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4 out of 5

I have attended the University of Phoenix since late January of this year, and for the most part, it's been great! I have encountered only one problem. In my first block of classes I became very confused about an assignment and asked for help. The instructor basically told me that I needed to do the work myself. I read all of the material again, and figured everything out.

Although the instructor was a little rude, I now realize that college is mostly reading, which we do ourselves. I currently have a 4.0 GPA. It's been a lot of hard work, but it's not impossible if you put effort in it. These people complain about not getting credit when they missed posts. Hello! If you can't make 6 posts a week, what in the world are you doing in college? Do you think it'll be any easier in a traditional university?

I recommend the University of Phoenix for anyone that is willing to work hard!

4 out of 5

I have read some reviews and it sounds like each individual talks about their own experience in a different manner (depending on how they particularly experienced going to UOP).

I'm currently pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and I have definitely learned a lot. It's true that UOP has the flexibility that a working parent, a working student, or a single parent needs to fulfill their economic and their educational needs at the same time. I acknowledge that UOP is one of the most expensive online universities, but that does not blind me from looking at the benefits of a 5-star university. You definitely have to learn on your own, because that's the way it should be (aren't we supposed to be responsible adults?).

With UOP, you need to read so you can learn, isn't that how everything else works? I like the fact that I have to turn in a "big" assignment each week, and it's usually a paper with a minimun of 1050 words or a Powerpoint with about 12 slides.

I have also enjoyed assembling team assignments, and interacting with other students to submit assignments as a group. Participating throughout the week is a great experience because I get to express my own ideas, and I also get to share personal experiences based on specific topics related to what we're learning about. Believe it or not, UOP online is designed to trigger different educational needs. As a result, the students will gain writting, and verbal communication skills as well as other skills related to social interaction with all types of individuals of different backgrounds, cultures, customs, gender and race. I strongly believe that going to UOP has been the greatest opportunity of my life.

Yes, I've had good and bad instructors throughout my educational experience, but that does not stop me from focusing on what my responsibilities are as a student; all I have to do is follow the syllabus and post my assignments on time. I also have a personal life, and a job to take care of but that has never intervened with my responsibilities as a student.

UOP online is not for everyone...Slackers and procrastinators will always have a hard time and an infitity of excuses that will push back their opportunity to succeed...and (unfortunately) this applies to everything else they do. So, if you're serious about going back to school and pursuing a college degree, UOP is definitely for you. I highly recommend it!

4 out of 5

Granted, the business-like demeanor of some of the admissions counselors can be off-putting and a little irritating, and it sometimes can be a little hard to find the right person to talk to; however, the academic advisors are wonderful, and my experiences with most of the financial aid counselors have been wonderful. If you don't like your advisors or counselors, you can change them. You are not stuck with them forever.

I am in my third year with University of Phoenix. I have earned my Associate of Arts in Psychology and am now working on my Bachelor of Science in the same discipline. I have had to work very hard for every credit that I have earned. Everyone is right; you are expected to learn on your own. There is a ton of writing involved with University of Phoenix, so if you cannot communicate effectively, I do not recommend UOP for you. You are provided with the text, the syllabus, and a wonderful library. You are expected to take these tools and build something useful. If you look at the tools and scoff, or do not take the time to do the work properly, then you will not succeed here. If you are looking for an easy degree, this is not the place.

I currently have a 3.9 GPA, and I have earned every tenth of a point of it. My instructors answer when I ask them questions. They do not take the time to walk you through the material because you are expected to have the maturity and willpower that it takes to walk yourself through it. If you can't do this, then face it, you won't succeed in any college that is worth its salt.

I have noticed that most, if not all, of the bad reviews were written by students who did not follow the rules that are written out in the student handbook, or who have bad grades, or who just got fed up with trying to contact someone at the University. Yes, learning teams can be challenging, just like a real work environment. Yes, instructors can be difficult, just like any other academic environment. Yes, you can be put on hold and forgotten or a message might be lost. It is your responsibility to keep trying. An education at University of Phoenix, just like any other school, is what you make of it. Take the tools, and do something useful, and you will take from this experience a new future.

Search over 221,000 programs:
4 out of 5

University of Phoenix online is a great school. I am not the only person who thinks that. I have several friends that have children and busy lives who participates in online education. We all find that the University of Phoenix is a great way to expand our education. If you want to complain about prices for college go to a university and pay forty to sixty thousand dollars just for your associates degree. It does not cost one hundred thousand dollars for a bachelors or even a masters at the University of Phoenix.

Regarding the support system, so far it has been great and I have not heard any other complaints from my peers at the University of Phoenix online. Most people should already realize that their will be a lot of independent study and a ton of more work done by students because it is an ONLINE UNIVERSITY. You can't always use your professor as a crutch or blame the school systems for problems that you need to solve yourself. You will not get this much help at work, why give it to you at school, online colleges are not for everyone, but for people who work hard and can learn independently it is a great school. In four year colleges you actually get less support than you do at the University of Phoenix.

From experience, at a four year school you are lucky if you even see your professor, you have Teacher Assistants who assigns your work that are students taking the same courses as you are. Your professor lectures you in class and you take notes, usually from hearing him talk, if you can hear him talk because you got to class late and had to sit in the back of the classroom. You are assigned maybe three papers and one test that make up your entire grade, if you fail one of those you might as well leave the class and just wasted 2500 dollars on one class because you missed one assignment. So if you are going to complain about Online Universities, you are going to complain about On Campus Universities.

