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4 out of 5

I am not sure why there are so many negative reviews for UOP. It should be understood that with any education, one gets what one puts in. Having said that, I have nothing but positive things to say about the university. The fact that the instructors are employed in the field your studying for is great and beneficial. I have made important contacts and networked myself as well. Remember folks, if you want to succeed then you will!!

4 out of 5

Like a lot of working professionals, I wanted to obtain a bachelor's degree and decided the most feasible option was to earn it online. I chose the UOP because it was well known. I was a UOP student for 3.5 years and earned my degree in early 2007.

It's been a while, but I wanted to warn potential students of the problems with the UOP.

1- it is overpriced. I was paying around $1,400 per class when I graduated, and I'm sure tuition has increased since then. That doesn't include text books which are expensive.

2- learning team assignments are a part of each class, and can be a major problem. For each class you'll be assigned to a learning team with 4-6 other students in the class. There are several team assignments due during each class, which must be completed by the team. In some cases, you'll get lucky and have a good team in which everyone carries their weight. But often you will be in a team in which there are slackers. As a result, the rest of the team has to pick up their slack and/or do their work. I was one team which was so bad only one other member contributed. All you can do is fill out the team evaluation at the end of the course noting the members who failed to contribute, and hope the teacher reduces their grade for the class. However, you'll never know.

3- You have to post two substantive messages about four days a week to meet participation requirements. This can be easy, or a pain in the neck depending on the teacher. It just seems unnecessary.

Bottom line is there are better online schools which cost less, and demand less. Most online schools do not have learning teams as a part of every class or participation requirements. In addition, some schools even send you the text books for free, as long as they are returned at the end of the course.

4 out of 5

I have attended this school for 5 weeks. I cannot get in touch with my financial advisor regarding my financial aid. They do not tell you about these Learning Teams that you are required to be apart of that consist to up to 5 people. Who wants their grade to be determined upon other individuals who may be okay with just doing mediocre work. Also, this school charges way too much. I am currently withdrawing from this school because I have found another online school that is less than half the price, gives you actual books with the tuition, and do not have Learning Teams. (All of UoP books are online, so, why do we have a separate book fee?)

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4 out of 5

I went to U.O.P. because I was working full time and wanted to gain that degree so I could get a better paying job. So I took classes for the 20 month or so program and when I graduated I had a B.S. The issues are as follows: You can only take class that is in the program only. I took Business Management and wanted to take a couple of human resource classes but because they weren’t in the “program”, I couldn’t take them.

Second, IF and WHEN you want to further your schooling, most universities DO NOT recognize UOP as an accredited school and NONE of my credits transferred over! So I now need to retake my B.S. classes so I can regain those credits.

Third, my advisor was very hard to contact when I had questions. It usually took a couple of days via phone calls and emails to get a response back. If you are considering UOP, please keep in mind these issues that I had. The only good thing about the school is the professors are working individuals with real time experience. Good Luck!

4 out of 5

I think more and more companies are realizing that on-line degrees are the same as a traditional degree. On my degree from Phoenix it doen't say whether I went in person or online, nor has anybody ever asked me that question. All of my instructors (all but one PhD's)have stated that the material is the same online as it is in person.

It only matters to the student on their prefered of method of learning. The University of Phoenix is a fully accredited institution of higher learning and has jumped started my professional career because of my degree. I went in person by the way, and I am finishing up my MBA at UOP.

4 out of 5

This University has demonstrate to be a nightmare!

Enrollment counselors hide important information while they maneuver the application process really quick online -you might even think: "they are so helpful" while they are thinking: "what an easy prey"- and side track any legitimate questions you may have. They skillfully avoid your inquiries, keep you happy with meaningless answers, and they make sure you start your classes no matter what.

Now you are trapped! At this point you don't know how much financial aid you are getting; therefore not aware of how much debt you are in for. To top it off, they forgot to mention that UofP doesn't have a free withdrawal period, or a week trial, or whatever you want to call it. Now, after trying the online classes for the first week if this is not what you expected, TOO BAD!

The worst part or it is the letter sent a week later requesting full payment. They conveniently omit the breakdown of the amount due (how it came to this figure you may ask yourself?) and they try to convince you that their goal is to provide you with the best possible service (WHAT ABOUT A GRACE PERIOD, OR FREE TRIAL TIME!).

My recommendation to anyone seeking online education with this so called University is to CHECK ONLINE FOR ANY REVIEWS. You will be surprised to find out that the majority agree with me: WHAT A BUNCH OF SCHEMERS!

