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4 out of 5

I graduated from high school about 15 years ago and then spent a year at a local college. Due to personal reasons, I dropped out after that first year and then went to work. Got married, had kids, and realized that I'd let almost 11 years go by and I still hadn't earned my degree.

I was nervous about UofP at first, and thought it was a scam, but checked into it and learned it was an accredited program. So I took the plunge. I'm into my fourth block of classes (almost done, actually) and am working on my AA in Foundations of Business.

It requires more discipline than a traditional college setting, since you have to manage your own schedule and make sure to get assignments in on time. But the convenience makes it awesome for me. I've got two kids, a full-time job and a zillion other things on my plate. If I had to do the traditional campus thing, I'd be sunk. The flexibility alone makes this school the best thing that I've ever done.

And contrary to what many people have posted, I've had nothing but GOOD experiences with my academic and financial advisors. They are 100% available to me and are the first ones I call when I'm having any kind of issue. As far as the individual classes go, for the most part, they've been great. I've had a boneheaded instructor (two, actually) but that wouldn't be any different from a traditional school. Bottom line is that for many of us who work full-time and have families, traditional colleges are an impossibility. UofP makes it possible for me to work on my degree and still have my own life.

4 out of 5

I have heard all about money in these reviews. I have just started in this program and have had no problems yet. However you say they steal from you? What school do you know about that is free, or the instructors call you on the weekend to see how things are going? If you want to attend school and get a degree then do it, dont complain about how they rip you off. You will get what you put in that is it so it is up to you to learn, as with any other collage that you will attend in your life!

4 out of 5

In my undergraduate program, I will defend to the death that UOP is just as difficult and educational as a brick and mortar program.

For the MBA, I am sincerely disappointed. I have no problem with online education, but for a Master's Program that is as "pretigious" as the MBA, I expected quite a bit more. I feel like I can rush through my assignments and write haphazardly.

I have a student in my current course that can't even write complete sentences.

It's difficult to be in a class with people who aren't competent enough to formulate complete sentences, or create independent thoughts. I have another classmate who hasn't posted a single original thought, he only copies and pastes peer reviewed journals.

Obviously his grades haven't suffered yet, because he continues to do it.

I'm leaving the school after my next class and attending a different program.

Do your research. UOP did a great job with my undergrad degree, but the MBA program is a pile so far.

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4 out of 5

Whereas I do not intend to have bad faith when reaading the negative reviews, or to dismiss criticism, I urge people to be sure they read it carefully. Much of it is in regards to the behavior of those employed with the school; this is understandable, especially when coming from the same campuses, and a reflection of THOSE employees. Other reviewers cite the instructors that don't answer until it is "too late;" this is a con when it comes to online classes.

One must make the effort to read the contact schedule of the instructor. They will not be online all the time! Another is about mismanagement of finances: funny, the lenders mismanaged my funds and it was the UoP staff that helped me.

The advisors and counselers have been nothing but great, and gone out of their way to assist me. They're not impersonal and take my situation into account, even providing me with folders to keep my papers in and allowing me to use the FAX machine and printer! Whereas I had one instrictor online that was dismissive of my situation (I couldn't afford a computer once mine went down), the other one said she'd accept an alternative if I'd no access to PowerPoint! So single parents, low-income people, working women and men: if you're willing to make an effort to understand what online classes entail, I recommend University of Phoenix! I only regret I didn't try it sooner...

4 out of 5

I understand that the University of Phoenix online is more expensive than many other schools. I have gone to two brick and mortar schools and have been unable to maintain my focus which is why I have to seek another method for obtaining my degree.

Yes, the tuition may be a little higher than other online schools. A positive thing that I am finding about the school is the amount of resources that they provide for every one of their students. They have resources for writing, mathematics, and even team work.

They focus on their teams and let's face it, teams are a part of our everyday life. Whether abroad or local, we interact with a team everyday. If you own your own business, you are more than likely a part of a team unless you are the lone employee as well. If you work for someone, you are a part of a team. Taking responsibility for our actions is something important and realizing how they affect others is important as well.

Most of the professors that I have had, with the exception of one that was more than likely a naturalized citizen, have maintained a professional and courteous demeanor. Just like it is the responsibility of the student to maintain ethical conduct, it is the responsibility of the professor as well.

I intend to obtain my bachelors through the online section of the university and then continue with my masters at another brick and mortar school.

So far so good and I hope it continues this way. Having a definitive graduation date is an excellent view of a goal that I need to achieve.

