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Ford Jacobs
  • Reviewed: 10/23/2010
"I am two days from completing my University of Phoenix Online BS in Operations Management, and I have just accepted a promotion that will provide a dramatic increase in my annual salary as Operations Manager in a food manufacturing plant.I am continueing on toward an MBA with a local, brick-and-mortar school, but the University of Phoenix most definitely boosted my career.I have run into individuals that consider it a lesser degree because of the online format, but the HR Departments in industry don't hold a negative opinion of Univ. of Phoenix.Often, the online format is the only option. The ambition and self-drive to get the degree says a lot about you, and they don't care where you got the degree from.Go for it!"
On My Way Out
  • Reviewed: 10/22/2010
"WAIT......Do your homework on UOP. Been there now for 3 years. OK academically. But finacially, its worst than Hurricain Katrina. They disburse all the LOANS onto your account, but you wait on the GRANT money entitlements. Still waiting now for my PELL GRANT from them. And all they've been saying is your file is in review. Heard that since Aug 2010. How long does it take to approve a grant? The loans posted already. They took all that for tuition fees & resource fees.UOP is just not worth the hassle. This is a degree to get me into a Graduate program where I can earn an MBA from a repitable University."
Bob Rossman
  • Reviewed: 10/20/2010
"I have been attending UoP for over a year now and am very impressed with the professionalism of the school and the well developedness of it's format.Things run very smoothly from the enrollment counselor who checks up on you every week your first four weeks to the academic and financial counselors who answer your phone calls within 24 hours to the teachers with masters degrees just like regular college to the currency of the curriculum (I am in information technology and need to stay on top of the latest programming languages) which is not a gurantee in regular college. In summary I am very satisfied with UoP. "
  • Reviewed: 10/19/2010
"I work in a facility with 1000's of employees of all age ranges. I attend the UoP and several co-workers also attend various online accelerated colleges. They all compare in accelerated set up as well as cost. Those who attend "accelerated" schools do spend a lot of money. Keep in mind you are paying for the acceleration.A basic 4 year degree accelerated will be reduced to about two years. Where as in a non-accelerated facility a 4 year degree will take four years. For the person who doesn't know what a "block" of classes is you should have asked your academic advisor. My advisors were all very encouraging and gave me the time in between classes when personal needs came up as well as allowed me to take classes one at a time when they became too tough.To those who are researching just that...research. Take your time and consider things such as cost and do you learn better in a class setting or are you not able to attend classes on a campus. There are various schools that are all very good schools. You just need to determine your needs first. Online schools regardless of who it's with takes a lot of patience and organization.If I had it to do over again I would research more regardling cost, layout, and time of completion. I like the layout of pheonix as it works with my life. But I don't like the cost. Good luck to those of you who read this and your hunt for a school and future success!"
Anthony Clayton
  • Reviewed: 10/16/2010
"My experience at the UOP has been good and bad much like my experience at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. I cannot stress this enough, the UOP uses the same books that all the other schools use. Your education is up to you even thought I will say that online is a different beast.You need to be mature, motivated, self sufficient and tolerant to be a successful online student at any school to include UOP. Bashing this or any school is typically retaliatory and should be taken with a grain of salt.M y advice is regardless if you are paying 500 bucks or 2000 bucks per class you should take advantage of the education to include the reading, discussion questions, and assignments. This is how you will define your education.I guess some might think it is better to get into an Ivy League school based on your wealth or family name fosters a better education? Good Luck regardless of the school you choose."
