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4 out of 5

I am a University of Phoenix student. This is my 3rd year with the University. I received my Associate of Arts degree in Psychology last year, and decided to continue on in the Bachelor program. I plan to transfer to another school for grad school next year upon graduation.

I have had a few minor issues with the University. First, if they tell you that your credits from previous colleges are going to transfer, get it in writing before signing the papers, or E-signing them, as the case may be. The people you talk to in the beginning are NOT academic counselors. They are contracted salespeople. On the papers that you sign, it says that only what is in that contract is binding. Their word means nothing.

Second, I have read posts about people not being able to contact their counselors. I have had this issue, but they are usually willing to change your counselor if you cannot contact them. You just have to voice your concerns, instead of sitting back and complaining.

Third, there are many people complaining about getting kicked out for not meeting attendance requirements or failing. Any grade below a C is failing at any university. You know that upon entering. They pound that into your head. They also pound into your head the fact that if you do not MEET ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS, you cannot receive financial aid. This is a regulation set by the federal government. If you do your assignments and post them as you are supposed to, you automatically meet attendance requirements.

Lastly, if you are planning to go into a field of some sort upon graduation, instead of just advancing in your own field, check the accreditation requirements of your state. The UOP program may not meet these requirements, forcing you to enter grad school somewhere else, as I am. And also, if you do plan to go to grad school, make sure that they accept your UOP degree. Chances are that they will not.

I do recommend this school for those who are stay-at-home parents, but it is very time consuming. You only get out what you put into it. I do not recommend this program to those with no interpersonal skills, since you do a large portion of the work in groups consisting of several people who you will want to kill by the end of the course.

4 out of 5

Quality of professors: outstanding with the exception of two people.

Quality of instruction/course content: outstanding with current relevancy for business applications

You must be dedicated and self-motivated for this program. It is very demanding with high attrition. The instructors have high expectations when you are at this level, especially with your writing. But in the end, when you get hooded, you realize all the pain was worth it.

4 out of 5

After carefully researching a lot online colleges, I chose UoP. My experience is been pretty good with the exception of a facilitator or two that thinks the students are peon's to be stepped on. However, that is the same treatment at any university. The coursework was reading assignments, critical thinking assignments, math (I.E. accounting, statistics, finance) and papers, papers, papers. If we were not asked to talk about what we've learned, what would be the point of being at the university? There has to be some assessment. As for all the people who state that the website is always down. It has been down 2-3 times but that was nothing that the facilitators did not work with. The facilitators always pushed the work back due to circumstances.

The library is really loaded with scholarly sources to read and correlate with any assignments giving. Most of the classmate and professor interactions were of a professional manner. However, like a lot of other opinions, the team work lacks more structure. Of all the classes that I've taking, one professor stated that he believes in teams working together and if he sees that any one person not putting in 100% then he will grade that person accordingly. All professors need to be like that in my opinion, as I've had to pick up a lot of work from lazy team members. Overall, I have 2 more classes to complete my MBA which should have had a concentration in accounting but there was a mix up and now I do not wish to go back and complete a concentration. I will hopefully be starting the doctoral degree with UoP or Capella. I would rather stay with UoP but I do not see any concentrations with the DBA program. Again, good school, it is accredited with the Department of Education which is good enough for me. I would recommend this school.

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4 out of 5

I am a student at the University of Phoenix and yes I have had my issues, but they were nothing major. I had more problems going to Youngstown State University than here. I will say that I am in the Master's program so everyone that I have worked with have been serious about their education. I have had a couple issues with teams, but that is why they have the team charter and the team evaluation. If a team member doesn't participate or does a lousy job they get lousy reviews from their team members and this affects their grade.

The biggest issue that I have with UOP is that I have had 8 academic counselors in a two year period. Because of this I was missing two classes, but if you are a responsible will check out everything that has to do with your class or degree program. I see so many people say it was a bad experience and they had nothing but problems, well anyone with a brain in their head can deal with problems.

I can say this I have learned more in two years at the UOP than I did in 8 at Youngstown State University. If you do not have common sense, a desire to learn, and the drive to take control of your own learning than UOP and on-line learning is not for you. An education is what you make of it, some people can direct thier learning alone and some need a professor holding their hand to learn.

I believe many people who enroll in an on-line environment for learning and then complain about it do not have the drive or know-how to learn without someone holding thier hand. I for one have enjoyed this experience and have met many educators across the country and formed strong relationships with many of them, although we have never met face-to-face. That is the downside of this program, there is no face-to-face contact, but if you are with a good enough group you can make lasting contacts to call on the phone, e-mail, and chat with.

On entering UOP, I was not pressured, I was even told to check out other on-line universities and compare what they had to offer and what the others had to offer, I was not pressured to sign up nor did I recieve multiple calls a day from the college like I did so many others. This was one of the deciding factors that made me choose UOP. The other was that no other online college offered the degree I was looking for that were accredited in that program. So I really had no choice when it came down to it, but to have help a phone call away, the freedom to learn at my own pace and to learn as much as I want makes this experience special to me, especially since I was one of those people that needed someone to hold my hand and push me to learn. Through this program I learned to take control of my own learning and to improve all of my study skills and habits. I have become an expert at research and can now study anything I want with this knowledge.

I would recommend UOP to students who have common sense, a desire to be in control of thier own learning and ones who are proficient in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, because you are going to need that knowledge to have a chance to pass your classes.

