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jodie chiesa
  • Reviewed: 2/3/2011
"I've attended UOP for three years and I must say this is the most unprofessional and MONEY HUNGRY School I've ever attended. Not only was I not able to continue my courses due to owing 700 dollars, but they already had my 2011 tuition. I asked for a payment plan and they refused to work with me. If anyone asks if you would like to attend UOP the response should be heck NO. They are not concerned about student getting their degree as they are with getting your tuition. Bad Customer Service, Bad, bad, bad student advisor. All do to them being student themselves!!!"
Amber Saad
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2011
"I recently finished my first two classes at University of Phoenix two days ago. I took my final and did my capstone checkpoint the same day so i figured i was good for the rest of the week i can focus on my other classes final. I was also not worried because my grade was a 97% and i was confident with what i wrote for my final.Well the day I started my new two courses i decided to go in an check my last classes grades to see if i received a good grade on my finals. To my surprise they dropped me. I thought it must be a mistake i am a A student so I called my Academic Ad visor and he said I had been dropped because i had three absences. I was so confused I said how everyday my teacher says I am doing great and I do all my work.Unfortunately he says well you are suppose to go in two days out of the week to do the assignments I had no idea since i did not have discussion questions that needed participation. So i asked if there was anything i could do because I had a A in the class and i worked my but of for nine weeks to get dropped the last day was ridiculous he said no there was nothing he could do. I do not get how is this my fault they should give you a heads up im not asking to be babied but if im paying all that money i should at least be advised to fix something before they just drop me. And to top it all off I have to pay 1000$ for that one class and i have to take it again and the charge you another 1000$ and you cant start any other classes till your finished.So any University of Phoenix students out their make sure your going into your class room even if its boring and you can finish all your work in a day because you will randomly be dropped without a heads up."
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2011
"I am an Environmental Science major, and have had nothing but problems with my financial advisor and my academic advisor. My science classes are ok, and I have learned some things, but I am also required to take a minor which will not be recorded on my degree. I chose management, and these classes have been worthless. Every class I have had is simply me telling the professors about my experience and good or bad managers I have had. One of the books even relates managers to Harry Potter. Never in my life have I related anything in my job to make believe childs book and movie.My academic advisor has cost me $4000 in military aid that I was not able to utilize because she refused to schedule my classes in advance and I could give them a schedule of my classes and days to pay for. She wont allow me to request my transcripts to send to another school. She scheduled my classes two months later than I wanted and ruined my finacial aid because I cant have more than a 29 day lapse in courses. UoP also will not accept a 300 level statistics class I got a B in to satisfy a 167 statistics course becuase they want to make more money. I have had to call her every week for two months to get stuff done and make sure my courses are on schedule. I have been to 3 other schools due to my moving around, and had over 10 academic advisors, and this one is the worst. She is worthless, and when I requested a new one, they told me no, I am almost done with my degree and should deal with it for a few more months.I havent learned much at all at UoP, and have completed all my work without reading more than 2 pages from every book."
  • Reviewed: 1/31/2011
"I have been going to U of P for atleast eight months now. I have had an ok time learning, and most teachers are ok.I have had problems with the website were I cannot log in when it is convienient like advertised. Do not try to get on on a Monday afternoon, all you will be is frusterated. For $1600 a class I should be able to get on at anytime and have no trouble. I am really aggrevated right not and about to switch schools. This is the third time this has happened. I cannot sit around and wait for the site to open up, this is my school time and I do not have a flexible schedule.Also I have been trying for 10 weeks to have my councelor set me up to go to the U of P campus in my home town. I was told before my last class that after this class I will be set up to go to the campus.I noticed in the middle of the class that I had a new councellor (for the third time)and I called with one week left of class and there was no record of me discussing switching with the other coucelor and no progress had been made. Well I called again on Thusday of last week, I got a call back from my councellor saying basically that she forgot to look into it."
