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4 out of 5

I am still enrolled in UoP online campus, not that I have any other options. I am scheduled to graduate in July of this year. I have filled out my application for my BS in Psychology but am more than skeptical that this degree will be worth much of anything let alone the paper it was printed on.

I am furious that in today's day in age everything is all about money. What happened to teaching and doing it for the love of teaching? It's gone. You know, most of us can't afford in travel expenses, wear and tear of vehicles, and time to go to a traditional campus.

I chose UoP online because of the flexibility, but just like any other sales pitch, they are going to cover anything that they know will lure you in. Job's are scarce, in fact, job's are so scarce in the little town that I live in, that driving 45 minutes is about as lucky as one will get to being called employed.

Yeah, I could move, and benefit myself, but I own my home and do not want to live in a big city where I can get robbed, or can't leave my house in the middle of the night if I want to. I have several friends who live in bigger cities and there's always something bad happening to them.

I'll stick with living in the middle of nowhere, but until the economy picks up, it's simple Nanny duties and online college for me, with hopes that by the time I finish this Bachelor's degree that UoP has changed their ways. Although, we all know that won't happen.

Three things that I have experienced since I have been here that are all for the negative.

1.) First quarter, posted final, it did not post, received a C in the class, still passing, but lost the grade I worked hard for due to a technical glitch.

2.) By fourth quarter I had no issues stemming up, except, I had heard nothing from my FA, not even an e-mail, just a small check from the remainder of my grants.

3.) In November of this year, just 6 classes shy of completing my AA in Health Care Management, there was an 'error' in processing my loans and grants, which I grew to understand was caused because I took 2 weeks off instead of the planned 1 week that had initially already been placed on the schedule, adjusting not only my classes but my money as well.

Outside of that, I have had very good experiences with UoP & know that the harder I work, the more things will pay off. Those that slack off deserve to have all the bad happen to them that has happened in their experience attending any school, either campus or online.

No matter where you go, there's always a bad review. Take Wal-Mart for example, I hate the place, despise it really, mostly because half of everything in there is overpriced junk. I can get the same products at the dollar store for $3.00 cheaper. Why do people go to Wal-Mart? because advertising says to.

Let's face it, no matter where we turn there's some money hungry wolf tapping on our shoulder begging us for a hand-out. In today's day and age it's customary to attend an online school, the only downfall is, half of the well-known colleges in this area didn't introduce online capabilities until this year, let alone full-time online access without the downfall of having to attend the University in the flesh.

4 out of 5

I begain coursework in the fall of 2008 for my BS in Elementary Ed at UofP. I was incredibly leary at first when I learned I could finish my degree at UofP due to the fact that it was online and a lot of people turn their noses up to it.

However, UofP coursework is not easy! You have to work, and there is NO one making you go to class. You must WANT to do you work and have the discipliene to go to class.

With a traditional class, you meet once a week or 2 or 3 times a week, with UofP, you don't really "meet" but in order to get your attendance grade you have to log in and make posts to various discussion questions at least 4 days a week and you have to make those posts twice in one day at minimum.

The only thing easy about UofP coursework is the fact that you can plan school around your schedule. Do not think that because it's online, it's easy. You will have to do a lot of reading and writing and that will take up a lot of your time, but you can do it all from the comfort of your home at any time of day!

I enjoyed UofP, I got to work with some amazing students and teachers, and while it would have been nice to see faces, I do feel that I learned alot while studying at UofP and I'll even be keeping in contact with a lot of my classmates.

I will begin my student teaching in a few weeks and can not wait! I do not regret my decision at all in chosing UofP, and I do reccomend the school, but only to those that are self starters. It's not easy completing coursework online, but if you have the drive to do a good job and educate yourself, then you'll enjoy UofP too!

4 out of 5

I enrolled in the BS in Elementary Education program back in 2008. I had to take 20+ classes before I could student teach. I also had to meet other requirements such as AZ fingerptinting, PRAXIS series exams, and state specific requirements for the state I live in. I am a 12/6/2010 graduate and a certified teacher in my state.

I would recommend this school to busy people who cannot take classes at traditional schools due to family, work, or other commitments. Students at UOP have to be self-directed, hardworking, and persistent. You will get what you put in and you should expect to spend a lot of time reading, writing, and preparing PowerPoint presentations.

You should be aware that the team approach to learning in an online environment can be difficult. Not all UOP students aspire to maintain a high GPA. Since I did want to maintain a high GPA, I often found myself doing extra work to ensure the team projects were of high quality. I was lucky- for a time I was able to travel through 5 or 6 classes with the same 4 women and we were able to be on teams together. Those courses were less stressful than others because we could rely on each other for good quality work.

The facilitators were largely helpful, knowledgeable, and involved. You will come across some facilitators who are not as good as others and there will be a few who are just amazing. The quality of the candidates improves as you get into the upper division coursework. I admit it was tedious at times reading posts from candidates who couldn't be bothered to take the time to activate the spellcheck feature.

The advising team consists of some good advisors and some who are either lazy or really slow. When you enroll you will have an enrollment advisor who will do everything in his/her power to recruit you and sell the school. Do not expect this level of commitment from your academic, financial, or teacher education specialists. In fact, do not expect to even know who your advisors are. The turnover in these positions is amazing. The financial advisors seem to be the most difficult to work with. They are slow to respond (I'd say a good average is 7 days for an acknowledgement of email or phone message- and at least 14 days for a resolution) and usually just tell you not to worry about things- everything is fine. Is everything really fine when it's 3 months past the expected disbursement date and funds are still "processing?" I'd say no. Make sure you contact a financial aid supervisor for immediate and personal attention. L. B. is a student relations support person and she can also get the ball rolling when you need things to be addressed.

