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3.5 out of 5 stars
CJ - 9/14/2014
Degree: Child Development
Graduation Year: 2014
"I have had the best school experience at University of Phoenix. My academic and financial advisor were top notch and contacted me every few weeks just to check on me. However, I would contact either of them if there were any issues or just to touch base also. I naturally reach out to people. I naturally develop relationships. So perhaps my natural tendency to build relationships with people, has helped me in this environment. During my associates degree, I had the absolute best teachers! I think I only had one really rotten one. However, in my Bachelors program, I had a few really great teachers and the rest were at best, mediocre. They did what they needed to do or they graded absurdly harsh and nitpicked every single thing in a paper. I actually had a teacher count me off because I did not actually put the words "Introduction" and "Conclusion" on slides for a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, I had titled the slides "In the beginning" and "What Did We Learn" respectively. I sort of thought it was obvious that the first and last slides were what they were. But whatever. I also had a teacher give me a flat out zero on a presentation because I used animations that brought the content together on the slide and she refused to watch it in slide show mode. I was able to refute the grade and file a grievance and I ended up with an A but it was a hassle. I agree that there are not a lot of procedures in place if there is an issue or problem with a teacher. At a school you physically attend, there are actually people you can speak with face-to-face and better, more fully developed escalation of ways to resolve issues. The learning team experience was WONDERFUL! I got the absolute best team in my first Bachelor's class. We clicked so well that we submitted "Follow-A-Friend" requests with each of our advisors and we stayed together for the entire Bachelor's program. While I never met any of them, I have stayed in touch and I consider them to be genuine friends. We spoke quite often outside of the classroom experience and we were always able to count on each other. If you get a great teammate in a learning team, DO request that you follow each other. It makes ALL the difference in the learning team. Within a few classes, you will have your dream team and you will wonder what all the fuss with learning teams is. :) My biggest complaint is that because the classes are so short, I did not feel that I was able to truly immerse myself as fully as I may have liked to. However, the shorter classes were wonderful when you were taking something like statistics that I absolutely hate anyway! Just to give a little background: Getting my degrees (Associates and then Bachelors) was not exactly a cake walk. The amount of work that is required is substantial in that you must participate in writing and not just by turning in papers like a brick and mortar school. I also had two deaths in my family (grandparents) within a few weeks of each other during the middle of my Associates program and my husband and I split up over the stress of it all for a few months. I was basically a single Mom going to school full time during those months. During the end of that program, I found out I was pregnant and gave birth extremely early to a tiny baby with a congenital heart defect that had to have open heart surgery almost immediately after birth. She suffered from 10 strokes during her open heart surgery and other complications that kept us in the Children's Hospital here for almost 6 months. Thanks to the flexibility of University of Phoenix's online program, I was able to stay in school and not withdraw. Instead of starting my Master's program in a few weeks, I would be still attempting to finish an Associates program if I were having to take classes in a classroom and show up a couple of times a week in person. As it was, I was able to continue with no breaks and just keep my laptop with me. When she slept, which she did quite often because she was so ill and fighting for her life, I would do my assignments and participation. I am not going to say that I made the best grades I could have but I did the very best I could under my circumstances and I did NOT give up. Neither did my baby, by the way, she is now a happy, healthy, little stinker of a toddler and she has been our biggest blessing! Online school is not for everyone and not every online school will be the perfect fit. If you are curious, try it and see. Univ. of Phoenix is quite expensive but it was the right choice for me and I have had only wonderful experiences. I DO feel that I can have academic conversations with people about many subjects. As a result of an elective class I took, Creative Writing, I began writing outside of the classroom and have now had a story I wrote published! I feel like, despite of taking all online classes, I got a fairly well-rounded degree (Hint: choose electives that broaden your learning experience of develop skills you would like to work on - such as my creative writing class). In general, life is what you make it. Seek out additional resources. If a subject you are taking interests you, pursue it further. Learning happens both in and out of a classroom."
1.3 out of 5 stars
MP - 9/11/2014
Degree: Beverage Management
Graduation Year: 0
"I only took one course in their masters level program and it was nowhere near master's level academic quality. Many in the class could barely write in complete sentences or handle APA formatting. In group projects I wound up pulling all the weight because of the poor quality and caliber of academics other students in the class were operating in. I stopped and went and found a real masters program at another institution that was up to appropriate academic standards. It might be ok as a vocational type school or a networking opportunity but if you was a real grad school level academic education look elsewhere. If I'm going to invest 10s of thousands and years into a supposed Masters degree, I want it to be a Masters degree not a masquerade as one. Fortunately I realized this very soon in and was able to start again at another school. Pheonix was a valuable education in the power of good advertising and what I didn't want in a degree program. It might be fine for others depending on your goals but if you want an actual academic degree with credibility in the academic world, this is not likely a place you want to choose."
