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3.87 out of 5 stars
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67% of 3 students said this degree improved their career prospects
67% of 3 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
James - 8/26/2016
Degree: Executive MBA
Graduation Year: 2016
"WGU is not a school for students who do not know how to study, or that make excuses on why they don't accomplish their goals! If you need your hand held at every turn WGU is not the school for you. Community college is where you should be if you have that type of learning handicap. You will not get that at a 4-year state institution. I have dual bachelor degree's, Accounting and Economics, from Utah State University. Both extremely hard degrees to reach. It took me 5-years and $44,000. The MBA at WGU was at least 10x harder than anything I experienced in my undergrad studies. Ive learned more about business in 18-months at WGU than I did in 5-years at Utah State University. If you are 18-years-old, or have no college experience, WGU really isnt the place for you. Youll find it difficult, youll find that basic questions are not answered because youre supposed to have a basic understanding of the field youre trying to get a degree in. So, please dont come boards like this and bash WGU because you dont have what it takes as a student. People like myself, who have amazing study habits, and work hard for what they have, get offended at your crying. WGU is an amazing school for ADULTS that want to learn, this is not a place for children or crybabies."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Lisa - 8/31/2014
Degree: Executive MBA
Graduation Year: 2013
"I have read many online reviews about WGU and this website is of no exception. I graduated from the MBA program and I will clearly say this university is no paper mill every class is a challenge. I however will say if WGU continues to do nothing to ensure academic integrity as one reviewer pointed out then it certainly will become a paper mill in the long run. The fact that WGU does not change its course study material and paper outlines at least once a year troubles me. I am seeing many reviews from students who say the finished this MBA in 3 months! My response is are you kidding me? 3 months to research and write over 1000 pages of absolutely perfect research paper submissions and projects. Wow to me you people are either cheating or Clark Kent any way a hearty congrats to you. The one review where the student states you can purchase papers from other students is absolutely credible as I have looked into it. I have to say this greatly disturbs me and destroys the credibility and integrity of WGU's programs. I have to ask the question of why? It would take little from WGU to prevent and stop this from occurring. In addressing the course mentor claims of paid commissions yes it's true as i am friends with my mentor even after graduation and he spilled the beans. In addition it is also true the student mentors know nothing about your courses and they can't contribute any useful information. In addressing the course mentor issues I do not get this because I received helpful feedback from every course mentor that I contacted and the online web seminars are extremely helpful. The question of whether WGU hires it's own previous graduates is easily answered they do my mentor was a previous graduate and in fact being a graduate actually provides you more leverage in getting a interview I have been told. The degree is beautiful on quality paper with blue and gold trim with WGU printed in the background a hard earned treasure indeed. In addressing whether or not DBA or PHD programs at other institutions will accept your degree, absolutely yes! I don't know where some of the folks get their information but they are wrong. WGU is not for the weak minded nor the faint of heart if you need your hand held this place is not for you. In addressing the GPA issue and this I myself have issues with WGU states the student must demonstrate a B or better in every course to receive a pass folks a B in my many years of college experience is a 3.0 GPA I think that this is WGU biggest mistake and has pushed many perspective students to other institutions. Why! competition people I know I was a much better student than a 3.0 because I worked hard to perfect every paper and received top marks in every evaluation however I can't prove it nor can I show any perspective employer that I was an above average student, average student nor can I show I was only a poor student. I am not happy with this section of the WGU institution. The transcripts are not very helpful to any employer and in retrospect to one review when you proceed to apply for any state position that requires a graduate degree or to any teaching position or to any institution of higher learning for acceptance and you certainly you will see that your transcripts matter. I am happy and proud of my MBA from WGU I earned it. I would not however recommend this university to anyone who had a C average in a traditional college or to any one who can't self teach themselves and or have never attended any online classes. In closing and to come strait to the point, I believe if WGU makes some very necessary adjustments that it could truly be the college of tomorrow and the GPA / Transcript and the academic integrity issues should be at the top of their list."
