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3.93 out of 5 stars
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95% of 76 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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3.3 out of 5 stars
Lauren - 3/22/2019
Degree: Political Science
Graduation Year: 2018
"I was a double major at the University of South Florida. I studied Political Science and History. Both of my programs were filled with very helpful instructors and staff to help. Just be wary of how extensive the reading list can be for both of these majors- some classes had four or five books which can add up taking four classes per semester. I recommend however instead of majoring in political science (if you are interested in politics) to major in international relations instead as that program was more organized and I felt like I learned more from their program rather that political science classes. The history department is great. The amount of students in the program is small especially in comparison to Engineering or Health, which is very beneficial to a great learning environment. USF is a large school, with a gorgeous campus containing almost fifty thousand students. It is so large and full of clubs and activities it can be almost overwhelming but a welcomed perk of going to school there. I loved how diverse USF was with international students from all over the globe. USF as has an amazing study abroad office and I went on two study abroad trips during my undergrad and it was the best experience I could have ever asked for. There are offices to help with every question you could possibly have, but be weary of the line in the financial aid office which is very long, so much so it became a well known joke around campus. USF is not perfect but I am more than happy I got my undergraduate degree there."
2.5 out of 5 stars
Lewis - 3/7/2019
Degree: Economics
Graduation Year: 2020
"Advising is just terrible. Zero stars for the economics advisor. They try hard to show how much they dont care about you or the money youre spending. Dont transfer here, it will be a large setback for you. Their degreeworks says Im 95% done with my degree but the advisor just now mentions, after several meetings, that I need to take several other meaningless classes to fulfill their some arbitrary extra requirement. Just a cash grab designed to lower your gpa. The we need you to be more well rounded argument doesnt hold any water. My associates degree rounded me well enough. I came here to take serious classes, which I have done, but I wasnt expecting to have to take 7 more classes that dont pertain to a quality education."
2.3 out of 5 stars
D - 2/6/2019
Degree: Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2021
"Campus is going down hill. I feel like the girls bathroom is always dirty and never clean. Feels like I am back in high school. The professors are hit or miss. Half of them are great the other half suck. I studied at SPC and regrett transfering early to USF. USF makes you take to many corses that are not even part of your subject. They also make you take 9 credit course in the summer time which financial aid does not cover. And parking absolutely sucks!! There are to many students for the campus. The only good thing about the school is the gyms, and some of the buildings are pretty cool."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Darcy Webber - 12/30/2018
Degree: Public Health
Graduation Year: 2009
"The Public Health Masters program at USF is wonderful. The professors are very knowledgeable and supportive in your degree and your future career. Please note this knowledge is over 10 years old, so some things may have changed. Attending USF itself can be quite frustrating as it is very large, though. Parking is a nightmare, and you can expect to have to walk over a half mile during the busiest times at school or find no parking at all. But other than that I have mostly pleasant memories of USF, the students, professors, and the Public Health course content. All the course content was completely up-to-date and relevant to the career field. I highly recommend this program."
4.8 out of 5 stars
Glory Okwori - 9/30/2018
Degree: Public Health
Graduation Year: 2013
"USF is a great school. Professors are well qualified. This semester, one of profs got her doctorate at OXFORD, another was an ACTUAL ambassador to Mali. Teachers here are also very willing to give stellar job or internship recommendations. I've completed my bachelors and masters degrees here and overall the experience was pleasant. The school has a variety of academic programs to explore and continuing education opportunities. The community outreach is great too, I had no trouble finding employment right after graduation thanks to wonderful professors. The online classes and on campus classes were helpful and easy to access. The library has everything you need and free prints for students. Parking can be tricky but once you figure out the best times to arrive at school, it's really not an issue (plus overflow parking at the sun dome and parking garages helped)."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Public Health - 6/24/2018
Degree: Public Health
Graduation Year: 2016
"This school is just going downhill the professors they have are terrible and don't understand technology or how to use it properly. It's ridiculous that multiple people with a PhD can't even write proper English let alone use a program correctly. I give this program a 0/5 for how helpful the Professors and staff are. I graduate with my Masters and really learned how out of touch they are once I got my first job."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Jianca Reid - 4/23/2018
Degree: Public Health
Graduation Year: 2012
"My college is known for being one of the top research schools in the country! Not only are the students expected to work together through classwork they also are expected to be present on campus. We have so many opportunities for that because we have clubs, black student union, fraternities, sororities and so much more. We offer opportunities for residential life as a resident assistant, we are known for our school pride and our wonderful president Judy Genshaft. I really enjoyed my time at the College of public Health because the professors took the time to get to know us through our strengths and weaknesses. We had a lot of public speaking and the group work only allowed us to become closer as a cohort. Speaking of extracurricular activities being a returned peace corps volunteer I was happy to find out how active my school is within the community. WE are always finding a way to give back to Tampa Bay. We make time to learn about our community and its needs. We commit time to after school activities, we always have some relaxing school activities and we are also spearheading research for cancer. I think that the learning environment at my university is nothing short of magical. We have ballet, art, theater, the student art museum, Rocky Horror Picture Show, bull-market, long library hours, supportive staff and most of all supportive peers. I hope that you can come learn about yourself and others at the best school on the planet. Take it from me I change my major a few times, but in the end I walked across the stage with my head head high."
3.2 out of 5 stars
KH - 12/21/2017
Degree: Public Health
Graduation Year: 2018
"USF is a great school that is really dedicated to the success of it's students. The university offers great financial aid, as well as academic services. As a research-based school, USF offered me great research opportunities and I really enjoy working in the laboratory facilities on campus!"
1.8 out of 5 stars
Sai - 12/5/2017
Degree: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2015
"The electrical Engineering department is broke. They don't have funds for anything useful for students. Especially, there is no recognition if you get employed as a TA. Totally ridiculous funding system and do not come to this University, especially this department if you plan to pursue your PhD."
4.0 out of 5 stars
Etosha - 11/13/2017
Degree: Writing
Graduation Year: 2012
"The atmosphere of USF is very friendly and accepting. The professors are always available by email and office hours. They are many extracurricular activities. The library resources are very user friendly and so is the online interface. I am returning for my Masters because I liked the school a lot."

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