  • Reviewed: 1/30/2011
"I currently attend the UofP online. I am a mother and I work full time, so I felt that online classes would be a better fit for me and my schedule. As far as the classes are concerned, if you post your work on time, then you will pass the course. I am currently in my 8th week of my accounting class. I don't know of any other school where an accounting class consists of strictly answering questions. If I were to try to get a job in the accounting field, then I would not have a clue as to what I would need to do. This is how all of the classes are set up. It's not worth it. Trying to get a quick degree isn't worth the paper that it's printed on."
  • Reviewed: 1/28/2011
"At first the University of Phoenix seems nice. The staff is exetremly friendly and willing to help. They sold me on a coarse I wanted to take so I signed up for classes. I qualify for financial aid so I was expecting that to cover most of the tuition. To my surprise they did not process my paper work and at the end of the first 9 week coarse they wanted their money. The whole time through the coarse I was in contact with U of P and they said it was still processing. I did not take another class their because I was still waiting on financial aid to go through. Then about three months later I get a call from a debt collectorsaying I owe them $2,000.00. I contacted U of P and they were the complete opposite of when they were trying to get me enrolled. They were rude and said that I just needed to pay and their was nothing they could do.They would not listen to the fact that they had not done their part on the financial aid side that I easily obtained from my current university. So now I am obligated to pay for two $1000.00 classes that I did not even need seeing how one was an introductory to online classes (which I had already had previous experience with online classes) and speech ( which I already had speech). They said at the beginning that they were mandatory through their university to begin the coarse. They only want your money. If you are smart you will go somewhere else. You are investing in your future and you want your money to actually get you somewhere other than broke. Good luck and avoid U or P."
Stephanie Nassar
  • Reviewed: 1/27/2011
"The University of Phoenix is the only choice for online schooling. The forums are excellent, the instructors are helpful, and the ability to complete tasks on one's own schedule is priceless. The online program also offers a collection of tools to assist in academic success.I appreciate the 24 hour time slot for assignments as a parent, full time employee, wife, and student. Each student is assigned a barash of advisors to turn to and these advisors reach out weekly. Even my major was defined with care. I originally has an interest in Public Relations and marketing, but thanks to my enrollment counselor, I discovered Psychology as a more fittign field for me. I have not regretted choosing the University of Phoenix, and I am confident in my education."
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2011
"As I am nearing graduation with 4 classes left for my associates degree, I decided to see how this college name stood up to future employers on my resume. after finding this site and reading the reviews, everyone's story is exactly what I went through! Now I want to warn everyone that I went through the same "holding grant money" BS, the "not answering the phone" thing. Now I wish I knew all of this at the beginning and I would have transferred out in a flash just like my instincts were telling me to do in the first place!Now I am trapped because I am almost done. I have to finish with them only because I know that my credits will not transfer to another school. Basically I will have to start all over again. But I honestly dont feel like I am prepared for the real-life working experience this degree entails. I feel like I am basically teaching myself.I am amazed at how some of the students even pass the class when they can barely write a correct sentence in proper English. I put in 100% on my essays and coursework, but I am beginning to wonder if my over-the-top efforts are in vain. I hope my associates degree will be taken seriously because I personally worked my butt off, but I will do my bachelors degree elsewhere.The horror stories are true. I always felt inside that they were shady, but was in denial because of the amount of money I was investing. But the feeback from other students has confirmed it for me! This university IS super expensive and money hungry. My advice is to avoid getting tangled in their web in the first place. Otherwise, you will be writing this same story, trust me!"
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2011
"I enrolled with the UOP last year and I haven't had any problems with any of the staff meaning, enrollment, financial aid, instructors and so on. I feel like if anybody has a problem with the career path the they are currently taking just one quick reminder "That is the path chosen by the student not the school."Another thing financial aid is not money given to pay bills or rent it is suppose to be used to further your education. I wish everyone the best of luck and hopefully the career path that you have taken will take you far and beyond.Use your knowledge and what you learn to the best of your ability."
