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4 out of 5

I'll be getting my bachelors in Criminal Justice this month and I just wanted to say that the UOP Online classes are great because you can do them anytime and anywhere. There's alot of flexibility and tutoring centers are available online or at the schools if help is needed. If you read the syllabus and instructions carefully, you wouldn't have any trouble using the online class and doing assignments.

Being disrespectful to a classmate is not allowed but if it does happen, EVERYONE is able to read what they said because that is the only way they can do it. (This rarely happens) My finance and academic counselors were great and always answered the phone or returned my calls on the same day.

But just like in any other business, there are always going to be bad employees that are going to make a company or school look bad.

4 out of 5

I am at the end of my AA in psychology with the University of Phoenix. I have three classes left. They have taken my student aid and given me very little education although most of the educational staff is helpful and knowledgeable the counseling staff is horrible. If they can not get a hold of you one day that same day they drop you from your courses. This happens even if you have already talked to one counselor who told you that all was okay.

The counseling staff have no access to the classrooms therefore they do not understand what is going on in the said classroom. They also have little to no influence when you voice a logical complaint about an instructor. I would say run do not attend this school, I regret that I signed up for this school everyday. I well not be doing my BS here.

4 out of 5

I strongly disagree with the negative posts about the University of Phoenix. I am currently in my 13th class with them. I have 6 more to complete my BSN and am considerining continuing on for my MSN in nursing administration with this school.

I have had a wonderful experience so far. My financial advisor responded to my inquiries immediately and was quite helpful. My academic counselor has assisted me with mapping out my schedule and enrolling my classes all of the way through my expected graduation date.

I have had no problems taking scheduled breaks to accommodate my work needs and my recent knee surgery.

I have found the instructors to be extremely helpful, thoughtful and a wealth of knowledge. Like any other college, you get out of the classes exactly what you put into them. The class discussions have been though provoking and informative. The syllabuses clearly outline the requirements and list specific due dates for each assignment. The grading ruberics are practically an outline for writing papers or presentations.

I do believe that any online learning is difficult if you are not self-motivated. Students must take initiative to resolve problems, complete assignments and work with others in this format for learning. You are not lead every step of the way through your classes, but rather are taught to lead.

I would highly recommend the University of Phoenix to any motivated student who possesses adequate writing skills.

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4 out of 5

If you are considering attending this school, you need to understand they will NOT return your phone calls, emails, or letters. They WILL mess up your financial aid and your course curriculum. You'll NEVER get your academic or financial aid adviser on the phone nor will they return your phone call. A response to an email is unheard of. If you do not expect too much with this "university" you won't be disappointed.

4 out of 5

I graduated from the UoP 12-20-10. I believe that the online version of UoP is helpful if you have limited time and want to improve your writing, thinking and management skills but I would not recommend the Master of Information Systems degree if you are hoping to get more exprience with Information Technology.

I am the Senior Tech at my current job and I own a small computer repair business and UoP did not improve my technical skills. I believe if you want know more about Information Technology go to an offline school where you can get the hands on training you need.

The MIS degree I received helped me to get a better understanding of the management side of IT. I was promoted as Senior Tech analyst because I attended UoP. You must be a self starter to be successful at UoP. I have received a few job offers because I am a graduate of UoP.

4 out of 5

I attend UOP obtaining my graduates degree. The academic advisors sometimes do not have a clue. Professors are hard to understand and you do not really know what they want because they post one thing in the syllabus and then say another in the chat room. You have to find your own way and it can become confusing. The students are disrespectful toward each other. I wonder do they reprimanded for that? It is too late for me to turn back now, but why do I feel like I just wasted about 30,000 plus? Oh have had no bad experience with Tech support they have been good.

4 out of 5

I recently graduated from Axia College with my Associates Degree, I then erolled at the University of Phoenix because my previous experience at Axia was Great. Since I have been at UOP majority of my problems are with the finance department. I have had so many finacial advisorThere customer service is horrible, no one never returns your phone call and they seem to ask for more money everytime. The finance department issued out extra funds which was a mistake on their behalf and they are asking that I pay for what themessed up on. By far I am 8 classes away from completing my B.A. degree and the only way I can do that is if I pay out of my pocket $17,000.00.

If you don't have too do not attend the UOP all they want is money and they will give false inofrmation just to stay within your pockets.

