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1.0 out of 5 stars
hurd - 12/14/2014
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2015
"University of Phoenix is a joke. The tuition is higher than any other college. The degree does not transfer to any other college. They are not accredited or that is what I have been told by other colleges. The instructors are mediocre at best. The classes are a joke. They usually do not apply to your degree. The financial advisors are a call center and do not have experience with the college or any financial institution. Class advisors are also a call center with no advisor experience. The learning teams are only a requirement to satisfy a lab requirement with the college and have no benefit. The papers and assignments are ridiculous and have no benefit to the degrees. I am in my fourth year 40,000 in the hole with financial aid paying over half. I will not be able to do anything with my degree because no one recognizes their degrees. Its a waist of money."
1.0 out of 5 stars
whitney - 12/10/2014
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2015
"I needed my transcripts because I am joining the Navy, when you have a certain amount of credits you rank up. They refuse to give my transcripts because I am dropping all future classes. I can't attend future classes because I'm going to be in the middle of the ocean! I tried explaining and all the advisor could say was pretty much "oh well". Not to mention the class teaching is mediocre. I wouldn't recommend this school to any body."
2.0 out of 5 stars
Aisha - 12/9/2014
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2015
"There are several things to consider when taking online classes. Can you afford it and are you really ready to earn your degree alone!!! My math and anatomy classes were probably my toughest classes to complete. Imagine teaching yourself anatomy 1 and 2 with no one to really sit down with and talk it through. When I called my counselor for help with both my classes I was told to continue to reach out to my instructors. My instructors told me to "just read" I am struggling now with figuring out how to move forward with my degree. I contacted my counselor for help with internships or advice she suggested google. I am very proud that I am 6 weeks away from graduating my I dont walk away with confidence not really how you want to feel after spending $45g on school"
4.7 out of 5 stars
Lisa - 11/30/2014
Degree: Management
Graduation Year: 2013
"Some of the faculty in my program were amazing educators. All had real-world experience and were very professional in how they conducted their classes. The program is fast-paced and hard work, but I always knew up front exactly what was required to succeed in every class. I have no regrets about choosing University of Phoenix."
2.0 out of 5 stars
APRIL D THOMAS - 11/30/2014
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2015
"I did my research going into this college and the online reviews are horrible. Everyone who writes a review of University of Phoenix, they do not write flattering reviews for this college. With that said, I thought it was just a bunch of bitter students that could not make the best of his or her experiences. After all, everything is what you make it. I am in my fourth year of UoP and I hate it. I have been informed on a numerous occasions this school is not accredited. It just that simple. By the time you spend 60k and lose countless hours doing papers, powerpoint projects, and turning down social events; it's not going to matter unless you know someone who may know someone. Everyone has gone through the conversation that maybe if he or she had gone to another school, he or she may get another job but the blatant lies that are told by this university should be illegal. I am not sure if I do have a legal leg to stand on but I would do anything for this school to take responsibility for the lives that has been destroyed and the loans that are taken out. It's not just about the student loans. It is about a young woman living in the 'hood who worked like hell to work on her dreams. I just wanted an opportunity to make a decent wage and survive for my future children. Now I feel as though I am going to work as a bank teller for the rest of my life and that is bone crushing."
3.3 out of 5 stars
Sarah - 11/30/2014
Degree: Finance
Graduation Year: 2016
"I've been attending online classes with University of Phoenix for a little over a year now and overall I'm satisfied. There have been a few kick ups along the way though. When I was first enrolling my admissions councilor was very helpful and thorough. I later found out, however, that I had been enrolled in the wrong degree program (Business Administration instead of Business Finance). When I found this out I was told in order to change my degree program I might have to take the placement tests again because I had taken them over five years prior. This was very upsetting to me as it was not my fault I was enrolled in the wrong program and I might have to take the placement test all over again for someone else's error. I had to talk to several people, since you never call and get your own counselor, which was also very upsetting. I found out that they took care of it and I didn't have to re-test which I'm thankful for but it shouldn't have even came up in the first place if everyone had done their job correctly. Like I mentioned before, you are assigned a counselor who is in their Phoenix offices (I've had three different people already) and when you call to speak with them, 95% of the time you don't actually talk to your assigned counselor. I have to say, though, everyone I've talked to at the counseling office has been very helpful and knowledgeable."
