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4 out of 5

I hope my review is helpful because I read some that are so off-base, I felt it necessary to provide a personal note.

Where do I begin? OK, for starters, this is not Harvard, Yale or the University of Chicago; but you will get a quality education, if you are truly committed to higher education. If you are seeking an education that is practical and valuable, then you should consider attending Ashford University.

It is noticeable that complaints about this school are for the most part, related to financial aid. I have attended this school since 2010 and when I had a problem, it was quickly resolved as my FA kept me informed until its resolution.

I believe that one problem is those who complain are not ready for an online learning platform because such a platform requires a prospective student to conduct proper due diligence before attending the school. The assignments are research driven, so if you are not motivated to conduct a lot of online research, then an online learning platform is not conducive to your goals.

One issue to address is Ashford, as a for-profit institution, offers everyone an opportunity to earn a degree. That is not the best philosphy, but consider the people that run the college answer to shareholders. Therefore, it is important for the school to consistently earn income. On the other hand, they do not get the respect they seek to earn and that is unfortunate.

I must emphasize this school is not a diploma mill. Some instructors are easier than others as in any college. But the tough ones can be very demanding. So,imagine the take-way of a prospective student who just wants to have a college degree and is told "you can learn at your own pace". You know, "hit the books when you are darn good and ready". Well, that person may incorrectly assume they can truly "learn at their own pace". This is not true, because the classes move quicker than you may anticipate and multiple written assignments are due every single week.

If you care to learn to write, this is a heck of a good place.

Initially, you will notice that the written skills of many new students are less than impressive. However, once you progress in the system, you will notice the skills of those who by the time they have completed their sixth or seventh course are much more efficient, as some instructors will take issue with your skills. The good news is the admonishments are, for the most part,done individually and not in view of classmates. Incidentally the school follows the APA style. Watch for plagiarism, it could land you in a heap of trouble.

Finally, I believe that if a person can not follow-up on their financial aid and is simply seeking hand-holding and an income, that person will be disappointed regardless of which school is involved. Not only will their financial aid move slowly, so will their classwork and learning progress. You reap what you sow. Stay on top of your business and blame no one else if you do not. Follow-up is the key to the achievement of any life-long goal.

Best wishes in attaining your goals,

2 out of 5
Degree: Elementary Education

I first started Ashford University in March of 09, I read all of these reviews prior to and took the bad ones with a grain of salt, those people just sounded bitter..most likely because they expected an easy school and didn't get it.

However, I'm here to say, please take the bad reviews into consideration. The complaints about financial aid are valid, I submitted missing documents for my financial aid no less than four times and had them sending me multiple emails a day saying they still didn't receive it. My financial aid gal would not return my emails or phone calls.

Also, without coming across as pompous, I am someone who is smart and knows my way around a conversation and the type of people in the classrooms are exhausting. Some people can't even draft a simple sentence and their grammar is horrible. It made me feel like just ANYONE could get into the school and that my degree was not as prestigious as I would need to get a good job post graduation.

Ashford is not an easy school, it does take a lot of determination and focus to pass your five week classes, but the lack of response from the staff on financial aid was the final straw for me and I withdrew from the school.

5 out of 5
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2013

I think this school is awesome, I have had many medical situations and the staff and the school has been very helpful. They have wonderful disability services that can help people. The instuctors are usually very understanding. If someone is having difficulity they need to talk to their advisor. There is always recourses that can be done when it comes to any unfairness a student feels is happening against them from an instructor. I have had 23 classes and am almost done with my BS in Accounting.

I have ever had a problem with getting my dispersment checks or with anything I asked for. If I needed to move a class, I could, If I needed to take a break I could. I think that those folks that were having trouble maybe just did not ask the correct department or the right people. Sometimes we have to search and distroy to find the correct person that will listen to the situation. However there are always solutions to the problem if one looks for them. Some of the people that gave bad reports in my opinion could not have been more wrong.

This is agreat school and they give you more credit than other on line universities and it ends up being cheaper in the long run. I did check out other schools and I found many complaints in many of them. Way more than here. Please give it a try and make your own decision. I think you have nothing to loose. They give you ample time to drop the course without getting charged any money. And you can contact your advisor and have the course moved. Sometimes you have to sign in and post your introduction before they can move you depending on the situation but you can always ask to be moved from the class. I post poned one of my classes like 3 or 4 times. Now they have break requests that you can file when you are at the end of a course and it will automatically move your next course. I recommend still contacting your acamemic advisor though...have a blessed day!

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2 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice
Graduation Year: 2013

This site tells the truth about Ashford, I am a current student and everything that has been said negative about this University I can not defend. Ashford is about getting paid at the Student expense.

They lie to get you in, this technology fee that everyone who attends the university has to pay goes nowhere but into their budget, why would a person have to pay a technology fee when the University is not providing you with a PC? At this point, I am invested and have less than a year to finish undergrad. Originally I had plans to pursue my Masters degree at Ashford, but never! and would not advise anyone to attend the University on or off campus!

2 out of 5
Degree: Communications
Graduation Year: 2012-2013

It has been a nightmare since day one with financial aid. It has been over 6 months and financial aid is still not worked out.

