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4 out of 5

I have read the listings below and I must comment. I can tell many of these postings are in spite of students making their own mistakes. First off, don't depend on Pell or other grants. Be thankful you have received what you have so far.

I am 3 weeks from completing a masters in psychology and had no problems with this school I paid the whole way through cash. I loaned from family members and my own personal loans.

My advisers have been great, yet that are human beings too. They get busy and are often over worked. Any problems I ever had were fixed. A simple pleasant conversation goes a very long way. If you are willing to work hard, and keep your personal finances to yourself, you will have no problems. I am proud to be a phoenix.

4 out of 5

I have been going to this school for 3+ years, I attained my associates degree through Axia and am in the process of attaining my bachelors through their online curriculum. The associates program I liked, I actually felt that I was learning something and while I joined with no credits the fact that I had to take several gen ed classes was no suprise to me. After attaining my degree in IT I figured I would 'fine tune' my education in the field of web development as I really enjoyed the ONE class I took on the subject. After doing some research on the degree and career choice I was taking I figured that the school would teach me to be proficient in web development.

I was in for a shock when I started the bachelors program and learned that there were more 'gen ed' classes I had to take in order to qualify for several of the classes they had already signed me up for.

I went along with it as I had high hopes with the school after the associates program. After I started I noticed a few differences in the two programs, the associates program has the student attending two classes and each 'block' of classes lasted nine weeks.

The bachelors program has the student take one class per 'block' and each class lasts only five weeks. This was fine with me as I figured the classes would be more focused on web design and a little more involved. After getting through the 'required' gen ed classes I got to take my web design specified classes and I flew through the TWO classes with the highest of marks. Then after taking those TWO classes related to web design I was back to taking gen ed classes.

This perked my ears and after a bit of digging on what classes I would actually be taking I learned that those TWO classes I took were going to be the ONLY two classes directly related to web development. This means, I will be spending over $50k just to have a degree in web development and NO knowledge beyond basic CSS code.

This institute used to be a fantastic one but as of late, the school has gone down hill faster than a truck with no brakes.

I have watched and read in complete disbelief, as I went through classes in both degree programs, the quality of grammar and spelling of my fellow students.. Wouldn't one think that after taking all these 'gen ed' classes that grammar, proper sentence structure, spelling and overall intelligence would increase? It seems that the students in my current class (algebra 2 to be followed by calc.. both required for a web development degree) have never even been taught how to spell let alone structure their sentences to make sense. Needless to say, upon stumbling on this site and reading all these reviews my opinion of this school has diminished.

However, after reading a certain paragraph one reviewer whom attends the school as well wrote which states "I would like to say that all of the people who wrote a review on here and not recommended this school, first you should correct your grammer and spelling, (SPELL CHECK IS A AWESOME TOOL!!)" I can say for sure, this person definitely attends this school and I can whole heartedly agree, spell check IS AN awesome tool... If you're planning on attending this school, I would strongly recommend you do your research on the degree you plan to attain and be ready to pay a butt ton of money for it. I can still recommend the associates program as it is a good stepping stone to getting a credible degree, just do not waste your time getting any other degree through this school as it will surely be a waste of time.

4 out of 5

I currently attend University of Phoenix and wish someone would have warned me previously about this college. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA and it is no thanks to them because they do not care about their students. They only care about their money. I have argued with 7 different supervisors regarding my pell grant that was suppose to be disbursed to me in August. Since October they keep giving me different dates as to when it will be disbursed. When those business days are up, the problem still is not resolved and I am told I have to wait even longer but they still cannot provide me information as to the problem. PLEASE AVOID THIS COLLEGE!! It has given me so much financial stress that it is unbelievable.

Search over 219,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I completed my BSN by taking online courses at the University of Phoenix. A few years later I began my MSN/ED with UoP. I will graduate early next year. I have had none of the problems expressed by others who have written reviews in all the years of my affiliation with the University of Phoenix.

The work is intense and can be overwhelming for some, however, I have been able to maintain a high GPA because I want to put forth the effort to succeed. The instructors are fair and do not give grades that are not deserved. I feel well prepared by my chosen program and feel sorry for those who have had unpleasant experiences.

I know that I have had no problems with UoP and am very proud of the University and its very capable and caring instructors.

4 out of 5

I have to say, I started with this University in 2007 and was very happy, then I went down on my GPA and was told I was suspended for six months, which was really my fault because I started a new job and was not able to keep on track. After the 6 months is what made me regret ever applying to a University like this.

It is the worst in customer service. They told me to reapply for federal grant and so I did. They said wait for your decision. I waited 3 months for them to say NO at the end even though I was eligible. They said do appeals and so I did 5 times, and every time they say we didnt receive it. Until finally I stayed with them on the phone to make sure they got it. Then they said wait for a decision, it took them another 3 months to reply back and this is with me contacting them every other day, and no response from my counselor.

Finally after 9 months of arguing I decided to pay for my own classes out of my own pocket and so right away they put my in my next class. After completing 5 class by Cash. I finish my last class with a B- and they tell me I needed a B to pass onto my last class. I said no one informed of this. They said this was your last class of probation and you needed a B. Now I cant complete my last class and have to wait another 6 months. This is seriously the worst university I have ever seen!!!!

4 out of 5

I would discourage anyone from going to this school. I was enrolled in the nursing masters program and found the only thing this school is interested in is money! they are very unethical and the courses are not accredited. Do NOT waste your money on this school. You will find yourself in debt with no job offers to pay off the outrageous tuition.

4 out of 5

In the beginning, I loved UoP! I thought they were the best, friendliest university with great customer service. That has changed. I have had quite a few issues with UoP in the recent past.

