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3.3 out of 5 stars
Course mentor disappointment - 7/13/2018
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2018
"Update. I passed the NCLEX. My test stopped at 85. The Nclex has a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 265 questions. You have to answer 60% of your questions correctly to pass. If the test stops early, then either you did really good or you did really bad. I have only participated in WGU online nursing school. So I can't compare it to other Nursing programs. The other college experience that I had was at a traditional university, I did graduate from both. WGU is a TEACH YOUR SELF program. WGU gives you a list of courses and objectives that you have to test competent" in order to pass to the next level. "WGU gives you assess to online books to aid you in your studies. They are basically the same across all colleges. WGU uses an online course called ATI to provide skills modules, study material, and quizzes. I feel as if WGU did not buy the ATI program. I say this because I, alot of the times I used google to better understand a subject only to find a link to ATI that WGU did not give me assess to. There is a lot of reading. I would not suggest reading word for word and to also look at the charts and diagrams for understanding. All students are assigned a course mentor (Teacher) and a like a program mentor (guidance counselor). The course mentors are not very helpful for the most part. They do not do the grading if it is a Taskstream assignment or ATI test, which makes up a majority of the test and assignments. If you do not understand instructions for Taskstream, my unprofessional advice is just to google it. For the most part, it seems that all nursing programs and colleges get the same assignments that just differ a little from program to program. Worst comes to worst submit the assignment and let Taskstream reject it to get clarification about how to complete the assignment. The program mentor is a little worrisome. I really did not need someone to constantly remind me to complete assignments. Other students did. But I actually likes my program mentor. The step of the program where i needed constant monitoring ad guidance was completing the Boards of nurse paperwork, and back ground check, the nursing jurisprudence, and applying for the NCLEX exam. The instructors were tedious. A lot of people missed steps or could not find links. The links did not work. Over all this really stressed me out. There was no one to answer my questions at the university. I never really new who to call for help. WGU was really UNLESS in this department. I would suggest that you buy a Nclex review book ASAP to start understanding the language of the test makers. I personally used Hurst. But buy the book so that you can take it everywhere. The online Hurst makes you submit like some type of security questionnaire every time you sign in from a different computer. A real pain. I read the book cover to cover. A felt like WGU did not teach me, "what to do if..." and Hurst did. WGU does provide the Hurst review as part of their program. The NCLEX exam ask questions like "what to do if...".For example, I thoroughly understand ABG's. But I did not learn what to do if a patient is in Resp Acidosis. I had learn how to correct the problem on my own for NCLEX. WGU is inexpensive in comparison to other programs. This is great. WGU taught me a lot about patience and respecting the client. I feel like the culture sensitivity topics in the books need some updating. But just learn it for the quiz. I learned skills during clinicals which WGU does provide for you. This is great. Not every school provides you with a place for your clinical rotations. Some on the clinical rotations are rude (not to me personally) and as a WGU student you get the leftovers. Even some of my preceptors noted the same behavior. Its because WGU is a newcomer to the field. Remember this is a competency program not a GPA program. Your competency level is calculated to a 3.0 GPA. This has not really been a problem for me when it has come to getting a job and moving on to Nurse Practitioner college. I would remove any pictures that you have of yourself attached to your google account. I had problems with 2 instructors. One I went as far as to report her. I have never had a problem with instructors or anyone with authority in the pass. They monitor your student email account for cheating. A lot of the financial aid offers are spam. do not give them for information."
