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  • Annual Tuition: $12,336
72% of 255 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
Mike - 12/20/2019
Degree: Information Systems
Graduation Year: 2018
"UMUC or UMGC is an outstanding university for those who are retire, active duty military or reserve. Flexible courses and staff always there to support their students, locally or abroad. If you compare any University System of Maryland to any other university system I’m sure MD will most likely supersede it. Their investment in higher educational resources makes them hard to compete with! Education cost money for anyone who doesn’t know, so for those who complains about financial department issues. I want to make it clear for future students that issues with the finance department and the quality of education are two totally different categories."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Dec2019Grad - 12/15/2019
Degree: Human Resources
Graduation Year: 2019
"UMGC (formally UMUC) was great and for the most part quite easy to maneuver. I'm not completely sure what all of these negative reviews are in regards to. I'll make this short and sweet... UMGC is what you make o fit. If you have an issue, reach out to the school, be persistent, take accountability and get your degree(s)."
1.3 out of 5 stars
Dodged a Bullet - 9/30/2019
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2019
"The only class I completed at the school was the Graduate Studies class that is required for all Master's programs. This class was extremely easy. Got an A very easily. I've outlined the course structure below. This class was 0 credit hours so I didn't know what to expect, but I think it was a good class for those that haven't written an essay in a very very long time. There was no lecture and no textbooks. All materials were online YouTube videos and how to's in the online library..etc. I think this is fine for this particular class, but I'm so glad I discovered this website before I took my next class. If your program (graduate or undergraduate) is something technical like Cybersecurity THE COURSE CONTENT SHOULD INVOLVE TECHNICAL SKILLS AND NOT CONTINUOUSLY WRITING ESSAYS. Writing ability is important. However, people who work in this field do not spend their ENTIRE time writing research essays. There has to be some technical knowhow. This blew my mind. My program is Health Informatics Administration so I know there's no hope for me. I'm not going to learn any programming languages by writing essays. I was expecting to supplement my programming skills outside of this graduate program after getting the basics from class. I now know this would not have been the case and I would have been very disappointed. This degree program is useless even though it's accredited. I'm now applying to a brick and mortar school in my state that has a good reputation. And I'm going for straight up Health Informatics (still totally online). Thank you everyone for writing your reviews! It saved me so much money! I only spent $50 for the application fee, $75 for the one class I took (because it's 0 credit hours), and now however much for my transcript for said class so I can apply to a real school and get a Master's degree that holds true value. I'm sorry for those that actually spent thousand of dollars at this school. Course Structure: First week was a discussion assignment. You had to make a post and reply to two other students. The second week was a 500 word essay draft. Third week was turning in the final version of the essay. Fourth week was 1,000 word essay draft. Fifth week was turning in the final version of the essay. Sixth week was another discussion assignment of the same format, but different topic. Again...there was no lecture and no textbooks. All materials were online YouTube videos and how to's in the library..etc."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Jourdan Wooden - 9/26/2019
Degree: Communications
Graduation Year: 2019
"UMUC was great in a lot of respects, but it certainly had limitations. My degree was very project-oriented, which worked well for my learning style. But I took a handful of classes which were more reliant on readings for learning, and those were a lot tougher. I'm sure there are some people out there who can learn from a textbook, but I need either a lecture or a project. If you're close to a campus, the hybrid classes work very nicely, but are offered in the evening and tend to have a more middle-aged crowd. (That's probably a plus if you're doing classes on top of your full-time job, but if you're in the just-out-of-high-school age range and looking for a full-time University, this might be a turn off.) I will say, there were a number of people in my program who were very talented and applied themselves. There were also a handful of people who seemed entirely inept and I'm amazed they were allowed to continue and graduate. I feel like I did get a lot out of my degree, but I worry that its value is lower as a result of people using UMUC as a diploma farm. I don't know if that's fair of the entire school or just my program, but it was real. My major classes were largely creative, yet the grading systems were set up to reward participation and effort more than skill; at a certain point, is that what you want? (If the answer is yes, this is definitely the school for you!) One more thing that's worth noting: something like 90% of UMUC professors are adjuncts. This means that a lot of them are fantastic, and some of them are terrible. Might be worth a Google search before you register for a class."
3.1 out of 5 stars
Current Sailor & Student - 9/10/2019
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2021
"Communication and feedback is a big issue at UMUC. Some people will help you to the best of their abilities when you call and others will rush you off the phone with promises to "send you an email regarding your issue" and never will. While deployed in 2017 I took 3 classes from a different college. In 2019, I was accepted to UMUC, and I transferred those credits and all 9 credits were accepted. I recently switched majors due to personal reasons, and that's when everything went downhill! For some reason, 1 of the 3 previously accepted class credits disappeared from my AAR leaving me with only 6. When I notified UMUC they acted as if I NEVER had the credit transferred and accepted for the class in the first place, and suggested I RESEND my transcripts to receive credit. However, ALL 3 classes were on the SAME transcript. Due to their error while changing my major, I had to contact my previous school AGAIN and receive a new transcript. Once UMUC received the transcript and reviewed it, they never even notified me. I had to call them to find out it was received 7 days prior and that the investigation was still pending. I refuse to retake a class and spend money I don't have, when I already received credit for this course. Until now, my experience with UMUC has always been positive. I hope they resolve this matter promptly and accurately because if not, I will transfer somewhere else."
