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4 out of 5

I went to UOP for medical administration thinking i was finally going to be able to get a job when im finished but I sure was wrong! they were real quick to sign you up and make it sound oooh so great but in reality it wwasnt.

Signing up was so easy and it started out very well but by the time i got to my 3rd block of classes i went through 12 different councilors because they all quit, then one day I recieved a letter in the mail saying my financial aid was returned.

SO I called asking why and was told its an error we are getting it back so then everything was ok for a few days, and then I couldn't get in my classroom it said "you do not have access beyond this point" and i had perfect attendance and A's.

So I called my councilor and he said try tech support and they just transfered me over and over for 3 hours then i hung up and called my councilor back and he didnt answer my questions so i called my other councilor who informed me he couldn't help so I called my enrollment councilor who also couldnt help. so i emailed my professors and i was able to still turn in assignents by email until I was dropped because of attendance wich I couldn't meet because I was locked out of my classroom.

I wouldnt recomend this school to my worst enemy! oh and on top of that my tuition was all paid by student loans and I recieved bills saying I owed 4000.00 then I didn't pay so I got one saying 3000.00 still didnt pay and it was dropped to 2000.00 and then dropped to 1000.00 and they still have me as enrolled a year later so I cant sign up for school elsewhere its all a BIG HUGE JOKE!!!

Then I tried to recieve a letter stating i was no longer enrolled to go to a local school and talked several departments and was told I cant have a letter until I pay them 4000 and i checked my student loans to make a payment and they are suddenly non existant... so all in all I wouldnt go there ifI was paid too

4 out of 5

I received an Associates in Business, a Bachelor of Science in Human Services/Management and will be starting the graduate program for a Master of Science in Psychology all from University of Phoenix. I work a full time job and am the caregiver for my quadriplegic mom. University of Phoenix has provided me with a way to further my education.

The coursework involves a lot of reading and is very intense. University of Phoenix has taught me excellent communication skills. The learning team experience is critical to both personal and professional growth. It has helped with my communication techniques while also providing insight into resolving conflicts.

Like anything else in life there were a few minor problems along the way. But I did have positive classmate and professor interaction and an overall excellent learning experience. I am looking forward to beginning the graduate program. I highly recommend University of Phoenix.

4 out of 5



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4 out of 5

Phoenix may be a college. But I honestly think it is just like any other business that are primarily there for your money. I am finishing up my 2nd and last class now. I tried and Phoenix is not for me. The good part about Phoenix is you can get a degree. However many businesses dont think much of UOP.

I go to class one night a week for fours hours. Class is group discussion only. (No assighnments to be done in class) What I thought were instructors are basically facilitators. When I asked for help on a paper my "facilitator told me to ask my classmates for help. This really bothered me.

They pile you up with lots of online reading and then you write a paper or give a slide presentation on what you read along with your team mates. (groups of 4)This can be very frustrating because sometimes your team mates do not fall through.

To put it straight.. I am getting good grades but I am not learning anything. I on purposely wrote a paper without required references and I still got 5 out of 5 points because I handed it in on time. I know the teacher did not even read it.

Its a good school if you just want to get a degree. But if you want to learn something, you might look elsewhere just in case. I am not going to bash Phoenix to much. But I tried it and I did not like it at all. You just might like it.

4 out of 5

I earned my graduate degree from the university of phoenix online and it has helped me both personally and professionally.

With the cost of gas, average adult working 50 hours a week, family, etc other universities are following the online format set by the U of P.

I have found that the majority of people who deny this is a legitimate degree are those who are ignorant about the programs in an online environment or have tried but failed because they lacked the diligence it takes to succeed.

4 out of 5

The UOP program managers and counselors are one your side throughout the application and admissions process but once you are on board you are on your own. I have suffered delays and time off due poor scheduling and errors in my financial aid.

When I have addressed the staff I am treated like a delinquent person and they act as thought they are a collection agency requesting ridiculous information and proof that they are at fault.