1.5 out of 5 stars
Voyager1980 - 8/17/2014
Degree: Executive MBA
Graduation Year: 2012
"Ok people this is one of the most honest reviews about WGU that you are ever going to read. I started attending WGU with very high hopes, I wanted to advance in my career field and latter pursue a Doctorate degree. I enrolled in WGU after completing three undergraduate degrees from a regional campus at Ohio University. I could not continue my graduate degree at the time with OU because only a portion of the courses were offered online and it would have required me to move to the main campus 3 hrs away from where I live and that was not an option. I conducted comprehensive research into online schools and Phoenix and WGU's ratings were at the top and both were accredited both regionally and nationally. After further comprehensive research into ratings for both schools I chose WGU and was happy with my choice up until the end of my first year when the trouble began. I started having problems with financial analysis and decision analysis as these are two of the toughest courses in the program. I proceeded to reach out to my mentor repeatedly and received no response after repeated emails and calls (except on Thursday). I did not give up I proceeded to reach out to the course mentors repeatedly and received no response. I contacted student services and they asked me if I wanted to change mentors I said no I just want the man to return my calls when i need him to, just not on Thursday of every week but when I needed him. The student services adviser had no answers for me at all, he just said I will pass on this information to the program manager. Nothing ever came of it! I was determined not to give up so I enlisted the help of my boss who had experience in financial analysis and he pointed me in the right direction with websites and books that would help so in turn I passed Financial analysis. The Decision analysis class was a completely different story, why? because the course video was broken and the video had the content that I needed for the final task and again after contacting my mentor and the course mentor I received no help or responses at all. I had to go to an outside source again to get the help I needed and I passed the course. I was at that point shocked by the lack of any help or guidance in any of the courses. The question of is WGU a paper mill certainly not the program was super challenging however there no student support at all, I am really serious about this and it is a terrible calamity to students who are giving it all to succeed. I do not understand how or why WGU operates this way during my time with WGU I witnessed many many many students drop out because of this very thing. I liked WGU, I really did up until the point when they left me hanging out to dry with no life jacket. I have to continue because I really want perspective students to realize what they are getting themselves into by choosing this school. In my 3rd term my mentor actually failed to enroll me into a class even though it was listed on my COS, I did not find out until I submitted my first paper and the course mentor contacted me and said that I am not enrolled, my response was what are you talking about I have all the course information and COS listed in my courses, she replied you may have but he did not call me and enroll you! I was shocked it was 6 weeks into the program, i asked what do I do! she replied you will have to take it next semester I said no way I will not make SAP! she replied I can't help you contact student services. I said to myself here we go again! I contacted student services and again they asked me if i wanted a different mentor at this point I was very upset, I said no because what difference will it make! In short I didn't make SAP that semester and was set back in my program. I am a busy store manager and could only have time for so much and i was on track to graduate from this program in 2 years after this incident it did not happen. I still did not give up and pushed forward with anger and relentless determination, it actually felt as if this school did not want me to graduate at times. In lieu of WGU's efforts to hang me out to dry, I completed this degree in 2- 1/2 years of unbelievable research and writing with absolutely no guidance or help from my mentor or course mentors in any way people, they will let you fail!, hear me they will certainly with no doubt let you fail. Once I graduated I received my degree in the mail on a piece of printer paper that you could see through it contained two signatures, one from the president of WGU Robert Mendenhall and one from the ex two term Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer. In continuing I received two complimentary transcripts that were the poorest excuse for a transcript that I had ever seen, only the courses name people! with no course content description whatsoever! None! with pass next to it! Give that to a perspective employer people seriously LOL after receiving this degree and transcript I new I had been took out to dinner and left with the bill. In closing I have applied to WGU over two dozen times for undergrad course mentors and evaluator positions among some others like learning resource specialist and academic integrity specialist not once have I been contacted for an interview. I called WGU's human resource department to inquire as to why the positions that I had previously have applied for have not been filled and have been readded to the job board ,why have I not been called. The HR representative stated that those are ghost positions and we will take them off the website, he further stated I need to go knock on doors to find employment these days in this tough economy and he will keep my name on the hiring list. I continued to investigate WGU and carried out further research and I found out WGU will not hire their own graduates I wonder why that is WGU. People this school is the worse you will ever encounter and a majority of these reviews on here are from people paid to market for WGU, you want real facts check out WGU's graduation rates and it will speak for itself. Do not choose this school unless you have a life experience PHD in the field you are choosing because you will not receive any guidance or answers at all on any course. After graduating I was so frustrated with WGU I started researching the academic integrity of their coursework to prove to myself what I already suspected, as academic integrity goes pick any course from WGU and Google it you will find many so called tutors online who are former students who will be happy to sell you there papers and that's how these people are finishing these degree in months. After seeing this I am very pissed I worked my azz off for thirty months to graduate from this program. I am sorry WGU you just are not competent in running a Academic institution and I want my money back, when the class action lawsuit begins my name will be at the top of the list."
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