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3.87 out of 5 stars
(62 Reviews)
  • Denton (TX)
  • Annual Tuition: $20,812
84% of 62 students said this degree improved their career prospects
92% of 62 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
Brittany Toomer - 3/30/2017
Degree: Biology
Graduation Year: 2016
"University of North Texas initially caught my eye because of its close proximity to my hometown of Dallas, Texas. I was also persuaded by my mother and my aunt who are both proud alumni of the university. Along with the fairly low cost of attendance, I was sold. I was headed to UNT. When I entered college, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher so I was certain that I would be majoring in education. However, because I wanted to teach secondary education, I needed to major in my subject of choice. This led me to focus more on the sciences which was one of the best decisions I could've made. Initially, I had very positive experiences with UNT. After my first semester ending in a 4.0 GPA standing, I was certain that this was the school for me and that I'd made the correct decision. Once the second semester started, I received an email stating that I could not return to the campus unless I'd paid off my housing debt. I was stunned - housing debt? What debt? I had accumulated over $3,000 of debt from merely staying in my assigned dorm. UNT had a policy in 2011 (which they have since eliminated) where the financial aid only paid for tuition. You would receive a financial aid refund and were to pay for housing manually with the refund, presumably. This policy wasn't explained to me during orientation nor my first semester. I later discovered I only received one email per month reminding me to pay the housing bill of $811. As a new college freshman and barely 18 year old, this obligation was tremendous, in my opinion. Needless to say, I couldn't afford to pay off the $3,000 debt by the next semester so I was released from my academic duties that next year. The debt went to a collection agency where they added an additional $800 just for processing. I left UNT for 2 years and attended community college during that time. I obtained my first job in Fall 2012 and paid a small portion of the debt as often as I could. I ended up obtaining another job and worked these two jobs for months until the debt was paid in full. I returned to UNT in Fall 2014 only because the majority of my college credits were at this institution. I was quite livid with UNT after this situation but I was determined to finish what I started. I no longer stayed on campus but rather commuted from Dallas via bus and train for the next two years. I wasn't able to participate in many school activities or clubs because of my frequent absence from campus. However, I did want to participate in something before my tenure at UNT ended. I started a honor society at UNT and we participated in Homecoming 2015. It was a great experience. Although I had some great times at UNT, the initial leaving in 2012 left a bitter taste in my mouth even to this day. UNT was very unsympathetic in the situation; in fact, many of the students I met my freshman year were also kicked out for the very same reason and never returned (or I never saw them again). Furthermore, despite my good grades, I only received a $1,000 general scholarship which I no longer qualified for after the debt situation. Yet, during my time at UNT, they were able to build a new football stadium and union building - which I'm sure totaled millions of dollars. (But they couldn't give their high-performing students some scholarships?) Also, many of the professors in my degree program were tenured which meant that regardless of their teaching performance, they would have their jobs. In my experience, these weren't always the best professors. My degree program was Biology with an emphasis on Secondary Education. I do thank UNT for that opportunity because not many colleges offered Teacher's Certification along with Biological Sciences emphasis as an undergraduate student. Overall, the activities at UNT are great from Homecoming to pep rallies to football games. However, when it comes to the students' academics, it seems that they are very hands-off. Not many funding opportunities, not the greatest teachers (at least in the Biology degree plan), and they literally charge for everything. You would think something in the tuition would pay for some of these things. It is important to note that UNT is located in Denton, a small country town in Texas, so UNT is very much a "collegetown"-type of campus. It is rumored that UNT is trying to compete with other Tier 1 schools like UT Austin and Texas A & M. So, they spend lots of money on their sports programs (hence the new football field) - which aren't the best. To make a long story short, they charge a lot to compensate for these programs and they definitely could be more understanding with certain situations...particularly mine. However, I am grateful for my degree and I expect it to bring forth many more opportunities not afforded to me previously."