Simply put, this school has been a nightmare that I would not wish on anyone. Years of bad publicity and horror stories in the media cannot all be false. This school is a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 out of 5

I earned a degree in Business Management last year from UOP and I must say the experience was both negative and positive. get bad team mates and bad teachers but not all the time, its just the price we pay for dealing with people, once you get over this and make the most of your education you'd be amazed how much you learn not only about the classes you take but also about yourself.

This school is a survival of the fittest because of the amount of work you get and I've seen students drop out simply because they didn't like the teacher or the work was too much, what a bad approach to better yourself in life.

My ONLY negative about this school is the name....if you go on an interview and your up against another person who went to USC...who do think will land the job? UNLESS you know how to present yourself and communicate....this is what UOP teaches you that the other universities don't.....strong communication and people skills....

I've been thinking about going back for an MBA however I'm stuck because of this issue, you can be very strong in communication but it always comes down to the name and I've noticed other universities have stronger networking opportunities than UOP...regardless which school you choose you will grow as a person......period...

4 out of 5

I'm in my 3rd and final doctoral years with UoP in management. My GPA is 3.99 and never missed any class schedule nor submitted any late assignements. I led team projects that gets A's. My Bachelor was from a UK university and MS from New York State.

I don't have any problem instructor, except two. One was in the 3rd year residency and he gave no one any A; I got A-. The other case was with my first mentor in our first class, DOC/722. He barely show up because his son suffered a serious automobile injury.

UoP academic counsellor and financial representative offered me another mentor and offered me a refund of the class. I did not ask for such good services; they volunteer it.

My current mentor is from a very good business school. He is rating me excellent in all the weeks. My other committe member has a double PhD from Penn State. They are all very professional. I do not have problems so far with UoP.

Before I got this new mentor, I skipped another mentor with a EdD from Harvard; she has a lot of air but she said she will take me in as mentee.

In short, you get out of life what you put in. Most complaints in this forum already tell me the complainers were first in default and UoP upheld its principle and axed them nicely. If you don't do your job, you get fired. If you don't do your assignments well, you get Ds. What on earth is that so difficult to understand?

4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled in this school and one thing I have learned from class to class is that if you want to pass the class then do not post something that will offend the facilitator, and I'm not talking about posting something directly to the facilitator I am talking about posting something pertaining to a discussion question which should be posted in your own thoughts and opinions.

Once you offend one of these facilitators you are bound to fail because they will single you out and fail you purposely because it is their job to fail at least 1 or 2 students each class to keep the grades from looking like they are just passing everyone. Don't believe me? Enroll and find out for yourself.

Please people don't waste your money like I am, your good for the first month or two because you are on a trial basis, but that's where they will make it seem like the best school ever, but after that trial is over and financial aid really locks you into the school; that's when the fire starts to burn you alive trust me you will get screwed over just like me.

Some students make it out alive because they were lucky and did not get on the bad side of the teachers in the school but I can guarantee those students did experience some kind of wrongful grading from these instructors because their grading is not what you could call true grading, these people have hundreds of assignments to grade daily so don't think they are going to spend so much time grading your precious homework that you spent all day doing thinking you would be making an A on it when you have people with no time to grade assignments to grade your assignment.

I hope to god this reaches someone and saves them from the horror I am going through. Please pray for me.

4 out of 5

I am just 4 months away from getting my associates degree and have been informed by the school I have earned enough credits to graduate. My experience has been mostly positive. The courses are hard and challenging and I have found the instructors to be quite good. The financial and academic counselors have been bad to excellent depending on who you get.

I will be transferring for my BA only because of cost as they have raised tuition 3 times in 14 months. The excess money I receive after tuition and materials is the only money I have to live on besides my wife's SSI. I live on public assistance and am quite poor.

This money is very important and I feel I need it more than the University and feel the corporate greed (Apollo Group) is putting money above the students welfare. If not for this I would stay as I have had nothing but good experiences here and have worked very hard for a 3.68 average.

If you have unlimited financial resources or rich parents I would recommend this school, if not I would look into a cheaper but accredited school. I will be transferring to The American Military University who's costs are half of that of UOP.

I had no technical difficulties online and was notified when the classes or site would be down .If you are a slacker or a skater do not attend this school as it is hard work and requires dedication and hard work.

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