University of Phoenix is what you make of it. It is a great school and has a lot more support than most colleges my peers have attended. I am not bashing the on Campus Universities, they too are wonderful, like i said it is what you make of it.

4 out of 5

I usually do not participate in online chats, but I had to voice my opinion on University of Phoenix, as a student!

I love this school because I have good professors- who have Master's Degrees! I have less than a year to graduate and without Axia College, I would not have made it. Being a single parent, this has been a wonderful experience to me. I have a 4.00 at this present time which I just brought up from a 3.34.

My professors are helpful and respond whenever I need them; they are willing to communicate with you by email or phone as soon as time permits for them. When I attended another university, I did okay, but I am doing much better here!!

To be honest, I can not speak on the negative remarks made by anyone else because it is what you make of it.The tution is a little high, but this an online accredited school, which makes it cost more. I do recommend this school, but I advise anyone to do what is best for them and their families.The reason why I am in school is because without education we will all be limited in life.

4 out of 5

I have a full time job as a teacher and wanted to move into adult education. I decided to go online, because I have little time for commuting etc. I have been very happy with their program. I have had several courses so far and only one poor instructor. I also had poor instructors when I went to school for my BA in a "real college". The staff has always been helpful and I never had a negative comment from any staff member.

The work is more work than I did in my other graduate level classes over the years. The learning teams have been good in that I have stayed with the same one over several courses because we are going through the same program. I have only had one bad learning team experience with my second class. It is very expensive, but I was able to get employee reimbursement for part of the program, and a loan for the rest.

4 out of 5

I have been attending this collage for two years. I am on my last class to recieve my AAD. I have had a great time with this college. I have had no problems with getting a hold of the teachers or any trouble with the site being down. I plan to continue my education with UOP.

4 out of 5

The entire time I attended the University of Phoenix, I learned a lot and how to work with a team. The real workforce consist of working as a team, not an individual. The course work was not hard at all. Some of the classes were challenging but with research and resources that is how I was successful in making mostly A's the entire time. I used the library most for most of my papers and the chapters for the subject. I had positive classmates and few were laid back.

I had some personal crisis such as family deaths and I thank god for an understanding team. Always remember, a team is a group of people that work together to complete a single task. I have just completed the masters and survived a layoff with having a degree. I would recommend this University to anyone. I would love to teach at this school after completion, at least I know the protocol and what to expect from students because I was a student.

4 out of 5

I started off at a local UoP campus, but, due to work pressures, I transferred to the online campus so I could attend class in my sweats, relax a bit, and not have to waste time commuting to and from class.

I didn't mind not going to class and not having "face time" with the instructor or fellow students. Doing the program online taught me vast amounts of self-discipline...I knew I had to "go to school" rather than go out for dinner, go to the movies, or watch TV. I also found the online program vastly more difficult. If anyone tries to tell you that an online program is a piece of cake, they are lying to you. Yes, with online there is minimal communication with the professors...some are better than others. There is minimal and sometimes frustrating communication (or non-communication) with fellow students. But, I can tell you one thing...if you didn't know how to express yourself via the written will learn! If you were just "OK" at expressing yourself via the written word, you got better. And, employers WANT AND NEED people who can write intelligently, not just talk.

With the online program, every amount of success (or failure), even with the overall negative learning team experience, was up to me, and me alone. I was in total control.

Regarding learning teams, that was the only downside. Out of 29 classes I took with UoP, maybe two of them had positive learning team experiences. I never knew how many slackers there were out there...but, there seemed to be at least one on every learning team I was on.

But, as others have mentioned, this is true in the corporate world as well. The positive side of the negative learning team experience is to learn how to turn a negative into a positive...and, to learn how to deal with idiots you have to work with. And, sometimes those idiots are your bosses.

I just completed my BSCJA program (with a 3.81 GPA) and am looking forward to continuing my education by entering the Boston University Master of Criminal Justice program in the Fall via distance learning. Oh...I was happy to learn that there are no learning teams in that BU program.

4 out of 5

I joined the military with only a HS diploma. I started with UoP because it was one of the few schooling options I had due to my work schedule. Face to face classes simply weren't and still aren't an option. I started with Axia which was a breeze. I finished that up and started into my Bachelors program. So far I have Aced my classes. Personally, I thought college would be considerably more difficult than this but then again I have no experience with a "real" college. I am not a rocket scientist but I am intelligent and capable. I am within a year of completing my Bachelors in Finance and haven't found the program to be terribly trying. I plan to continue with UoP pursuing an MBA majoring in Marketing.

Learning teams are good and bad. I have been on teams with people who seriosuly couldn't write a proper sentence or even use spell check. I have also been on great teams were we knocked every assignment out of the park.

I don't really "pay" for my education because I am military. I only cover the $75 resource fee. I do not like having to pay for e-books when I buy the real books for each class. This is huge for me because I pay twice for the same books. I don't have access to a computer but I do have the ability to take and read books during downtime. UoP doesn't give you the opportunity to opt out of e-books.

Counselors and advisors are what you make of them. Stay on them or don't complain. They have hundreds of students to keep up with. I have had mostly good experiences with the UoP crew. Some instructors were crap, other fabulous, then most of them are just mediocre.

For me this is my only real option. I plan on getting out in a few years and would like to be most of the way through my Masters. I can always transfer to a brick and mortal college when I get out and don't work 13hr days. Until then I do the best with the hand I am dealt. This school isn't for everyone, this is true. If you are proactive and dedicated you will take away a lot of great knowledge.

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