  • Reviewed: 10/11/2010
"Overall, the inconsistencies from instructor to instructor and course to course were most troubling, but the final blow was being falsely accused of cheating and seeing my ‘A’ disappear without being given an opportunity to represent myself. They make unjust decisions as if it a dictatorship or something and refuse to look within their own organization for resolution. In fact, tried reporting my problem or getting anyone to listen to only to be met with a literal cookie cutter response from everyone I spoke with. The final act was all I needed to continue my education elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 10/11/2010
"I attended University of Phoenix for one year. The experience was ridiculous.1) They did not even check to see if I graduated. I told them I graduated in my home town and the year. They did not bother to verify it. Nor was the information in my transcripts.2) They just raised their tuition cost to match and/or exceed most brick and mortar education facilities. They tell you that you only need to print what you need and then change that so you wind up printing the entire book from home, and yet charge you for course material.3) They change information without informing you. The university was working on the fifth edition of APA then out of no where changed to sixth edition. They removed all of the APA information that is supposed to be covered in your tuition without informing anyone of it and just expected you to know it happened.4) Their syllabus NEVER matches what is provided in material.5) The instructors make just as many if not more inconsistent errors than the students.6) There is no way to background check (verify) the credentials of the instructors. I just recently 'caught' that one of the instructors was using a false name. She also provided false credentials to her bio. One student caught her last name and mistakenly identified her in comparison to another well known person with the "handle" she was using and took credit for it! Instead of correcting the student, she assumed the identity and did not make any effort to correct the information.7) The do not adhere to their own policy. They have a guideline for associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate levels, and do not adhere to the outline of guideline for the level of knowledge needed for the course.8) In more than one instance of online class, the facilitators practice childish behavior. The facilitator for my class plagiarized my work. I was polite and and nicely asked her to correct the citation. She privately emailed me in my individual class folder admonishing me for her error and then turned around and in a very petty manner turned around and stated I spelled her name wrong...8 weeks into the course. I wrote it as it was given to me by the university and because I caught her giving credit of my work to someone else, she looked for reasons to retaliate. The university denied it was against policy, however, their plagiarism guide clearly outlined the definition and it was a clear violation. It was also intentional because after I asked her to correct it, she intentionally did it again and then demoted points to me because she felt it was inaccurate.9) The degree's are not entirely recognized. I signed up for the Human Service degree. The university is not recognized by the Social Workers Association. Which makes the entire degree worthless to my state.10) The academic advisors do not respond in a timely manner. They are required to respond in 48 hours. It took up to three weeks to obtain a response from my academic advisor. Along with that, they continuously change advisors with no notice.11) Their financial information is inconsistent and lacking. They do not properly inform you of your options or what you are supposed to do for financial aid or loans. They did not require an entrance counseling or exit counseling so a student fully understands their financial aid, loans, promissory notes, or even who to contact to obtain the information from, nor are they even knowledgeable about the information themselves.12) The university lacks in education, consistency, organization, technical support, and all facets needed to obtain an education in an online environment. You are on your own entirely to work through issues, nor do the facilitators adhere to the policy to answer your questions appropriately. It took an entire week of asking the same question in different formats to one instructor about citing a source. She adamantly refused to answer the question she was supposed to be teaching me about. There was no information within the university to learn in within their guides or library, and the instructor flat out told me I exhausted the question when she failed to answer on how to obtain the information so I would know how to write my papers for all of the courses at the university.13) You are not a University of Phoenix student when you start. You can plan on your first couple of years being an Axia College student. A different branch of the university that they do not inform you of.14) If you want to waste your time and have complete aggravation to working with a staff that has no clue to what even happens in their classrooms, then by all means, join University of Phoenix if you have money to burn and time to waste. Essentially that is exactly what you will be doing.The entire experience was more stressful and frustrating to cope with than necessary. Every person that is supposed to be available to assist in your success fails to comply. The last facilitator I had refused to answer calls on questions to the assignment and actually had the audacity to change her contact information, hours, and listing in order to avoid discussing classroom needs.This university will tend to your failure rather than your success. They will attempt to compensate by giving you a "good grade" in order to not report them for their lack of proper education. They will lie to you about their policies and procedures, then turn around and blame you for your lack of information based on their education. It really is the most ridiculous place to attend. There is no professionalism, nor ethics. Stay away from this university!"
