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Reviews - Associates in Criminal Justice

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  • Reviewed: 5/27/2023
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I attended Ashworth College in 2012 and graudated in 2014 with an Associates in Criminal Justice. Ashworth College allowed me to grow in the Law Enforcement Field. Because of Ashworth , i am earning over a six figure salary. Ashworth is a Nationally Accredited insititution, it is not a fake school and you can achieve success by going to Ashworth College. However, you must know your limitations. If you have the ambition of joining an IVY league school after Asworth than Ashworth may not be the right school."
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2021
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I went on with my education, and I was able to transfer several credits earned with Ashworth to a regional accredited college with no problem. I work in social services as a substance abuse and mental health licensed counselor. I plan to go back to Ashworth and get my BA in psychology. Online learning is what the student makes of it ."
  • Reviewed: 2/29/2020
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Yea, don't do it. Ashworth is NOT a regionally accredited school. It is nationally accredited, but due to the school's very weak curriculum, it is extremely difficult finding a regionally accredited schools that will not accept Ashworth's credits if transferring. There is hardly any interaction with the "instructors," graded papers have, maybe, a one sentence remark from the instructor, the course work is not challenging, and if a student has questions he/she must speak with a "tutor," who isn't actually a tutor! No exaggeration at all, I completed a course - an associate's degree level course - in one week. That should tell you something."
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Very poor educational structure. I was in a Admin of Justice program. I had PTSD. They were notified and accepted I would be our for a period of time. Only condition was if it was to long I would be responsible for the fee to reactivate account. They would not have issues as long as doctor would provide notice. All notice and medical records sent. I have intervals of PTSD, so I start the course notify them when I need time and pay the fee. Last time I login and was told to call their number. Nasty lady pretends she has to discuss with her manager who says Its a problem to keep enrolling me. I am protected by Disability law and discrimination for PTSD. Tells me to apply next year, puff, my 1000 dollars are gone, never got the damn book , only saw a outdated pdf and then was told I could restart by resending all inforamtion and paying new fee. Told her the agreement for PTSD was this and that. Would not honor. Case closed account closed money taken and no further responses."
Ima Warninyou
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"OMG.....stay away from this POS school. Everything is great for the first semester. Customer service is on the money and taken care of business and helping you every which way they can. By semester 4, you can't even get in touch with them. Have to call (or submit online help tickets) 3,4, 5 times just to get assistance. Final grades are wrong, billing is wrong, and you will end up calling them or the VA every month to keep your GI Bill payments current. If you are looking for cheap and easy...this is the school for you. However, this really is the "you get what you pay for" school. GARBAGE!!"
  • Reviewed: 6/19/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Ashworth College is not a “college.” Google their address and you will find the “school” is an office building. The tutors are a complete joke. Math question? “Joe” will help you. Psychology question? “Joe” also knows the answer. The tutors are apparently well-versed in every subject area...such a joke. Many federal lawsuits in the past. If you want to LEARN, go elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 8/10/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Called before enrolling asked if the school is regionally acredited! The reapresentative said yes ( lied) ! Signed up and started my online classes! Found out I was lied too and they are not regionally acredited! I spoke with student advisor and he accepted my cancellation! He said I would receive email of cancellation and get my money back in 7-14 business days ! Im still waiting for my cancellation email! Each one of the reps I spoke with lied to me! I do not recommend it!"
  • Reviewed: 3/21/2018
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"This is good for one like me works three jobs and school same time . This is a good school they work with you . It took me 4 years or so to pay them off but I did it. Im retried law enforcement and still in the military part time . As long you pay this school on time your ok."
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"After reading so many bad reviews I felt that I needed to set the record straight. I received my AS in Criminal Justice in 2011, the tuition iwas affordable and the books and materials where just as good as the ones from a brick and mortar school. Reading is what you get from it, if I wanted more in depth info on a subject a book talked superficially about I would just google it or go to the library. Hello! Seriously you got to do the work! It's truth that not all schools accept transfers but some will and good ones too. Bellevue University in Nebraska accepted all credits and 2 years later I had my bachelors. I never had problems with customer support, probably because I didn't call a lot , but when I did I got me questions answered, no problem."
