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Freddie B.
  • Reviewed: 9/11/2012
"I started UOP back in 2005. Back then it was not that popular to take online courses. Now, a lot of schools have online classes. I decided to take online courses for the very reason that I have done traditional college and felt it is a waste of time. It just feels that it is a controlled cattle herd. I hated the large population of students, parking, professors that did not care, staff not being personal and just overall a waste of time.I have been active duty with the United States Navy since 2003. Ever since I started UOP I have attained my AA in criminal Justice (2009) and my Bachelors in Organizational Security Management (2011). I was motivated and disciplined to get my degrees and that is what people need to have when attending online Universities. UOP is accredited hence what I have seen and learned is that a Bachelors degree is like a high school degree nowadays, experience plus a degree equals a good job. It does not matter where you get a degree what matter if it is accredited and you actually finish. Now, I'm about to start my Masters in Intel Counter-terrorism and Terrorism with a different University. With my military experience and my degrees I guarantee you that I will get a great job in the field I like. Remember in the real world its about competing and experience. University of Phoenix has been great and has opened a lot of doors for me."
  • Reviewed: 9/9/2012
"This school is NOT designed for people trying to start a career. If you are already working in your field and you are seeking a higher degree, then you might be okay. But if you are seeking a degree for the first time and looking to get into the career of your dreams...stay far, far away from this school. They DO NOT offer job placement nor do they even give you a boost in finding employment. I graduated in June 2012 and I am still looking for work. I haven't even been offered an internship. I have not heard from any of my advisers or anyone from UOP since the day I completed my last course.I withdrew from the school before continuing with my Bachelor's degree and I have now enrolled at Troy University. They are a real traditional school that will not hassle you to enroll. The tuition is only $6,240/yr and they are not after the money. As a matter of fact, I had to pay an application fee of $30 to Troy Univ., which means that they are operating as a traditional school without using the bait and switch to reel you in like good ole' UOP does. I advise all of those seeking a career and not just a degree to run fast from UOP.I wish I had listened to those reviews from former students before continuing my education there. Now I have a degree with no career and money to pay back for a waste of time. Do me a favor, get out and go to Troy. They offer more meaningful degrees that are well suited for the average occupations in this country."
  • Reviewed: 9/8/2012
  • Degree: Human Services
"I recently finished my Associate's degree in Criminal Justice and I'm now enrolled at U of P for my bachelors degree in Human Service management. I have never had any issues with this school.. You have to be self motivated and willing to seek out the help if you need it. I have had a few instructors that were a little difficult but I feel that you are going to get this any were that you go to school.My academic and my financial aid advisers are always there when I need them and they have helped me out a lot. I feel that there has been a lot of negative talk about the university but I really think that this is from people that really just want a degree handed to them, you have to put the hard work into the program in order to get out of it what you want.This is a great school the only thing that I don't like is that my books are always online and I have to print them out, I wish I could get a real text books without having to foot an extra bill. I will continue to attend the University of Phoenix until I'm done with my academic goals."
James Gomez
  • Reviewed: 9/8/2012
  • Degree: Human Services
"This is my third school I have attended. Every class and every college is different. It all depends what works for you. My last college I attended was Citrus Community College in Glendora, CA. I can tell you I would rather go quarterly at University of Phoenix rather than Semester. I would rather attend a new class every five weeks to keep interest in learning than 4 and a half months of the same classes. Then again, its like I said, its up to the individual.Overall as long as University of Phoenix is accredited regionally and is acceptable by employers and my degree is a degree and not a certificate, then I'm fine. I've done research and UoP is good to go with employers. Besides, most schools are like Disneyland on a Saturday now a days and you'd be lucky to get a class let alone the ones you want. I transferred my credits to Phoenix because i didn't want to end up getting my degree in like six to eight years because of constantly fighting to get my classes at a zoo of a school and not even getting them in the end. That has happened to me before a few times and it's frustrating as hell.All in all, UOP is a good school but not for some. Just remember, no matter where you go, you will always encounter problems and bad professors and horrible experiences. So don't blame UOP for one mistake they made during your time there. It happens everywhere. If it's not your thing, then move on. Everybody's different."
