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3.5 out of 5 stars
GGD - 12/23/2013
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2005
"I enrolled in the MBA program after looking at a lot of options in Central Texas. I chose U of P even though it was more expensive because of the convienence and tuition assistance. I loved the 6 week courses. I also had several friends going the traditional routes at area universities and found that I did a lot more work then they did. I use what I learned, all day, every day at work. I am a satisfied customer/student."
2.3 out of 5 stars
TWW - 12/20/2013
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2013
"I am a doctoral student from the University of Phoenix Online. I have been a student and completed two degree programs since 2003(BS in Criminal Justice, MBA/TM) and currently am enrolled in the Doctorate of Management Program. I have enjoyed networking and gained considerable knowledge at the University of Pheonix in both degree programs. I have a deep respect for the facilitators and instructors who I have had the priviledge of working with throughout the years. There have always been issues with how administration handles their finance and academic counseling, but until recently I have been one step ahead and tried to keep pace. I have finished all my credits for the DM program and have been tossed around like a volley ball through the proposal submission and review process for more than a year and a half. On advice from my chair and committee I have remained vigilant and I have made every effort to meet submission requirements and rewrites in a timely manner so that I would avoid having to do a 4th year residency because of funding allocations not being available. I completed my credits for course work in December 2012 which included my 3rd year residency. Despite my efforts and proactivity university policy changes and poor staffing for meeting the needs of proposal review and IRB acceptance have forced me into a 4th year residency, which the university now says I must pay for in order to finish my degree. After three programs and $129,000 and constant flux in academic policy and procedures those of us in long standing have not been grandfathered in and now must pay the cost of poor planning on the part of the university. Because the university grew faster than it could accomodate the students in the DM program many of us have been left out in the cold. Problems stemming from no doctoral chais and committee members available for guidance to additional costs that were not known by the doctoral candidate to lack of continuity in reviewers on proposal and application guidelines. Each month additional out of pocket costs abounded long after loan moneies were depleted. Given my family situation I must now withdraw from school short of the final submissal of my proposal because of a 4th year residecy requirement requiring an additional $1700 that is the product of the university's poor financial management practices and lack of qualified staffing inadequate to serve their students in the IRB process. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to meet the additional financial burden. My student loans will be in the realm of $800 a month. After 10 years working toward this edducational journey, the university has once again failed to meet my expectations. University of Phoenix is no longer the university it once was and I would hesitate to recommend espeially the doctoral program to anyone as a credible program. I met the obligation to educate myself and support the university. They have yet to meet their obligation to me for the money they have taken for this educational opportunity. I have the right to the expectation of value for the dollar paid into my education."
1.3 out of 5 stars
BAMBOOZELED - 12/20/2013
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2015
"First let me begin with I honestly feel like the University of Phoenix completely slammed me. When I first called them up about enrolling and registration, I asked if I decide to take classes there would I be able to get my certification or if they had a certification program for the degree I'm interested in. I was assured and told yes. To make a long story short I was slammed to take out student loans and they actually called me close towards the end of my degree program to pitch to me a bachelors programm that wasn't going to do much for me, just like the $18466. student loan debt I occured from them now. All for me to have to transfer to another University to complete a degree program that's suitable to my career I'm pursing. WHAT EVER YOU DO..DON'T REGISTER WITH THEM IT'S ALL A SET UP!"
5.0 out of 5 stars
Phillip Parnell Woodard - 12/18/2013
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2011
"The University of Phoenix is a challenging and rewarding educational experience for the dedicated working adult learner. From my initial application, subsequent matriculation, and navigation through graduation, the Phoenix experience is one for the ages. The team learning concept teaches you to value commitment to something higher than yourself as you learn the importance of communication and time management. The pace is quite demanding and if you are not a self starter, your experience will be challenging. Getting an education at the University of Phoenix requires a level of commitment most inexperienced students find difficult to attain and sustain through successful completion of your degree program. I am proud to be a Phoenix and would recommend it to any serious and dedicated adult learner."
