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1 out of 5
Degree: Photography

This school may sound great reading the fancy advertising for it and hearing the ads as well, but the school sets you up for failure. They talk to you and allow anyone to enroll getting your hopes up that they will give you a professional education by professors who were in the field for a long time and that they can give you material so that you can network with others to get internships and jobs. Hasn't happened for me yet and I have been studying here sense the spring semester of 2011 online. I also I guess when I started had high hopes for the online program because I have seen online classes evolve my cousin in highschool takes online classes and has full lectures while viewing her teachers and they can see her video conferencing.

But, this school doesn't do that they are way behind and do not care if you get a proper education. AAU just wants your money and that is a simple as that. I have worked hard on materials for my so called midpoint and instead of them talking about ways to fix technique they tell me I did not pass and that I have to do a completely different series of work to exactly how they want it done. I re-work my material to a new concept submit again and they still turn me down when this time I put even more time into the project pretty much getting absolutely no sleep and had to have my mother watch my son for months on end.

Mind you I am in the graduate program online and I am not new to art I am experienced I have a BFA degree. They have forced me to the point that I can only take one more class because of their credit rule where you can't go over a certain amount of credits until you pass your midpoint. This means I am forced out of having financial aid all because of this school's disorganized unhelpful structure that just cares about getting your money.

They treat their students like they are two year olds by not allowing them to choose their classes or see what professors they will have for a class until right before classes begin and then when someone has problems with a professor he or she is unable to drop the class unless the advisor drops it for him or her.

I am fustrated and angry because I am stuck at this school because I tried to give it time thinking that maybe it would get better, but it didn't. I am stuck at the place until I either can't pay for it anymore or until I pass because none of the credit will transfer over to any other grad school either.

It is wrong because this is how they loophole you because they enroll 100% of those that apply they don't care whether or not you pass or fail or if you can even afford it. It is wrong and I say please do not go to this school if you do enroll do not stay for to long or you end up wasting your whole time because they do not teach you anything. I learned more in my undergraduate school then I have here.

3 out of 5
Degree: Advertising Design

During my last years in high school, I had a few different career paths that I wanted to pursue. I chose Advertising. There are very few schools with Advertising as a major. I wanted to stay in my hometown of Las Vegas, so I needed an online school with Advertising courses. Academy of Art University appeared to be the most prestigious of my options, so I enrolled right after high school.

I have attented part-time classes for 5 years, and STILL don't have a 2-year degree (and I owe over $30,000 in government loans). Everytime I need to take a class, there are several pre-requsite courses that I need to take. And then, even the pre-requisites have pre-requisites! It is a revolving door.

Some of the teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful - others make mistakes or don't give good feedback(or they base their grades on their preferences, not on whether or not your work is good). Luckily, twice a semester, you have to rate your instuctors. If the instructor gets poor reviews, things usually change very quickly.

I think the tuition is OUTRAGEOUS, especially for onine courses. Tuition just increased this year, to about $800-$900 per unit for Undergraduate courses (courses are 3 units each, so each class is over $2000 a semester.) I feel the education I have received is just as good as I could have received at a cheaper school.

If you are a high school student, considering this school, try to see if there are cheaper schools that offer your major.

2 out of 5

I did a bit of research online for this school. And since it is the online painting and drawing school I could find, I enrolled.

This school devises a very quick and stressful pace to learn in. I don't recommend it, as it is not very thorough or open to anything outside the stated curriculum. The instructors don't seem to be able to think for themselves either as they are relegated to following the strict curriculum.

It is NOT like a regular and GOOD art school. If you do take classes here, you will come to understand why it us ranked so very poorly in US News and World Report's Rankings.

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1 out of 5

No joke, you pay at MIN. $2,200 per class, and on top of it you still HAVE to google your own tutorials for 3D things like Maya, Photoshop, After effects if you want to get something higher than a C in the class. They do not teach you the necessary basics to be able to pass the 3D animation courses without having to google tutorials. For 2 thousand dollars??? It's pathetic.

Art teachers grade hard, so something to keep in mind, though I did appreciate that aspect of the school. Sadly, that is all.

1 out of 5
Degree: Graphic Design
Graduation Year: 2014

Bellevue University is ranked as a top school to attend for getting an Online Degree. I beg to differ, I attended Bellevue for three years, in that time I came across more problems within that school to where it should not be considered a top school.

1. They hire teachers that really should NOT be teaching.

2. Their Financial Aid department has shown that most associates within that department are not trained fully; where they can't give correct answers all of the time. Yes, we all expect that everyone including a school has all their ducks in a row, but this school does not even come close. So for the 9 terms I attended, each term required numerous headaches when it came to receiving disbursement funds.

