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3.77 out of 5 stars
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78% of 685 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
Kathy - 10/21/2018
Degree: RN to BSN
Graduation Year: 2018
"I had a great experience with this program. It was affordable at approx $3,700 a term. They break your terms up with 12 credits per term but you can easily pull up classes to your current term as you complete them. I did 46 credits in 1.5 terms, 9 months. Many do it in 6 months. Student mentor support is great. Course mentor support is average. Tutors/help are easily available and really helpful. You need to be very organized and self disciplined to accelerate through it at your own pace. The classes are well formatted. Student support is great. Peer support was wonderful on social media. I'm 58 years old and a nurse for 25 years. I work full time and have a life and managed this program easily. I loved doing this program sitting on my couch on the computer"
4.4 out of 5 stars
Mark M - 10/16/2018
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2018
"I just graduated in May 2018 from the ADN to BSN program and these are my thoughts. There is a very steep learning curve and a lot of it is self study. The courses are pretty straight forward, but it's very paper intensive. My first semester was the hardest because it's different than my ADN program in terms of studying. You need to be very disciplined. Thankfully, my student mentor was VERY helpful with supporting me. That was the key to my success. There is a misconception that the online program would be easier but remember the Board of Nursing in CA sets the criteria for all the nursing programs. There was extra coursework for the CA BSN program."
4.6 out of 5 stars
Jackson C. - 10/16/2018
Degree: Database Administration
Graduation Year: 2018
"WGU is a fantastic institution for the motivated college student. When I first heard about this school, I was honestly surprised by the low tuition and flexibility. Competency based learning makes sense. One of the nice features about this school is that every course works differently, and it's up to you how you want to use the learning resources. Some courses I was able to finish in a few days by completing the projects (i.e., Spreadsheets, Communication), and others I had to invest a lot more time (especially my certification exams). You have to be accountable for your own and put the time in. One thing I cannot stress enough is if you are struggling, then ASK FOR HELP. The school has over 100,000 students, so you need to vocalize when you need help. There are tons of resources that are available for WGU students, which I think are underutilized (i.e., student communities, course instructors, and other optional resources). It's also up to you as to whether you would like to participate in discussions/cohorts. The instructors were really helpful here for some of the more difficult courses. WGU has tons of large groups/communities where you can ask for help with needed. My Program Mentor was also a big help. Every student is paired with an Mentor (who is usually is a past professor, or specialist in their field of study), and mine was great. We checked in every 1-2 weeks. Some days, I didn't need much support but it was nice knowing he's there when I needed. Long story short, I transferred in 32 CUs and graduated in 4 terms. My first two terms I completed close to half of my degree, but towards the end, I slowed down a bit because well, life happens. Now that I'm finished, I have my BS degree as well as six IT certifications. I was working as help desk technician for a credit union in my area, but I've recently moved onto an analyst position with a marketing company. This school really helped open some doors. Some classes challenged me more than others, but overall, I think it's been a great experience. As a FT worker with a busy life outside of my job, WGU really helped provide the flexibility and features I was looking for. I'm considering going back for my Masters early next year in Data Analytics, or I'm considering an MBA. The only drawbacks I experienced was sometimes it would take some time for projects to be graded because of the high amount of projects to be graded (WGU uses a service called TaskStream to submit papers). The Career Services department was also helpful for looking at my resume,, but they can't help much with internships. (Apparently they are working on this, but it will take some time due to having students from all over the country). I was able to network with WGU alumni/current students and get ideas for other companies to apply for (which ended up working out favorably). Do your research. Give WGU a chance if you are motivated, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with how fast you can earn your degree. Just recognize that this school probably isn't for everyone (younger students, part=time students, or students who don't have much time to commit. Also, make sure that you communicate with others as much as possible. It may be an online school, but they don't want students to full disconnected."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Linda - 10/13/2018
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2015
"WGU gets it! It was designed for working adults who are serious about obtaining a college degree. The program is set up so that you can focus on learning and advancing through the courses. Everyone is assigned a mentor to assist throughout your program. The ease of having one person who can answer questions and help you through any problems saves a lot of frustration. The courses are well structured and you have numerous tools available to best suit your learning needs. They have text books, labs, practice tests, videos, course mentors and a variety of resources to assist you in learning the material. Courses last as long as it takes you to learn the material. Some, I had sufficient knowledge and experience that I was able to review and pass the class in a day. Some took several weeks, but was mostly dependent on my efforts. WGU is focused on knowing the course material, not on how long you sit in a classroom. It is a school that has embraced the 21st century and is not stuck in how things have been done in the past. They understand that not everyone wanting a degree is 18 years old, with no experience or other responsibilities. The flexibility and the student support makes it a great school for working adults. I would recommend for anyone who is serious about obtaining a degree and willing to work for it."