  • Reviewed: 10/7/2010
"As someone who actually graduated from the University of Phoenix, I had a positive experience during my time there. I have my Master of Arts in Education.Due to the nature of online education, classes are fast-paced and very demanding. There are a lot of assignments that are due each week. Online education is not for the lazy student. It is a lot of work, reading, and writing. This is not something that should come as a surprise in higher education.The best thing about UOP are the professors. My professors were great. All of my professors were currently in the education field and were very supportive and knowledgeable. I had more consistent contact with my online professors than I ever did with my professors during my undergraduate program at a state college. The increase in correspondence with my professors was a major contributor to my learning. That kind of support and knowledge base is irreplaceable.The required daily participation was another important part of my positive experience with the UOP. I had great classmates (most of the time) who were from all over the world. Having classmates from all over the globe and learning from their experiences in the classroom was a positive experience.During my student teaching practicum, my University Supervisor was incredible. As a matter of fact, I cannot say enough good things about her role during my practicum. She was so involved, encouraging, and professional. She kept in contact with me all the time. She emailed and called me almost daily. Her support and instruction during my practicum was above and beyond what I ever expected. I feel privileged to have had her input and advice concerning instruction, classroom management, and lesson-planning. She kept me going, and I will never forget her role in my education and career.There are things the UOP needs to fix, no one can deny that. Their enrollment practices are infamous for being too focused on sales. I wish they would do away with open enrollment. Also, they need to minimize changes to advisors. My academic and financial aid advisors changed too often. Those are things I wish they would fix; however, I am only here to comment on the actual education from the UOP. Their education, professors, curriculum, and classroom dynamics are all positive."
  • Reviewed: 10/6/2010
"Ok, so I'm not going to get into any financial issue with the University. I am going to talk about something just as serious. I already have a B.S. from a traditional university and am currently a teacher. Now, I have had to take additional courses throughout the years at various universities, most of these were online because of my job. Here is the difference between a REAL university and Phoenix. Phoenix's online programs are all about discussions with your classmates. You have to post an answer to usually two questions that the instructor post online, then respond to what everyone else said. The problem here is that anybody can see how the other students are answering the questions and just follow suit. So most people would have the same answer to the questions just re-worded.Imagine trying to post a response to an already correct answer that 5 others have responded to. It really was a joke. I would struggle with trying to find something different to add, but most people would just respond with "yes, I agree with you about managing your time with work, a family, and school. A great way of doing this would be to have a calendar and daily agenda to keep track of everything." This is the crap that we all had to write. You don't learn anything from this.One other thing was that no matter what the assignment was I scored a 100. I scored a hundred on every single assignment for the 2 classes. I never did this well in any class. Now, being a teacher I know for a fact that they didn't really review the work that students did, otherwise there is no way that would have happened.At a traditional school, even their online courses, they are concerned with the actually academic content of the course and every now and again will have you post a response.The last major difference is, if you are a resident you can take courses at a community college for half of what phoenix charges, you will be entitled to the same financial aid as phoenix, you will have real professors and most of the courses are offered online. I am taking two right now for $650 and am struggling, but learning a lot more, whereas I paid over $2000 for two courses at Phoenix and have nothing to show.Hope this helps."
  • Reviewed: 10/6/2010
"It is sad to hear of these people who had pushy and dishonest enrollment/financial advisors. Mine was awesome. The entire 2 years I have been attending the college everything has been just as they said it would. In addition to online, I am close to a physical campus which I have the option of attending for whatever my needs are. The instructors are so qualified they are almost intimidating and my fellow classmates come from all walks with interesting credentials themselves. I take UOP seriously, just as much as if I went to a physical univeristy. I think a student will get out what they put in and UOP gives you all the opportunities to learn book knowledge and real world experiences.I am glad I have chosen this route. I am proud of the sacrifices and efforts I have made to do this. I graduate in 6 months and will be thrilled and confident about the decision I have chosen.Anyone who does not hire me because of the college selection I have chosen does not know what they are missing, but some other lucky individual will! So for anyone who has chosen this route and is a worried, be confident in who you are and the decisions you have made. You made an intelligent decision now back it up!! Not everyone looks at an online environment as weak."
Tawanna Paschall
  • Reviewed: 10/5/2010
"I received my associate degree from the UOP in Healthcare Administration and I thought it was a good decision. My job outcome did not change because of this, I found myself defending where I received my associate. UOP has been called a diploma mill, so I encourage you to have some experience and knowledge of the field you decided to get you degree in because you will not get it at UOP. Luckily for me I’ve been in the Health Insurance Industry for years and I have a wide knowledge of the field. I have since then transferred to the University of Maryland, not just because of what some job recruiters may think about UOP, but because of how things are done and handle at UOP.If you are looking for a quick degree with no real known ledge, than UOP is your school to attend but if you really want to learn something that’s going to be of value than please and I say please do your research and don’t go to UOP!!!!!!!"
joanne johnson
  • Reviewed: 10/4/2010
"I do not know if this only occurs in Hawaii, because of the small community. The University has offered no support to me. Going to this university has been one of the most awful experiences.The professors are not truthful, and want to make themselves look good. It makes me sick to think that I chose this university over UH.The school says they promote diversity, but the professors cater to thier own personal advantages. I am sick that my children have to grow up knowing I graduated from this pathetic university. In no way would I recommend this university no matter the situation.The students in my group feel the same way!!"
