University of Phoenix Reviews of Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

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  • Annual Tuition: $9,552
73% of 40 students said this degree improved their career prospects
78% of 40 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

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  • Reviewed: 11/18/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"My experience was great. I did not have any issues throughout my time at UOP. The team projects were overwhelming at times but I was able to push through. UOP helped me advance in my career and I would definitely recommend it to other hardworking adults."
  • Reviewed: 8/27/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"DO NOT use this school if you are planning to work online. Let me start with the courses and teachers for about the first year were wonderful. They were extremely helpful and seemed to actually care. I'm currently coming up onto my third year at the college and all three years I have had the worst experiences with the financial department. Noone in this department knows anything about what is going on and feeds you with a script. I was told to fill something out on the IRS website and when I asked where do I find that on the site I was told to use the search bar. I did. Couldn't find what they wanted. But let's put that aside and talk about the teachers that I've had over the past two years. Some teachers are wonderful and give you feedback through the week but others wait until the weekend to grade anything leaving you to have to to wait to write anything in the future so you have some wort of feedback. Oh, the best part is when I asked my current teacher for my Corrections class if she could clarify what she was expecting in a paper and she told me to go read my chapters. I did, yet when I ask the teacher for clarification she doesn't even have the time to teach. What the hell am I paying for? Oh, right, the material to teach myself."
Christy V
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"Online college is what you make of it. If you do all the reading and research for that week you will do well and yes you have to do eight participation each weeks and their is papers to write every week. Taking these courses made think out side the box. I spent a lot of hours reading other websites. The classes helps you to do research and dont like to read you are not in the right place. I have had teachers that I liked more than others, but I am not in school to like people. I am here to get my grade. There is no reason why you cant get a good grade. Each week there is good feed back to improve. I have twelve more class to get before I finish. I am thinking to get my masters next. The best part I can do my work when I want to. It could be 2am or a couple of hours each night. I dont have drive some where and deal with parking, traffic, and people that go to college to socialize and make fun of people. I work better in the comfort of my home, I can take breaks when I want and eat at my desk. The best of all no distractions. I am going to college to make friends, but to get my degree. I have friends at work, church and at the gym and does not cost me money to be with my friends. I am happy with college. There are no hand outs you have to work and if you dont, your grade reflexs that and it is you that has to pay the money back."
James Bacon
  • Reviewed: 1/27/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"As a previous graduate of the University of Phoenix's bachelors of science in criminal justice/administration, I can assure everyone interested in attending this university that it is well worth it. Because of the extraordinarily experienced and professional and instructors that they provided, my experience was both personally and professionally rewarding as a Military Police Officer. Lastly, I would like to add that the school has and will always continue to be regionally accredited, as I am now a student at Penn state University; 2 classes from graduating with my masters in public administration. I will always appreciate the standard, quality, and courtesy that the University of Phoenix and its staff has always provided."
  • Reviewed: 1/16/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"The University of Phoenix is an amazing school to attend if you have a busy life. What I liked the most about this school is that I felt like I was still able to get stuff done at work and at home without stressing myself out to much. I am the first in my family to obtain a degree and I strongly believe it was because of the friendly school environment and the amazing staff at the University of Phoenix. I just gradate with my B.A. and I will be starting my masters next month all thanks to the confidence I now have in myself thanks to this university."
Steve B
  • Reviewed: 1/8/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I attended the U of P from 2015 through Feb of 2017. My experiences with the instructors and students was diverse and interesting. In the beginning I did not like the team assignments but found that by the time I was in my senior year, I preferred the team assignments over the personal assignments. I work in prisons and can honestly say that I have used my BS in Organizational Security and Management quite frequently. I am currently researching on-line universities to further my education in pursuit of a Masters Degree and am seriously considering U of P because of the positive experience that I had in obtaining my Bachelors. My only issue is the cost. U of P is one of the costlier schools. I have read many negative reviews about the school but cannot say I saw any of what they are saying."
Ebony Ms.Truly Blessed
  • Reviewed: 10/23/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"The school was a great to me the instructors were well rounded individuals, my academic support was excellent; financial was not so good. the only thing that I didn't like was the first assignment has to be done on the first day of class; I never understood that how can a person complete an assignment if he or she does not under it."
Norma Gilbert
  • Reviewed: 7/23/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"The University of Phoenix was challenging and offered one to ensure they are understanding the material. Debating and facing challenges provided an edge to the learning experience at Phoenix. Accepting what is brought forth was unacceptable, but questioning and understanding all sides of the topic at hand is encouraged. It is a difficult process to learn at an advanced level and demanding schedule, but it is well worth it."
Big B
  • Reviewed: 5/29/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"This college is all about what you, as the student, put into it. The UOP offers a lot of resources for their students, but some people are naturally not self motivated. You will have to earn your grade. The degree is worth just as much as any other accredited university. They make it painfully slow, just like any other college. Don't sign up for online classes if you have poor time management skills. My academic advisor is fantastic, but my financial advisor is terrible. I am halfway done. My employer only cares about the school being accredited. Could careless about the name of the school. The online classes totally fit my lifestyle, because I work full time and have kids who are active in sports. Work on your school work for at least 30 min each day."
Codi Seymour
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"This college I recommend to anybody they are great at helping you in achieving your future goals. They call once a week every month or so and just check up on how you doing in school or just seeing if you need help in anything. They are great at communicating and keeping up where you are."