3.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 10/9/2018
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2019
"The good: Cheapest by far at around 3K a semester. Will only cost me 12k as opposed to the average 18K plus. Course work 100% online and module based which means you have no mandatory times you must to something. You can do things based on your schedule. Very flexible. Staff is very helpful and polite and they offer a lot of services to individual course help lines to paper writing assistance. The bad: The Staff is too helpful. Mandatory phone check ins. If I have needs I can reach out. Time waster. I was told this is for accreditation. Some of the courses get a little too cute with the content. If you are looking for a program where you can just crack out a few papers and hit some discussion boards then RUN AWAY! For one of the courses it is your responsibility to locate, set up and attend 55 (FIFTY FIVE!) hours of activities within your community relating to a primary prevention topic. It would be easier and take less time and effort if you could just crack out some shifts and a community clinic. It depends on what you are looking for in a program. The cost and flexibility is what drew me to WGU. Honestly I know that a BSN is a BS degree and I am gleaning little to nothing that will be beneficial to me other than the paper so I would have preferred a standard program. But I can't complain too much"
5.0 out of 5 stars
M.B. - 10/8/2018
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2019
"After reading some of these reviews its clear people need a lot of hand holding. Let me clear some stuff up for future students or current students 1) This institution is competency based- that means you dont get credits that transfer. Once youre in the program, thats it. Does that suck sure it does, but it shouldnt be an issue If you finish. 2) As an online school they have to verify your attendance so you talk to a mentor every week. They help steer you through classes and set goals. Goal setting is paramount is success. If you cant handle goal setting, maybe school isnt for you. 3) Its a bargain. 3.7K for a semester is ridiculously cheap for a master program. And now other things to keep in mind 1) Ive been to multiple online universities this one by far is more invested and caring than Ive been to. Its why I switched. You can literally set up a time to speak with your instructor any time you want. 2) It has truly self-paced learning for your lifestyle (see personal goals setting). 3) You will learn what you need to. I recommend this place to all of my working friends. I"
1.7 out of 5 stars
Lane - 9/28/2018
Degree: Healthcare Informatics
Graduation Year: 2019
"The program is labeled as Health Informatics but the focus is Health Informatics and Information Management. Most of the time things run smooth. My issue is the school does not back or support you as a student at all. They have your money so they don't care. The PPE process is a nightmare. You do all the work calling around finding places. The contract gets bounced back and fourth and they don't assist in speeding the process. Mine took almost a year. Schedule got set and when I started with the site it was so unorganized and probably the worst experience to date. The site scheduled me in the wrong department, they didn't review what was required or suggested as tasks and, my scheduled hours were approved but was was not honored by them. Day two I was told the contract that took a year was no good because I was listed as a nurse and the school didn't correct that. Day one is when they looked at my requirements no arrangements had been planned and other departments were not available on such short notice. After speaking to my Advisor, health placement, and the program director they said there was nothing they can do to make my situation better and backtracked on finding alternative solutions."
1.1 out of 5 stars
B.R - 9/23/2018
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2021
"Do not, under any circumstances, change your major when going to this school. I started out as an Elementary Education major and spent four semesters working towards it. During the middle of the fourth year, I started to like working in a bank and decided to switch my major from Education to Business. This is where my mistake started. I work through the first year, no problem. This current year is when I am told that I can no longer receive financial aid due to me reaching their maximum time limit for graduation. What made this happen was I transferred from one college to this one and they added the combined total requires from the Teaching degree and the Business degree into one high college degree plan. This added 80 credits from the business to the 50 remaining from the Teaching, and then they added the 35 from the other school. They only allow you up to 150 credits total before they take away all financial aid and consider you at risk to graduate. Here's the problem; no one told me this when I switched majors. I called financial aid and asked why this is happening since these two majors were completely different and all they told me was that I had reached my maximum limit and that it's SAP requirements. When I told my student mentor this, she informed me that that wasn't a real answer at all. So I made an appeal that went no where, so now I'm looking into Avila. TL;DR: This school is a joke, the pre-tests are NOTHING like the actual test, the course work doesn't go much into detail or cover much of the questions that come up during the actual test, and if you fail the test twice then you have to pay $60 for each retake and deal with a course mentor and wait to get permission from the teacher and their bosses before they consider letting you take the 3rd attempt on up."
2.0 out of 5 stars
J.T. - 9/17/2018
Degree: Healthcare Management
Graduation Year: 2018
"I was accepted and started my first class on the 15th of the month before my start date. Being allowed to start early was a positive thing with this school. The customer care was really helpful. I dropped the program not long after starting and before my start date. This is my reasoning: There were 4 smaller assignments and 2 large detailed assignment. The only resources provided were 2 small articles giving an overview healthcare innovations (machines and monitoring techniques) and STIs, a 30-page document written by the school, and a literature review. All of these documents were outdated, and the document written by the school have horrible flow, had many grammar and spelling mistakes, and overall not helpful. The literature review was biased towards the authors previous writings. All of the documents were extremely outdated. THE ONLY RESOURCES PROVIDED FOR AN ENTIRE CLASS COVERING 6 ASSIGNMENTS WERE 4 OUTDATED DOCUMENTS!! That was a waste. I read all of the documents and looked over the assignments, and I realized the material was not sufficient and the assignments were busy work made to look involved and scholarly. Cheap tuition apparently equals cheap resources."
4.9 out of 5 stars
Jamine Moss-Owen - 9/16/2018
Degree: Curriculum & Instruction
Graduation Year: 2018
"I LOVE WGU! It's not easy and takes a tremendous amount of self-discipline. I appreciate my mentor tons. She and I talked once a week at up to now, where I'm nearing the end and don't need as much support. She was pragmatic, clear, motivating, and supportive. But all the work comes from the student. This requires a lot of stick with it ness and hard work. But you can get a degree with less financial hardship! That's great! I would suggest a "team" of people who you know are also doing the program. It helps motivate when a friend just turned in a paper or when they feel bad with you when you are slogging through a tough assignment. It's definitely isolating if you don't proactively find ways to connect with other Owls. Or, you may like the isolated approach. I am REALLY looking forward to completing the program in December. I will finish in a year. It's been tough with full time work as a teacher and being a mom, but I'm so glad I did it! Thank you, WGU, for being awesome!"

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