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4 out of 5

I am enrolled in the MBA program after having graduated from WGU with a BS in Marketing Management.

The MBA program and WGU in general are intended for working adults who are serious about attaining their educational goals. Anyone who is prepared to dedicate a specific number of hours each week to their studies will have a good chance to be successful.

None of the programs are an easy ride, however one of the benefits for working is that their previous knowledge and experience may allow them to accelerate their studies and complete their program sooner.

The degrees awarded by WGU are credible and although there are certainly better schools, WGU meets a real need and it has achieved the goals of the 19 governors whose vision was the impetus behind the creation of the school. Online learning is more and more accepted every day and I am especially pleased to have found WGU and invested in my future by attending.

4 out of 5

I am currently in my last term of the MBA program and have really enjoyed my experience at WGU.

The staff is eager to help and wants you to succeed as much as you do. They are always willing to find the answers to your questions if they can't help you.

But the degree is no walk in the park. You have to be a strong independent learner. You will challenge yourself more than you think but will learn so much in the end.

4 out of 5

Found this university to be a refreshing change to the traditional university. They GET what it means to be an adult. The flexibility of the programs are unmatched and the tuition is remarkably low. It truly allows one to go at their own pace. But dang, it was not easy. Very very rigorous program I went through. Truly an independent learning environment so if ur not organized, can't prioritize your time well, like to learn things on your own, and have a good 15 hours a week or more, ur gunna hate it at WGU. The degrees teach the latest skill sets needed in the work place today and the place is accredited up the ying yang. Very very credible! My mentor was very helpful in getting me through. There was a lot of help. But it was still always up to me to get it done. No group projects. AGain, not for everyone but wow it was just great for me. Thanks for letting me put in my two cents.

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4 out of 5

I have completed half of my MBA degree. From my experience, this is the only regionally accredited online MBA program with such a low price. There is no spoon feeding but there is support to point you in the right direction. I would choose this school again and I look forward to the $20k pay raise with my MBA and my existing ten years of experience.

One thing that comes to mind is don't expect a magical degree to win a corner office job. You need to work hard at brand name companies and network with people get to the interview table. Winning a high paying job is based on your degree level and certifications (35%), your experience (25%), and your personality/ network (18%) (and a few other minor factors). Remember, a degree is only 1/3rd of the way to the summit.

4 out of 5

This school is a great school however if you read the reviews here and from other sites you will notice ALL the negative reviews are from people currently enrolled or who've just graduated from there teaching programs.

In my opinion they expected too much hand holding and then got frustrated when things didn't happen as fast as they liked.

Notice there are NO bad reviews from IT or Business degree people - Interesting isn't it!

This means its the students in the teaching programs who are unfairly reviewing or slamming the school.

4 out of 5

I found Western Governors University to be an excellent experience. I just earned my BS in Finance last month and learned more than I ever thought possible. I have attended other traditional schools and found the teachers at Western Governors to be in almost every case more easily accessible and knowledgeable as at the other Universities I attended.

Furthermore, TASKSTREAM which is used by Western Governor as the sight which you submit all assignments and then who grades them is not unique to Western Governors. TASKSTREAM is also used by schools such as the University of Vermont, University of Illinois and GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY. Anyone who knows anything knows that George Mason offers an excellent education!

It should also be noted that schools such as George Washington University now offer completely online degrees that are highly respected. Because of Western Governors affiliation with the Western Governors association along with outstanding education, I see a bright and respected future for this University. I should also mention that I have had absolutely NO problem getting into an excellent ABA Law School with my WGU degree.

For those of you complaining, I hope you will at least do a little more research on what you’re complaining about before posting “ambiguous reviews” on this website. Overall, Western Governors is a great school and anyone who can use a computer and has some motivation will complete their program with an average amount of difficulty which should be expected when earning your degree. I was able to complete mine in 10 months and 7 days without transferring any previous credits at about 20 hours per week.