4 out of 5

I really enjoyed my MS in the Administration of Criminal Justice and Security at the University of Phoenix. The materials and course work were challenging, and assisted me in further developing my analytical skills. I had excellent professors who had ample experience and who were leaders in their professional fields. Most importantly, I had a great group of professional peers going through the program with me, who, like our professors and the course material, challenged my thinking. Those challenges made me a better CJ professional, and gave me a broader understanding of Crime Justice as a whole.

The program is an intense 18 month commitment not to be entered into without serious thought to the time you can commit. I had research papers due constantly, and was still expected to fully participate in discussions, etc. I also worked full-time; I had to balance school, work, spousal time,and time with my children; most night ended at 2am for me because of the work load. I learned many things from my experience that have spoken value in my profession.

4 out of 5

One can rant and rave about the experiences they've had and the appeal of a flexible schedule, but there are some hard to swallow facts regarding the University of PHoenix and its programs that people, even its students must accept. I am a UOP graduate, and since I have conducted a study consisting of 35 UOP students and grads that I've encountered through some means of association or another. I hope to one day soon have it completed and published in the largest publication(s) that will have it, but until then the significant points may help others.

The number one complaint is an overall ineffective staff including faculty (although they are titled as facilitators rather than professors) and administrative support. Initially, I had hoped that my rash of problems with the finance department and a careless counselor was my own misfortune, but a low level of investigation began to clear that up. Since, I've found there to be a nasty common occurrence of ill-advised guidance in both the financial and academic function of the school among most of the participants. For my particular situation, a plagued 5 year tenure through an associates and bachelors program came to an anticlimactic conclusion when my academic counselor advised me to pick an elective to complete my BS. Unbeknownst to me, the elective I chose was redundant toward my degree in consideration of a previous class. This is something a counselor should know too well. I did not receive credit for the class, and sought and outside program of interest to get my remaining 3 credits. This delayed the reception of my actual degree months and moreover, I was only ever offered the option to take another class with UOP or take a class substitute test.

One area that UOP excels in though, which other's will confirm is collection of money. Particularly if you use financial aid of some sort, expect multiple collection phone calls prior to the start of a new class, as most disbursements won't take effect until the class starts and UOP will want their money ASAP.

4 out of 5

I am still enrolled in UoP online campus, not that I have any other options. I am scheduled to graduate in July of this year. I have filled out my application for my BS in Psychology but am more than skeptical that this degree will be worth much of anything let alone the paper it was printed on.

I am furious that in today's day in age everything is all about money. What happened to teaching and doing it for the love of teaching? It's gone. You know, most of us can't afford in travel expenses, wear and tear of vehicles, and time to go to a traditional campus.

I chose UoP online because of the flexibility, but just like any other sales pitch, they are going to cover anything that they know will lure you in. Job's are scarce, in fact, job's are so scarce in the little town that I live in, that driving 45 minutes is about as lucky as one will get to being called employed.

Yeah, I could move, and benefit myself, but I own my home and do not want to live in a big city where I can get robbed, or can't leave my house in the middle of the night if I want to. I have several friends who live in bigger cities and there's always something bad happening to them.

I'll stick with living in the middle of nowhere, but until the economy picks up, it's simple Nanny duties and online college for me, with hopes that by the time I finish this Bachelor's degree that UoP has changed their ways. Although, we all know that won't happen.

Three things that I have experienced since I have been here that are all for the negative.

1.) First quarter, posted final, it did not post, received a C in the class, still passing, but lost the grade I worked hard for due to a technical glitch.

2.) By fourth quarter I had no issues stemming up, except, I had heard nothing from my FA, not even an e-mail, just a small check from the remainder of my grants.

3.) In November of this year, just 6 classes shy of completing my AA in Health Care Management, there was an 'error' in processing my loans and grants, which I grew to understand was caused because I took 2 weeks off instead of the planned 1 week that had initially already been placed on the schedule, adjusting not only my classes but my money as well.

Outside of that, I have had very good experiences with UoP & know that the harder I work, the more things will pay off. Those that slack off deserve to have all the bad happen to them that has happened in their experience attending any school, either campus or online.

No matter where you go, there's always a bad review. Take Wal-Mart for example, I hate the place, despise it really, mostly because half of everything in there is overpriced junk. I can get the same products at the dollar store for $3.00 cheaper. Why do people go to Wal-Mart? because advertising says to.

Let's face it, no matter where we turn there's some money hungry wolf tapping on our shoulder begging us for a hand-out. In today's day and age it's customary to attend an online school, the only downfall is, half of the well-known colleges in this area didn't introduce online capabilities until this year, let alone full-time online access without the downfall of having to attend the University in the flesh.

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