4 out of 5

I took 10 classes at this school, Got 6's 3's and 1 D (which was the second warning sign that this school is a rip off). I got the D because I was late turing in my final paper for a class, which I was in the ER with false labor with my daughter. I got back to turn my paper in and the system would nto allow me to do so, I spent an hour waiting for tech support, and finally one minute after dead line I got the paper to submit. Was still on hold with tech support for another 20 minutes and gave up to getting a ticket number for my issue. I was exhausted from the er visit and just being 8 months pregnant. I had my daughter the next month (Feb) and turned in everything on time even after giving birth.

Never heard anything about that D which should have been an A. Then I get a call from my finacial aid advisor (who is a complete moron btw), statting I was being block from classes because when I took medical leave back in August for one block of classes, it was not an approved leave even though I was told it would be prior to my short leave...I wa told unless I paid for that and the next class now I would not beable to attend. I was out of work so I could not afford both, one I could but not for 4 classes (2 blocks). SO I had to withdraw from classes, only to learn 3 months later that Oh indeed there was a mistake made and I was credited for my medical leave, by this time my loans for the class I just finshed up prior to this mess was sent back and I would have to pay for those classes as well, since they sent it back to the lender because I fell out of attendance. This would have never happend if the idiot finacial aid advisor would have doen his job instead of arguing with me about what was owed.

So I now have my degree as a Medical Assistant from another school which took very little time and cost as much as 2 classes at UOP, and I am currently enrolled to furter my career which will cost way less than UOP.

This school is worthless, the degree is worthless, the credits are crap and will not count if you want to further your career elsewhere and uless you work for them you most liekly will not get a job with UOP attached to your name.

If you want a good online school that lives up to what you wuld expect and more try American Military University, and no you do nto have to be in the military become a student.

I am still fighting with UOP 2 years almost later that I will not pay them for a mistake they made. But they refuse understand anything and keep throwing back at me that I left and I owe the money regardless....would have never left if they did not F up my medical leave...but then again thank goodness I did, I am now on the road to making way more money than I could with their cracker jack box degrees....goodbye unemplyment line (UOP) hello 90k salary (my current school and career choice).

4 out of 5

I don't understand why all the complaints unless you are having issues doing your part of the team work. I have completed a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree at UoP and NEVER missed one team assignment. I admit that I had been the leader often but I like to be that person.

Finally, in my last class my grandmother passed away (she was like my mother as she took care of me when I was a child). I had to make a trip to Europe and had my individual work done but my team assignment I was unable to do. I ended with a 0 on my team assignment so my GPA went from a 3.72 to a 3.56. This was my fault and goes to show that instructors are fair.

Turn in your evaluation forms on your team as you should and let it rest. That person will get what they deserve and No, you will not be told. That is against educational laws. GREAT EXPERIENCE!!

4 out of 5

My husband and I both enrolled in UOP Master of Computer Information Systems program. I had a better experience than my husband did, who quit after four classes. I finished it.


My husband's instructors were so bad that I don't blame him for quitting. One instructor was almost illiterate, bad spelling, worse grammar, luckily he rarely added to the conversation. Things got so bad in his last class when it became clear that his instructor was not even reading the submitted papers, just giving everyone an A. My husband wrote one paragraph and then cut and pasted the same paragraph throughout the paper and received an A. UOP calls this an education. At least I had better instructors generally.


I did finish the program, but found little pride in it. I am now enrolled in a different school studying for another Masters. I have completed my second year here. This school is American Public University and it is FANTASTIC. I would recommend to everyone and it is much less expensive than UOP. The classes are longer, 16 weeks, but there are 8 week options for many classes. The professors are honest-to-God professors, with Doctorates and very impressive credentials. They offer degrees in far more areas than UOP’s business and nursing. The best part is that the work is hard, but fulfilling and you do not work in teams. You write your own papers and do not have to worry about contributions from your teammates. A less expensive school, with much more qualified teachers, and a far more fulfilling education of which I can be proud.

4 out of 5

I have been at UOP since Nov. 2008. I have almost completed my two year degree and I am heading into my four year! I have never had a problem with this school or the staff. So many people complain but they must be doing something right or they would not still be educating people today. Some people may have had a bad experience but something tells me it is not the school it was probably them!

The only reason i am not finishing my masters with them is the masters i would like to earn they do not offer it. So i am switching to UTD which has told me all accept two classes will transfer. So UOP has been a great experience for me!

4 out of 5

I am almost done with my Associates in Healthcare Administration. I will have to warn you the workload is constant. There is a lot of reading and writing. I was disappointed that there were no tutorials or resources other than scheduled workshops, which conflict with other class assignments. I had an average of 18-20 postings per week between assignments, discussion questions and it is time consuming for a working mother of three young children.

The financial aid department is non-responsive and they jacked up the prices in the middle of my course so I am paying a lot more than initially discussed. I will continue my Bachelors program but NOT at UOP.

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