2.9 out of 5 stars
Khinna Kaminske - 9/10/2019
Degree: Communications
Graduation Year: 2015
"After deciding to go back to college and change careers, I enrolled in Graphic Communications at UMUC. I earned my BA degree, graduating cum laude, in 2015. Most of the upper-level instructors were seasoned professionals who brought their unique knowledge to the course. As with brick and mortar classes, some were more talented than others. The better ones were well organized, gave assignments based on real-world scenarios and were readily available to answer my questions and give extra help when I needed it. I started the program overseas in the Asian division and transferred to the US for most of the 400 and some 300 levels courses. I do recall a terrible time with one graphic communication course. This was mostly due to the instructor, but it was also as if the curriculum jumped from beginning to advanced with no mid-level. I was lost from the start, so I dropped the course (along with over half the class) hoping to sign up with a different instructor the following term. His class was still the only one that I could get for 2 more terms, so I felt my only option was to take a different class and not get the advanced programming that I felt I needed. Apparently, the school noticed because they finally replaced him and he was only teaching beginning programming courses. Overall the graphic communications did teach me the basic and foundations of design. However, it wasnt up to par with an advanced industry. Most of the content, we were sent to watch the tutorial on other platforms, instead of actual teacher instruction. We were making designs for print when the industry was evolving into Facebook and other social media platforms. I was able to do the upper-division course while working for a marketing team. The best training I got was working in an office from a senior graphic designer, so Im grateful that I had the opportunity to get real-life training."
2.1 out of 5 stars
Abdulrazak Williams - 8/28/2019
Degree: Management
Graduation Year: 2017
"I actually never wanted to go to a accredited college to begin with but my family insisted that I still needed guidance when it came to disability (autism). So I grudgingly gave in. The classes were okay but the tuition was driving me crazy and had to take out loans and grants and pay out of pocket. There was no support system for people like me. No one informed me that I needed internships to gain more experience and boost from the other candidates. I had to figure things out my own. I wasn’t passionate my major anyway. I did it for the value of the dollar and because my agent insisted I needed to do something practical that will help them get me a job similar to that major. UMUC was fine but just wasn’t for me."
4.3 out of 5 stars
OlderStudent - 8/16/2019
Graduation Year: 2019
"The school was convenient for me being an older student with a young family. I honestly did not know what to expect but after attending I noticed it was a decent education and most of the topics were relevant to trends in cyber security. I have attended brick and mortar schools and found that they were slow to adopt new technology and I was left learning things that no longer applied in the real world. Upon graduation with a combination of experience, certs, and my diploma I landed several offers and ended up working for a fortune 500 company. The rare times I had problems the staff was really understanding and I had no problem getting advice from academic counselors. It's really hard to go back to school as an older student, there's some social stigma and it's hard to make time. UMUC really worked out for me. I have no comment about the financial services, since my tuition was paid for by my previous employer."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Monica Sloane - 8/1/2019
Degree: Communications
Graduation Year: 2019
"This school has the biggest issue with communication. Calls are not recorded and if you need to reference a previous issue make sure you record that call yourself or take notes. I was a part of the government shut down and faced many hardships there after. Not only did I sign up for the payment arrangement on this issue I even had to extend my request so I can finish my last two classes of my degree program since my grandmother passed the week before graduation and my son was sick in the hospital last month. I was open and transparent with the school on my concerns and called in many times awaiting guidance for my updated payment plan so I can pay for my last two classes and register for the fall. Today, I get an email saying that they are going to send my account to collections and that there is a 17% interest rate added to it! How is this even possible? Because they dont record phone calls and the rep- Paul Mitchell in collections had no care for my concern and was very dismissive. If someone is already on the process of attempting to resolve the account and the school still doesnt want to help with this issue, thats a sign to not even bother. The major disappointment also follows with the fact that I have documentation on this issue and they still did not want to assist with this matter. The school promotes higher learning but fail to educate their staff on interpersonal relationships, organization and communication. Its sad that it promotes higher education but faults you when you cant even afford tuition due to the hardships you have faced and openly discussed with them. Im two classes shy of a degree and have been prevented from even registering for classes because of the lack of interfaith and communication. It makes no sense on how people with high school diplomas and lack of training have authority over something as sensitive as an educational account for higher learning. DO NOT GO HERE!"
1.6 out of 5 stars
AN ARMY SOLDIER - 7/31/2019
Degree: Communications
Graduation Year: 2020
"UMUC has got to be the worse school I've ever attended. I went to two colleges previously and left due to family health issues. After joining the military I figured online schooling would be the better option which it definitely has been regarding time. The instructors have been tolerable and the work at least enjoyable. HOWEVER THE FINANCIAL AID DEPARTMENT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. During the summer semester I must've placed over twelve calls regarding my EARNED scholarships before I finally received the following answer "There is a scholarship blackout. We are revamping our scholarships." My immediate answer was so no one thought to tell the students with an email or phone call? On top of that, by the time they awarded the scholarships, after their intitial representatives swore it would be 7-10 days out before classes started, if you were on a payment plan you only were allowed 2 payment cycles to pay almost 1K. So students paid for their lack of communication and ability to actually award the scholarships. Not just that but before removing their scholarships off the site, you could qualify for them such as the President's scholarship (I qualified for) and be told you dont qualify. The President's scholarship as listed on their site requires you actually making the president's list with a 3.5 GPA or higher, yet they award based on shady practices.FINALLY today was the last straw for me. I received an email stating they never received my TA payment for the spring semester of 2019....IT IS NOW THE FALL OF 2019. So they waited for me to be two semesters away from graduating to bill me for another 750 on top of the 950 i'm paying for the last payment for my summer semester on A PAYMENT THAT HAPPENED IN MARCH! Once again, they are trying to make students PAY for their mistakes. I am looking at my TA payment right here in my hand and the class has been paid for so I'm gearing up to fight UMUC because it is RIDICULOUS. GET IT TOGETHER UMUC! This college has been a NIGHTMARE. Avoid this SCHOOL, go to Devry or Phoenix. You will regret it."