4 out of 5

First off they told me my assignments were due by Sunday then come to find out I had an assignment due every other day and I was taking 2 classes so I had an assignment due every day! Not to mention participation where you have to post 2 comments on your classmate's post 3 times a week. Then you have to read like 5 chapters a week per class and sometimes they want you to have read all of them by Tuesday. I don't have time to sit in front of a computer. Oh and they told me that I would get an actual, physical book to read and it would be sent in the mail. And instead I paid for an online book that I had to read on the computer!! They are so expensive, it's only 3 units a class.

I am going to Kaplan online school and it's cheaper, they're accredited, their classes are 5 units per class. You have one assignment due a week, and no participation only Wednesday you have to be online at a certain time to attend the webinar where the instructor teaches!! At UoP they never taught anything, you had to read to learn and when I still didn't get the material I asked the instructor for help and they kept telling me "just go back and read, you'll get it". I never did get it until I called my dad for some help. This is a horrible school, oh and your student advisor(councelor) well they have a degree in sales! LOL they don't have any academic background, they have a background in sales. They could be a great car sales person because they sale you on the school and bam it's a crappy school!! Go to Kaplan, it's easier, faster, cheaper and so much better!! Good luck to you all that want something out of life, you'll get it just not from UoP!!

4 out of 5

I have been a student of UOP for the past 2 years. I think the experience is priceless. I can actually compare it to a traditional classroom since I have experienced both. To honest, I learned more in Phoenix.. In a traditional learning environment, its exam based-you learn about the subject's terms and the school quizes you on them.. and what do you learn?-absolutely nothing!. With UOP, you are required to do extensive research on a subject, apply what you have learned and form an opinion. Now for those people who have been complaining, you are either lazy, unable to contribute your thoughts properly and obviously are just bad researchers .. I have had no problems with my job applications.. I think that UOP is different to the traditional learning environment.. It is for learning adults, hardworking people and those who are really able to form an opinion or link it to the current real life situations.. I think those who insulted UOP are just low life stupid baby moaners!

4 out of 5

Okay, 1st of all, like many others, I am blown away by the number of people who have written such nasty reviews about UOP (Axia). Let me just say college is college and it is up to YOU to make the best of your education whether it is online or on a campus...PERIOD. Do the readings, post your work on time and ask questions and you will succeed.

For those that still need to be spoon fed by your instructor, UOP is NOT for you.

I just do not understand how someone would need a break from an online school? For goodness sakes you do not even need to step foot in a classroom, bottom line...PEOPLE ARE LAZY!

I will have my AA by next July and thus far I have had no major issues, minor glitches but nothing major. TRUE, this school is very (very, very) expensive but look at what you're paying for: convenience, enhanced, advanced education and interactive learning. The work is just as hard, just a detailed, and takes just as much time to complete as if I were in an actual classroom. Shoot, online schooling in my opinion is harder than the traditional classroom learning because no one is right there to help you which means you have to APPLY YOURSELF and use NEURONS (which most people can't do...obviously by the negative responses).

Bottom line, if you cannot apply yourself, read your material (which is very thorough and detailed) and understand that UOP is like any other college, then you do not need to be in college at all!

4 out of 5

I just completed my BA degree from UoP and just got my first student loan payment...How am I suppose to pay $900 every month? $60,000 for a degree! I could have bought a house and not had to work! Now I have to work full time just to pay for my student loan payment. How is that going to help me?

The best thing is that my sister is going to Ashford University (which is an actual campus in Iowa) she is getting the SAME degree but from a better college for only $42,000. She dosent have to do group assignments and people there are really nice to her. I wish I would have know about Ashford. Phoenix sucks

4 out of 5

I went to UoP for over a year and hated it. They tell you assignments are due by Sunday by 11:59pm but boy did they lie there was an assignment due every other day but you have to take two classes so thats an assignment every day.

Plus you have to post participation twice a day for 3 days out of the week. Almost every class I took wanted me to have read 3 chapters by Tuesday. Then when I got stuck on an assigment the instructors did not help. I told them I was stuck and didn't understand the materials and all they said was "just read the required materials and you'll get it" but I was confused and needed help but they are not there to teach only grade your work.

It's extremely expensive and you can only read your book online. I don't have time to sit at the computer and read for 4 hours. Also they kept changing my advisors so I had no idea who to call and talk to about problems I was having. I even went from a B to a D- becuase my final project was 2 minutes late and it was late because they were doing maintenance on the website so I couldn't get on untill 11pm that night and by the time the website loaded it was 12:02am so the instructor didn't count the assignment. But my husband's was 22 minutes late and the instructor accepted it and graded it. So the instructors are lazy and just don't want to do the work.

Anyways, this school is really expensive, they do not teach you anything, you have to read and learn it all on your own, they make you pay for classes on how to use their website, they tell you it takes less time to get a degree but it actually takes more time. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL, I switched to Kaplan College Online and it is so great, on Wednesday they have an instructor that teaches and you only have 1 assignment due a week per class! Go to Kaplan instead of UoP!!

4 out of 5

UOP's MSN/MHA program is right on target with the needs of adult learners!I have just graduated wiht my MSN/MHA. As a nurse educator for a large academic medical center - this program gave me what my own organization (with free tuition benefit) could not - a great education that was efficient and designed for working adults. Highly reccomend this program to anyone who is self motivated and able to handle technology.

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