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2011
"I am so fed up with this trap of an university. I called one of their recruiters who hurried me into the MBA program. I am a person that loves academics and wanted to succeed so i took the challenges and ran with it. I have managed to maintaing above a 3.0 until my last class.My instructor was difficult to work with and we had a team assignment due at the end of the sixth week. I have never missed a day of class but the instructor still managed to stiff me out of participation points. The instructor was mad that I decided to take my final exam early instead of taking it with class. The instructor seemed unhelpful when i had questions and rude. The dean doesn't care about the students nor their plights or complaints because the professors and the dean at UOP are like Batman and Robin.I would love to leave the university because I feel that I m not getting a quality education because my professor only holds an MBA but teaches an MBA course, which is pure irony, and incompentency but i am trapped at this university and must continue regardless. I am upset because I dont want to waste my money and not receive a quality education, but I feel like the education I am receiving isnt worth it at all.I m not learning anything, yes my GPA is good but the academics aren't, can someone help me and what should i do?"
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2011
"I am in my second year and I will be getting my AA in Information Technology in October. I am the type of person that if I am pointed in the right direction I will succeed. The teachers are like any teacher. Some are great and some are like robots and refer you to the syllabus.I am a single dad and have a schedule to keep that includes taking care of my daughter. This school fits my life style perfectly.I read when I go to my daughters sporting events and bring my laptop with me and write papers everywhere I go and I have a free moment. UOP is a place I would recommend to people that are self motivated and want a degree and won't accept no for an answer."
Jeffrey Peters
  • Reviewed: 1/21/2011
"I have been enrolled with the University of Phoenix since December of 2008, and I enjoy every aspect of it. I have never encountered a problem with them, and every time I have a question or concern either my financial clounselor or academic counselor assists me until the situation is resolved.I first started with my associates degree focusing on travel, tourism and hospitality, and I graduated in June of 2010. Soon after I began my bachelors in Marketing, and I love it. I think the top reason I love it is that I am able to attend class whenever I need to, and this is helpful, because I work full time and I have a family. I think that without this I would not be able to continue my education, because it would be too difficult to manage going to school at an actual campus, because of everything that goes on in my life. As far as the value of my education goes I have to say that I value every bit of it, because one thing about UoP is I have to actually put forth the effort to learn. This is not to take away from the thousands of students who put forth the effort at an actual campus, but it seems easier to just relax and let things slip away.I read a lot of reviews that touch on companies who will not even look at your resume if you have UoP on it, and I will say this; yes I agree that if you try and get into a company that has the mind frame of the good ol boys, then no you will probably not be hired, but many more companies today recognize that universities on line are becoming more and more mainstream and that thousands of people rely on these types of institutions to obtain their degrees, and I firmly believe that it is what you do with your degree that counts the most as opposed to where you obtaines it."
  • Reviewed: 1/21/2011
"I attended the UoP for Early Elementary Education, and I had a WONDERFUL experience. The forums were easy to use, teachers were helpful and staff was very informative.It is UNTRUE about the reviews about the staff, they ALWAYS returned my calls. If some of these reviews state the classes were unorganized or difficult, its because people took for granted that an online class was "easier." In reality, I found the online classrooms to be MUCH more helpful and learned more than a traditional classroom. You get a wider idea of the ideas and thoughts the other students were thinking.This is a great school, and I am about to start my Masters here...."
  • Reviewed: 1/19/2011
"I'll be getting my bachelors in Criminal Justice this month and I just wanted to say that the UOP Online classes are great because you can do them anytime and anywhere. There's alot of flexibility and tutoring centers are available online or at the schools if help is needed. If you read the syllabus and instructions carefully, you wouldn't have any trouble using the online class and doing assignments.Being disrespectful to a classmate is not allowed but if it does happen, EVERYONE is able to read what they said because that is the only way they can do it. (This rarely happens) My finance and academic counselors were great and always answered the phone or returned my calls on the same day.But just like in any other business, there are always going to be bad employees that are going to make a company or school look bad."