Now, if you are looking for a free handout as it sounds that some of you are, this is not the school for you. I suggest you instead sign up for one of those un-accredited universities that will print you a fake degree for a fee, otherwise, pull up your pants, use your brain and act like a grown up before attempting a college that was designed for real grown-ups.

4 out of 5

Without divulging in details, I was able to complete a BS in Finance at WGU in 2009 and in an exceptional time. It was not based on the ease of the work; one needs to be self-motivated and able to understand the not-confusing process of Taskstream etc... I found my mentor to be very helpful, I did not find there to be a push recruiting style and I did not happen to need the financial aid so did not deal with this end of the program. I did find that WGU is what they advertise it to be, self-paced, quality and challenging. For those nay-sayers that cannot grasp the clear instructions of the tasks required or who struggle without direct supervision, don't apply. For those independent of mind and driven either by time, economics or whatever, this university is THE PLACE to get your degree. I am currently considering the MBA program through WGU and will certainly attend within the next six months when my personal economy allows it.

4 out of 5


I enrolled in WGU one year ago. I am VERY PLEASED with the school. I transferred from a major University because they did not offer enough online classes. Nor did my former school offer online classes in my major.

I have found WGU to be a wonderful and challenging school for those who ENJOY learning ONLINE and do not need the classroom environment to succeed. However, for those of you who need a little more time and attention you can easily find that in the WGU student learning communities.

The community mentors are experienced educators who will work with you to ensure your success. There are also wonderful individual mentors and a student support hotline.

If you are serious about learning, WGU is the way to go.

I do agree that some of the taskstream assignemnts and the objective exams are poorly written. HOWEVER, this problem lies with TASKSTREAM and PROMETRICS who are PRIVATE COMPANIES that WGU contracts to provide provide Comprehensive assessments to their students. The same companies provide services to OTHER ONLINE and Traditional Schools. The assessments are not always as clear as the training material. Therefore, you may spend quite a bit of time trying to interpret the question being asked.

The school utilizes Thinkwell and other wonderful training resources. I would suggest they contract these companies or a better assessment developer to provide test. My only other recommendation would be offering more grants and scholarships to existing undergrad students! However, financial Aid is available for those who qualify!

Overall, my experience thus far has been GREAT! I would suggest that you give WGU a try. You will be glad that you did!

Special Education Major

4 out of 5

I am enrolled in WGU's Masters program and this is my 6th term. I have to admit that I could have been done by now what it not for MY slacking off. WGU is legit and a wonderful opportunity for those that just cant afford traditional schools or who have other obligations.

Firts off if you need your hand held then WGU or any other online school IS NOT FOR YOU. WGU allows you to use your experience and move as fast as you are able to.

For those who state that the exams are bogus and you dont have to buy books then they are fooling themselves!!! The exams are detailed and very comprehensive -. I have earned an AAS and BS from major NYS schools and the work at WGU is just as hard and at times just as BORING. Yes many courses seem to be busy work, but that can be said of any school. Bottom line, you get what you put in. Take your work seriously and you will learn. As for getting a job, yes many employers still look down at online schools but thats just life. Many want TOP NOTCH schools like Columbia, NYU, etc so again, what can you do. I think the people that post these neg, hard reviews are just bitter and looking for an easy way out of earning their degree!

4 out of 5

You get what you pay for. WGU offers cheap tuition and the price is that the curriculum is often disorganized. Courses are oftem mislabeled. The Fundamentals of Advanced Nurse Practice has nothing to do this Advanced Nursing Practice.

The competencies must be taked in the order that WGU wants to delivery them. The price of cheap tuition is one size fits all.The mentors often have great credentials but work from home and often present as overwhelmed and distracted.

Though eager to hand out negative feedback (that often lacks objectivity) the faculty struggles to handle any negative feedback from students regarding the educational experience. The faculty appear somewhat overly sensitive and inflexible. ON the upside it is cheap. If you can avoid the tedious hours trapped in circular chat rooms, you can learn alot about a dark underside of the nursing


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