1.8 out of 5 stars
Ms. T - 11/29/2014
Degree: Human Services
Graduation Year: 2015
"Where do I begin, This University is affording me the ability to finish my degree while working and maintaining my family. Coming from both an campus setting and an online setting from a school that typically offers on campus the environment was new to me. I was looking for a way to finish and with so many friends saying they completed degrees here I thought why not give it a shot. I was sold on the strictly online and deadlines. I personally do not do well in work at your own pace, I do however like that I have due dates for my assignments as my previous online experience did not have that. I enjoy that the courses are 5 weeks long but there are some serious negatives to that too. The instructors or website babysitters as I would so refer to them as seem to have a database that they just pull information to post from. They don't seem to be thoroughly knowledgeable in what they are wanting me to do. When I ask questions specific to the assignment or for the instructor to provide further explanation on a particular topic they ALWAYS refer me back to the directions or the textbook. In a course where I am in the classroom physically most professors provide an example that will explain the concept they are teaching or they would provide a different way to understand the concept. I don't feel these instructors are prepare to do that which is why they just tell me to read the book. Very frustrating when I have and still don't get it hello that is the reason I am asking them. Also each instructor runs the class very differently. Now I don't imagine that any 2 instructors would be the exact same that is not what I am trying to say but there appears to be no standard for facilitating these courses. Again they all tend to use the same general information when presenting themselves and then when they post assignments they use a generic form that I am assuming is provided to them and then once you get your first assignment back you realize that this instructor expects this or that. They all have total different formats for what is considered toward your weekly participation grade. Learning Teams, ugh they are a nightmare! You are grouped with 4-5 other individuals and told to complete a team charter which is where you provide the contact information you want the team to have. Everyone collectively answers a few questions on how the group will handle working together and then you are released to do your first learning team assignment. These assignments are usually very heavy weighted on your weekly goal and require everyone's input. the assignments are most often broken up into parts by someone who takes role as leader and then merged by that same person and turned in for the whole group. Everything is due Mondays by 1159pm Arizona time so if a team member doesn't turn their part in that means you either do it or get a lower grade. This also an issue because not everyone does the work correctly. I find that you spend more time babysitting your teammates to turn in their work and insure its correct then I ever thought possible to be in such high level courses. Sometimes people don't do anything, turn in stuff that makes absolutely no sense or won't ever take the role as leader. This is very stressful and should be reevaluated as a requirement. When I have had group issues where people did not participate etc, the instructor yet again was very dismissive and would say well what does your Charter say or fill out a evaluation form for this assignment. In my program we read various chapters and other documents, then the instructor ask a question that is suppose to get the class discussing the topic. Most time everyone post their 200- 300 word response and then we respond to our classmates with well so and so I agree with what you said.. well duh you just wrote almost the exact same thing right above them. Some instructors want your discussion responses to be cited and everything along with a word count, some just want your understanding on what you just read or a personal experience that you can apply to the reading. After you read the chapters most weeks its 4+ things you are required to read then there are optional readings as well on top of that, then you go on to complete typically 3 individual assignments. These assignments can be quizzes, power points, written papers or worksheets that you download as a word document. Again minimal instruction on specifics and if I ask detailed questions its as if the instructor wasn't the person giving me the assignment some times they seem more lost than I am. Academic advisors and financial aid reps are glorified call center reps who give generic answers to specific questions and always need weeks to research my questions to come back to me and say a very simple but never direct answer. If you call your assigned person and they are not it you get a different rep who must get a pop up on their screen that says was calling for so and so blah blah blah because they always say looks like you were trying to reach blank but that person is not available how can I help you. It sounds like a call center with tons of talking in the background and it just not a personable experience. Obviously this University is still in business so it must be doing something right, I personally have yet to experience it. I was really hoping that I would have a wonderful experience and after I complete my BS go for my Masters but I will not be doing so at this University. If you don't mind working with a team, having instructors who do NO instruction just posting and facilitating the webpage for the classroom by all means please come here. You will succeed if you are very good at self instruction. In my courses there is absolutely no instruction, they don't break things down, give everyday examples nothing. They simply assign a subject and say respond or do this assignment."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Angel F - 11/29/2014