  • Reviewed: 10/4/2010
"I have been a student at UOP for 4 years. I have worked hard to earn my degree. NOT once was I mislead or pressured into ANYTHING. My financial aid has come in like clock work and my counselors have been very supportive. I have had more issue going to traditional colleges when it came to lack of support and them screwing up my financial aid. This has been an all around positive experience for me. And I highly recommend it!"
  • Reviewed: 10/4/2010
"I have been in UOP for 25 weeks. In this time I have had three financial advisors. I was told by the first advisor G.S. that my first year would be covered by $5500 in student aid, pell grants and a small loan. I am finishing my third block now and called my financial advisor today. I was told that I cannot start my next block of classes that start in three weeks unless I pay $1950. I was lied to by the advisor to get my initial enrollment.I received a letter a month ago saying I was going to get a check cut to me for a certain amount. Not only did I not receive that amount I now owe nearly $2000 before I can start my classes in three weeks. I hope this school gets in trouble for things they have done to families trying to get ahead."
  • Reviewed: 10/1/2010
"I am currently a student at UOP and I feel there are some pros and cons to the program. I am ok with the program I am in "software engineering", but there are things I would change, and I'm sure any student at any university would want to change something, so singling out this school for that would be wrong.Since I have not graduated yet I do not want to give a full review though. But I would like to request something from those who have graduated instead of spilling out a review of paragraphs of information that barely have any relevance to the actual courses they studied.1. Provide your program of study 2. Did you graduate 3. Did the program help you get a raise or a job. What extra efforts were needed to get the job?I can say right now that whatever someone is focusing in, expect to spend twice that time out of school learning that stuff if expected to get a job in it. It does not matter what college you come from, they want you to actually have a decent grasp of what you are applying for. Web developer? Do you know HTML, CSS,, javascript well? The person that does will get the job before you, probably no matter what his/her GPA is."
  • Reviewed: 9/30/2010
"I am a graduate of UOP and my experience was nothing but positive. Compared to my experience in a traditional college, the experiences were equal. At no time was I taken advantage of, misled or lied to. If I had to do it all over again, I would still choose UOP. I am proud of accomplishment and to top things off; I have not had any issues gaining employment with UOP on my resume."
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2010
  • Reviewed: 9/21/2010
"I am an online associates degree student studying human services management, and I feel that this school is definately going to give me a great foundation for my ultimate goal in social work. The courses provided you with so much useful information, especially the core courses. The instructors are great, and there are such practical resources that this university has to offer, such as the student work-life enrichment program. I agree with other person that did a review when she said that this school offer resources that no other university offers.I recommend this university to anyone! :)"
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2010
"University of Phoenix is a good school; some of this organizations employee needs positive customer service training. Please speak up and assist University of Phoenix employees in obtaining proper customer service training, students should not have to settle for rude or unprofessional service.Coursework is great, online learning is especially great, make sure to stay on top of personal time management. Most of instructors are positive. I did have issues with a financial and an academic advisors, since he or she are assigned in teams. Please do not settle for less than top positive customer service.These people work for us, so if any person (student) is not getting top positive customer service get his or her name and either file a complaint, also please remember to file praise(s) for he or she who deserve praises, thank you for your time."
  • Reviewed: 9/19/2010
"I completed the international version of UOP Masters program and a Bachelor in Engineering at a traditional School. My work involved a lot of travel both domestic and international so it was impossible for me to attend a regular school. The coursework was challenging and most of the professors have experience working for big companies.Most of my classmates were working professionals and some of them have one or more masters degrees. The school is expensive but is not easy, I spend between 10 to 15 hours each week reading,writing papers and answering questions.My overall experience was excellent and is paying back.If you are a working professional who can't attend traditional schools online school is the best option."