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Reviews - Bachelor's in Elementary Education

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  • Reviewed: 9/28/2022
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"I have been a Student with UOP since October 2021, and I would rate them "0 stars". Their Communication sucks, If you do not call them, they will never call you to give you an update on anything. Their representative in all their departments sucks; each time you talk to someone, all they can do is: - Apologize but don't fix the problem -Tell you they will follow up or call you with a follow-up but never does. - Transfer you from one representative to the next - They keep blaming each other for miscommunication They can penalize you for anything or kick you out of your program even though the circumstances are out of your control. They don't consider out-of-state students, knowing the time difference and the location of the out-of-state students. My experience with them has been horrible; they have brought 4x more stress in my life than my job and life. I can't rely on them for the proper support and assistance I need at the time as an out-of-state student working hard to earn a degree. I keep begging them for help. I regret signing up with them, but they were the only university offering the course I needed online. I would never recommend anyone to them. The only good service you will get is from your Professors/ Instructors other than that; administrative is a no-no."
Katilyn Geohagan
  • Reviewed: 7/19/2017
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"University of Phoenix is a joke. When I first started I thought that these people were really nice and it would be a great experience. I was completely wrong. My first class was a required class about critical thinking and the university. The professor was awful. I would complete the positing requirements but would never get credit for it. When I would ask the professor about this he would tell me that I did not meet the requirements even though I clearly did. He gave me the opportunity to re-do one with his revisions and said he would give me credit for it. In the end he did not. I ended up failing the class because my advisor was never available and never called me. After I failed and found out I had to retake the class then they told me I could have withdrawn from the class. I had to retake it and pay for it again. All of the classes were easy and no matter what type of class you always had a paper not some other assignment that would have helped much better than a paper. In February I asked to do the English degree and said I would like to teach with this degree. They said that they would call in June when the financial aid year was up. In June when they called they then told me I could not do this. I would have to get a Master's Degree to be able to teach. Now that I have found a school to transfer to that will allow me to complete this degree none of my classes transfer. They were all considered electives and now it is like I have not taken a years worth of school when I did. I wasted my money and financial aid and they do not care. Financial aid department was a joke too. Never had the same financial advisor because it was constantly changing and they would never answer the phone. I never was able to choose which class I would take next they always chose it for me. Definitely would not recommend this school!"
  • Reviewed: 5/15/2017
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"As I read other student's negative reviews, I am absolutely appalled. University of Phoenix changed my life for the good. I appreciate school and online learning more and I am truly grateful for this school. My advisor was more than everything I could ask for. If you do not use the sources they provide as far as; tutoring, paper checker, and so forth. Your loss. They have anything and everything you could think of to help you become a better student. Get your things in on time, actually try, and be an adult and take care of your education responsibly THEN maybe you will not have anything negative to say. If you need help, call your advisor. That is what they are there for. For anyone prospecting this school and still unsure, I am assuring you to take the plunge."
  • Reviewed: 12/19/2016
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"This was my first experience going to college online. In the beginning I felt very overwhelmed with the amount of college work I had to complete. However, once I got going it went smoothly. I was not very impressed with my advisors. They often changed my advisors, and I was never sure who to contact. My final months earning my degree they failed to process my financial aid. This left me with a $3,000 bill. The University realized it was their mistake and cleared my bill. This impressed me the most. I have actually been considering going back to them to take a few additional courses so I can be certified for kindergarten through 12th grade."
Heather Maddox
  • Reviewed: 11/7/2016
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"The University of Phoenix has been amazing. I completed my bachelor's degree and am currently in progress of my graduate degree. The staff and faculty all have experience in the field of study. They have great advise, and knowledge to help the students further their education in their field of study. The College Campus chairs are easy to reach, and always willing to help! I would highly recommend the University of Phoenix to any inquiring students."
  • Reviewed: 6/21/2016
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"I really enjoyed my time at University of Phoenix. The aftermath of my education was harder; I had a lot of negative comments in the workplace and it was extremely hard to find a teaching position. I did my homework and the Dept of Ed said it was accredited; however, principals did not like the accountability of your degree being online, especially out of state. It took me 4 years to find a teaching position. My advice - If you are looking into UoP as a bachelor's program for Elementary Education, call local schools as well as your state department of education or look into a local university with online classes. My student loans are about 70k so if I could go back, I would have chosen a different school."