1.7 out of 5 stars
Adam K - 7/12/2018
Degree: Cybersecurity
Graduation Year: 2018
"I completed my bachelors program through WGU in late 2017, early 2018. I had small gripes here and there about how the college worked but felt my bachelors experience was generally positive overall. I cannot say that for my Masters Degree experience which resulted in me leaving the program 10 days in for the reasons below: 1. The intake process consists of you meeting with a counselor who discusses aspects of the degree you're interested in, telling you about the program courses, financial aid and information WGU needs to get you in the door. The person I was assigned borderline harassed me week after week with unscheduled calls asking me if I had all the information I needed. I felt that process could have been managed better. My reason for leaving the program will ultimately come back to this first point. 2. The bachelors program allows a lot of flexibility with the order of classes you choose as you progress through the program terms which I really enjoyed about my bachelors experience. The masters program provides no flexibility here outside of the first term where your classes are preselected but you may change the first term class order. WGU appears to claim the terms are setup in a prereq fashion to build you up for the next classes which is not only dishonest but just flat out false. There is little to no correlation whatsoever between the classes offered in the program I was pursuing. This inflexible class structure was never discussed in early in take process which would have saved me amount of time and money. It actually doesn't even make any sense that the masters has less flexibility over a bachelors program. It should be the other way around if anything. 3. You are charged and expected to pay tuition starting the 1st day of the month your term starts in, but are typically not assigned a mentor or able to access and start studying for the first 3-5 days of your term. I can't wait to see how WGU screws me over on the refund aspect. Their policy is they do not refund application, program or resource fees. I never enrolled for any classes and therefore did not access and resources or interact in the program. If cost is your driving motivation for obtaining an accredited online degree WGU is a good option. The courses are somewhat challenging and achievable but averagely bland overall. Expect to be routinely frustrated by an inefficient, wonky structure that makes little sense."
4.6 out of 5 stars
Siva - 7/10/2018
Degree: Cybersecurity
Graduation Year: 2018
"This school is meant for people who are extremely self-motivated. If you expect that the school will spoon feed you, you will be very disappointed. Each course is like a big puzzle and, if you can crack it, you will love the courses. I start every course with great fear that I may not be able to complete it but, after making progress by going through all their helping guides and course materials, I will feel little confident and once the course is through, I get all my energy back to start the next one. It is like challenging us to overcome our own fear since the journey is going to be mostly alone and, based on your own personality, either it would be very refreshing or frustrating. After going through the pain, I would recruit anyone from this college as far as cybersecurity goes since these jobs require a commited, self-motivated and very patient persion, which is a rare commodity."
1.8 out of 5 stars
DI - 7/10/2018
Degree: RN to MSN
Graduation Year: 2020
"Moving forward to transfer , credits from WGU did not transfer. I hate the proctored reassessments , took twice fail , no matter how hard I studied. Very disappointed that the 13 hours I Completed did not transfer to another school due to pass/fail.Would research more if you are seeking a degree beyond WGU will not transfer."
2.3 out of 5 stars
Course mentor disappointment - 7/5/2018
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2018
"This is a teach yourself program. Some of the test are online with the use of a camera and microphone to prevent cheating Less than 1/5 of my cohort has finished the program as of today. What I have learned most was patience and constant let down. But the Price for this program is Workable. I paid for it out of pocket. The assignment criteria is so vague and the course mentors are not helpful. WGU grades your practical assessments through a company called Taskstream. Often, I would turn in my assignments, knowing that Taskstream would rejected it, just so I could get clarification back from the company actually grading my work. The BSN program is mostly online, with clinical rotations at local hospitals. WGU has contracts with the local hospitals. Some locations treat you poorly because you are in an online program. The WGU students sometimes get the left over assignments. Even though WGU is a BSN program and some of the other schools may only be LVN or ADN. WGU does not have credits, the program is a "Meets Requirements" grading system. This has not a problem for my when it came to applying to a Nurse Practitioner Program. Many programs accept WGU transfers. I actually graduated from a Traditional university, so I have that background to compare to WGU. A BSN at WGU is my Second