is incredibly unprofessional. The lack of communication between faculty and students is astounding and unacceptable. The professors do not treat any students with any respect. In-person classes were a huge waste of time because there was never any teaching and I had to go home and learn the material on my own. We are often spoken down to and treated as if we are less than. It is too expensive and they expect students to pay for their own supplies and equipment. The program forces students to attend an annual dental hygiene meeting in another city far away and our hotel, food, and gas is expected to be at our own expense. I've spent thousands of dollars during this program when I know that other dental hygiene programs have a far better education and are much cheaper. Had I known how I would be treated and the major expense prior to acceptance into this program, I would have never applied in the first place. For anyone who wants to apply to the TWU Dental Hygiene program, DO NOT DO IT! An associates degree at a community college or Texas A&M is far better than this toxic waste dump."
  • Reviewed: 3/10/2020
  • Degree: Dental Hygiene
"The professors in this program can’t teach they talk about their personal life throughout lecture and then you get to read and self study and teach yourself. They’re such tough graders and the exams are nothing but a joke! One professor you expect to get tested over anything but the books I still couldn’t figure out her puzzle like where in hell does she get those questions from! For sure anywhere but the assigned chapters she is too lazy to check the exam questions before printing out the exams and yet if you try to explain your point of view she basically make look stupid. Classes get added each semester that the previous class didn’t have to take. It’s just a mess. If your thinking about applying here or if you already applied go with another option I fee sorry for the upcoming classes they live is going to suck for 2 years! Did I say it’s way too expensive and more classes gets added to increase your tuition? Yeah that’s right! Very unprofessional and unorganized"