4 out of 5

I was a student at UofP several years ago and things were progressing nicely and I was close to completion of my degree (4 1/2 classes away) when bam.... in the middle of my fifth from the last class they sent me a bill. I was a student who was receiving financial aid so this puzzle me. I made a call and was told that as I only had 5 classes to go, I was no longer qualified for financial aid and so I would have to pay out of pocket. I was also told I would have to pay what I owed on the class I was currently enrolled in to complete my degree. I didn't have the money so I had to quit attending classes. They continued to hound me about finishing, but would tell me in each call I would not be able to get the financial to complete the degree. After a year or two they gave up.

Seven years later I contact them to see about completing my degree. Now they have me at 10 classes left. That was not a big deal. The big deal was the first class they enrolled me in and took 1590.00 from me for was basically a class on how to study. As I was a student before who was 4 1/2 classes from graduating I think I would have that covered. Then they helped themselves to my bank account for the cost of the class and for the additional $85 in fees that they never told me about. I am a financial aid student who was already approved before the class began, so there was no reason to help themselves to the cost from my bank account. Upon helping themselves to my account, my financial aid counselor is refusing to answer calls or emails on this subject, as is my enrollment counselor. I have had to file an affadivit against the school with my bank in an attempt to have these funds returned to me.

I will be withdrawing from this class and all future classes with UofP and looking to complete my education elsewhere.

4 out of 5

I have been attending the UOP for about ten months now and the experience has been awesome. I am working towards an AA in Human Services and I am currently holding hard a 3.79 gpa. The facilitators are great people that are willing to answer any questions you have.

I have not had any problems with academic or financial counselors. I have to say that distance education is not for everybody, it is for people that have made the decision to pursue higher education with determination and commitment. I love the idea that I can balance a part time work, house work and school assignments and time for myself and my pet. I do agree the cost is expensive but I pray that it will be all worth it in the end.

If there is anything I want to say to anyone contemplating attending UOP be prepared for some hard work and comit, with that you will succeed.

As everyone was saying " you will get out of your education what you put in" this is so true. There is serious learning environment that needs full attention. This is not play time, UOP has some of the most educated facilitators in the country. These are the people that help guide you to success.

If you are not determined, lazy, or think you can wisk your way to a degree than UOP is not for you.

I am happy, I am learning and most of all, it is a professional learning environment geared toward high academic achievements.

4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled. I've also worked harder than ever before. Between papers due, team papers, and discussions I can barely think. But, this would be the case in any other school, AND, it would take me 3 times longer to finish. Slackers won't like this environment because it takes up so much extra time and makes you actually think! In the end, it boils down to this...

It's expensive, time consuming, exhausting, and teams are sometimes horrible. BUT, on the positive side, all these things exist in the real world and other universities, get used to it. Pay the money, put in your time, quit whining, and get it over with.

4 out of 5

A lot of complaints written on UoP. I am torn as I write mine (yes, I'm currently enrolled) because there are good points as well as bad. The good is that it is an accredited university, so it's eligible for my employer to reimburse me. I have actually learned more than I expected to in my classes.

The worst of the bad is the expense. A 3-credit hour class is now $1,035.00 (as of 9/2009). If my degree were available at CSU, it would run $594.00. HUGE difference. Plus once you sign on for the program, your cost is locked in...not so at UoP. You're subject to the annual fee increase.

The instructors are good & bad. Some instructors are ON it. They provide you with office hours and a phone number where you can reach then in addition to the usual email address.

Others...well...they give you an email addy & then you HOPE you never have to reach them with a question on your quickly-coming-due assignment.

The class work isn't hard, reasonable expectations for posting. I'm a major procrastinator, I don't start my final projects until the weekend they're due & still manage to scrape up a 3.7 GPA.

My academic advisor is great but I haven't had much luck with my financial advisor (though I recently got a new one). The old one was useless. Sent an email with advise to get financial aid. I don't want that loan out over my I pay as I go. I had to take almost a year off because my husband wasn't working...and I still got a phone call every 4-6 weeks from Craig asking if I was ready to come back yet. Very undertanding and sypathetic when I couldn't, but no pressure. Once I was ready...I shot him an email & told him to hook me up. I was enrolled within 15 minutes for my next set of classes. He's great!

So to end my rambling...I'd suggest pricing out other universities first...but UoP isn't a bad option either

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