4.2 out of 5 stars
Hiba - 3/28/2017
Degree: Human Services
Graduation Year: 2013
"The University of Texas was great school- challenging, diverse and located in a great vibrant city. I started out with a Biology major then switched over to Human Development and Family Sciences when I decided I didn't want to be confined to a biology-related career only. It was a great decision and one I don't regret. HDFS was a cool major- combined the social sciences together into one. I decided to continue my education after, but many of my friends found jobs right after. Great major if you're thinking of doing pre-med or pre-pharm."
4.7 out of 5 stars
Ashlee C. Castro - 3/28/2017
Degree: Military Science
Graduation Year: 2011
"The University of North Texas was an excellent choice for both degrees, psychology & education. From start to finish, advisors and professors were there to help with everything: financial aid, schedule/degree planning, course load, and even general concerns. I could not have asked for a better school, a better city, or a better degree plan for what I wanted to accomplish. One of the greatest aspects of college life in Denton was the constant push to be great. The entire city os full of people (in and out of the campus) that thrive on success."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Susan M Howland - 3/28/2017
Degree: Fine Arts
Graduation Year: 2010
"My college curriculum at University of North Texas was a very well rounded, and challenging course of study. the very high standards in the Studio Art department transformed my artistic & design abilities to a new, and pleasantly surprising level. I was so happy with the outcome, & level of the work I produced upon graduation."
4.8 out of 5 stars
Liz - 3/23/2017
Degree: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2017
"I didn't want to attend UNT when I first got accepted but it was one of the greatest decisions of my life. I absolutely love campus and it helps when you choose to get involved. You'll meet so many people and make so many awesome memories. The classes were challenging enough but not so challenging I felt like I was constantly drowning in work. It definitely taught me more about time management!"
4.0 out of 5 stars
Kyla P. - 3/21/2017
Degree: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2016
"The University of North Texas (UNT) enable me to grow tremendously! While the university if mainly known for music, it still has a plethora of talented and experienced professors in other program areas. UNT gave me the opportunity to study abroad, which completely reshaped my undergraduate career. The development I gain both my study abroad trip and on-campus at UNT prepares me for the work I am pursuing at the graduate level."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Olivia Sanchez - 3/19/2017
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2014
"I didn't think I was going to like UNT but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! The diversity on campus, in both ethnicity and thought, greatly impacted my life. I fell that I have more tolerance and understanding of others because I got to meet so many different people. Classes were difficult and challenging. I loved all my professors and felt like I could talk to them if I ever had any questions. I would highly recommend UNT to anyone."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Amy Kessler - 3/13/2017
Degree: Communications
Graduation Year: 2017
"This university was great as a whole. I was a commuter student and drove 40 miles to school everyday and it was well worth it. The parking was acceptable and for the most part I found spots. But what stood out to me was that My department took a vested, personal interest in me. I received amazing career, academic, and personal advice from competent and friendly professors and advisors."
4.7 out of 5 stars
Natalie - 3/8/2017
Degree: Fitness Trainer
Graduation Year: 2015
"The University of North Texas was a great school. The Department of Education faculty was hands on and always available to speak with me regarding classwork, future career options, etc. The classes were small enough where my professors were able to get to know me and help me on a personal level. I was able to work in the exercise physiology lab on a research study as a research assistant. I was also able to work as an assistant to the Sports Pedagogy Department. Overall, I had a great learning experience inside and outside the classroom at UNT."
4.8 out of 5 stars
Eric Garces - 3/6/2017
Degree: Music
Graduation Year: 2015
"My undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas at Denton not only were enjoyable, but also very motivational. I could not help but reminisce the past semesters and how remarkable they were. Being a Music Major, I studied at the College of Music at UNT. The campus was gorgeous, there was always an event scheduled everyday for your entertainment. The concerts were held at Voertman Hall and the glorious Murchison Performing Arts Center. Not only the classes were great, but the Professors were great, too. They've always been helpful, encouraging and inspirational. I cannot stress enough how amazing that university is."