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4 out of 5

I am no where near this school and I have had a great experience. I thought the adviser was pushy but really they are trained to be concerned that we choose to further our education. For most of us, if the calls stopped we would not feel the need to try getting in. I admit that I was uncomfortable with all the calls but that began in October 2007 and I am in my last class!

I had no problems and I have gotten feedback from each professor and my classmates outside of the class setting. It is school so when they say work is due on your own time, they mean any time of day, not anytime you feel like it. For example on campus students may have to bring their work to class but online students can turn it in at night in the morning as long as it is before the due. Which is VERY understandable.

Each class rubric was the same which provided me with structure. I know certain things would be due on certain days. The only way you could complain is if you didn't really want to do any work, you failed to seek understanding, or if you just aren't great in school anyway. I stay on my professors if I don't understand something. Same goes for advisors. They can only open the door for you, after that you must be dependent enough to walk in yourself! When I needed a break, they granted them.

As for as paying for books, I got a voucher. Plus I had financial aid so why not use the refund for books since it's not yours anyway? The site has even changed so that you can click a button and check your grades, gpa, schedule, and get any documents copies like proof of enrollment...there is more I could say but I am the type of person who makes my choices work for me, not against me. Good Luck!

4 out of 5

I personally love Ashford University. I've been attending since August 2008 and I have nothing but great things to say.

I haven't had any issues with my financial aid or my academic advisor. I've had like 4 financial aid advisors but nothing has held up my funds! Federal law now requires financial aid disbursements to occur twice a semester instead of only once. You receive 30% of your stipend after 7 weeks of class and the other 70% 14 weeks after classes (depending on your semester).

I love the convenience of attending school online. I've attended both traditional universities and one other online school that was great as well. I'm majoring in Social Science with a concentration in Education. The classes, thus far, have been awesome and I've learned so much; I personally feel you are responsible for being proactive when it comes to YOUR education. That being said the work isn't hard, but I've yet to take classes in anything, from any college, that are incomprehensible. You have to have great writing skills if you want to succeed online and in life. Period.

One last thing, this program is great for military vets! None of my courses exceed $750 due to the military discount AND all of books are free every month (5 weeks)!!! I HIGHLY recommend Ashford!

4 out of 5

I have been attending Ashford University for about 4 months. So far, I am very happy with the results. All of my advisors get back to you within a week of asking a question. The classes are challenging and you are definatly required to read. It may be a tad bit pricey but what school isn't? I am on my third class and I am looking forward to continuing my education at Ashford.

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4 out of 5

I enrolled in Ashford and was initially handled by an office in California when the campus is located in Iowa. I inquired, and was told by the advisor that they had out of state offices. After enrollment, I was called by the same advisor, and was told that she was at a brunch and wanted to share that with me. I couldn't help but wonder whether it was because she signed me up and that was one of her bonuses. The same advisor informed me that she was 'considered' staff, and she taught online in the evening. I thought all teachers were considered 'staff' or faculty.

Switching majors, which I was told was simple, became a fiasco. I tried to get a response from anyone for over a week. They finally returned my call and still proceeded to get things confused. Prior to beginning my second class, I was informed that I would be paying a $900.00 technical fee - the first time I heard of this fee. This fee, I was told, was for changes on the web pages. So I was charged over $1000.00 for my first class, and the second class I was to be charged at least $1,900.00 plus.

This was a terrible experience for me, and I am now looking within my home state for education. I believe this whole deal with Ashford has been a rip-off.

4 out of 5

I was told during enrollment that credits would transfer and that also I could receive 30 life credits by writing an essay. Around my 3rd class I made several attempts to make contact with an academic advisor regarding life credits. It took her almost 3 months to finally call me back and that was only after I requested from her via email her supervisor's contact information. She informed me that if credits received from another university were over 2 years old, Ashford would not honor them. She also stated that the credits for an essay were 3 and not 30. I am looking forward to the end of my 1st academic year and then I will wash my hands of all their magic tricks.

4 out of 5

M. wrote a 'sketchy' review as the first entry. Her points were valid but blown out of proportion and taken out of context.

The enrollment advisors of all online schools are pushy. I had inquired with several before choosing Ashford, and they were all pushy. They are trained to get you before you drop the idea of continuing your education, for many reasons.

The physical campus is located in Clinton Iowa. The Online Administration is in Los Angeles. The enrollment advisor tells you this right away.

The enrollment fee was indeed waived for me, as was the first sessions' book cost. There were no weird things with that. It was charged and then it was taken off. It was originally charged in case I didn't go through with the deal. That is so that they give the offer to students who commit and not anyone who signs up.