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2017
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I'll make this short and sweet... Prospective students, please do your homework and read through some of these comments. There is a reason why people take time out of their life to warn others of Ashworth College. Sure there are good and bad comments...but there are a lot of bad comments. Yes, the school is Nationally Accredited, which is actually held to a lower standard than Regionally Accredited schools. Yes, it's accrediting agency is recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education (search for yourself). However, if your occupation requires any sort of licensing - YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK. Also, if you plan to transfer your undergraduate credits to a regionally accredited school - GOOD LUCK - In my opinion, 8 out of 10 regionally accredited schools will not accept credits from a nationally accredited school. I'd say 9.5 out of 10 will not accept Ashworth's credits. How do I know? Because I spent a very long time reading transfer policies and talking to admissions counselors at various schools around the U.S. One school in Missouri flat out said, "We won't accept anything from Ashworth." Ashworth College is cheap, yes, but you get what you pay for - EXTREMELY little if any interaction from professors. The feedback you receive on assignments is maybe two sentences. Ashworth College being "FOR PROFIT" should say it all."
  • Reviewed: 10/4/2016
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"~ THE REAL DEAL ABOUT ASHWORTH COLLEGE ~ Alright people, here is my experience and the real breakdown of Ashworth College. First, Ashworth College is in fact an accredited school, if you have doubts, go to the U.S. Department of Education website, click on the accreditation search and type in Ashworth College. Rest assure, they are in fact accredited. HOWEVER, they are a nationally accredited school - not regionally accredited. For those who don't know, regionally accredited schools are considered the "gold standard" in academia. These schools include Harvard, University of Alabama, Stanford, Florida State University...get the idea? There are two problems, that I found, which come from attending a nationally accredited school, such as Ashworth College. One, its very difficult finding a regionally accredited school that will recognize and transfer over credits from a NA school. THERE ARE schools out there that will accept NA credits though, its just a matter of reading the schools transfer policies and then sending them your transcript to see if they'll accept them. Don't be disappointed if 9 out of the 10 schools you contact don't accept them, but don't give up searching. The second problem is in regards to licensing. If a career your pursuing requires some kind of state licensing, such as being a teacher - your going to be out of luck, as the majority of state licensing requires that degrees be from regionally accredited schools. ABOUT ASHWORTH - my experience with Ashworth was so-so. I quickly learned that the "tutors" weren't actually tutors. If you have a question about math, you'll likely end up speaking with the same person who "tutored" you with your last science question. They're not tutors. The person you speak with over the phone is most likely not competent in the particular area your inquiring about. Additionally, these "tutors" often seemed bothered whenever I called them. It seemed like I was inconveniencing them by calling and asking for help. They are very low class, low quality people. If your looking for a strong support network and good academic advisors - you won't find it at Ashworth. WHAT I DID - so I enrolled in the Criminal Justice program and wanted to "test the waters." I planned on obtaining an associates degree. During my studies, I was researching tons and tons of schools, reading transfer policies and trying to find a RA school that would allow me to transfer over my RA credits from Ashworth. My planned ultimately worked. I took advantage of Ashworth College's cheap tuition and self-paced courses. I worked daily on my assignments and completed a lot of classes over a one year period. I found a regionally accredited school in IOWA, that accepted every single one of my credits. I ultimately transferred over 90 credits to this institution, leaving me with 10 classes to finish until earning a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited school!! So essentially, I took advantage of Ashworth - not vice versa. In short - you need to do your homework. If you have a plan, figure out exactly what's required in order for you to accomplish your goal. Ashworth will allow you to earn a degree from an accredited school, but if you plan on transferring your credits you need to do your homework and find a school that will accept their credits. Last, don't expect quality service from the people at Ashworth, as the saying goes, "you get what you pay." I hope this helps. Good luck!"
Shawn Bryant
Responded: 10/6/2016