  • Reviewed: 9/4/2012
"I am so tired of reading negative comments about the University of Phoenix.  Everyone that has commented negatively says the same thing.  You all are mad because YOU wasn't driven enough to find the time to get YOUR work done.  If you did not log on and do your work then you cannot blame the school for that.  People also have something to say because the school is a for profit school. Well tell me what school isn't?  A regular university may not have their status as a for profit school BUT I bet you won't be able to go there unless they are getting some kind of payment.  So quit the nonsense saying this school is a diploma mill.  I guarantee you the diploma I received wasn't just handed to me.  I had to work my butt off to receive my diploma.  No, it wasn't easy but if you find a college that is then I'll show you a school that's a scam.  I have never had a problem with any of my councelors or facilitators.  I also saw a stupid comment saying something about the math being hard and being scheduled in the middle of your program to keep you from being able to quit?  ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW???  Tell me what college will not make you take a math class?  DON'T WORRY I'LL WAIT!!!  You all are ridiculously stupid!!  If you don't have the common sense to pick up on math then don't give the school a bad review.  I also saw someone said something about not being able to remember anything they learned.  Well who fault is that? The school can't control what you can or cannot remember.  I love the University of Phoenix!!  I graduated in June with my associates in criminal justice and has just started on my bachelors.  I am a very cautious person so before even enrolling I contacted the sheriffs office in my parish to see if they accepted degrees from the University of Phoenix.  I was assured that they did accept degrees from this college because it is an accredited school.  I will say that you have to be driven and self motivated to do well in this school.  You also have to do well with writing essays.  The purpose of having reading assignments is to teach you what you need to learn for the assignment.  If you don't take the time to read it then it's your fault you are not learning anything. I suggest people stop taking the word of babbling idiots that didn't do what they were supposed to do or felt they were not being spoon fed or treated special enough.  Experience the school for yourself and make your own decision. I did and I couldn't be happier. My name is Erica and I Am A Phoenix!!"
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2012
  • Degree: Business
"I had to take two courses and in my cost accounting course that I took one team member was would only do certain parts of assignments and would not want to do other parts. Then for one assignment she accidentall submitted her husbands assignment. Apparently he had taken the class before an she was just submitting his work. We informed the professor of her cheating and noting was done. Then on the day of the final she elected not to submit her portion of the work and one of the other team mate decided just to not respond all night. Two of our team members did not submit their part and at 10:30 that night the professor finally answered us and told us we had to do their part. We received a B on the final however we should have gotten an A as it was not in our control for the other two jerks not to submit their work.In my business law class we were all assigned to groups, one group had an individual who had passed the bar was working at a law firm however had to take the business law class due to accreditation issues. He was pretty much a practicing attorney and he would do all the work in the class as you could read the posts and he would write "I will take care of it". Another group had a paralegal and he would often say " I will get someone in my office to help us with it." However my most favorite was the group where that had an individual who's father was a judge, and would often have one of his dad's friends do the assignments. Then there were the two groups that had to fend for themselves. I was in one of these groups and it was brutal as the other teams always had professional responses and would always be right. It was really frustrating, we forwarded information to the professor about all of the cheating and extra help the other teams got and she took it into consideration when it came to grades, yet it was still frustrating.Team environments are horrible! This was the biggest waste of money and to add insult to injury after I finished my two courses I was told by my employer that they do not accept courses from Univ of Phoenix, due to their bad reputation! I had to go somewhere else and retake the courses!MANY EMPLOYERS DO NOT RECOGNIZE A DEGREE FROM THIS SCHOOL"
  • Reviewed: 8/23/2012
"I did not care for the learning environment at all, very poor. Everything seemed quite elementary and unnecessary. The professors themselves are very unresponsive and don't treat their students as if they are individuals. Nor do they efficiently respond professionally to questions, concerns, etc.I am currently transferring out of their Psychology program. I'm quite disappointed and saddened with this university.I do not recommend it. If you're looking for a "easy" bull.. degree, sure. If you want an actual education; to learn, then this university is not for you."
Valerie Cochrane
  • Reviewed: 8/21/2012
  • Degree: Communications
"I loved the University of Phoenix because the people were awesome, and I still had plenty of time to spend with my children. As a busy mom of 3 this was the best fit for my lifestyle. The people are really helpful and make the process smooth.There are advisors for every situation and they really seem to care about each individual person's success. The only complaint I have is that it is at the top of the list as far as expense but in my opinion the experience and the reputation of this University makes it worth every penny!!"