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2015
"I love this school, however I'm transferring out due to the bachelors programs not being available in Indiana or Michigan in Psychology. I've decided this because I could do without an associates and move quicker through a bachelors program at a different college. My advisors are wonderful at the moment, though they seem to change with the seasons. Some of them can be quite annoying and don't really know what they're doing- thank GOODNESS they got rid of him. I love the teaching curriculum, it's easy for me to rush through assignments or take some of the ones I"m not fully sure how to do slower. It's 9 week courses, and you're also able to take workshops teaching you how to do math before you actually take a course just so you're more comfortable, these courses are non-credits and they're voluntary. I'm 60% through my degree thus far, but it's time to face facts and pick up and move onto a better opportunity school. I would recommend this school to those that have a better understanding of what you want later on through your schooling. I wasn't so sure- all I knew was that I wanted to go into psychology. This school really made me think in the long run about what I wanted to do. Every college is going to have bachelors, masters, and doctorate level degrees that you want, however think about more on if the school is really reaching your needs. They're a great school in my opinion, I just dove into the first school without really thinking about it. Take your time, figure out if this is the right school for you, and if you don't, and later down the road you're thinking of going into a different direction- it's pretty easy to transfer your credits to a different school. There's no fee, and you can send out up to 12 transcripts to different colleges per year I believe. I didn't have to start all the way over, or retake some classes because they wouldn't transfer. :) I'm transferring my associates into a bachelors program somewhere else and they all transferred, I have 36 completed credits in my associates program and the credits bump up to 45 credits in my bachelors program. I'm currently waiting to hear back from my other school, good luck to all of you! The overall ease use of the website is very easy for my age. I'm 23, and it's very easy to find things, discover other areas, and for all the new people you'll take an orientation to see if you'll succeed in the school. No credits are awarded for this course, it's if I remember right just one week, and if you fail it, you won't be moved into your classes, you're only able to take the orientation course I believe twice until you have to wait a year before attempting to again."
4.5 out of 5 stars
Travis - 11/23/2014
Degree: Environmental Engineering
Graduation Year: 2016
"I have been in the UoP online bachelor's program for about 4 months now. I really enjoy it, and I have learned a lot. I have some friends in online school and I have been able to compare some the programs a little. . Some other schools require that you complete a list of assignment by the end of the semester. I know people that are in programs like that with an A in the class, and they tell me that they only log in once or twice a week. The UoP semesters are set up differently. The classes are set up in five one week blocks. (Some classes are more or less than 5 weeks) This works out to about 9 credit hours a semester. Every week a student will have assignments that are due during and at the end of the week. In addition to that a student is required to comment 8 times a week (100 word ish comments). The work is challenging and effective. Every few weeks I am surprised how far I have come. Some of the things I do not like about the UoP is that in the 7 day class cycle. I would really like it to be a little bit longer so I can absorb the material. Contact with teachers can be somewhat of a challenge. If a person needs additional feedback on an assignment, that person will have to wait a day or so for an email back. Response times are fast, but on a 7 day class cycle 1 day is a long time. But those are small things. The UoP is not a diploma mill. The student will work hard and it will be challenging. To address some of the bad reviews, some of these people that have a problem with the university, most likely have a problem with everything. I have seen students get on the class forum and argue with the teacher because the teacher would not extend a timeline. The students would clam family sickness, computer problems and countless other excuses. It was just the typical “I’m not responsible for myself” thinking. I would dismiss any poor reviews out there. The school is not perfect, but the school is very good at the online school experience and I highly recommend the university."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Jasmine Gipson - 11/21/2014
Degree: Healthcare Management
Graduation Year: 2016
"So far I have had a good time while attending this school. The advisors are all nice and if your advisor isnt avaliable they transfer you to the avaliable advisor. The classes have been great although sometimes its hard working in a group when everyone isnt on the same page but overall I have enjoyed my classes.."

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