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4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

I cannot believe the negatives I read at first! I am currently enrolled at UOP and have had an excellent experience. I attended another school before this one, and that one would give you something to complain about!

I have applied to jobs recently who have begged for me to work for them-with my degree and experience I am valuable. It IS expensive, but you get what you pay for! There are so many sites for help on assignments, library access, student advisers,and help is only a call away. I work 48 hour shifts and am a full time mother of 2, and I can say that this school is not for everyone. If you are going to cheat (yes they check your work in a site that checks that) you will not be a happy camper. I have seen it. The instructors are friendly and answer many questions, including giving office numbers and personal cell phone numbers for help. I think if you have a negative experience, its because you are expecting someone to hold your hand, which they are not. You must take general credits as well as credits associated with your degree in order for your college experience to be valid. Suck it up Cupcake, life is hard!

4 out of 5
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 3/2012

It isn't the staff or even the curriculum that requires a high level of tolerance. It is sadly your fellow students who are dragging the institution through the dirt professionally.

Most of your classmates cannot spell, and have a high level of dependence on you when it comes to team projects. It is truly disappointing because it is clear that most of the students are high school dropouts who have no integrity in their learning.

If I sound like a snob than stop reading, I guarantee you when you are in my former shoes you will be pulling your hair out too.

1 out of 5
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2012

The UoP is the worse choice for an online school that exists. It's crazy expensive and the cost of courses continued to increase from the time I started my Associates Degree until I received my Bachelors. From 2008 to 2012, it increased probably $100 for each course in the Associates. All together with books, my total tuition for 4 years is about $60,000.

The academic and financial counselors were always changing on me too which made it difficult to get answers. I never knew who my counselors were until I called the one listed on my homepage and they told me they were no longer representing me. No emails, no phone calls to let me know, just "figure it out on your own." Also, my financial aid counselor never paid attention to my account because I was constantly have to take unnecessary 2 week or 3 week breaks from class to class when my funds were insufficient. (This might have been because they changed so frequently, I probably had at least 10 counselors per year.)

The same thing happened with my Bachelor's program too. I probably would have graduated at least 3 months before I did had someone done their job.

Plus, my Bachelor's was Information Technology/Support Systems, and almost every course I took was something in Communications. Half the teachers didn't seem to pay attention either because they would call me the wrong name and even grade my work incorrectly.

TIPS for those who are considering going to UoP online: DON'T.

I took the risk of an online school because I thought it would be more convenient with a full time job. It was mostly headaches and I feel like I didn't get the best education I could have. My husband does Rasmussen online and I think it would have been a FAR better choice. Oh one more thing! I graduated June 4, 2012 and today is June 27, 2012. I got an email from my counselor and apparently, I have one more class to take b/c of some mix up. A course I took in my Associates program didn't apply and they caught it 2 years later.


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1 out of 5
Degree: Communications

I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone! My boyfriend and I enrolled at this school because our work schedule was so hectic that we didn't have any extra time to drive to school during the day and attend classes so we enrolled in their online classes.

You take 2 classes for 9 weeks. You are required to do ONE assignment every week. Then you have to answer discussion questions for 4 days. This doesn't seem hard because it isn't. The questions are usually something like : Name a time in your life that you had to use collaboration". If you are a U.O.P student you probably recognize this from your first class. Then you answer this pathetic first grade question and reply to your classmates about their answers.

My boyfriend went to school for business and I was in school for communications. Clearly our degrees are different but they give everyone the same exact classes. we attended for about 6 classes and every single one of them were the same for both of us, including classes on health and sciences yet we were in school for Business and Communications! I started at a new job while attending U.O.P, I told my teachers and the staff that my new schedule was 6pm until 6 in the morning and that because I had to sleep during the day I wouldnt be able to complete my discussion questions until the weekends. My teachers sent me an email back saying that they completely understood and that it was perfectly acceptable for me to attend class on saturdays and sundays (my off days) as long as I did all of my work, which I did. I got my usual grades that week, but the next few weeks I failed my discussion question portion, why? because i didnt attend on weekdays. I contacted my teachers about this and 3 weeks later (3 weeks more of failed discussion questions) i got a reply saying that they never said i could do it only on weekends. Luckily i never delete my emails and forwarded them right back to the teachers. I never got a reply. For anyone who works 12 hours (at night, mind you) you know that sleeping during the day is a must and getting anything done before work the next day is nearly impossible, yet these teachers threw me on a rollercoaster ride failing me for "working all the time". If i ever needed help with an assignment, i would email my teacher asking for help, but wouldnt get a reply until 3 weeks later. I do have proof of all of these emails that i sent. Theyre still on my profile and my computer with time and dates included.

