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1 out of 5

All this school is about is the money. I was in the hospital in intensive care for six days. I had a final paper that was due while I was in the hospital. I had my son call them to let them no and they said that I had until that Saturday to turn in the assignment. I didn't because I was still I'll and they flunked me.

I dropped a class and quit the school and they still have not returned the 1200 dollars they got paid for the dropped class.

If you miss an assignment instead of taking a % of your grade for the class they will take it from the % of the work that you have completed for the class. You might have completed 45% of the class work which means if you had an A in the class your grade would go down to a C. They don't let you no if you have to have a certain grade in the class and if you don't get at least that grade you flunk and have to take the class over and you do not get your money .

Stay away.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

I started online courses at Ashford in August '10. I was extremely nervous; first college experience, but my SA was wonderful. Since then, they had a big turn over in advisors and ended up having Financial, Student, and Academic all rolled into one. Yes, it was frustrating at first (turnover's always are), but I have had nothing but positive dealings with all personel I've dealt with.

I enjoy the classes and have learned so much about scholastics and myself. I have only had one 'bad' instructor out of 19 classes, and although I was extremely disappointed with his lack of enthusiasm and basically his lack of 'attendance', I understand that not every experience in life is perfect and I would not bash a school for one issue.

99% of the complaints I have read on here and on their facebook page, is directed solely on the financial dept. and financial aid disbursments. I have, so far, not had any negative issues with this. I might be one of the lucky ones, or there might be a whole lot of people who are in this for all the wrong reasons. At the end of the day, I will and have recommended Ashford University to loved ones.

2 out of 5

I liked the idea of one class at a time for my busy schedule but have now left Ashford because of their terrible customer service and communication. I have been disappointed over and over and would never recommend anyone to attend Ashford.

I have been charged for the same class 3 times that I never took, and I requested to drop multiple times and two and a half months later it finally happened. Months after I dropped they had me in a class and I was getting emails from a professor about my assignments...really?!

Don't waste your time and money with this joke of a school.

Search over 213,000 programs:
1 out of 5

Basically everything they tell you to get you to enroll is a lie and they neglect to tell you all the important stuff regarding your finances. Then they "trick" you into not being able to withdraw from a class until you end up having to pay for it twice. They overcharge your account for classes you haven't taken and have no intention of taking. Their financial aid department is very very rude and unhelpful.

1 out of 5
Graduation Year: N/A

Hello if you think you found a school to good to be true you must be looking at Ashford University. I signed up with the Uiversity the process was quick and easy to due.

The Loan Shark makes it seem like you will graduate in no time. But what they are setting you up with is a GIANT BILL. After just two classes, I had to withdraw just to find out I owed them over $2500.00 dollars.


5 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2012

I enrolled with Ashford University Online after being financially raped by DEVRY online in 2010. I was granted a military grant that discounted my tuition 50%, free books, and technical fees waived. I couldn't go wrong and I didn't.

After 2 years, I am 3 classes away from graduation and don't regret by decision for one second. I have been on the Dean's List every semester I've been enrolled, a Golden Key member, a SALUTE member, and the Ashford honor society. It is a lot of hard work and takes a ton of dedication but if you take it week by week you'll find that is not overwhelming and you'll be satisfied with your progress.

5 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2012

Ashford University was a great school for me. I graduated with my AS in business administration 2 days ago. AU offers an accelerated program in which classes are in five week intervals. Classes are fast paced due to the little time you have in each class. you must be able to read at least a 300 page text book as well as do the assignments with in a five week period. there are no final exams for any of the classes, rather there is a final essay due at the end of each class. You will interact with the instructor often during classroom postings, and are required to interact with you classmates.

When I first talked with the admissions advisor I did not know anything about online schooling and he was very informative. He did over exaggerate about how much greater the school was compared to other online universities though. Since graduating with my AS I have found many different schools offering the same program style for around the same price or more. I have also found there are more rigorous schools with extensive testing as well as group projects, and actual real time video lectures from the instructors. AU's instructures use a writen lecture format, and most provide outside sources and power point presentations to provide their students with additional information. There is also a ask you instructor tab that allows you to ask questions and recieve asnswers within a day or two. All of the instuctors also provide their personal email address so there are definantly ways to talk one on one with your instructor but sometimes it is hard to get exact answers in a short period of time, but this goes with just about every online format.