4.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 11/23/2013
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year:
"The impact that working on a doctoral degree has been tough. The course work is challenging, but well worth the time to earn a doctoral degree and the opportunities this degree will provide. What would I have done differently, start the doctoral degree sooner and not be freaked out by others saying only a few finish and earn a doctoral degree."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 11/23/2013
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2009
"The impact that a MSN-Edu degree has had on my life is I am able to teach in nursing at a local college. I loved going to online classes at UOP. At first I was not used to online classes and it took me about 4 classes in to realize that I love the flexibility of online classes, I also loved only taking 1 class every 5 weeks unlike traditional college ground classes which are usually 3 or more courses over a 3 month period. This degree has enable me to teach nursing which I love my job. The only thing I would have done differently would be to attend online classes sooner."
2.3 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 11/14/2013
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year:
"The financial department is useless. I received my Associates, however in the middle of receiving my BA my so called financial advisors was lack of communication and inability to process the verification my financial caused unnecessary problems. Helping the student or supporting the student with their so called graduate team is a joke."
1.8 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 11/1/2013
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2013
"The University of Phoenix makes lots of promises to students only to get them in the door. After the student commits, the school is no longer interested in anything except MONEY! I was promised that I would not have to take certain classes again and they lied- it had to take both again (which extended my program by 12 weeks). IF you ever have an issue with your instructor, the school does not care and does NOT do a thing about it. You pretty much have to suck it up because they side with their instructors despite the instructor's incompetence and unwillingness to help. I will never attend an off-brand school ever again in my life. I made a 3.2 at the school; however, I will never take another course here and will encourage all my comrades to do the same. I will make sure the VA and military is aware of these practices too. My advice to an interested student is: RUN LIKE HELL!!! The graduation rate is poor and the attrition is also for a reason- UoP does NOT care about education for their only motivation is money! The only reason I pressed forward was because I needed it for my career. I am not bitter- I just know that there is a better way to reach students than that demonstrated at UoP. Signed, A Nurse Educator"
4.7 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 10/17/2013
Degree: MBA in Human Resources
Graduation Year: 2008
"I was nearing retirement, however the company I worked for paid my full tuition. Since I retired early, and was too young to sit around, I entered the world of independent consulting. My experience at UP helped me to be successful. I cant tell you that I no problems with any of the instructors or the way that UP operates. I took several difficult classes including statistics - and I can tell you, it is like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. I studied hard, did my assignments and participated in classroom discussions. As a result, I gained knowledge that will help me in my "retirement career." Again my experience was very positive."
3.7 out of 5 stars
Alex - 10/10/2013
Degree: Business
Graduation Year:
"I have been attending UOP since 2010 and I will graduate in two months (December, 2013) with a Bachelors in Business Administration. I am currently in one of my last two classes. I have read a lot of the positive and negative reviews here and I feel most of them are correct. For the negatives, I have noticed a high turnover rate with academic advisers. I've had over 10 different advisers since I've started here. There are also plenty of lazy people who attend this school who cheat and/or don't really care. There was one guy I was in a class with who was about to graduate (it was his very last class) and he told me that he had never read any of the textbooks his entire time in school. That's pretty sad but only partially true as I know some of the assignments come from the textbooks. So he probably didn't read any of the books but at least opened them to retrieve the assignment problems. Of course that will just hurt people like that when they try to get a job using their degree and don't actually know much about that field of work. The financial department is pretty bad, too. Luckily I've been using the MGIB to pay for school so I've never had to worry about paying any tuition but the fact that they only process one class at a time with the VA department is very unreliable. However, in the past few months they have starting processing two classes at once which is nice. I've also had a couple of bad instructors. One guy basically told us that he wouldn't even really read our papers. Another instructor never graded our papers during the five week class but kept telling us that we were all doing fine. Then after the class was over, he finally graded everything and graded pretty harshly on all the assignments. Of course it was too late to redo anything and turn it in so I was really pissed. All of the other instructors have been pretty great though. Lots of work experience and they've had a lot of great personal, work-related stories to share. Overall though I'm pretty happy with this school. It's great if you can't sit in class all day, five days a week. I have a family and can generally only do homework at night so this school has been great. If you have plenty of free time to sit in school and do in-depth research projects then a regular state university would be better for you. It's up to you to read the textbooks and you do have to work with teams but I feel that's a good thing as you will end up getting a job and having to work with people you don't know anyway. So it's good to get used to working with groups of people. Overall, I'd recommend this school if you don't have time to attend a regular university and you can motivate yourself to learn."

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