My enrollment officer and every single person I have dealt with at Ashford for the last six months of my education has been nothing but encouraging, helpful, and truthful. I have grilled them and asked stupid questions and they don't mind.

Each professor I have had so far has been excellent and well versed in their field of expertise. They've all been willing to answer questions and have been positive and encouraging.

The other classmates have been from all different backgrounds and everyone gets to share their opinions and thoughts. I have never had a petty or 'flaming' experience'or anything that had bad energy whatsoever.


If all this sounds too good, that is exactly what I thought at first ... I kept thinking, "OK when does the other shoe drop?" and so far, 6 classes later, it hasn't.

I love the school and the idea.

What I don't like is the silence and the lack of social interaction and the speed of the classes. There is a good amount of discipline and self direction that is required with a degree online. That isn't Ashford's issue, it's a general issue for any degree online.

Ashford could encourage social interaction some more, but honestly, the majority of the students are doing this in their very small amounts of free time, so there isn't much time for meeting and interacting for many people.

The coursework is reading, writing papers and writing essays to be shared in discussion forums. Some courses have online quizzes. The work is paced and very doable. The assignments are given well in advance, there are no surprises, so you have control of how to pace yourself.

There is an online library, access to tutors and lots of academic guidance.

I was all signed up with another online school and at the last minute they decided to tell me that my financial aid package would require me to pay a huge amount out of my own pocket out side of all aid. I not only didn't have the money, I didn't like the way that was done. Ashford is very up straight about that stuff and there are no surprises.

If you're considering an online program, Ashford University is a smart and valuable deal. I recommend it.

4 out of 5

I am a recent graduate from Ashford, and let me tell you my two year journey was fantastic. I transferred 68 credits and completed 52 credits in just under two years to earn my BA in Organizational Management.

The 5-week schedule was perfect for me, and I would recommend it for anyone that wants to be in and out of school with no hassle. Going from one class to another with no break as well as knowing almost immediately what to expect from each class put my mind at ease allowing me to study.

Each class followed the same formula. 2 discussion board posts per week, 1 quiz per week, and a 8-page paper due in week five. If you are one that can follow written instruction you will do fine. I graduated summa cum laude by simply following directions and not trying to bend things to my own personal desires.

The accelerated pace of the classes also meant that getting paperwork done had to be accelerated as well. After phone calls and faxes I was accepted, enrolled, and into my third week of class before my degree audit was completed. To some it may be viewed as pressure tactics, but if you're talking about going back to school, is it not something that you should take seriously and act quickly if the need arises?

Ashford University or any other online school is not meant for an impatient person or an individual who needs someone to hold their hand to complete assignments as well as handling the financial and back office parts. All of my advisors answered me in a timely manner, and despite the problems, it did not stop me from attending class.

I learned a lot from my interaction with the other students and professors at Ashford. I highly recommend Ashford University to anyone thinking of continuing their education. I was so impressed by my time at Ashford I started a blog that will not only detail my time with Ashford but will discuss the finer points of pursuing a degree online.

4 out of 5

I have nothing but positive things to say about Ashford University. I only had one not so good professor, but other than that, it was a very pleasant experience.

I just officially got my degree in the mail today!!! When I called Ashford I was very hesitant, but the guidance counselor assured me that this was the way to go. He was not pushy, but just very reassuring, and really was very knowledgeable, and basically he walked me through the first half of my schooling with Ashford. He was always following up with me to make sure that things were okay. I needed that extra "nudge" to get my butt in gear. I am so happy I did.

It took me 13 months to finish my Bachelor's Degree at Ashford University. I had been out of high school since 1989, finished my second associates degree in 2001, then got married, and had children. All the while I still wanted to get my degree and become a teacher, and now I am one step closer to that dream. I owe it all to that enrollment advisor that helped me make the decision to enroll. I have no regrets at all.

4 out of 5

My experience at the start was great. Once you are enrolled the grants and funds you qualified for all of a sudden have quickly vanished. The process to get assistance for grading is worse than any process that you can imagine, or ever want to experience. They will put collections on you faster that you can say help!

4 out of 5

I am not sure why people give bad reviews. I started Ashford in June of 06 and am finishing up my BA with a minor in Social & Criminal. Prior to coming to Ashford, I tried a different online school. After the first two classes, I knew that school would not work and I transferred to Ashford.

Everyone is age appropriate and goal oriented. Being an adult with life experience, I felt as if I were in school with teenagers at the other online University. I was wondering how half of the people even got accepted. Here at Ashford, the maturity is evident and I am enjoying communicating with others on the same level.

I would tell anyone to get an education at Ashford. Yes, it takes work, but I would rather work and learn over skating through without knowledge.

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