2.8 out of 5 stars
KTB - 9/6/2014
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2016
"The school appears to suffer a high turnover rate among its advisors. Some courses have gone smoothly, some haven't. For the ones that haven't, there doesn't seem to be any process in place to improve the situation. Just pretty much "ride it out", and move on to the next course. I got through the Associate's leg of my degree with few problems. But when it came to moving to the Bachelor's program, which they knew I wanted to do, no one contacted me for the transition. I ended up calling them as soon as I realized someone had dropped the ball, which ended up delaying my finances. Financial aid advisor responds as if solving problems isn't part of their job description. Overall, the program seems good, but the support is seriously lacking."
3.0 out of 5 stars
dmp - 9/3/2014
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2015
"The program is great, I feel as though I have learned a great deal of information in the past three years. I received my Associates in Accounting and am working toward my Bachelors in Business Management. With that being said, the Financial Aid department is full of incompetent people (not all of them but a vast majority.) You will never get a straight answer and if you do it is usually a lie. When you do get an answer they are usually beating around the bush and never get a true explanation of what in the world is going on. The school in general is a good school, my suggestion to you is that you keep a close eye on your finances and if at all possible avoid getting financial aid if possible."
5.0 out of 5 stars
W - 9/1/2014
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2011
"I found a job in no time. No matter the school you attend for IT, certification is helpful. I am doing very well in life by going to UOP, but I also have certifications and extensive work history."
5.0 out of 5 stars
PhoenixStudent77 - 8/30/2014
Degree: Education
Graduation Year: 2014
"University of Phoenix has been an excellent experience for me. I was incapable to attend a traditional school, because I was working, and I am also a single mother. They made it possible for me to get an education while still maintaining all these things. I enjoyed the online environment. I learned a great deal, and feel I expanded my mind and my knowledge. I enjoyed the class discussion. My instructors always answered my questions in a timely fashion. Everyone was always very helpful when I went to the campus to use the computer lab. I am about to finish an Associates program, and I have already signed up for the Bachelor's program. I had a good experience with UOPX, but I also worked very very hard. It was not easy, and I was happy when I was successful, and my instructors let me know I really grasped the course information. This school is for motivated, hard working people. Especially if students are doing classes online, they have to be self motivated. Great school. Love it."
1.8 out of 5 stars
Wilson McFarlane - 8/27/2014
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2015
"This college has modules run by Toolwire. Nearly every class I have had to deal with runs Toolwire. Every time there is an issue. I spend more time capturing issues, chasing my advisors, and involving academic affairs than I do on the actual coursework. Toolwire modules are not loaded, are blocked, are antiquated or will break. IT has to provide you with work around links. It knows very little about Toolwire. Toolwire knows little about Toolwire and passes the buck to the University. Everyone reads a script. Few academic advisors actually work for you. They use outdated content from Cengage Learning. Cengage filed for bankruptcy and the material for IT classes is antiquated and behind 5-10yrs. I am an IT professional. Please trust me on this. IT support is useless. The cheeze it I am eating gives me a more intelligent response. You have to go back and forth with them at least 5 times with 3 different ticket numbers and involve your AA and Academic Affairs just to get a mildly intelligent response. It was good, but they are really bad now. I will not do another degree with them. They can't handle what they have now. They need to fix it. Oh yes and the new classrooms keep breaking and deleting posts."
2.5 out of 5 stars
Carol - 8/27/2014
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2016
"The school at first was ok, then I found that financial aid was not doing what was necessary to get my account current. The instructors expect other students to help you when you have a problem. I have also had issues with the IT department with certain programs that are needed to complete the class. I have had issues with just about everyone I have had contact with. One class I took was ethics they teach about doing the right thing, but the school itself does just the opposite. I would highly recommend doing a ton of research before committing to this school."
2.8 out of 5 stars
Conrad - 8/25/2014
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2014
"UoP is a good school filled with busy work and information that is just under the bar of necessary to help you. I feel as though everything I learned was based on old outdated technology. All the work in any of the courses was busy work. They just recently changed their online campus website and it is a total failure, so many problems and no flow to the design. It was nice to be in school and get my AAIT. I am glad I did it, but I feel like I wasted my time learning about things that didn't help me.. Maybe it will look good on a resume."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Bethany - 8/23/2014
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2014
"I currently had three associate's degrees from other colleges and decided to get my BSN through the University of Phoenix. The school makes it simple because they do all the leg work for you. They set up your classes and provide assistance if you need it. I graduated with my BSN last month and had an outstanding experience. I completed it in 16 months. This program requires the student to be independent and a self-motivator to complete it. I graduated with a 3.79 GPA and I am starting my masters program next month. I prefer online education so I can spend more time at home with my family and it works around my full time job. I would recommend an online program if you are a motivated individual otherwise I would say to go to class."

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