The school starts out easy to let you adjust to the format and as you progress through your classes the work load seems to gradually increase. This made it easy to adjust to the online format. You definantly have to be dedicated to your studies, although I have seen students turn in work full of grammar errors or did not pertain to the questions being asked in the assignment. I honestly cannot tell you what their GPA's looked like but I can tell you that I personally turned in work that reflected my best efforts and recieved a high GPA. The school only has a low success rate because they accept just about anyone into their school, whether or not you can complete the work and the classes is on you. It is a large school and the learning format will never be a problem for you because it is made to fit the busiest of schedules.

there textbooks are mostly all published by McGraw Hill so they are of high quality. which is good because your text book is going to be your best friend. The student service's are great, My academic advisor called me about twice a week during the first month. Since that time I probably had about 4 different academic advisors, they were all very informative and never left me waiting for a return call. my financial advisor was not the best at first but the next one around was good to me. I honestly did not need to seek out very much information from any of my advisors because they always kept me up to date on new information via email.

They offer a career center to help you find a job and build you resume. There are some very informative videos and instructions on the site for resume building. Some of the resume building videos are low quality and try to present resumes that are completely blurred out as an example for buiding your own resume. As for helping you build up a unique identity so that employers will want to hire you as oppossed to another graduate students they do not help you at all. Some other online schools integrate portfolio buiding into their classes and help you to build confidence in what you have learned. AU does not do this, you have keep track of what you have learned and do this for yourself. Although they do help you to find a job after you graduate, which many schools will not help with this because their name is on the line if you mess it up. Which is true, but their name will also be on your degree and resume so I believe that is just a formal way of dropping you after your done paying them. AU will not drop you you will beable to continue to access their reasources and personnel after you graduate.

overall I had a great experience with AU and I recommend in for all of you who have busy schedules and cannot make it to a brick and mortar school. You working adults, stay at home moms or dads, those of you in the military or dont like restrictions, in small towns with no avalible schools near by, and of course those of you who like to manage your own time, this may be the school for you. As for those of you looking for an afforable school I recommend attending a community college online or on campus for your associates degree and then moving on to a university for your BA it will save you at least a good 10 grand or more.

good luck in you academic endeavors

1 out of 5
Degree: Early Childhood Education

They lied about my tuition costs and stole my money, they are all about money and nothing about the students. I didn't even have a computer yet they kept encouraging me not to drop??????? i don't g et it. and then they kept telling me I should get some money back from my loan and then my tuition was upped and I didn't receive squat they are deceitful.

5 out of 5
Degree: Social Sciences
Graduation Year: 2014

I began online classes with Ashford in February of 2011 after an advisor came to my work to recruit people. I was hesitant at first as I have been out of high school for 10 years now. The advisor was pleasant and I did not feel forced into anything which was nice. I am in the middle of my second year and i couldnt be happier with how it has gone for me. The classes are great, the textbooks are incredible and the professors are very knowledgable and helpful. I feel as though I have learned some amazing things and I feel like more o an intellectual now. I am not thrilled to tell people that I am earning a degree online because of the stigma around it. However working on my degree online has really helped me to learn more about who I am and what I want in life.

The hardest part for me is balancing school work with my personal life but it has been so rewarding and keeping my GPA up has been motivating me. I would reccomend this to anyone who can work on their own with little to no assistance since this is online. Hope this helps.

4 out of 5
Degree: Management
Graduation Year: 2012

I will write a review probably a year after completion, however, I have four courses to go until I graduate with my double major bachelors. I was just compelled to point out that the overall rating on this site reflects the "graduation" percentage from the university; meaning that it also reflects the percentage of drop outs. What I have noticed in the poor reviews are people who dropped out or people who haven't been there long.

Unfortunately, people who probably are not cut out for college are attempting to go to Ashford, because they think it is easy. These people plagiarize have, have poor grammar and spelling skills, and lack motivation. They also have no reading comprehension. I assure you, these people get weeded out, but while I shared courses with them they were infuriating! If a few of them seem to be getting by the advanced courses put them off. I've run into people I thought were slackers, but they may just be having a difficult time with a new subject, or family/personal issues that they have talked to the school about and are getting assistance from faculty. I've had my personal ups and downs at this school and the staff have been accommodating.

People also do not have an understanding how financial aid works. The University's online Facebook page is plagued by people asking about their disbursements, because they "need" the money. Ashford enables you to work and go to school, you shouldn't depend on financial aid disbursements to subsidize your income.

As for the "easy" beginning courses that have "nothing to do with my area of study" are general courses, but they also attempt to introduce you into a less conventional way or learning. The "distance learning programs" or "online" courses are not the same as traditional schools. These courses are also accelerated, so sometimes it may seem that you skip information that you end up learning in another related course.

As for online learning in general, keep up your social life off the of the computer. It is weird not seeing faces and generally the people you start with are not in the same program with you. At the end of my Environmental Studies courses we were all the same people so it was easy to keep in contact as well as assisting each other with assignments; we would call or email each other. However, these people are not in the same state as you, in different time zones and have different family lives. Four years sitting on a computer is pretty tough.

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