First of all, the customer service is now extremely awful. It's like pulling teeth to get my "advisors" to call or email me after I have contacted them.

Thirdly, I applied for the Pell Grant and was told that I did not qualify and I knew I did. I argued for months with them and they refused to help me. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and what do you know? I was approved. It was all because someone was being lazy and not doing their job. Then, the money was deposited into my school account and I wanted it refunded to me; they refused. Then, they decided I had enough credit on my account and I had to fax a request to have the money transferred. I was told from the time the fax was received, it would take 3-5 business days for the money to be direct deposited into my account. That has yet to happen. It has been 2 weeks now and I have been emailing and calling my advisors and their supervisors and I have yet to get a response.

Fourth, I am in the last year of school and my advisor tells me I need to complete a Gen Ed course. I argued that the course mentioned was waived by transfer credits. My advisor advised me that the person who processed that information in 2004 made a mistake. Now, I have to suffer the consequences?

Fifth, the curriculum in my last course was ridiculous and did not apply to the subject of the course. Like I mentioned before, I am a 3.72 GPA student and I barely passed my last course because of the mathematics that were added to a course that should not have contained math.

Once upon a time this was a great school. Times have changed and so has my faith in this school. Not to mention how expensive it is! I am only 9 months out, otherwise I would seek schooling elsewhere.

Good luck in your search and remember to take all complaints and comments with a grain of salt. You may have a better or worse experience than me. Hopefully, you have a better one! :)

4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled in Axia College's University of Phoenix. I have just completed my first block of classes and I got an A- in one and a B+ in the other. I enjoy the online format very much because it is extremely flexible with my work schedule. All I have to do is have a few hours every weekday to complete the discussion requirements and a few more hours on the weekend to really study and dig into the material.

Warning: The discussions are one sided. Your discussion questions are not graded and all you have to do is meet a word count. The instructors do not have to provide responses to any of your regular discussion questions or your participation posts. HOWEVER each week there is a new thread for student questions to the instructors. If you utilize this thread the instructors WILL answer your questions the next time they log on, which could be within a few hours or the next day (unless it's a weekend.)

Assignments are generally at your own pace (so far for me) and they are due by 11:59 P.M. Mountain Standard Time. You are given a course syllabus and a calendar for every course, your instructors name and two or three ways to contact them. One method of contacting your instructor is by phone. That's right, you can call your instructor and talk voice to voice if not face to face. I have heard that at brick and mortar colleges if you want one on one discussion with your instructor you have to line up at the door at the end of class, and then it's not guaranteed. At UoPX it is almost guaranteed that you will speak to your instructor.

I haven't done any learning team activities yet, but I'm looking forward to it because I'm more than confident that I can handle the extra workload if someone decides to slack off.

My academic adviser and my enrollment adviser both call me once every week to ask me how I'm doing, and I have been enrolled for 10 weeks now. I also have their phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Warning: The financial adviser doesn't do much. In my case, he asked me about all my loan information and my grant information. He gave me resources so I could call the lending agency (now that loans are through the FED) and talk to them about paying the loans off early. He even gave me links to campus resources that I could visit to find out more information about additional grants and scholarships. That was about it though. I have never been to a brick and mortar college so I have no idea how their financial advisers handle things. I was hoping for and expecting a little more enthusiasm for helping me find funding, but I wouldn't have gone through with enrollment at all if I didn't think I could handle it myself.

The last comment I'd like to make is that UoPX is definitely not a place to go if you have no personal motivation, and it's a great resource for people who don't have the resources needed to attend a brick and mortar school. I will post on this site again in a couple of months to give an update on my progress.

Thanks for reading!

4 out of 5

I happen to hire MBA's in my line of business. I must admit that every applicant who has obtained a "degree" from the University of Phoenix seeming cannot spell, nor construct a proper sentence. You can forget about having an intelligent conversation with these "graduates" as I haven't spoken to one that I'd even consider hiring; it's just a huge waste of time.

Having gone to a private business school myself, I cannot fathom what one must think when "applying" to this school which appears to accept anyone, regardless of a GMAT score. In fact, some of the applicantions submitted to my company with a UOP "degree" did not even know what a GMAT was. Incredible. Curious to figure out how this "school" obtains so many students, I did some research into this curriculum and conducted my own qualitative analysis... the result? The average IQ of applicants came in at 110. The average undergrad score was 2.6. Many of their "professors" didn't even hold a masters degree.

There was someone who posted a thread on this page citing some extremely reputable schools that offer online degrees. All should know that many reputable schools, including Ivy Leagues offer online degrees. But their curriculum HAS to pass muster with administration. They didn't start online, and you cannot conduct ALL of your studies online. Many of these schools require students to attend a classroom environment IN ADDITION to the online course...they're called blended courses, and it's not strictly an online dog and pony show to entice students to spend their money for convenience, rather than to obtain a proper educational experience.

One example why one should NEVER take the UOP online course, or any course that is strictly online, is that you CANNOT obtain the classroom experience strictly online. You do not have the opportunity to present any of your research, papers, dissertations or presentations in front of people. And guess what? If you're on target for an MBA, this is going to be part of any corporate job... giving presentations to board members, colleagues, or subhordinants.

All in all, don't waste your time or money because there are many employers that feel as I do- this school cannot offer the proper education in comparison to a tried and true university.

4 out of 5

Worst experience ever!!! The "professor" was about as incompetent as they come, you'll spend all your time posting "responses" to your classmates instead of doing actual work, and I have to say, I didn't learn a freaking thing!! Save the $1,000 per class and go to a real school - cuz this one ain't!!!

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