degree. WGU says its a 2 year program but it ends up being 2 and a half because they make you retake courses. Its all about the money. For example, my undergrad is in biology. SO I have a lot of upper level chemistry and biology but I still had re-take biochemistry. I also have about 10 years in the medical field working in a laboratory to working bedside too. The first semester, I blew through it with in weeks. But I was not able to advance into the next semester. Then two course mentors blocked my advancement because they would not approve my objective assessment i.e. final exam. The course mentors felt like I did not study the material thoroughly. So every term I started in the previous term and I was ready to test like a few days into the new term. But course mentor DA and CD did not care. Lastly, They really took their time dragging my graduation paperwork through processing. Even though I express to multiply departments that I had employment pending and I need to take my NCLEX ASAP. I offered to pay to have my paperwork expedited. I have been delayed 3 months for my new job and I do not know if my new employer will hold the ob offer much longer.I do not know how other nursing programs work but I cant really say that WGU has prepare as much as my own professional background, finding information on my own, and the now 5 months that i have been preparing for the Nclex. Mentally, financially and emotionally, I DO NOT FEEL READY TO TAKE THE NCLEX. I would not recommend filling out some of the financial aid scholarships links at WGU, its spam. They do break up your payment every term into 4 less painful, monthly automatic withdraws."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 7/3/2018
Degree: Education
Graduation Year: 2018
"With WGU, plan on being a number or a dollar sign, not a person. The classes require you to teach yourself. Everything is impersonal and automated. Grading is unclear, and the mentors and "support" staff are not helpful at all. At times, they are so critical that it seems they have a power issue. I have never felt so personally attacked over simple matters. I would never treat a student the way they have treated me. Do yourself favor and attend a college where they look you in the eye and treat you like a human being, with mutual respect and dignity. You won't find that at WGU."
4.8 out of 5 stars
fnsscates - 6/27/2018
Degree: RN to BSN
Graduation Year: 2014
"I loved this program. The competency based classes were great. If you have prior knowledge in the area, you can quickly finish a class in a matter of days. This is not an easy program, it just cuts out all of the busy work. There are no specific deadlines, no class discussions (other than the introductory class, which is new since I graduated). I was able to finish quickly, and when I finished early my second semester, I was reimbursed a prorated amount. I highly reccommend this clas to family and friends, and have had more than 5 friends get their BSN through WGU. I just enrolled in the MSN program, and am looking forward to it! The exams are proctored, and they request to see around the test area to prevent cheating. I am fine with that! I think it gives credibility to the degree."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Joe Neighbors - 6/24/2018
Degree: Military Science
Graduation Year: 2020
"I have no complaints about this university! Meets my expectations above and beyond! Student mentor and course Mentors are always there to provide assistance. The class layout is very easy to maneuver through. I feel like Ive learned more from this university in six months then I learn from my previous university in four years."
1.7 out of 5 stars
Eyesopen - 6/23/2018
Degree: Healthcare Management
Graduation Year: 2018
"Before going through WGU consider: #1. WGU is NOT an accredited institution, only their programs are accredited. That's good, but it is FAR MORE important that an institution be accredited. If it is not, then the majority of your work (your degree) will NOT be recognized by other colleges. #2. WGU boasts about the percentage and employment of WGU grads, but does not report how many of those people were ALREADY employed in their chosen career prior to attending WGU. In summation, my opinion is that WGU is a bit more like a second tier trade school. It isn't horrible, it isn't expensive (relatively speaking) but you would be better off going through Udacity since their courses have well-known industry backing."
2.5 out of 5 stars
SW - 6/21/2018
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2018
"I am currently trying to enroll. My enrollment specialist is the worst fit for her job that I have encountered. She doesn't seem to have much of an idea what she's doing when I ask questions, she ums a lot and takes a very long time to look up information. She also has no idea what to say when the caller doesn't stick to her "script" of stock answers. I was told I didn't pass one of the readiness assessments and I would have to take it again. There are 4, so I asked which one? She said she has no idea, the system doesn't tell them that, I just have to take all 4 tests over again. So if I have no idea which test I did poorly on, how am I supposed to brush up for the retake??"

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