If youre thinking about attending the university of Phoenix, you thought wrong. Im paying $1200 for each class I took while at the U.O.P im paying $1200 to each teacher that let me fail because of my work schedule. To every teacher who took 3 weeks to help me on my school assignment, that I eventually failed because I didn't know what to do. And saddest of all, im paying $1200 to every teacher who taught me the same stuff I knew in first grade. I hope that someone reading this attends this school because they dont believe me. I hope that same person sends me a msg saying they shouldve listened to me. Dont waste your money. Thats all these people care about.

3 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

Before enrolling at UOP be very cautious of your transfer credits. It is my experience that I have had at UOP that the counselors and student services staff is clueless.

I have been so close to graduating in the last year and as soon as it seems I am close to the goal of graduating, UOP moves the "goal post" and lets me know that I am deficient another credit. I would NOT recommend this school because they seem to be more concerned with their profit than the students.

Being so close to graduating and being told for the last six months that I need to take yet another class is nothing short of frustrating.

5 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2013

I keep reading all of these post about how there is no help and they failed because they didn't receive any help. This is college people, if you can't learn on your own then maybe you shouldn't be here. I think the people complaining are the people who thought University of Phoenix is a paper mill. You have to work hard and study long hours in order to receive a good grade. If you receive good grades then you do not fail and you will not have to take the class over. I have 36 of my 60 credits completed for my AA in Foundations of Business and I have not had any problems with grade, administration, financial aid or attendance yet.

I have learned a lot from the education that I have received and I have already landed a great job because of my enrollment with University of Phoenix. The tuition is crazy high but it that's of with me because the schedule works with my busy work hours. Bottom line, I would recommend this school to anyone who is self driven.


4 out of 5
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year: 2012

Yes, University of Phoenix is expensive. But first of all, it is NOT a diploma mill. Diploma mills allow you to have your degree in a matter of weeks. I will have my Associate's Degree as of August, at which point will have been a year and seven months to achieve which is not much shorter than a traditional school.

Secondly, I noticed a lot of people on here posting negative reviews can't even spell. Perhaps they are previous students who are disgruntled because the work was actually challenging and required effort? Just like with any other school.

I personally have never had a problem with any of my instructors or academic advisors. One of my previous financial advisors was a bit rude, but that occurs in any work place so I'm not going to bash the school because of that one person.

The pros are: I had some flexibility due to completing everything online, lots of helpful resources (Center for Math Excellence, Center for Writing Excellence, live tutoring, 24/7 tech support) and helpful staff overall.

The cons are: very expensive If you have enough self-discipline to stay focused and complete your degree online, then go for it!

4 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2013

I see a lot of negative reviews for U of P. This is one of those schools that you either work your butt off and succeed or you sit around complaining about how someone didn't help you 24/7, 365. Although the professors provide you with a lot of help and feedback, you have to be self sufficient, study hard,read the required text and turn in your homework on time. I previously attended Wayne State University for 3 years and transferred to finish my bachelors at U of P for work purposes, I don't regret my decision.

U of P has made me work harder in my LAST year of my degree than Wayne State ever did. The curriculum isn't easy and professors constantly challenge you to do better. If you aren't willing to put in the work then U of P isn't the school for you.

A lot of the negative reviews said the same thing and I think those people made some valid points, sometimes you don't get a prompt response, sometimes your financial aid and academic counselors change so much it makes your head spin and it is an expensive school but every school has its down falls,right? All in all I'm happy with my education and experience at U of P.

2 out of 5
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2009

This college system is constructed pretty much for profit base so there is very little help for fellow students with their careers/majors especially after the Graduation. Everything is required money where most of any other college provides for at no cost for their students.

After graduation you are basically received debt that will take years of your good life to pay to back (perhaps in average 15 to 20 years). I am a victim of University of phoenix rip-off and I am a former Student of university of phoenix. Please do not apply to this college unless you have a load of money to waste.

1 out of 5

The instructors play favorites and doesn't grade appropriate, the instructor takes a week to reply which by than she says its to late to help you or your out of luck. It is the worse customer service area and worse student service I would not recommend this school EVER

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