I have worked with a few good people but have had the biggest hassle of my college career. I have been to about 4 colleges so far. (2 Universities and 2 community colleges) Ashford University is so unprofessional it is unbelievable. I wish I could sue them for putting me through so much. I am so angry with their financial aid department. They have lost many of my important confidential paperwork such things include but not limited to, my parents tax information, many issues with fasfa, and loosing paperwork with my mother's and my social security number on it. My advisor I could never get a hold of. She told me when I asked for a new advisor that she was actually one of the best and that I was lucky. She didn't just stop there, she told me she is actually pretty big time with many awards and that she use to work in the financial aid department so she could get things done fast for me?

I got a new advisor who is so nice and helpful but she has no idea what is going on in financial advising. I can only be upset so much and then I am being ridiculous. I feel as though I am a victim to them and their disaster of an office. I am taking classes and I am constantly shamed, and badgered about paperwork they have lost as if I neglect to send paperwork! I wonder why I hesitate to give them information?! Today I just realized my graduation date miraculously got pushed up by at least 2 months. What I might have failed to notice prior that it says 12/2/2013! I was suppose to graduate this winter. I am devastated and feel deeply screwed. What now??

2 out of 5

I have attended many schools. This is the worst. This school caused a major financial hit for me simply through disinformation in order to make a sale. I was signed up and classes were paid for at a local college with guaranteed class transfers to the local universities. I was told by ashford that they do all the legwork as far as contacting my old colleges as far as transferring courses. I have been to 5 colleges and the idea of someone doing the transfers for me was beneficial. I contacted ashford to see how much post 9/11 I would be paid per month (at a local school, I would receive 2000 a month), they told me I would receive 3/4 of full time pay (that means 1500 a month to me). I also asked if I could receive the summer pell I was scheduled to receive at the local college (2750 for full time summer school, 2 courses over 9 weeks), I was told yes no problem. I also asked if my classes would transfer, I was told ashford was regionally accredited.

After the first full month of courses, I received my post 911 payment. I called the school to inquire why it was only 600 dollars. They told me I receive 3/4 pay...but information... But at half the national avg rate! Woops that's a 2000 dollar hit for me. I ask about my pell, apparently I have to take 4 classes to receive it (as opposed to two) and they have to be consecutive. At 5 weeks at a time that's 5 months (as opposed to 9 weeks) to receive my pell (you cannot take more than one class at a time without a special waiver. So that's another 2750 hit. Then I decided screw this school I will finish out my class and go to a local university. Called all the local schools...surprise! Nobody accepts ashford Credits!

So essentially I wasted 5 weeks of my post 9/11 and lost thousands of potential dollars as well as an entire summer of classes I could have transferred. Also I failed to mention the financial dep dropped the ball on my paperwork 4 times even while applying to the school. Long story short...DO NOT GO HERE

1 out of 5

All this school is about is the money. I was in the hospital in intensive care for six days. I had a final paper that was due while I was in the hospital. I had my son call them to let them no and they said that I had until that Saturday to turn in the assignment. I didn't because I was still I'll and they flunked me.

I dropped a class and quit the school and they still have not returned the 1200 dollars they got paid for the dropped class.

If you miss an assignment instead of taking a % of your grade for the class they will take it from the % of the work that you have completed for the class. You might have completed 45% of the class work which means if you had an A in the class your grade would go down to a C. They don't let you no if you have to have a certain grade in the class and if you don't get at least that grade you flunk and have to take the class over and you do not get your money .

Stay away.

5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2014

I started online courses at Ashford in August '10. I was extremely nervous; first college experience, but my SA was wonderful. Since then, they had a big turn over in advisors and ended up having Financial, Student, and Academic all rolled into one. Yes, it was frustrating at first (turnover's always are), but I have had nothing but positive dealings with all personel I've dealt with.

I enjoy the classes and have learned so much about scholastics and myself. I have only had one 'bad' instructor out of 19 classes, and although I was extremely disappointed with his lack of enthusiasm and basically his lack of 'attendance', I understand that not every experience in life is perfect and I would not bash a school for one issue.

99% of the complaints I have read on here and on their facebook page, is directed solely on the financial dept. and financial aid disbursments. I have, so far, not had any negative issues with this. I might be one of the lucky ones, or there might be a whole lot of people who are in this for all the wrong reasons. At the end of the day, I will and have recommended Ashford University to loved ones.

2 out of 5

I liked the idea of one class at a time for my busy schedule but have now left Ashford because of their terrible customer service and communication. I have been disappointed over and over and would never recommend anyone to attend Ashford.

I have been charged for the same class 3 times that I never took, and I requested to drop multiple times and two and a half months later it finally happened. Months after I dropped they had me in a class and I was getting emails from a professor about my assignments...really?!

Don't waste your time and money with this joke of a school.

1 out of 5

Basically everything they tell you to get you to enroll is a lie and they neglect to tell you all the important stuff regarding your finances. Then they "trick" you into not being able to withdraw from a class until you end up having to pay for it twice. They overcharge your account for classes you haven't taken and have no intention of taking. Their financial aid department is very very rude and unhelpful.

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