If you enroll in a teacher prep-program with a practicum that is set up by the field placement office you can expect to sit around for months and wait. You will get infrequent communication during this time. In any teacher prep-program you will get a Teacher Education Specialist. This person is charged with knowing the certification standards in your state, but usually they do not. They are also supposed to check in during your program and be a point of contact during specific points of the program, but if you are as UNlucky as I was you'll have a new TES every 2 months. Sometimes you will be assigned to a new TES and not even know it until you try to get in touch with your TES and you are told they are no longer on your case. It is frustrating.

All that said, I learned a lot during my time at UOP. I learned a lot because I put in a lot, did extra research, found a support system in some of my classmates, and fostered relationships with local teachers. I put in more than some and got out more than most.

I opted to move to a different school for my Master's degree. I am happy with that decision. I found a different online school which offers real textbooks, recorded lectures, and other touches that make the learning less tedious and more mobile (it was hard to read ebooks for hours a day and it was even harder to pay for printer ink and paper to print ebooks just so I could read at my kids' sports practices or when we're relaxing at the beach).

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4 out of 5

I named this clarification because that is what many people seem to be looking for. I have attended Axia and UoP for a couple of years now and am working on obtaining my Bachelor's degree and then moving on to pursue a Master's degree. I plan to finish these degrees with the UoP because I am getting a better education than I received when I attended the brick and mortar school.

I have found that each student's experience will depend on the individual's attitude. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you will learn a lot more here than in some other universities. However, if you sit back and want the degree to fall in your lap, don't waste your money.

Some classes are very difficult (this is college). Some classes are very easy (we all excel in some area). I believe this is true no matter which school you choose to attend. The financial advisors do tend to ignore you. The trick, contact the UoP and ask for any financial advisor and let them know that your assigned advisor does not respond. The advisor that answers the phone will do what ever you need done.

Like everything else in life, some instructors are great, some are not. Learning is always up to you. I have found that the labs offered to all students are very helpful when the instructor is not. If you want a degree and are willing to work for it, UoP is a great school.

4 out of 5

The program was fine but the financial aid department is terrible. You can call them twenty five times and send emails before they will respond to you. I had to fill an official complaint to get my pell grant processed. It has been a terrible experience dealing with the multiple always changing financial advisors!

4 out of 5

I just completed my MBA program from the UOP in Nov 2010. I started the degree program in March 2008, and due to some commitments, I had to take a couple of months off. I liked the flexibility of the program, and most of the lecturers. They are very professional and yes, it is a lot of work to earn those grades! Although it is required that we have to participate 4 out of 7 days, I found myself working on each subject 5-6 days a week. This included projects, research, class discussion. I learned a lot from the school and program.

I must say I had a terrible academic advisor, but the person who had signed me up for the course was a different person who was a good guide and helped me make my decision.

All in all, I would recommend this school to others, especially those who have work, family and travel commitments and cannot afford the time to go to a physcial classroom. This school allowed me to travel and do my course from wherever in the world I was, at the same time as taking care of my newborn! I am now ready to go back into the workforce with my newfound knowledge!

4 out of 5

I am a current student of U of P, I recieved a degree from another school and wanted to further my education. Like a lot of others, I am STILL getting the run around on my funds. My financial aide and my grant money has not yet been disbursed to me. I am in the process of switching to a more legitimate school that is not for-profit.

I would advise EVERYONE to complete their degree at an actual university that you have to attend, or at a Community college in your area as opposed to U of P. In the long run you are getting a higher quality education, for a cheaper price. It will take me over 45k to pay for my schooling here, as most of my credits conveniently didn't transfer. At the community college down the road, I am able to get my RN for only 4-5k more than I have already accumulated in school loans. Which seems like the better idea to you?

Also, U of P has moved me to another degree program that I did not sign up for, and I have a hard time getting ahold of everyone except for my financial counselor. Online schools are out there to gain profit, not provide higher education. Be cautious when you are signing up for classes, as a wife and mother of two I regret that I ever signed up for this school and am in the process of exiting!

4 out of 5

I completed my Masters in Management on April 12, 2010. I must say this was the best experience that I had while attending college. I learned more from my instructors and peers online better than when I attended campus at a private school. UoP fitted very well in my schedule as well as my private life.

There is a lot of research and papers that we had to do but it was all worth it considering the type of program that was being pursued.

As with any college, it is ALL ABOUT YOU! Read and research before making any decisions. I really enjoyed learning from most of my instructors and peers.

However, like any other college or university, some you will enjoy and some you may not enjoy as much as others. There will be difficult people and difficult rules everywhere you go but again, it just depends on the individual person.

As far as UoP students not being able to spell, that complete BULL! That's what they make spell check and grammar check tools for. If people choose not to use it, that's their business but that does not have anything to do with UoP. You should have learned how to spell before you left grammar school! This is college!

4 out of 5

I am currently half way through my Masters degree with UOP. I find that it is very fast paced compared to classroom instruction so it take a lot of commitment. I also find that as with any classes online or in classroom you will have instructors that grade you differently. Some want you to express your original thoughts while others don't want your thoughts but to cite previous works only with little original thougt. I can say that I do feel that I am learning a lot and that it is a matter of each student to keep up because it is very demanding.

4 out of 5

After attending online classes for almost 2 months, I was having way too many problems one girl should have to deal with, and the faculty failed to provide any help. Everyone working with me took days or weeks to reply to my questions, but once I dropped the classes I had people calling me 2-3 times a day. Now they say I owe ~2,000 dollars. Well, sorry, I don't have a job and I have 2 kids to babysit all day. You aren't getting money out of me. PS: I was getting all of my assignments in on time and even early. I was getting A's and B's. I would not recommend this school to anyone.

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