Vanessa Williams
  • Reviewed: 8/19/2012
"I receive my associate degree in health care administration at University of Phoenix in 2010. Ever since then it was very difficult for me to get a job in medical records . When I tried to pursue getting my bachelor degree my financial aid change dramatically, which had cause me to drop out of school because I was no longer an independent student .If students not qualify to be independent they are a dependent , which mean they need their parents to cosign for he or she to get a loan at a profit school . I did not want my mom to have a loan under her name because she had a very low income , so I decided to quit school. After I quit school I tried extra hard to look for a job in medical records and no call back . I ask my academic counselor " what should I do to get my foot in the door for my degree " he didn't give me a good answer or even try to help.This school is a rip off I paid thousands a dollar for this degree and no job . And I was told by many employers they do not like university of phoenix because the education is substandard. I think it is best for any individual to go to a community college to save money and time from these profit schools. If I can go back in time I wish to not got to this school . Now , I am here on this website to save anyone to pursue their education not a University of Phoenix ."
  • Reviewed: 8/17/2012
"I enrolled into an on campus program with the University of Phoenix after returning home from Iraq. Every counselor or adviser that I worked with was extremely helpful. The majority of the instructors were employed in the various fields that they taught. I liked the learning tempo and the learning environment."
  • Reviewed: 8/13/2012
  • Degree: Psychology
"When choosing an online school for a bacherlors in psychology, I choose Phoenix, since the accreditation was a little better than other places. However, I believe Phoenix is not the way to go! Although I am receiving my BA and moving to a masters someplace else, if I had decided to stay to only a bachelors, I feel as I have not learned much other than to write better essays!The professors at Phoenix are more preoccupied with loading students with work, reading material, and writing a clean APA style essay, rather than the content of the papers. Since I have mattered this writing style, my GPA is very hight, but I feel as I just went through these paper without rememberin much.Try to get through your academic advisor or financial advisor... Good luck! They respond to their messages days latter and do not resolve anything, specially when dealing with money! I am in the military division which is a little better, but still... - this university is not worth the money, and I only recommend you enroll if you have a LOT of free time and patience to be writtinh papers after papers, nonstop!"
Teresa Barrows
  • Reviewed: 8/9/2012
  • Degree: Management
"I was completely surprised by their online Associate's program. I had taken an Associate's degree in the past but was never sure how much of it was because of others and how much was my own ability.With University of Phoenix there is no doubt about what YOU are learning. While there are group assignments there is also several independent assignments that develop your understanding and skills."
  • Reviewed: 8/8/2012
"I earned a business degree from this college. It was a lot of work and not as easy as some of these drop outs put on. Yes some classes are easier than others, but trust me, if you want A's you have to work your butt off because you will have to pick up the slack for your lazy teammates.This school requires you to work in teams, which is very unfair to those that want A's and are paying TONS of money for tuition. The school was such a mistake! I owe soooooo much money and is killing me financially. Don't go to this schoil!"
  • Reviewed: 8/8/2012
  • Degree: Management
"Ok so here it is. Yes I appreciated the ability to make taking classes flexible. Yes I did work my butt off and am 12 credits from graduation. But here is the thing. I explained to what they call my financial advisor in March that I only received x amount of dollars in tuition reimbursement from my job and at the same time explained to her that I was close to my financial aid limit and that I could not afford to pay for the shortfall out of pocket. I am recently single and went from two incomes to one and I am sorry making my house payment and keeping my lights on are my priorities. Well she assured me at that time she would let me know if There would be a shortfall and we could set up payment arrangements. Lie number one.Well In May I received a financial aid letter saying I would be receiving x amount of financial aid. I thought little of it assuming as promised I would receive a call or an email if there was to be a shortfall. WRONG. Exactly one month from the award letter I received a cancellation letter stating that my aid was cancelled. Again I contact my financial aid advisor the same day and question this. I tried calling at first as I did every other time and surprise once again she was not there. So instead I sent her an email. I explained my situation again reiterating that if my aid was cancelled I had no more funds available to pay for what my aid did not cover and that I wouldnt be elligible for aid through work again until january 2013. Several days later it was lie number two. She was contacting the tech department to verify but she was sure it was just a mistake. I again stated that if my aid was thru I couldnt continue. So here we are in August. I receive a letter saying now I am only eligible for $5000 less than the original letter. Only now I have taken $4000 worth of classes that I explicitely said I could not afford. Again i call and email said financial advisor and surprise she isnt there. After three days of waiting for a response I finally get a call. Credits wont transfer to a traditional school and I am left 12 credits shy of my bachelors degree with mass amounts of debt. Thanks to the pushy recruiter who fed me fluff and this damn rip off"
  • Reviewed: 7/31/2012
"I loved U of P. I thought it very challenging. I also felt the students in my class had great abilities and fantastic professional experience. I learned quite a bit from them. It was adult learning with extreme deadlines and in-depth career related education opportunities.You could actually spot what you learned in the work place. Yes...I am thinking they could lower their tuition costs. I am back at U of P in the PhD program and still enjoy the experience."
