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  • Annual Tuition: $17,410 - $19,354
50% of 9 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Multimedia Design

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  • Reviewed: 12/21/2016
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"Attended from October 2012-December 2015. While I did learn many valuable skills there were some pretty awful factors about attending this school. Poorly organized, Over priced, Poor housing conditions, little to any career advances. Basically everything promised to the students to get them to attend were lies. The skills I did obtain were very much appreciated but I could've gotten the same for far cheaper."
  • Reviewed: 4/20/2015
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"They make you feel very welcome. When I first spoke to them at an open house, they seemed really excited at the idea of me applying to them, and I did. I was accepted very quickly, they didn't look at my portfolio or my transcripts, and I hadn't even gotten out of the initial interview with them before the admissions rep told me I was in. Well, fast forward a year. I took a leave of absence after the first semester, because the quarterly fees were bleeding me dry ($600 dollars every two/three months, on top of having to spend about $200 on supplies for several classes,) and I had other health reasons to focus on. It's been six months since then, and when I tried to get a forbearance on my loans to give me more time, they told me they couldn't. One semester, and I have about $16k in student debt. 9/10 times, the instructors don't give a shit about you. I had one instructor fail me because he didn't grade my final. I've dropped classes because the instructor refused to help me. It is a glorified business school with an outrageous price tag that "specializes" in art. Do not go here. Please, do not give these greedy bastards anymore money. If it wasn't so expensive, more specialized, and hired teachers that actually worked in the fields they were teaching, it wouldn't be half bad."
mike schreiner
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2015
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"My experience at this school was not pleasent. I had a lot of conflict with the financial department, limited access to equipment that is required to get class assignments done, not to mention the bad condition to the beat up library books. Instructors who teach there is the only good thing about this school."
  • Reviewed: 2/27/2015
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"My experience at the art institute of Philly was not a please tell one. BEWARE NEW STUDENTS, this school does not supple you with very basic equipment in some classrooms like printable white paper and evan a mouse for the computers. This huge corporate chain school clearly shows no concern with properly suppling their students with. Don't let the admission advisor fool you, they don't care for your secuss or goals you have."
Mariluz Valentin
  • Reviewed: 8/28/2014
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"At first I was excited to go to this school because I enjoy animation and drawing so I thought to myself Ill pay my debt when I have a good job with my degree. Wrong. This school didnt help me at all this school has ruined everything and now I owe the biggest debt ever that I had in my life considering it my very first which means I cant get a good job or go to another school and wont be able to live in my own place thanks to the art institute. The financial aid is a joke and they are no help disapointed me and will never enter that school for any reason what so ever."
  • Reviewed: 8/8/2014
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"I am halfway through my Bachelor of Fine Art in Media Arts and Animation at The Art Institute of Atlanta. Whereas, I can agree with some of the posts here regarding the fact that Ai allows under achievers in, I have also been challenged, and learned a great deal more than I had ever previously learned at 2 other community colleges. I have had instrustors who have doen work on major motion picture,s, and I have been diligent, and accountable enough to my studies, and to the impression I leave on my faculty. This is because I take responsibility for my own success, and do not complain about a school or take all the credit when I succeed. I work full time to pay for my degree, and in my opinion, AiAtlanta is exactly where I want my Degree from. Anyone who talks down an Art Institute is either too lazy to do the work, or was not talented and let themself belive they were, or had family lie to them, and say they were. Admissions at a tech college like Ai is not qualified to even ask for your portfolio, so if you suck at drawing, or are not driven to succeed, then yes, stay away from AI. But I have met way too many successful grads, and faculty around the college at this point to sit back and let haters slam my College."
  • Reviewed: 7/31/2014
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"I graduated with honors. After graduating, the career adviser did precious little in giving me leads for potential jobs. Once I expressed my concern over the lack of interest, he offered a small amount of leads. In a six month time, he might have suggested 10 opportunities. Six months after my graduation, he send an email stating that the new grads take precedent over those of us still looking for a job in our field. After four years and thousands upon thousands of dollars, these people are quick to cut graduates loose after six months."
Glen Miyamura
  • Reviewed: 7/9/2014
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience pursuing my degree in Media Arts and Animation at The Art Institute of Seattle. It was an amazing time with great teachers and wonderful friends, all sharing and pursuing the same passion."
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2013
  • Degree: Multimedia Design
"Reading all of the negative comments from people complaining about the online courses and finding fault in everyone BUT themselves for not making the most of their education choices are just lazy. Complain and whine all you want. Bottom line is that it is the student who needs to make the most of it. Those who say "It was easy at first, then it got more difficult" really have no idea what they got into. OF COURSE IT GETS HARDER, that is what separates truly talented individuals with those that think "anyone can do it". I worked hard and I have never been below the Dean's list. Art is about passion and drive. Did I have a teacher I did not see eye-to-eye with? Definitely. Am I going to blame the Art Institute for any of my shortcomings? No. It is so easy to place the blame on others for your own problems, but guess what? If you do not apply yourself and work hard, you have nobody to blame but yourself."