Education Major
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2015
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"I respect the University of Phoenix as a great institution for higher learning. I will start off by stating that the curriculum is much more rigorous than the curriculum at my previous institution. I have had some professors that I have respected highly and then there was those that I wouldn't give the time of day. With that being said my educational endeavors at UOPX has been up to par with the instructors. The discrepancies for me teeter in with the surplussed academic and financial aid advisers we once had. We have switched advisers at least 8 times, because of the realigning the University is doing for the betterment of students. I really have no idea why they continuously do that because it is really frustrating dealing with new people every two months or so. Everyone sees your account differently; in addition to having a say so. There is just too many people putting ingredients in the pot and in the end it comes out a catastrophic atrocity. The University of Phoenix also do not hold students accountable for not meeting required deadlines and they are allowed to move right along with others have done so. After they've had a blatant disregard for the stipulation that we were given. As I've spoken to many of my classmates; we indeed feel that some of the things that go in the program are highly unfair. For example, we are told that we have to pass a test by a August. If you do not have the test passed by that time. You must be dropped from the program. You must either go online or wait until the program is offered again at your ground campus. In education, our classes are subsequent (so we were told) you are only allowed to take a class after you pass the ones before it (so we were told). So here is where all that information ties together. You didn't pass the required test in August and you're in group A1. Group A1 continued without you and now you lack 3-4 of those classes, but you've finally passed the test. From we were told you either had the option of going online and finishing or waiting months until B2 starts. But you are NOT allowed to go back to A1 because you did satisfy all the requirements of that group by the deadline. They are a school that say one thing but do another. With Financial Aid, I don't think you should play the blame game. Those advisers have over 200 other students. I would behoove you to make sure that they are keeping your account in order. You're old enough to inquire about what is going on with your account. Do NOT wait until something comes to bite you in the stool for you to realize that things are going haywire. They do not catch every detail of every student. They are not the IRS. They don't sit and analyze every detail of your finances. I am just making an observation. Besides that I graduate next year and I am happy. #IAmAPhoenix Dammit!"
  • Reviewed: 6/16/2015
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"I am a Phoenix. I earned my AA in Elementary Education and my BA in English. Here are a few things you may want to know. First, I did not work full time during these 4.5 years. Second, your AA is the harder of the 2 degrees because you are not taking a lot of classes that you are interested in. This is also true at your local community college. Third, it is very expensive but you can choose to have a 6 month deferment and your lender will work with you. Remember, college is expensive no matter where you go. Fourth, the team environment is for your own good. I hated it so much at first. You have your individual assignments but you also have a team each class. By the last six months I realized the value of team. You will have to work with many different people at your job with many different opinions and other characteristics. Just remember that the instructor can see everything that is posted and has the ability to give separate grades to each person if they feel it is warranted. Fifth, the financial aid department is a mess and you need to keep up with all of your loans and ask about everything. I found out half way through my BA that my English degree required 6 months more of classes and that I had reached my maximum loan amount (there is a maximum for every degree) and had no money to cover it. I of course pitched a fit. They accommodated me by paying for all but $300 of it because they failed to tell me. Other than the financial aid it went well. Sixth, it is accredited and my State and local School Board have had no problem recognizing my degree. I am a teacher (high school) because of University of Phoenix and my hard work. I would do it all over again. It will be the hardest thing you ever do but well worth it. Good Luck to you all and by the way, my daughter just graduated with the same 2 degrees that I did and is going for her masters. Do your homework about the college you select. It took me 3 months to choose one."
  • Reviewed: 4/20/2015
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"I really enjoyed my experience with UoP. I know there are a lot of jokes and bad things said about the school, but it changed my life forever. I was stuck in a dead end job and was miserable almost every day after work. Almost immediately after receiving my degree I was offered a job to teach middle school mathematics. Every day is awesome and my life is so great. You're experience with this school will be what you make it. If you are motivated and do well this will pay off. The school that hired me was actually impressed that I worked full time and earned my degree at the same time. I didn't here anything negative about getting a degree from UoP. The people who complain about having a worthless degree are making excuses and blaming the wrong people. Companies don't hire a piece of paper. They hire who they feel are good, hard working people. The thought that a degree is preventing jobs is just foolish. When I read those stories I want to put a mirror up for them so they really know who to blame. If you are willing to work hard and better yourself, dive in, you won't regret it."