  • Reviewed: 7/30/2012
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I am enrolled in the associates program for criminal justice. I have been in school since feb 2011 and I am graduating in december of 2012. This is hard work. I have had great experiences with my advisors and instructors. I have had no problems with financial aid either.I have had an awesome experience and would recommend this school to anybody. You have to work hard at any school and this is one of them, it is expensive but worth it. Before I signed up for this school I made sure that my credits would transfer. I love Uof P."
Paris Moore
  • Reviewed: 7/30/2012
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I received an associates degree in Healthcare Administration/medical records well to my surprise I can not even get a job as an office receptionist let alone in medical records. This school does nothing but have you type papers and there is no real guidance.Do not believe they will set you up with a mentor, because it will never happen as long as you don't ask to many question about your financial aid you are fine.The continuous discussion questions begins to wear on you, you can only reword a question so many time to answer these questions. When you decide to leave do not long on to the class because you will be charged which is not disclosed to you at all. Most universities will give you a refund if withdrawn within the week, which I did obviously I did not know their rule so I was charge four hundred something odd dollars for the week which was told to me with an attitude and the adviser had major attitude because I had withdrew.It's a money pit you will end up with a lot of debt and a degree which in my case in my state will not have any merit on helping you get a job. By the way in order to get your transcript to transfer to another college online which is not for profit I have to pay the money first. Avoid this for profit college. Their interest is on the money not the student."
Porshia Brown
  • Reviewed: 7/29/2012
  • Degree: MBA
"I'm a recent graduate University Of Phoenix and I have to say reading the reviews for the Health care program is very exciting! I received both my Bachelor's and Master's degree's at this school in business and was thinking about doing my RN here as well.What can I say I like school! The teachers here at the Phoenix, Arizona campus they were fantastic, and are very knowledgeable and very excited about their field. This school really tailors to working adults and their families.Everything that you need is right there on-line. You don't have to carry around big books like some schools make you do. This school also puts you in real life team situations and by the end of your first class your team is like your family and you can help each other with anything. My Guidance and financial aid councilors where there for me every step of the way and even showed up for both of my graduations. I have to say that I really found a school that really cares about you as a person and what it takes to be very successful in your field. Thank you University Of Phoenix for being the best school ever!"
jason chapman
  • Reviewed: 7/25/2012
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I enrolled at the UofP after going to a junior college for a couple of years. I had amassed enough credit hours for an associates degree this way. Nearly all of my credit hours transferred over, which was cool. I found the writing assignments challenging at Phoenix, and the instructors were supportive. I didn't feel I learned as much as I did at the traditional 'bricks and mortar' school though.The instructors weren't critical enough of my work. I felt like I got easy A's most of the time. At least in a traditional school the professors critique your work. At Phoenix, most of the instructors are part time, so they don't have time to do their jobs properly - either that, or they really can't be bothered. In my opinion, this school doesn't offer the challenges or the stimulation that a traditional school does. Yes, I did work for my IT degree, but I didn't learn as much as I feel I should have. For the money that I paid for my degree, I wouldn't do it again. University of Phoenix has a bad rap for a reason - it's too expensive and the education you'll receive from here is sub-par."
  • Reviewed: 7/24/2012
  • Degree: Business
"Ok folks, yes this is college and it is not a joke you do have to do your work and engage yourself in class. However the service that is provided in the student financial aid department leaves a lot to be desired. They do not follow their own rules on how and when you money pays for classes, I am a single parent and this takes alot of my time and is very important to me, oh ya by the way I an PAYING a pretty penny for crappy service, if I treated my customer's the way they treat the students accounts and the lip service that I have been served I would be FIRED from my job.It is just so frusterating because it seems to be about money for them, now understand this I get that this is a business which I have no problems with HOWEVER, DO WHAT YOU SAY IS COMPANY POLICY. This has been an on going problem and it just makes me want to walk away. I have enough to do and worry about in my daily life, if I cant trust my school to do what they say they are going to do THEN who can you trust??? They use the word school to make money as there is a built in trust for people when they deal with a "school" U of P has given that a new meaning for me. My son's college does not function like this so people cant say well she doesnt understand how it works..... BS!!!! They LIE and I am sick of it."