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1.0 out of 5 stars
Sara - 5/8/2019
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2019
"Wow I have never ever had a bad experience with the advisor, but today was awful. Their goal is not listen to you their will tell you what they have memorized. They dont care about your problem or money. Basic thing you cant select your own advisor???? Very bad experience"
1.0 out of 5 stars
From Florida - 5/5/2019
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2017
"The instructors were not very engaged with the students. Trying to receive any help outside of your student mentor was impossible. The process for submitting assignments was horrible and made claims to plagiarised work when all was proven to be uniquely created content after a review. The quality of education just was not there. I see that it seems to be a 50/50 split on whether a student has a good experience or a bad one. I would not advise anyone to take this gamble. I moved onto the American Military University to finish my studies and could not be happier."
5.0 out of 5 stars
afall27 - 4/29/2019
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2023
"Finishing up my first term at WGU soon and I have nothing but great things to say about my experience so far. Obviously I still have a ways to go before I graduate, but the courses so far have been challenging in the best possible way. I was skeptical to apply at first because of previous reviews I had read online, but being a mom of 2 who works two full time jobs, I didn't have the luxury of choosing a brick and mortar school to finish my degree and move forward in my career field. Now that my first term is under my belt, I honestly can't see why there are so many negative reviews. Yes, it is self-paced so if you are not motivated or self-sufficient you will probably not succeed. But I have always excelled in school and never had an issue with self-discipline so this program has been pretty ideal to say the least. I am actually accelerating through my coursework faster than I would in any traditional program and expect to be finished with my degree in less than two years, which is amazing considering I started out with less than 25 transferred credits from my community college, which were completed over 5 years ago. And the support I have received from my program mentor and course instructors have been nothing short of consistent and satisfactory. My program mentor, Ann, never misses a weekly check in and makes it a point to reach out when I complete a course milestone, even if it's just to say "congrats" for my accomplishment. It is so refreshing to have someone who actually takes the time to make sure my needs as a student are met and that my accomplishments are recognized, no matter how small they are. The course instructors are equally responsive and helpful. I have received phone calls from my instructors, even without me prompting them, just to check in and see how I was doing with the coursework and see if I had any questions or concerns. Additionally, the resources available are limitless. I have found the library to be extremely useful, especially when writing my 10 page paper for English Comp, and the cohorts are very detailed and help a lot when I need some help understanding certain aspect of course material. The only downfall I have to report on would be the 3rd party proctors for Objective Assessments. They outsource to some company in India and, while I have no problem with the outsourcing factor, the proctors are generally hard to understand and are a little pushy. Other than that, I have had no issues and have passed every single one of my exams and assignments without problems of any kind. I would HIGHLY recommend this school (well, at least this program of study), to anyone who is interested in online education. This has been such a game changer and for the first time I actually look forward to getting my schoolwork done. I am looking forward to continuing this program and will most likely re-enroll with WGU for my Masters once completed. Please take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Talk to an enrollment counselor and get a feel for the school before making hasty decisions."
4.6 out of 5 stars
Great Value; - 4/27/2019
Degree: Business Administration
Graduation Year: 2018
"I found the program and support to be excellent. I really liked the value-based, all-inclusive approach to education. There were no hidden fees, and all course materials were included. My mentor did well to keep me on track and motivated. If you really push yourself, it is possible to earn a degree in a single semester."