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2011
"I am at the end of my AA in psychology with the University of Phoenix. I have three classes left. They have taken my student aid and given me very little education although most of the educational staff is helpful and knowledgeable the counseling staff is horrible. If they can not get a hold of you one day that same day they drop you from your courses. This happens even if you have already talked to one counselor who told you that all was okay.The counseling staff have no access to the classrooms therefore they do not understand what is going on in the said classroom. They also have little to no influence when you voice a logical complaint about an instructor. I would say run do not attend this school, I regret that I signed up for this school everyday. I well not be doing my BS here."
Belinda Goebel
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2011
"I strongly disagree with the negative posts about the University of Phoenix. I am currently in my 13th class with them. I have 6 more to complete my BSN and am considerining continuing on for my MSN in nursing administration with this school.I have had a wonderful experience so far. My financial advisor responded to my inquiries immediately and was quite helpful. My academic counselor has assisted me with mapping out my schedule and enrolling my classes all of the way through my expected graduation date.I have had no problems taking scheduled breaks to accommodate my work needs and my recent knee surgery.I have found the instructors to be extremely helpful, thoughtful and a wealth of knowledge. Like any other college, you get out of the classes exactly what you put into them. The class discussions have been though provoking and informative. The syllabuses clearly outline the requirements and list specific due dates for each assignment. The grading ruberics are practically an outline for writing papers or presentations.I do believe that any online learning is difficult if you are not self-motivated. Students must take initiative to resolve problems, complete assignments and work with others in this format for learning. You are not lead every step of the way through your classes, but rather are taught to lead.I would highly recommend the University of Phoenix to any motivated student who possesses adequate writing skills."
  • Reviewed: 1/17/2011
"If you are considering attending this school, you need to understand they will NOT return your phone calls, emails, or letters. They WILL mess up your financial aid and your course curriculum. You'll NEVER get your academic or financial aid adviser on the phone nor will they return your phone call. A response to an email is unheard of. If you do not expect too much with this "university" you won't be disappointed."
Willie J Turner
  • Reviewed: 1/13/2011
"I graduated from the UoP 12-20-10. I believe that the online version of UoP is helpful if you have limited time and want to improve your writing, thinking and management skills but I would not recommend the Master of Information Systems degree if you are hoping to get more exprience with Information Technology.I am the Senior Tech at my current job and I own a small computer repair business and UoP did not improve my technical skills. I believe if you want know more about Information Technology go to an offline school where you can get the hands on training you need.The MIS degree I received helped me to get a better understanding of the management side of IT. I was promoted as Senior Tech analyst because I attended UoP. You must be a self starter to be successful at UoP. I have received a few job offers because I am a graduate of UoP."
  • Reviewed: 1/13/2011
"I attend UOP obtaining my graduates degree. The academic advisors sometimes do not have a clue. Professors are hard to understand and you do not really know what they want because they post one thing in the syllabus and then say another in the chat room. You have to find your own way and it can become confusing. The students are disrespectful toward each other. I wonder do they reprimanded for that? It is too late for me to turn back now, but why do I feel like I just wasted about 30,000 plus? Oh have had no bad experience with Tech support they have been good."
Earshline Williams
  • Reviewed: 1/12/2011
"I recently graduated from Axia College with my Associates Degree, I then erolled at the University of Phoenix because my previous experience at Axia was Great. Since I have been at UOP majority of my problems are with the finance department. I have had so many finacial advisorThere customer service is horrible, no one never returns your phone call and they seem to ask for more money everytime. The finance department issued out extra funds which was a mistake on their behalf and they are asking that I pay for what themessed up on. By far I am 8 classes away from completing my B.A. degree and the only way I can do that is if I pay out of my pocket $17,000.00.If you don't have too do not attend the UOP all they want is money and they will give false inofrmation just to stay within your pockets."