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Stephen Pryce
  • Reviewed: 8/11/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2010
"The University of Phoenix is the perfect school for an adult who is pursuing higher education but does not have the time to attend the conventional school. Because of the global demand for technology online is a great place to learn the use of technology for group chat and team meetings. The different time zones in the class and team setting give a real-life feel for the real world, especially when dealing with overseas countries to conduct business. The experience was great and the staff were very helpful and made sure you were prepared for success. The facility feedback was on point and in a timely manner for the turn submission in the next week. Please make sure you read all communication and all documents that you are required to sign because it is your responsibility, I learned that the hard way, but it just made me a better person. The great thing is the app so you can stay informed and submit from your phone, very friendly app. I am also getting my Ph.D. from the school, oh the library is awesome it has everything you need the website is full of resources to help the student to be successful. There are different school campuses in different states and online student can access resources when needed or attend graduation or conduct research. Overall I am having a great experience and I am proud to be a Phoenix still soaring toward my doctorate degree, so do your research before you register."
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2018
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"The University of Phoenix is a challenging college. They push you to do your best, and the academic counselors always check in to see if you have any questions regarding your class or your future classes. If you put your mind to it, you can do it! I enjoy going to school here because not only was it flexible but it allowed me to work from home and from work during quiet hours. I earned my associate degree and is currently working on my bachelor degree. I find that most people who complains about the college always complain about the cost and financial aid. School is more than financial aid and getting grants, yes, the classes are expensive, but they tell you that before you enroll. All colleges have requirements they have to follow when concerning financial aid and grants, they go through the same process as other colleges. My advice is to go to better your career and not to get the financial aid or student loans. When you apply yourself, it shows, and by the way, LinkedIn have hundreds of jobs for students who graduate from University of Phoenix, you just have to apply yourself!"
  • Reviewed: 8/3/2018
  • Degree: Special Education
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"I have attended UoP for almost 7 years now. I loved it and completed all the courses. It's when I got to the part where I wanted to intern at a school. The staff that were set to "help" me couldn't even get my name right. I got several confusing emails addressed to the wrong person. They gave instructions to complete papers and requirements. I figured no biggie, well then they told me I could not turn certain papers in without approval, then back tracked when I got mad because nothing was apporved and claimed they never said that. Its in email... kind of hard to deny it when it's in writting. I called many times and they continued to ask for papers I had already submitted, then said it was because they didn't have my file in front of them. I can't believe I it was great and then all of a sudden I'm disregarded and treated like a number. There is no one to call or help me and I've invested too much time to turn back. I am now possibly unemployed because I could not get a straight answer. Whatever you do don't waste your money here. You will pay way too much, for someone that should at least take the time to know the name of the person they are calling."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2018
"I enjoyed the school; there's a lot of material and if you're willing to push yourself you will do fine here. Some students do not give 100%. The specializations are helpful, and all of the courses align with industry standards (such as several CompTIA and Oracle exams). Down side- students aren't required to complete all of the course material. I work in the software field and the program has helped improve my work performance, helped me get a promotion, and has paved the way for a great career. Advice to future students - give 150%, hard work pays off."
Abe R
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2018
  • Degree: Management
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"I graduated from UOPX in 2015, earning an online degree in BSc in Management. It was a very long road attaining that coveted degree as life kept forcing me to start and stop during my educational journey. But UOPX was with me every step of the way. Each year, my counselors reached out asking if I was ready to resume classes. Some people may look at this as follow up calls/emails to meet an enrollment quota and more $$$$ to line UOPX pockets. Sure, it's no secret that UOPX is a for-profit institution. But for me, I needed those "reminders" that the "prize" (degree) was not an impossible goal; that it was still there for the taking; that I still had the opportunity to realize my dream of earning the degree that would help my career and my family. Finally, when the email from UOPX came, I decided it was time to resume my education. Each course was either 5 or 6 weeks long. Papers were due on Sunday before 11:59pm (Arizona time). To be counted as attendance for the week, students had to post substantiated answers to course questions, as well as post meanful responses to other posts. Individual papers were due each week and a team paper was required as part of the final requirement to complete the course. We were encouraged to reach out to the professor when we ran into issues; and they responded in a timely manner. I diligently pounded the keyboard, making sure I fulfilled these requirements as I juggle work/family obligations, as my family and I went on roadtrips, went on vacation, entertained relatives, visited relatives, went sightseeing, etc. Months later, I found myself wearing that toga, hearing my name called, walking on that stage, and scanning the audience and seeing family and relatives at a distance cheering me on. A few weeks later, I received the "prize", the fruit of my hard work and my family's sacrifice. I was finally holding my degree. And I could not have achieved this personal milestone without the support of my family and UOPX. My experience with UOPX was nothing but top-notch. The enrollment, academic, and financial counselors were sympathetic and genuine cared about my situation. Even when I thought that the classes were too involved and I wanted to drop out, my academic counselor encouraged me to remain steadfast in my resolve to get that degree. When I thought that had to postpone enrolling in my next class due to financial issues, my financial and academic counselors worked together to help me adjust my class schedules to accommodate my company's tuition assistance schedule. A few months after graduating, I received two promotions. Then in 2017, to my surprise, I was promoted to a different role where I became an analyst at my company. Now, I am determined to pursue a Masters degree with a concentration in Project Managment or Information Technology. A word of caution: An online degree is not for the faint of heart. It requires personal accountability, discipline, dedication, and determination. UOPX will provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed but ONLY YOU can make the most out of them to succeed."