1.4 out of 5 stars
Nurse Mngt - 4/16/2019
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2019
"I have attended traditional brick and mortar universities as well as taken online classes. I would never recommend anyone to WGU. The MSN program is based on mostly writing papers. The rubrics and evaluations are solely based on answering very specific questions. I have altered my writing style to make sure I answer only what is being asked so that the evaluators give credit for very section. Any creative processes you might have should be thrown out of the window. The coursework is repetative and they may require a paper and a video assessment discussing the paper's content. I can accept feedback so the task evaluations don't bother me but having to rephrase the same sentences to receive credit does. I never, not once, read any of their material or assignments. The program allows you to open a course and write the paper to receive credit. The Mentors are basically cheerleaders and if you require someone to motivate you and have scheduled phone meetings for a degree at this stage in your career that's sad. Talking to your Mentor is required and I spent 5 minutes biweekly saying "everything is good and no help is needed", seemed like a waste of resources and time. WGU is preferred if you just want the MSN after your name. Dont expect to learn any6and definately be prepped for frustration over coursework and redundancy. There is a Health Assessment course that refers to you as the APN for a patient. Not sure why I had to pretend to be an APN and do a head to toe. A pharmacology course that asks during a test questions specific to being an APN and writing orders. It felt like they pieced classes together to make up a MSN program."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Karel - 4/12/2019
Degree: Special Education
Graduation Year: 2011
"This "college" is a joke. They will have MANY technical issues the day u try and take your final. It took me over 6 months to pass one class because of technical issues on thier side. To add to it, if u dont pass the class in their allotted amount of time they will charge you even when it's not your fault that you have not passed the class yet. The study material is not related to the finals as well. The "teachers" are a joke too. I was in a class for two months before being told that I was missing the correct study material. Apparently, the material posted for the class was wrong and the teacher had the correct guides, but I was never informed and only found out after failing the final and realizing that the questions did not even match what I was given. But don't worry, they still charged me to do a retake. So many bad things to say about this university that I could go on for weeks."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Jenkins - 4/9/2019
Degree: Education
Graduation Year: 2019
"This place is awful. Not worth any hard-earned money. If you have literally any other option, take it. Mixed communication, wrong information, and absolutely zero professionalism. I could not be more disappointed with our experience with WGU and would never recommend this program to anybody. Everyone from the "mentors" to financial aid showed zero care for the student and were never proactive in improving any situation. I don't typically leave reviews, but I would hate for anyone else to have to go through what we did. What a shame."
1.9 out of 5 stars
Don't Do WGU - 4/5/2019
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2020
"Myself and many others have been struggling along at WGU because the support for the accounting program stinks. The professors are called Course Mentors and really just answer questions about the study guide and occasionally conduct a live "cohort" which is just them talking about, well, pretty much nothing. Their standard answer is that they can't get specific because they don't even know what's on the exam because they don't make it up. You try to make appointments with Course Mentors when you have a question, but 90% of the time, when you need an appointment to talk, none exist, so it is worthless. The cohorts cover just a very small piece of the large amount of material you have to know and cover on your own, so it doesn't coincide with the course text/material. It is very different from other on-line schools that have structured classes held on a regular basis and they cover the material you need to know. I think WGU maybe have just pushed the envelope with their accounting courses, yet students in other majors seem to be able to "accelerate" through their courses better than those in Accounting. I wouldn't do this again-that's for sure, unless they update their courses and have better student support because you essentially have to know every darn thing in the books, work every problem, struggle and hope that you pick the right multiple choice answer because so many are worded so stupidly and you cannot even figure out sometimes what they are even asking. Originally I had hoped to continue here for my Master's in Accounting, but that's an absolutely NO after this. I would suggest you talk to some actual students and get their "take" on this before you commit to WGU."
1.3 out of 5 stars
Live and Learn - 4/4/2019
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2019
"Please read what others say about this school for their Accounting Degree. It is so true that the support for the required classes are just not there. You are basically teaching yourself these concepts. Reading horrible textbooks, listening to what they call "cohorts" that are a joke with little to no value in the content. The Course Mentors or Instructors or whatever they are calling them this month are really just not very helpful. Remember that old saying, "You get what you pay for" because it is so true here for this degree program. If I could do it again, I would be at a brick and mortar school for this type of degree. I just PRAY I can get my last 9 courses done so I can be done with this place!"
4.9 out of 5 stars
Tyronne NOLA - 4/4/2019
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2019
"WGU rescued me from the hazing system of participation replies, busy work, and worthless classes I suffered through at The University of Phoenix,. At WGU, I moved at my own pace and only paid for classes needed to complete the degree. They truly care about their students as compared to Phoenix - who charge me nearly $1400 per class - with no chance of completing the degree early: unless I paid additional money. My only critique of WGU is they trashed me on the transfer credits, even though I attended a regionally accredited school (only allowed 12 out of 33 credits) was brutal. The good news is they have a flat cost which meant I could take 22 credits per semester, but only pay for 12: that's how I survived the hit on the transfer. Would I recommend WGU? Absolutely I would, because the ability to test out of a class based on a competency exams was priceless. Take my advice, haul a** away from Phoenix - transfer to WGU - and get your degree."

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