3 I found that classes given to Online students is piss poor ex..... They offer Accounting to most of their on campus students, for an Online student the first Accounting class is at Junior level that makes a whole lot of sense. .... They offer Information Technology but it did not include Computer Programming from the very beginning ...... most schools will offer Intro to Programming, Visual Basics, Advanced Visual Basics and C++, C#, Java, Unix, Bellevue only offers C#, Java, and Unix. So how would a possible programmer learn what he or she needs to create programs before C#. The main concept of learning about Computer Programming is understanding Flow Charts, Bellevue does not even offer that. A basic Flow Chart describes how the program should work and if one thing happens then the program switches to a different mode an continues on from there.

I initially started at Bellevue in their Gaming Department and went to Information Technology where I excelled..... lowest grade was a B, even though a ran a B+ average for sometime, but making Dean's List required having 12 credit hours each term though Full time statics was 8 credit hours. Then a student had to do it for 2 terms consecutive. That gives the impression that giving Dean's List honors were not given out very often unless one could afford the cost.

Here's the kicker, I was told by my Adviser, that the school was only interested in independent students that had the full amount of financial aid offered to them. This year I only had 13,500.00 left out of the 55,000 and they did not want me there. I was forced out, fin aid sent back my student loan funds when I had to drop web design due to the high cost of software needed to complete the course; with my refund mainly used for daily living ; I had 97 credit hours out of the 127 needed to graduate. I will be attending a different school that saves me $ 700.00 per 4 credit hour course.

1 out of 5

Any college that does not require things such as SAT/ACT examinations for entrance into the school, or any college not having a core curriculum the first two years--i.e. Math, English, Biology, Science, History should definitely send up the red flags.

This school is a scam and I hope my GF's daughter realizes this quickly and gets out while the getting is good. To get into the college, they just opened the door for her--that's it! If she stays, I see a ruined credit history in her future, thousands of dollars in the hole, and if she completes the program (more expensive than many top private universities) she will be left with a degree not worth the paper it's printed on.

3 out of 5

Worst experience, ever!!! they guaranteed that all of my tuition was covered by my loans and grant funds, only to learn that was a lie. Now they have forwarded my case to collections and refuse to transfer my credits to my new school! Money-hungry!!! Not concerned with student needs only their bottom line!

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

AI online- Pittsburgh was the worst investment I could have ever made. The education is a JOKE! The teacher dont seem to be real they all use the same programs and follow the same path. There is no support system you will change counselors about 7 times within a two quarter time period. Please dont waste your time and money on a poor education with no ending in sight!

4 out of 5

The other reviewers are right in that it is expensive, about 17k a year. It is notable that if you take classes online that you do not have access to the computers, software and hardware that traditional students do, so that can add thousands of dollars to your bill.

As for the hand-holding and "they didn't tell me about fees" comments, well, it's college. I don't think you should be expected to not have to work and figure out how to run your own life and the way to get the most bang for your buck. The negative reviewers couldn't spell or form sentences either, so I don't expect them to do well.

Most of the teachers are top in their field and all are practicing artists as well as teachers. Some are good, some bad as with any school. I noticed that an overwhelming number view the online portion of their class load as an add-on and don't spend much time with the class or like to answer questions. There are, of course, really great teachers too.

The delivery of the content is a proprietary system that is astonishingly good and well thought out. It is nothing like other online classes I've seen, it is completely interactive. The best thing I can say about AAU is that it is a real university where classes can be taken online. That's opposed to what most people think of when they think of online schools, usually a way for a lesser school to just push something out there to make money, like Phoenix and the like. This is a real university, with somewhere around 9,000 students on their campus in San Francisco and the online version is the same top notch school just delivered in a different format. It's not for people looking to just get a degree like one might at schools like Devry, AIU, or Kaplan; this is for people who want to become artists for real, taught by real artists. I'd be embarrassed to tell someone I was in an online school if I went to most, but not this one. It's not an online school, but a school that happens to teach online as well.

4 out of 5

Yes, I love the school, being an online student with their online tools and tuition was the best solution out there for me... but sadly I'm force to quit and not only quit it also my credit will be screw thanks to collections services.

But how this happened? well if you are not in top of financial and the cost of your classes, you will be in the same situation as I am right now!

When I register for the first time my financial advisor told me that everything is cover, then my academic advisor told me to register for 4 classes, well it result that the 4 classes cost more of what my financial aid can cover around $980 more!! But the system wont say it! it actual allows you to register and doesn't give you any message at all that you are out of balance. Then 2 months after you register (now when is impossible to withdraw any class in order to be on balance) they charge you the balance and not only that give me 5 days to pay at least $300 (that I dont have) so they will not close my classes... so now I have to pay them for the full tuition of classes that I never finish or got the credit for it!

Thanks $8,8000 drawn the toilet. Thanks a lot AAU, and what is more sad is that their president Dr. Elisa Stephens (AAU President) wrote in a blog a few weeks ago: The Heart and Soul of Our Nation's Economic Recovery... very inspiring but she really mean it? and as you see am not the only one! And sad part is that i did great in the school, but Im force to leave it, because is impossible to come up with that amount of money in such short time.

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