Tom F
  • Reviewed: 7/17/2018
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2010
"I had a great experience at UoP. I filled out a form to get more info and had someone contact me. He did not give up on having me sign up. Some people would call it pushy but I don't. If he had not been persistent I probably would not have followed through and not have the wonderful job I have now because I got my bachelor's. Online schooling is not for everyone. You need to be motivated to keep going. I had two jobs and would definitely not feel like doing school work until 2 am but I did it. I have read reviews about indifferent faculty. This is college, you are supposed to be an adult. You shouldn't need a person on you 24/7 to do your work. I have UoP to thank for where I am now!"
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2018
  • Degree: Environmental Science
  • Graduation Year: 2014
"I absolutely loved the flexibility of being able to work on my time. As a parent of special needs children, I could sit by their hospital bed and write essays. The instructors were always kind and ready to offer any assistance I needed. The team work parts were difficult because you would always have a lazy team member and I would do their work as well because I didnt want my grade to suffer. However, in the real world that happens as well. I have never had anyone question the legitimacy of my degree. With my BS in EVS, I have been a science teacher for 4 years. While I am not necessarily working in the environmental science field, right now using my degree to be a science teacher has worked well with my family dynamics. I am please with the education I received. People need to take accountability in their education. The more effort you put into it, the more effort you get out of it."
Almost Dr. BEB
  • Reviewed: 7/11/2018
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2021
"I have several degrees/diplomas/certificates from academics and find it very discouraging that the UOPX has so much potential to become the best online university today but sometimes are not hiring their best. Unfortunately, their best do not come from the UOPX because they can't hire graduates that have both Masters and Doctorate degrees from UOPX because it is a conflict of interest. The instructors that are hired are from "OTHER ACCREDITED" universities. The downfall is the lack of participation and follow-through with the academic advisors and the miscommunication with the financial aid advisors. The complaints that have been viewed are not about the classes themselves but about the experience. I received my Masters degree from UOP am currently in the Doctorate program and I must empathize with students because prior I had such a horrific experience with UOP in the Masters program but I pushed through. I been taught by instructors in classroom, live-streaming webs, independent studies and online settings to continue education. Online is the epitome of independent study and is not for a student that needs a great deal of attention. I transferred to UOPX from CU because the experience was not good. I've had poor experiences with every college attended regarding academic and financial advisors throughout my career. The best advice I can give it to reach out and make yourself heard if you feel you are not getting what you deserve professionally or academically. The UOPX has it's faults but I have been pursuing degrees for more than 30 years (preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, community colleges, private colleges and universities) and if you haven't conditioned yourself to succeed - no matter what personal issues (divorce, death, loss, health ...) or obstacles (unexpected catastrophic events, financial loss, foreclosure, bankruptcy ...) then college is not for you. If you buy and cheat to get your degree and don't work for it - that's on you and is no reflection on UOPX and implies that the quality of classes are above expectations."
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2018
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
  • Graduation Year: 2004
"My experience at the University was very good; I really enjoyed the learning's, the process and flexibility it afforded me. Clearly, like anything in life, what you put into something is what you get out of it. I approached my degree truly wanting to learn; to not only learn, but to use the degree as a springboard to higher levels of education (e.g., Masters, Doctorate). Earning my BSIT from the University of Phoenix, did enable me to enroll in a private non-profit "brick and mortar" University, where I graduated with an MBA. I went on to earn a doctorate degree at a well known University. All of this was possible because of earning my degree at University of Phoenix. As in life, there is good and bad. As I indicated, I really enjoyed all my classes, and I did receive a good education. However, there are students who shouldn't be attending the University due to their academic level being below what is required at the college level. That said, the mix of students range from stellar to below standard. I realize that the for-profit model is to advance profits, but I would want the University to apply a stricter vetting process for entry (e.g., harder entrance examination and approval process). In summary, despite the perception, and pure lies, the University of Phoenix is regionally accredited by the HLC (same accreditation as major universities), I did receive an accredited degree that was transferable, and sufficient enough for entrance to "normal" colleges. I loved my experience, learned well, and feel proud of what I accomplished over the 5 years I attended, earning my BSIT degree. My ask of the University includes, using a rigorous entrance process, put an effort into changing the perception and inaccuracies that exist, and think about transforming the university to a non-profit college; possibly uniting with University of Arizona."
  • Reviewed: 7/9/2018
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2021
"Admissions told me I was good to start classes, so I did. After I attended TWO classes, (2 months later) $2800 later mind you, I was told I needed to send in more paperwork. Long story short, they did not as accept my paperwork and was told I could not continue attending classes. Then they also did not apply my APPROVED financial aid to the 2 classes. I ended up having to pay out of pocket. My gut told me not to go there within the first couple of hiccups but I didn't listen to it. BE CAREFUL, it all seemed like scam to me!!"