T Teschner
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2014
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"As a mother of three, being able to pursue my Bachelor's Degree online was such a wonderful option. I was able to continue substitute teaching full time, raise my children, and still have the time to devote to my studies. I recommend University of Phoenix to those who are unable to be in a classroom full time. The educational experience was wonderful and I feel prepared to enter the work force this fall."
  • Reviewed: 6/5/2014
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"First of all it takes a very dedicated person to go to school online. You have to be very disciplined. Personally I think that the university is good for some programs but not all programs. For the one that I am doing it is good . It allows me to go to school and work full time. I could not go to school otherwise. As for some of you that don't like phoenix , that's fine. After reading some of the comments it is plain to see that this school is not for you. As i said you have to be dedicated to put in the right amount of time to gain anything from online education. My tuition has never changed from the first day when they quoted me on it, and i have never had any trouble with being able to contact some one if i needed help. As far as the "look" you get from other people when you tell them where your going to school, It does not bother me. At least I am trying to get a degree and a better job, what are they doing? Some programs or degrees are better earned in regular schools, but most are just as good online. Nothing in this life is easy, you have to work hard no matter what you do. If your not willing to do the work then guess what, you wont accomplish anything."
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2014
  • Degree: Elementary Education
"I am so disappointed with UOP that I don't think writing a review will even do it justice. It has nothing to do with the classes, because I think that they have been wonderful and the instructors as well. I love to ability to do everything online but that is about where my positive comments for this place stops. My first complaint is for the advisors, the people you rely on to help you though the process, the ones who are suppose to help you with all the things you don't know about going to college, like taking the right classes, the area in which you live and lastly the money part of it! The advisors are terrible. They lie, they get switched all the time. I did my entire program through UOP from the start my AA went great then my BS started and it went okay for about a year. Then I went to switch to the local college because I wasn't working any more and I thought that having the last year would be nice in an actual college setting. Well I couldn't, I could not credits, I would of needed to take to additional classes before I even started then my BS program would start. I was already half way through my BS with UOP. SO I decided to stay where I was at, which was fine. I wanted to move, UOP lied and said I could. so I moved to WA and then when I got there my advisor changed and I had a new one she said I could not live in WA and stay in that program because I would not be able to do any observation hours in WA. WHHHAT?! I moved across the country and asked on the phone if it would be okay and I was told yes, now a NEW advisor says no?! I had to move back to NM to complete my program. Or drop out and not be able to transfer credits…. At the end of my program I started student teaching which I had to find a place to do it, which is also a lie, on the student teaching application it says that the student is NOT allowed to contact the school where they are applying to do student teaching. Well I had to because NO ONE from UOP was calling. I had to figure out what teacher would let me in, that I needed ANOTHER back ground check. UOP did not tell nor did the help with any of that information, when I called or sent emails about it I would not get responses for days. There is a deadline to start student teaching or you have to wait till the next school year, I did not have time to just wait for them to do their job… Endorsements, as an educator we need to have an endorsement on our license, we do not HAVE to but its highly sought upon by employers. Well UOP doesn't offer that, another lie. When I enrolled 4 years ago I specifically asked on the phone about endorsements, well because I have had so many advisors I don't know who I asked, and I should of sent it in an email so I had proof because now my advisor called me a liar. My final complaint, the cost. I am all for getting a degree. Im so proud of myself being a single mom and completing school is awesome. The price is alarming. You know all the time you are in that you are going to have to pay it back but at the end when you have to do an exit summary of your loans you will about have a heart attack. I know I did. My advise, go to school! If you pick UOP or any school ask questions lots and lots of questions in an email so that you have a trace of them. Remember who you talk to and send it in emails. Keep track of your loans and how much you have taken out! Good Luck an education is the best investment you'll ever make."