Hey RealDeal. Thank you for your post. We would like to speak with you in more detail about your review. Can you please email me directly at with your full name and Student ID # to better assist you.

Mary B
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2016
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"When I need to call to open classes, exams or anything. I always experience rude, horrible customer service. Plus, they update the system almost every night and on weekends. Its hard for people who work to find time to complete exams. If you are looking for an online college. Don't make the same mistake, I made."
Shawn Bryant
Responded: 8/19/2016

Were sorry you were not fully satisfied with your customer service experience at Ashworth College. We have implemented additional training for our Student Services Department. Thank you for your patience as our IT Department was updating our Student Portal to enhance the student experience. We appreciate having you as an Ashworth student. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent customer service experience. Please feel free to contact us if you require additional assistance.

  • Reviewed: 4/14/2016
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Just graduated with my A.S degree! I'm enlisting in the Marine Corps, and my degree is already giving me an extra rank when I start boot camp! If the military accepts Ashworth as a legit institution, I'll definitely be coming back here for my Bachelors!"
  • Reviewed: 2/16/2016
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I have nothing but good things to say about this college. Like most of you, I was skeptical about the national accreditation and reputation of the school. What I've learned over the past two years of completing my degree, is that the weight of your degree isn't in the degree itself, it's in your own professional demeanor. If I present myself professionally, confident, and knowledgeable in my interviews, employers don't care much about the fact that I have the degree except to check off that I have it. They care more about the employee they're hiring, and that they took the time to get one in the first place. Ashworth College has never tried to hide or "cover up" anything from me; when I call in with questions, they give it to me straight. I've never had any customer service issues like so many others have claimed, and I'm beginning to think the problems with customer service start with the student, not with the representative. The only academic issues I ever encountered were APA format (which is my own doing - I've always struggled with APA format) and college algebra (again, always struggled with it before.) So there was nothing wrong with any of the course materials on their end. In fact, their materials are set up in a very easy-to-learn way with their text books and 20-question exams. It's just enough for you to remember each chapter without feeling overwhelmed. I will be continuing with my Associate degree to my Bachelor degree with Ashworth. At the price and quality of education, it can't be beat. I'm living with an Ole Miss University student here in Mississippi, and I compared my college algebra class to his. He's learning the exact same materials in his class at a highly ranked university. Best of luck to y'all."
  • Reviewed: 11/11/2015
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Let me start with they are quick to take money from you , I signed up for AS in Criminal Justice they messed it up and put me in a certificate program luckily I noticed it. Lack of direction Book does not Match the course Course Orientation showers different from What the actual dash bird is poor help from Phone line reps they rude and sound always like u bother them why you calling what do you want type of attitude.... Just Sad and iv never wrote a Review in my life but I am so upset that I have to spread the word some how. Please call look in to the info before u sig up I was told its Nationaly Acredited but seem to hear other. Will need to double check"
  • Reviewed: 10/30/2015
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I completed my Associates in Criminal Justice with Ashworth College in 2004. I had no issues with their websites nor did I have a problem finding a proctor at the nearby colleges. Tuition prices were great and you couldn't beat the low monthly payments for the program. Currently looking into my Bachelors with them now!"
  • Reviewed: 6/21/2014
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Ashworth College allowed me to reach my goals in my career . I was not that guy who was going to finish college, that was until I met Ashworth College. Ashworth college gives students the flexibility to finish school at your own pace. The tuition is very affordable. The school is nationally accredited which means it is accredited by the board of education. I currently work as a Detective in NYC. I am a law enforcement officer because of schools like Ashworth college. I started with pennfoster college became a cop and finished with ashworth college and received my associates. I will pursue my bachelors with Ashworth in the near future."
  • Reviewed: 5/25/2014
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"It's the cheapest, fully accredited college online. DETC is recognized by the US Department of Education and CHEA, making it absolutely legitimate. I picked Ashworth as my college of choice not only for the unbeatable tuition, but the convenience of studying when I can - I work three jobs, I would never have had time to make for school if it was scheduled. I looked into other Universities online regarding transferring for my Bachelor's, but why would I? Most of the cheapest colleges online are equally accredited by DETC/CHEA, so why would I pay a bit more to go to another college with the same accreditation and the same degrees? I know Regionally Accredited is the "bee's knees" regarding education, but the truth is that a lot of us don't have the finances (nor the desire to) take out a loan or make huge payments per month. This college is a godsend to those of us who are struggling to get by, who want an education to help us out in our career goals. On a side note, ever since obtaining my education, I've received numerous county job interviews. I'm currently being processed as a Detention Services Officer with the county I'm in, in California. If anything, Ashworth College is not just a quality education, it looks great on your resume to employers showing you took the time to even get a degree in the first place!"
  • Reviewed: 1/22/2014
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I am living proof that this school is legitimate. Ashworth college is accredited by the US and its DETC program is recognized nationally by the US dept. of education. I am have been a law enforcement officer for over 10 years and have moved up the ranks because of ashworth college."
  • Reviewed: 10/10/2013
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I finished an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice through Ashworth. It took me about 4 years because I didn't focus on it, but that was entirely my fault. Although I didn't use my degree, I did learn a lot. All the textbooks are included with the price of your tuition. Your education at Ashworth is what you make of it. The Associates degree programs are easier because all the exams are open book and multiple choice. I am currently attending Ashworth again pursuing my bachelor's degree in Marketing now and it's challenging! For the bachelor's degree programs, you have to do a lot of research and written assignments in addition to the multiple choice exams. The assignments are graded by a course instructor, and there have been many times where I've had to re-do written assignments because I didn't get it right the first time. This isn't a cake walk. You'll have to do some real school work with the bachelor's program. I can't wait until I finish and have my bachelor's degree from an accredited college. I love the education I'm receiving through Ashworth."